The Murder of Non-jews and The Israeli Law Against Boycott

Some days ago the israeli knesset passed into law a bill sponsored by the extremists from the „Israeli Beitenu“ and „Likud“ factions, among them one Ze’ev Elkin and one David Rotem, which makes it „illegal“ to boycott israel and calls for a host of sanctions against anybody boycotting or calling for a boycott against israel and the gang of squatters on Palestinian lands. The law has been widely criticized inside and outside israel because of the effects which it could have on israel’s supposed „democracy“, including such notorious extremist organizations as ADL and J-Street. even the zionist-controlled US State Department, which is never above strongly supporting jewish crimes, dared to criticize the law.

The law itself allows, de-facto defends and legitimizes, crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes, plunder, terrorism and the European and American jews who perpetrate these crimes and profit from them. Anyone who „feels damaged“ by a boycott or by calls for boycott against israel can sue for damages, without even needing to present any proof of the supposed damage.

The criminal gaggle of squatters on Palestinian lands, most of them US citizens, can sue. The torturers in the vast israeli gulag, can sue. The jewish-owned pharma companies which conduct “medical” experiments on Palestinian political prisoners, can sue. The IDF personnel who murder or injure children, women, old people at leisure, can sue. The moral degenerates in the Knesset who have outlawed the remembrance of the Palestinian Nakhba, not out of shame but because it is bad for business, can sue.

And, lets not forget that other bill of law which is an expression of the miserable character of the Knesset and its members, which calls for Palestinians to pay for the demolition of their houses. This is the israeli equivalent of laws of other fascist regimes, where the families of murdered political opponents must pay for the bullet used to murder their relative.

The “anti-boycott law”, which most probably originated in the squatter colonies among those rabbis who belong to the inner religious core of judaism, is an expression of the reflexive return to ham-fisted violence of fascists everywhere when they see criticism against their illegal and immoral actions mounting, when such protest starts to make the privileged castes of thieves, murderers and torturers at the center of fascist systems worry about the end of impunity.

I am sure that it will do its share of damage to those who oppose israeli crimes against Palestinians, but it will do far more to damage the standing of a) israel, b) jews everywhere and c) those who support israel and jews.

The law has made it more difficult for the supporters of israel to justify their support of the criminal enterprise which is israel. Since israel is intimately linked with jews in the minds of people, this law will eventually make it increasingly difficult to justify the involvement of jews in politics, trade and other activities in many countries. Just think of the naive question “If the jews forbid criticism of their crimes against Palestinians, what should we expect from the jews in our own government?”, which could be asked in many, many countries around the world, but candidly answered nowhere.

Contrary to the whining of Tikkun and Uri Avnery, the law against boycotts of israel is in character with many other laws which have been written and implemented by jews in many countries around the world, laws which criminalize boycotting or questioning israeli interests (USA), criticizing jewish involvement in politics (the former Soviet Union, France, Germany and elsewhere).

Also contrary to what Avneri says, the “vibrant democracy” to which he alludes never existed in israel as such, for it was (and is) the license given to the knive-wielders and trigger-pullers of the zionist colonist movement while they and the illusion of democracy were useful. True democracies have never coexist with plunderers and mass murderers in the same society, and this also applies to the 64-year old ongoing, slow motion genocide of Palestine by these European and American jewish squatters.

The “anti-boycott law” can also be seen as a resounding success of the BDS movement over an apparently invincible israel. The law as a reaction to the BDS movement has shown what has always been known: that the word is mightier than the sword, and that illegitimate, fascist regimes can always be forced to show their true colors with nothing but words. It has shown that mere words could induce the inner core of true power in israel, the squatters and those who finance them, to do things which appear as solutions in the short term but will compound into effects disastrous for their own interests.

In a related development, the recent arrests of “rabbi” Dov Lior (דב ליאור) and several of his buddies, is the most recent in a series of incidents which shows that there is real fear in zionist circles that the actions of the most extremist among them are a grave danger not only to israel, but to all jews. Lior and several of his “elected by god” cronies recently published a book, “The King’s Torah” or “Torat Hamelech” (See article published by Haaretz), a tractate of religious law in good standing in rabbinical circles, which in summary allows and instructs jews to murder any non-jew who stands in their way.

This move from israel’s religious hard core, to which Lior and associates count, caused the israeli political establishment to blink in fear of the reaction of the world should this become widely known. Commenting on the arrest of Leibland/Lior, Netanyahu said on TV that “the laws of the state of israel must be respected”. This is nothing but window-dressing because until now, no authorized religious body is known to have disowned the book, and none will ever come forward to disown it.

It is a cause of happiness to see that the religious core of judaism is doing more and more things which are against their own best interests and which will compound into destabilization of the zionist regime, as well as weakening the zionist control over many countries, such as the USA.

I think that the passing of this law was a giant, self-inflicted loss of the zionists. Still, what is needed now are material successes over the zionists. What is need are visible arrests (and sentencing) of as many of these people and their collaborators as possible, for charges relating to crimes against Palestine and not; what is needed is the visible shutting down of their businesses and embassies, the debarring of lawyers who put themselves in the service of israel, the public naming, shaming and firing of politicians, public servants, judges, prosecutors worldwide who put zionist interests ahead of the traditions, laws and interests of their countries and constitutions, or who take zionist money. Politicians, public servants and businesses should know that supporting this genocidal regime is against their personal interest. Together we can end the impunity of israel.

I have set up some new header images for this website with “Boycott Israel!” written in several languages to commemorate the passing of this anti-boycott law. They contain QR-Codes (the squares with many little dots) which you can scan in with your cell-phone camera (most modern cell-phones “understand” QR-Codes) and send by SMS to your friends.

I respectfully request that somebody send me a (scanned) copy of the Hebrew version of the “Torat Hamelech”, with a translation to Arabic, English or German if possible. Thank you.

2 comments to The Murder of Non-jews and The Israeli Law Against Boycott

  • Pavel pospichal

    so called “israel” does not exist for more than 2000 years.
    How anyone can boycott imaginary entity on Palestinian lands??

    Turk-mongol crossbreeds are not Semites nor descendants of israeli goat fuckers and poofters which were exterminated by GOD in Sodom and Gomorah

  • carl

    The american people have been blinded to the truth by false teachers.The USA is an Israel nation; meaning that many people of this nation are the lost sheep of the HOUSE of ISRAEL. In these latter days judgement is coming on the HOUSE of ISRAEL not the House of Judah.These people that rule in this present place called Israel are the enemies of Jahshuwa and anyone supporting them is committing treason !!

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