Conservative Muslims and Christians in Vienna Strengthen Relations

From left: Dr. Dietmar Halper, Mme. Christine Marek, Dr. minister Michael Spindelegger, Mr. Sebastian Kurz, Dr. Fuat Sanaç

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Vienna – Kawther Salam – Tuesday – August 16 2011 – In a bold move which reflects the mutual respect and the depth of human relations between the Austrian Conservative People’s Party (ÖVP) and the Muslim communities in Vienna, Mme. Christine Marek, Leader of the Parliamentarian fraction of the ÖVP in the City of Parliament of Vienna and  leader of the ÖVP in Vienna, and Dr. Dietmar Halper, director of the Political Academy of the ÖVP, invited the leaders and elite of the Muslim communities in Vienna to a dinner on occasion of the traditional Muslim fast-breaking “Iftar” held during Ramadan, at the Political Academy of the ÖVP at the “Springer-Castle” in Tivolistrasse 73.The dinner was held with the presence of honor guests Dr. Michael Spindelegger, Austrian Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Relations, and Mr. Sebastian Kurz, Secretary of Government for Integration. (Click once on the small pictures to make them bigger).

In Austria and the rest of Europe, the leaders but also the youth of the Muslim communities have become more open minded in their thinking and in their relationships with the Christian conservative and nationalist parties, especially after the long years of experience with the leftists parties, who first discovered Muslim immigrants as sources of votes. It can be slowly seen that that these leftist parties are either unable or unwilling to deliver on their promises to these communities, and that for many, these parties no longer meet the aspirations of the Muslim youth, often not even the aspirations of their traditional clientèle among the non-immigrants.

The left-wing parties have always claimed their defense of the Muslim immigrants and the youth born in Europe, particularly in their propaganda before elections, and the honey and milk promises of the left-wing parties towards these communities are without end. In a similar way as how these leftist parties behave towards their other voter clientele, they are doing the opposite of what they say and promise. Towards their traditional voters, they have brought more unemployment, unjust laws in the fields of education, health-care, housing, social security, retirement and other aspects of politics.

Towards immigrant Muslim communities, instead of integration and an implied “special status while you remain Muslim and ignorant”, they have brought more repressive “anti-terror” laws of israeli-ameriacn design, more suspicions and more difficulties with the native population due to ideology-driven and mismanaged immigration and integration agendas.

It remains to be seen what will come in the long term from the affiliation of the Muslim communities in Vienna with the ÖVP. Given the conservative views of both the traditional ÖVP clientele and the Muslim communities at large as well as the involvement in certain professions, such commerce or medicine, of many exponents of both groups, a pragmatic alliance based on a commonality of views and interests is a likely outcome. In any case, the interest in the Muslim community on part of the ÖVP is a very positive sign for the long-term integration of Muslims into the mainstream Austrian society. It opens the way for a peaceful together, and it opens up a political alternative for the Muslim communities, which until now had generally been the province of leftist parties.

The hosts of the event, Mme. Christine Marek, a stylish woman and career politician with political power and influence, Dr. Halper, President of the political Academy of the ÖVP, Minister Dr. Spindelegger, the personable and well-liked politician, and Mr. Kurz, the elegant and eloquent young secretary of state, were of course the protagonists of this Muslim Iftar dinner. They were followed by the cameras of several journalists while welcoming people, meeting and shaking hands with their Muslim guests, speaking to them and listening attentively to their issues.

During the Iftar dinner, the ÖVP representatives gave speeches in which they welcomed the guests and spoke about how necessary the integration of immigrant groups is in the Austrian society, and they sat next to Muslims leader at the same table. Minister Spindelegger sat next to Dr. Fuat Sanaç, the new head of the Muslim community in Vienna who replaced Dr. Anas Al-Shaqfe some months ago. Dr. Sanac also gave a speech during the evening.

The Iftar dinner, a social event, was turned into political event as many of the present guests had an interest to talk with Minister Dr. Spindelegger as well with the present ÖVP leaders. Some guests from the  Egyptian community presented their humanitarian projects to the minister, the guests from the Viennese Syrian community used the opportunity to thank the minister for freezing the delivery of money which the Austrian Central Bank had printed for Syria, to the dictatorial regime of Bashar Al-Assad.

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  • rotorman

    “Conservative Muslims and Christians in Vienna Strengthen Relations”

    This is the kind of thing that makes zionist Jews howl. They feel no comfort unless there is discord amongst those around them.

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