Israels Bloody Spectacle in Eilat

What is behind the shooting spectacle in Eilat? Who planned and funded that bloody spectacle? What gains does the zionist occupation state promise itself from such a bloody spectacle of synthetic terror?

It would be wrong to believe that the hands of the Israeli intelligence system, (Shabak Police), Mossad, Amal and others, are clean of the bloody shooting spectacle of Thursday August 18 2011 north of the southern city of Eilat and near the border with Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, in which eight Israelis were killed, among them a soldier, and several others were injured, among them two soldiers, one of them in critical conditions. Of the direct perpetrators, who were all conveniently killed, six are reported as unidentified, and pictures show bodies dressed in military uniform. After the reported attack in Eilat, two Egyptians soldiers and one policeman were murdered and two more Egyptian soldiers wounded, on Egyptian territory, during an Israeli attack carried out by Israeli aircraft while purportedly “searching for infiltrators” at the Egyptian border.

Whatever the identity of the persons who carried out the “operations” on the southern border of Israel – and whether with or without the knowledge – the “operations” have been funded and cooked at the kitchen of israeli intelligence system and with a full help and acknowledgement of the international intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA and another Arab intelligence regime.

Because Israel always justifies its atrocities with “radical muslims” and similar rubbish, it would also be wrong to believe that all the radical religious movements are not created and managed by the intelligence services of the USA, England, Israel, and their allies and vassals among the Arab dictatorial regimes, and that these groups of radical elements work in isolation from the orders of these intelligence services in order to achieve their top-level goals of damaging the name of Islam and Muslims and bringing disarray into Muslim societies.

Israeli Hebrew media “revealed”, quoting from “western sources”, that the Jordanian intelligence service informed the Israeli side that “there is a commando operation about to happen in the south”. The media added that: “The Israeli intelligence services were aware that a group of what they call “terrorists” was planning to perpetrate an operation in the south” – what means that the operation was well prepared by Israel with the help of other secret services of the region. The israeli military spoke about the attacks in which the “perpetrators” used heavy weapons, rifles and explosives which targeted a transportation bus carrying IDF soldiers and passengers, a military patrol and a private car.

The Israeli intelligence organization Shabak said very clearly some weeks ago that a large “rolling operation” would be carried out soon by a large number of militants in the same area where the Thursday operation took place. This means that they knew what would happened, in the same way as a cook knows what food he will serve.???

According to israeli TV and radio in hebrew language, quoting from statements of Israeli army commanders, the operation “was well prepared” and the attackers were a “large number” of militants working in multiple teams which had been well trained and had full knowledge of fighting and hiding along the border” – what means that the fighters had been at the fortified border where Israel has planted cameras and sensitive electronic devices which can even capture the movements of ants, which was the place where the alleged operations took place.

Certainly there are strategic motives and interests of the Israelis, which led to the occurrence of this operation at such a particular time. Among them

  • Re-issuance of security arrangements on the border of the Sinai, which Israel is trying to raise again since the overthrow of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, claiming that there are risks that threaten the security Israel at the border of Sinai.
  • Sending indirect message to the international community and to the Egyptian military council which states that Egypt is in big
    danger if the “Islamic movements” are allowed access to power – what means that Israel is in interfering Egypt internal affairs by perpetrating such attacks near the border of Sinai. These synthetic terror attacks are a way of strong-arming Egypt into compliance with zionist wishes by way of coercion. It is essential that Israel is not allowed to get away with their usual mob-tactics.
  • To defend the current dictatorial regime in Syria, which provides the Israeli state of occupation a way to continue occupying the Golan Heights and to call the attention of the international community to the important-for-israel fact that overthrowing the Syrian regime would lead to a threat to Israeli security, just as is the case today on the Sinai border.

    Quote from Haaretz: “Mubarak falls, Sinai terror rises. Whether the terrorists who carried out Thursday’s attacks exited Egypt, passed through Sinai and headed south toward the region of Eilat, or if this was the action of a terrorist cell of Islamic origin acting for some time already in Sinai. In any case, it is clear that the Egyptian revolution that began in Tahrir Square and spread through other Arab states has now made its way into Israel.”

    This last quote from Haaretz, which like all israeli media is little more than an outlet for official opinion and propaganda, is revealing. It tells us that any measure of democracy in Arab countries is inimical to israel, and that they will do everything in their power to destroy or subvert all developments towards true democracy in Arab and Islamic countries.

  • To circumvent the (alleged) Palestinian project of declaration of a Palestinian state in order to help Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who continues holding secret meetings in Israel and in the western countries with his former partner of the deadly agreement, the so called “Oslo agreement”, Shimon Peres, so that he can continue playing his dirty political game of manipulating and auctioning off of the rights of the Palestinian people, sucking their blood and funds to feed them into his sons bank accounts and projects, and finding more and more excuses to postpone the request for the declaration of a Palestinian state – under occupation – in the United Nations.
  • Legitimizing the bombing of Gaza and the continued siege and imposing further restrictions on the million and half Palestinians living in this concentration camp and urging the Egyptians to take ever stricter action against Gaza, as well as inciting them against the Palestinians by implying that Palestinians are the real enemies of Egypt and a big threat to their security. According to Palestinian sources, the Israeli warplanes have bombarded the Gaza Strip since yesterday. This is a serious escalation, and Palestinian medical sources said that six Palestinians were murdered among them a child, Atef Mahmoud Abu Samra, 13, and several wounded by the targeted Israeli bombing of a house in the residential district Shaath west of Rafah, hours after the three attacks took place along the border with Egypt. Also, unspecified shelling of targets along the Egyptian border has been reported.

  • To make a big spectacle for the visiting vassals from the USA Congress. Currently 81 members of the USA Congress are in israel on an indoctrination tour, and this incident will certainly be used to the maximum to “convince” these traitors to their own nation that the needs of israel have priority over everything else.
  • To distract the israeli population from their own problems. Since weeks people are camping out in Tel Aviv and other places to demonstrate against the extremely ruinous conduct of affairs of the gevernment of israel. Since antiquity one of the preferred methods of criminal elites to force their populations into acquiescence has been the a common enemy or danger, most often than not invented. The range of issues brought forward by the protesting people could speed the implosion of israel as the refugee of criminality which it is under those currently in power.


7 comments to Israels Bloody Spectacle in Eilat

  • Historical climax of Zionazi/Bolshevik “Habara” aka poopaganda.. – – Soon the world will be rid of these reptilian parasites. Thank you for your reporting –;article=138343

  • Scott Shepard


    If Israel partly ‘stage managed’ this operation, or is using it as a pretext to tighten security, to stigmatize Islamists, and to solidify ties to a new Egyptian Mubarak-like regime, then did Israel factor in the backlash or blow back that came as a result of killing Egyptians, and conducting an operation across the border?

    Mubarak used to suppress complaints about IDF operations that meant encroaching over the Egyptian border. This new interim government is not in a good position to do so. In the short term, IDF’s heavy handed reaction to the ‘terrorist action’ seems to have harmed relations between Israel and Egypt, making it easier for the Egyptian public to vent anger toward Israel, not harder.

  • carl

    The people of the USA do not know who they are because of the FALSE teachers and blind guides: Fitted with vessels of the anti christ sent down from heaven by Satan.Yes, Satan has a seed line (gen.3:14-15) and he stands before the throne of God accusing the brethren day and night.The people of the whole world have been taught that the Jews are Gods chosen people AND THIS IS NOT THE CASE.That being said there are true Jews and they are just as mixed-up as the rest of us.The Rothschilds and other families are of the seed of the serpent,the British Royals are fitted with vessels of the antichrist.The clearing house of ALL information (undercover MI6 information type) goes through Vatican city the TOP JESUIT home base and worshipper of Lucifer as all fraternal groups such as Masons and Skull & Bones and etc.Yes there are two manner of people in the world today and the USA IS one of those nations that are of the lost sheep from the “HOUSE OF ISRAEL” these people are not Jews.The other nation is…..?

  • Mike B.

    The very moment I saw the News Reports about this incident I knew Israel was behind it in some way or other. Face the facts, Israel is deathly afraid of the upcoming vote at the United Nations for the Palestinians Statehood and they want to sway public opinion on the issue.I guarantee there will be much more of these “Inside Jobs” committed as we run up to the vote. As with 9/11, Israel will kill any number of their own people in order to get their way. After 9/11 who was the winner? Israel was. They got their destruction of the Sadam Hussein Regime and “Proxy” occupation of Iraq, Afghanastan is now under their “Proxy” control. Sure, I would not put anything past the Zionists who will stop at nothing, including nuclear holocaust, to get their way.

  • Their real father was and remains a murderer and liar from the beginning. His reprobate children have learned his evil lessons to the letter. Vomit on all of them.

  • CogitoMan

    Madam Kawther I am offended by your censorship. We in the West are NOT accustomed to anybody censoring our thoughts. If you disagree with them there is always way for rebuttal. Since you did not attempt this, I see it as an admission of truth of my arguments by default. Let me say here that although I am 100% behind the right of Palestine to their own free country I believe that as long as you practice your Middle East way of doing things, you will never achieve anything.The most damaging is your lack of unity, your belief that my kind of religion is the only true one vs my neighbor and willing to KILL FOR IT!Second, your tribalism is but just a sign of medieval backwardness as well. My tribe “uber alles” attitude is major source of self inflicted wounds to your case, whatever it might be. You are clear exemplification of this and your censorship is the result of it. You are fractured and exhausted way more by internal fighting than the outside enemies. Your leaders are willing to sell out the good of the country for the privilege of becoming western puppet at the cost of the nation as exemplified by traitors in Lybia. Sorry madam Kawther, I feel greatly disappointed by you and your brethren. Your comments do nothing but put more gasoline on the flames of Arab fratricide. In this way you are guilty as well for the state of your country.
    I know, those are harsh words. Yet, I believe only outsider with fresh, untainted look can point to the real weakness of Arab nations on their struggle to achieve greater independence and true freedom. As of this point only Syria is still independent from western neocolonialism. Yes, it has many drawbacks but still it is not a colony. With your writings, madam Kawther, you undermine that. This is the things that strikes me most as I see it as just another case of selling brother nation into slavery of Zionist and Western powers.

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