Syrian Defense Minister Killed By His Predator President

Read in Arabic / Syrian Defense Minister Gen. Ali Habib, who was sacked by President Bashar al-Assad from his post yesterday Monday, was found dead at his home. The Syrian television stated that the death of Gen. Habib was “of natural causes” and revealed that the minister was sick and his health had recently deteriorated.

On Monday August 8 2011, President Al-Assad issued a decree appointing Gen. Dawood Rajha as the new defense minister. In the evening of the Monday 8 2011, Gen. Habib was found dead in his house. The murder “decree” was probably issued in secret by President Basshar Al-Asssad  and implemented by his thugs Asef Shawkat and Maher Al-Assad.

General Habib was a staunch opponent of the military campaign in the city of Hama. His opposition led to the postponement of the invasion of Hama by the army more than once. The General had another point of view different from that of President Al-Assad on how to manage and deal with the crisis of Syria. He was against wasting the resources, strength and morale of the army by entering the Syrian cities and “fighting” against civilians and old people, often relatives of friends of the soldiers.

Since the contradictory views between Gen. Habib and President Assad had become apparent, President Al-Assad worried that Gen. Habib, whose family from the Alawite minority is bigger than al-Assad family, could crush him and change the ruling regime in Syria. According to Syrian sources, the “death of natural causes” of Gen. Habib shocked all the Alawite sect in Syria, and the consequence will eventually be a confrontation between the Alawites near the Al-Assad clan and those near the bigger and more powerful Habib family, what will probably lead to the end of the rule of Bashar Al-Assad and his regime in Syria in any case.

My Syrian sources said whatever the Al-Assad regime revealed about the death of Gen. Habib, the truth would soon become known and that this will lead to a split in the Alawite minority in Syria.

The family of President Al-Assad, whose name was originally “Bashar Al-Wahsh”, what means “predator”, has a well known history of killing their enemies and opponents. According to my Syrian sources, the deceased president Hafez Al-assad changed the name of his family from “Al-Wahsh” to “Al-Assad”, what means “Lion”, for political and military considerations by the end of the 1950s, when he carried a high rank in the Syrian military.

According the same sources, the Al-Wahsh family, which later changed their name to Al-Assad,  originates in Isfahan (contemporary Iran). Suleiman Al-Wahsh, the great-grandfather of President Hafeth Al-Assad, and his father (of unknown name) emigrated from Isfahan to Turkey, where the father died and Solaiman continued his way, together with the rest of the family, to Latakia in (Arabic Al-Ladhiqiyah), the Syrian port. Here they resided in the mountains of Qardaha in the northwestern of Syria.

According to what was told to me, Suleiman acquired the name of “Al-Wahsh” because he won a wrestling competition. The whole family was originally very poor and lived of the on handouts of the Syrian people, but now they own Syria.

9 comments to Syrian Defense Minister Killed By His Predator President

  • salaam sister, as soon as you mentioned they are from Isfahan and Ladakia from they travels, alarm bells rang in my mind that this family has to be originally jewish hiding as alawaites???

    both of the citys mentioned are linked deeply to the zionist jews from history and present day, please read David Pidcocks book SATANIC VOICES ANCIENT AND MODERN to get an idea of what i am trying to state!

    Assad and his henchmen deserve the punishment for war criminals for the crimes they have committed and are committing under the aegis of the western world who always side with the minoritys to rule over the majority in muslim lands!

  • najwan najjar

    How can you swallow all the lies about Syria??
    The man was on TV live and kicking and demented his death and execution.

    As a man from Palestinian origin I cannot understand how the hell can the west provide democracy and freedom for us who were enslaved by their action, since WW1 and our country Stolen by the British and the zionist west.

    The fight here is for Syrias existence and not Bashar or the party.

    The zionist west wants to disect Syria into 30 dominions based on a matrix of ethnic and religious minorities to safeguard their little jewel the zionist entity.

    Better wake up and control the facts that have been fed through the talmudic massmedia of the zionist west and their Puppets in the Middle east.
    Lies and lies and conspiracies.

    Turkey calling for democracy, a country that slaughtered and still slaughter Kurds and others minorities not to mention the hisotry of the present Turkish state which slaughterd Armenians.
    Saudi and the Gulf states calling for democracy while they live in Demoncracy themselvs.

    Look at London, its allright with police and military, what did the British do in North Ireland?
    What did Spain do in the Basque region?

    Enough hypocrisy, the zionist west is not worried about freedom of the people in Syria or Palestine or sanywehere in the Arab world, they are out to discet Syria into pieces irrelevant of who Governs it and to keep Arab world ruled by zionist Puppets.
    Syria is the last Arab bastion along with Hezbollah to stand against the zionist west, zionist entity and their servants.
    Please Wake up from the zionist fakedreams and Propaganda.

  • Reply to Najwan,

    How many bullets were fired from Syria toward Israel?
    Who sold the Golan Heights to Israel?

    It’s not a matter of dictatorship. It’s a matter of being a soverein state or a vassal state submitted to the will of Israel and world globalist imperialist powers.

    It IS a matter of dictatorship, in Syria, Palestine, Egypt, the Gulf states and elsewhere. Syria, under the Al-Assad family IS a vassal submitted to the will of israel and globalist imperial powers. Syria, like Egypt, routinely took in contract torture jobs from the Americans and other imperial powers. The Syria of Al-Assad allows water to flow from southern Turkey to israel through its territory in a subterranean pipeline.

    Another matter is that the zionists use the discontent of the people, originated by dictatorships installed in all Arab nations because it is convenient for the zionists, to cause trouble and remove these regimes in favor of likely even more servile regimes.

    It is a matter of living on your knees or dying standing tall to most people. To the Syrians in Vienna, it is either to continue supporting the dictatorship with their silence caused by terror, or to say “enough” and not allow the terror to silence them anymore

    So then, what are you doing in Sweden?
    Go to Syria and give a lecture there instead of living in Sweden and them attacking the Western countries.

  • any so called israeli victory is temporary according to the islamic texts and saying of the prophet mohammed pbuh!

    or as someone else once remarked:

    all victory is temporary, unless the vanquished quit resisting, then the victory is formal!

    due to palestinian resistance this will turn into a victory for them, and i salute those men and women like kawther who tirelessly never cease to expose the shennaigans and charades perpetrated against innocent muslims and other races in the world in league with the zionist jews and they helpers from the western world!
    to those “useful idiots” in the christian faith, (as stated by netanyahu) can anyone of you explain how is it possible that your lord and master called the present day israeli jews as den of vipers, brood of snakes, children of the devil, synagogues of satan etc in your holy book,and then you ally yourself with all that is unholy and still you claim to follow what jesus preached?????

  • Hossein

    What a load of DESPERATE Zionist propaganda as they fail to undermine the popular government of President Bashar al Assad. Syria will not fall.

  • perhsaps hossein we can have a vote session impartially to see how popular the dictator assad is???

    assad is a kaffir in league with zionist cohorts in secret agreements like most of the arab goverments, especially the one run by the imbecile dwarf in jordan!

    when it comes to killing sunni muslims, these kaffirs have no shame or honour and anything goes against them , as in Hama by assad snr!

    why should the western or zionist kaffirs do anything to help the sunni muslims in syria considering they are very happy to let them killed as they have done before in history!

    it is nonsense for anyone to believe there is unity or freedom for anyone in so called muslim countrys run by thugs,liars, killers and dictators supported by forces against muslim unity!

    imagine my shock when i learnt that saddam hussein had offered everything to the yankee zionists to stop war happening but they still listened to they masters in tel aviv and destroyed the country in league with arab traitors sitting in arabia and syria plus other places. millions have died innocently due to these pathetic wretches acting as some kind of godsend to the muslim masses and yet in league with the devilish characters of the western world!

    i hope that i am alive to see the day when they hang these evil people under the reign of imam mahdi for they crimes committed against humanity!

  • Frank

    Najjar najwan, let me explain. You, the Arabs, allied yourselves with the Nazis in WWII. You lost. Goodbye.

  • Frank

    WWIII, comin’ up! Sure, the U.S. is toast, and the UK, but all the Arabs will die. Only those professing Jesus Christ a as Lord will survive. Everyone else, not so much.

  • Najwan,

    Of what you scared? why you are hiding yourself under the name of Palestine and Palestinians?

    Why you are changing the IP number (,, both from Sweden)each time you post a comment? Are you scared of the European Laws or let me say from the “zonoist West” as you said?

    I think the Palestinians issued a clear statement concerning the dictator regime massacres in Syria. It is published in Al-Quds newspaper in Jerusalem. Its better if you read it.

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