Why Did The President of Bankrupt Greece Visit Israel?

Why did the current president of bankrupt Greece, Dr. Karolos Papoulias, visit Israel with all Greek ministers in his delegation? What “prize” will the bankrupt Greek Republic receive from Israel in return for banning the boat “Audacity of Hope”, the Flotilla 2, from sailing to the beaches of besieged Gaza? Click on the pictures to see the European peace activists.

Is there any relationship between bankrupt Greece and the zionist “state” of Israel? Have the Presidents of the western countries all been turned into puppets and heads of constabulary forces in the hands of that zionist institution, israel?

Does the pilgrimage of Christians to the “jewish state” become a substitute for a pilgrimage to the Church of the Nativity in the Holy city of Bethlehem, where Jesus Christ (PBUH) was born and which is now besieged by israels zionists, locked in behind high apartheid walls?

Is visiting Israel under the current crisis of Greece and in the light of the deteriorated economic situation an obligation, while the Greek nation suffers hunger and the “austerity” policies of a corrupt regime?

What does it mean that the Greek people’s money has been deposited in zionist-controlled banks, by bankers who hold double nationalities and have influence and power over the Greek government and many other governments?

How many years will the Greek people be forced to pay debts which were irresponsibly and on purpose incurred in by the current Greek government, whose President Papoulias now visits israel?

Today – July 11 2011 – the president of bankrupt Greece, of the Third Hellenic Republic, Dr. Karolos Papoulias, toasted with champagne to the stopping of the Humanitarian Flotilla fleet and the ship “Audacity of Hope” together with his counterpart Shimon Peres, the zionist “President of the Hebrew State”, a front of the so-called jewish agency. This celebration of inhumanity, of banning the departure of all humanitarian ships from the ports of Greece to the besieged Gaza Strip, was held at the house of the zionist president Peres in the occupied Palestinian city, the holy Jerusalem. Shimon Peres was born on August 2, 1923 as Shimon Persky in Isnva. A town which was part of Poland and now it is in Belarus.

On Saturday July 2 2011, the bankrupt authorities of the Republic of Greece arrested John Klusmire, 60 years old, captain of the boat “Audacity of Hope” which was trying to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza concentration camp. The captain was being held at the Piraeus police headquarters and remained there until Tuesday July 5 2011. The Greek also blocked another ship, the Tahrir, from leaving its ports, and prevented several other ships from reaching Israel, thus subverting the second “Gaza Flotilla”. Click on the pictures to see them bigger.

During the meeting held between the presidents, Peres thanked Papoulias for his country’s help in stopping the Gaza flotilla from delivering the humanitarian aid to Gaza and thus thwarting the international peace activists’ attempts to sail to Gaza. What means, he thanked him for helping the zionist occupation to continue with their genocidal blockade imposed on a million and a half persons in Gaza, against the regulations of his country, the European Constitution and many international agreements and accords.

Peres, a war criminal, the president of an organized terrorist group and a criminal against humanity, repeated the boring lies and propaganda of the jewish agency, in which he cried and claimed that the israeli criminal occupiers had previously “deemed” the pro-Palestinian activists bound for Gaza as “provocateurs” (actually, they were human rights defenders) and expressed concerns that they planned to attack Israeli soldiers (actually, war criminals, death squads and special forces armed to the teeth with heavy ammunition, machine guns …) who would try to stop them from entering the Gaza Strip.

In return of covering the Israeli crimes against humanity and genocidal efforts with the added blockade by the Greek authorities, “President” Peres discussed with his counterpart the “strengthening of relations between the two countries”. What probably means that they discussed how zionist bankers could better own Greece and the Greek as slaves for the zionist empire, forever. It looks to me as if Peres would have offered his counterpart a part of the Greek people’s money, stolen by the bankers and deposit at zionist-controlled banks. But the probable “offers” of the zionist Peres would be part of “development projects” that will make the Greek people SLAVES squeezed dry by zionist banks, forever. I can’t imagine of any cause more apt for a toast to old terrorists, apart from, of course, blocking humanitarian aid.

Papoulias is accompanied by Greece’s Foreign Minister, and ministers for Infrastructures, Tourism and Culture.

The poor bankrupt Greece was the first country that sent firefighting aircraft to help Israel fight the Carmel fire caused last year by the irresponsible israeli military while training to invade Lebanon. The gratitude and “prize” which they receive for this gesture is “strengthening of relations with israel”.

After this shameless meeting on the shoulders of the poverty of Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied territories since over 6 decades and the wholesale theft of Greece, Dr. Papoulias appeared at a Knesset session where the zionist members discussed on Monday another genocidal law, the “boycott law”, which proposes penalizing persons or organizations who call for a boycott of Israel or the settlements.

3 comments to Why Did The President of Bankrupt Greece Visit Israel?

  • If his country is broke why doesnt he try to fix it and say out of our business?

  • Claudius Stahlkopf

    The western so call democraty have thanks to the media , make a monopole for ruling the country’s . Is not to day a Man , A party , who can be elected without the power of the press .
    The Press is own by big conglomarate 90%, is corporate press , and control by the jews from
    A to Z . Therefore we are under a cabale of liar , traitors ,, manipulators profitors who used against the citizens deception all the time . but fresh air in on the way
    When the wind will turn , and he will turn, those lackeys who paid lips services to the oligarches and plutocrats , will be the main targe ,this time is not far , you can smell it in the air , if i can give a good tip to the corporate journalists is to dump their bosses before the tzunami .

  • Claudi

    Leonidas is dead , and from the olympus cry for his peoples , Sparta is only ruine , but their dead are immortal .
    The spartan spirit has not survive obviously among the polititians of modern Greece .
    Corruption is the rule of the day , they are to day a pure mercantile nation , with no soul since the fall of Byzentium
    They have to day the best politicians money can buy RIP Sparta

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