Diaries of Sexual Abuse

Lesen Sie auf Deutsch: Tagebücher des Sexuellen Missbrauchs

Vienna – July 10 2011- I am Brigitte LUNZER-RIEDER, 56 years old. I was abused as a child for many years by the famous and respected child psychiatrist, Dr. Franz WURST, and was a victim of violence by my stepfather, and was betrayed by my mother. I am a victim of ignorance and non-involvement by the anti-social environment in Austria up to the present.

My younger sister, Inge R., died at the age of 28 by alleged suicide. There was no autopsy.

Since the end of World War II, this notorious (redacted) doctor carried out experiments on hundreds of Carinthian chil-dren and families, but also on children and families abroad, in cooperation with unofficial powerful groups. With electroshocks, chemicals, drugs. Thus, I suffer from consequential damages and their effects often overtax doc-tors. In addition, there is “mysterious” terror, which has been including criminal attacks against my family, friends and house pets, etc. Individuals from higher social groups have been involved (ORGANIZED CHILD ABUSE). Dr. Franz WURST Pic. Credit: APA

There has been practically no official help. There has been character assassination, (poison-) attacks, as well as damage to cars and housing. Even the career of my highly qualified husband has been affected (loss of employ-ment).

Again and again there were attempts to force me into prostitution, which I rejected. And I have been repeatedly prevented from earning a living or prevented from exhibiting some of my works due to alleged “pornographic content”. The destruction of sold works, burglaries, theft of photos and documents, and many services are no longer documented. My own workshop as well as other forms of employment was undermined.

I was also prevented from taking over the family restaurant, and shortly after being elected the first Green District Councilor of Wieden in Vienna, in 1983 ”all hell broke loose”. Due to a media ban in Austria and recurrent terror, all this: NOT A TOPIC.
(Ex-) Chief Physician Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz WURST had had his wife murdered in December 2000. He had instigated one of his abuse victims, who had lived since infancy in his mansion, along with three older brothers and parents.

There was shed new light on the issue, far more than a hundred victims came forward to testify in the trial in 2002 (Dr. WURST himself spoke of 1500 children who he had administered that way).
Dr. Franz WURST was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

Hope. Peace at last – a pious wish.

Shortly thereafter: hundreds of times TERROR again with variations, WITHOUT getting a legal title from the Aus-trian Justice! I received DEATH THREATS, including the one from Dr. Wurst’s colleagues. They would “see to it that I would end up supine like my sister, never get up again”.

INGE IS DEAD. Her body was filled with chemicals three weeks earlier (depot injections) by Viennese doctors at the hospital “Baumgartner Höhe”, and I? Since I have information, I am under constant stress.

I should for example undergo another operation, but I wouldn’t any Austrian hospital. I try to help myself. When I was 21 years old, they tried to let me die in the Klagenfurt hospital. Recently another abuse victim died, whose statements had led to forced psychiatric treatment in a hospital in Upper Austria. I’M STILL ALIVE! Unlike others!


And insults and threats also damage one’s health. There must be many who are aware of what happened and still happens. Children without adequate protection were targeted victims of extreme inhuman crime, and under the guise of “mental science” the perpetrators and their networks have been able to put themselves secretly at the top of the social hierarchy, without having to fear any criticism and questioning about their actions. (redacted).

The victims are in constant fear, we, who as former children were completely helpless in the face of that mad-ness, and today often still have to suffer with family members. I myself have many talents and skills. But “Only” in order to somehow survive? I was not allowed to develop in this system, except to be a “VICTIM”, and what I managed to achieve was set at naught. The victim, always is a victim?

Are the secret desires of others also to blame for this fact which kept silent and covered up? Have internal projec-tions on “sex objects” such power over any morals and empathy that are perceived in people like me. Only when we appear clearly as a “victim”, which means here broken and weakened, submissive and “clothed in sackcloth and ashes”?

A mistake! Those who survived the human experiments within and around themselves, developed logically a spe-cial knowledge, often great personal strengths, in order to keep away their “mad fellow men” somehow or even subjugate them to themselves.

This is also why abuse victims become sometimes especially perfidious perpetrators themselves later, such as Jack Unterweger. He was – almost certainly – also one of the many abuse victims of Dr. Franz WURST, and was probably commissioned by him to murder me too when I was 18, near Steyr in Upper Austria. I was sitting in his car, in the woods, brought there with the help of a female “decoy”. At that time he had already committed murder.

I describe this briefly in my book “The Basisgehaltkonzept” (published in March 1998) without knowing at that time, what real crime story had determined my whole life. After the first version of this book was submitted, which was more socially-oriented, a previously convicted individual was sent to me in October 1998.

He shouted at me and threatened me in a Viennese coffeehouse (The waiter refused to testify). The next day I “mysteriously” had health problems: cerebral circulatory disorder and transient language loss. And I was hospitalized. Inexplicable blood values, they said. We assumed that it was poisoning again. The then filed report was subsequently dis-missed by a prosecutor, closely related to the late politician (name redacted). Since then I have more physical dam-age.

And there are stories about the murder of third parties. After a fire in our old small farm in September 2000 two young people contacted me and told me about the so-called suicide (which was very likely murder) of a woman near Villach, in the summer 1998. I was warned that I was “in extreme danger”, “a Carinthian physician of high standing would let commit murders by now, in order to cover up his crimes”.

That occurred three months BEFORE the murder of Hilde WURST, on December 8, 2000. Supposedly, the two small daughters of this woman had been considered by Dr. WURST and his cronies to be ”fresh meat”.
Unfortunately, I could tell many stories of such madness, they are so outrageous that they seem to be incredible. This is why people often deny their support, brush aside my information as “insane” and these “follies” are again credited to the victims as supposed “paranoia” – practical tactic, isn´t it?

Such accusations, I would “just be paranoid”, would strongly exaggerate etc., I often heard, often from lawyers, from doctors anyway, but also in the political scene in Vienna, as from summer 1983 on, after previously successful work (over a year I was one of the leading women of the first Green Alternative in Austria, I profoundly shaped statutes and program, I was declared as “Petra Kelly of Austria” etc.) with these lies – and strong TERROR in real life – could I also here be just “shot down”. In retrospect, almost every woman who has worked more closely with me at that time has become victim of sexual violence! And never was anybody interested in evidence that often were verifiable.

At that time, I met verbal threat with a tape recorder on the table in order to document this. That madness has also not been heard, but again attributed to me as “paranoia”. It turned out later that one of those characters, who knew (name redacted) closely, had at home worst child pornography, and had had raped a woman of the political group in his home by third parties. He died later in Berlin.

My attempts to inform media representatives and make them help, failed during several decades. In both Austria and in Germany, when the case of Dr. Franz WURST was revealed in December 2000, was again promptly made an attempt to get me into the psychiatric ward. I withdrew 30,000. – Schilling and drove quickly at first to Salzburg, met with the father of an alleged child victim (name known), and we exchanged files. At this meeting, I was obviously constantly under surveillance, and it has been inspected, and happenings provoked. Thus, a DB-train left 10 minutes before schedule, with my baggage in there. So I went to Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin up to a German police officer that I had years earlier asked for help. Almost zero success. Despite the evidence brought along. The German police officer said: “This matter is enormous”.

I’m glad about every day that I survive without too much of pain, enjoy little things and am thankful that my younger husband has given me emotional support for over 20 years. He is also capable and highly qualified and has had to endure incredible intrigues. One of these stories was reported by PROFIL in autumn 1998 – due to my intervention.

However, without us having mentioned by name not even once (which was at first agreed upon, including discussing my book). My son had temporarily during adolescence also had enormous problems to cope with this ongoing situation, however, he now leads a normal life. But my mother and the younger brother have been corrupted by accomplices in Carinthia. Even during the court case, when it became clear what has been going on. They wanted to prevent me from actively working against the fact that Dr. Franz WURST would had been freed similar to how before the child killer and (redacted) physician Dr. Heinrich GROSS in the district of Hol-labrunn.

Once again I was thrown out of the house. The only reason given was “We must remain living HERE”. I couldn’t cope with THAT almost no more, the relationships broke down completely. However, from time to time I received some money from this family.

The”compensation payment” to me after the verdict was 20,000. – €, minus 1,500. – € for the lawyer, who made me sign “to make no claims anymore to the province of Carinthia”.

Dr. Franz WURST was well paid for his abuses. He presented false diagnoses, which caused big problems to us as his child victims later in adult life via information for health insurance, with the medical colleagues. Also this was brought up in the trial. Years ago, as an additional finding (CT, MRT) they discovered a greatly enlarged thyroid in me. But the medical specialist (hitherto unknown) looked first on his computer, and then immediately parroted that I had “psychosomatic problems”. The findings then clearly said something else, unfortunately. Until today I have not learned WHAT different drugs Dr. Franz WURST administered to me over the years.

Since my youth, I have been FIGHTING consciously for my very own well-being.

In groups, I have learned to really get involved with other people, to give and to take.
Dr. Franz WURST wanted me to become at first something similar to what he himself was doing.

I should graduate from “Matura”, then “study psychology, and at best become psychiatrist or at least psychologist or pediatrician”. He presented his sexually motivated actions to me as a “promotion”. I confess that I often liked talking with him. He spoke to me at least, asked why there were those new blue-green markings on the body and what I would do in order to defend myself and avoid blows by my father and to help my mother and my siblings. I imagine this was part of the test series.

Sometimes I fled into the woods. Was gone for days. If I was locked out of the house, I climbed across the facade onto the roof and from there into it. I fascinated him. I often spat drugs, which he had administered, into the toi-let secretly (My only childhood friend recalls that).

I was usually friendly, but also dominant. Learned virtually “read minds”, even in animals. Dr. WURST tested this and showed me photos of some deceased. I said then who and what. He planned my career in advance, became very angry when I withdrew from him, which began at the age of 13 onwards. At that time I started to realize that something went definitely wrong! I never wanted to be like him, but had long since taken Freudian knowledge. My consistent monitoring of the litigation (which lasted for eight months) and the other activities (gathering in-formation and passing it on, via internet informing public etc.) prevented that – as planned and said by a lawyer – Dr. Franz WURST, as did Dr. Heinrich GROSS, would go free, due to alleged “senile dementia”. I stated in the lobby of the courtroom: “Over my dead body only”!

I cannot remember in how many foster homes I was as a child. Nor how often I stayed with relatives. There was no place for a girl like me.

At this stage, I expect nothing from government or authorities. I want to spend the remaining lifetime as well as possible. And if I can help others, I will certainly do my best.

This is a crucial time for humanity, and we are all affected by this.
The perception of the past “black holes in the consciousness” as well as the abuse issue and its consequences are of the utmost importance.

It is essential for everyone to be able to live as a free human being.

Brigitte Lunzer-Rieder, Lower Austria / Austria / Europe
July 10, 2011

Submitted & translated from German to English by: Elisabeth Kammerlander

4 comments to Diaries of Sexual Abuse

  • Steve Pallister

    This problem is to be found in all Western countries. Very high level, organised pedophilia and extreme sexual abuse. The scale of the problem is enormous. We have seen merely the tip of the iceberg from time to time in cases which appear only to be swiftly relegated to the memory hole.

    Some years ago I spent a year in jail, on remand only but among the general prison population. I was astonished at the amount of talk about pedophile judges and social workers some of these troubled young men had been in contact with over their growing up. In many cases these were troubled youngsters who had been in and out of trouble all their lives, since they were first in trouble as juveniles. This then brings them into the clutches of the system which it seems is thoroughly corrupted from top to bottom. One of the best know pedophile judges here in Western Australia, a supreme court one I might add, I had been warned about was a slave to the police who used their knowledge of his “habits” to ensure he did their bidding when they required it. They actually did use this man against me to make a blatantly biased and absurd ruling only to see it voluntarily reversed once they knew it was going to the High court where the decision would face proper scrutiny. His obvious bias on behalf of the police against all reason or legal precedent was a profound reminder of what I had been told of this judge by young men who claimed he had abused them since they were children. I have no doubt that what I was told is true.

  • ME

    How could a sick, criminal and pervert guy can go to jail for only 17 years? Authorities or the people should castrate this man, and also let him to die in prison, and the rest of them just the same. It looks to me as most of the politicians of the world are abusing their power and they continue stealing and submitting people and make them pay with their taxes with their evil doings.
    Those monsters are to be eliminated from eath, all of them. Time will come when this will happen and they shouldnt even be born again but stay with all the perverts, criminals and abusers in a special demonic planet where they can kill, steal and rape each other.

  • J Z

    I commented on this article via Face Book. commenting here I believe in my humble opinion, is less than useless. but I’ll say this; I believe this woman completely.

  • David Maxie

    Hey America and fellow free world citizens!! Hows it going these days? Me? Well, Im taking things in stride these days. But I myself sure know the “feeling” of abuse. After so many years and countless prayers to God, Im a survivor of abuse myself, which happened after my father, who was an officer under General George Patton in North Africa. This happened to me and a few 1st graders in elementry school in Alaska, in public school I went to. We kids always got into some sort of trouble. Sometimes I was a trouble maker myself. But when we got into trouble, our teacher would tell us to take off our clothes in front of the classroom and go behind the classroom behind the partician, naked. I get that feeling once in awhile when it seems nobody wants to talk to you. Sometimes, after getting out of the US Marine Corps, I wondered and thought when I face the cops, if he is going to shoot me. And I thought in my mind in challenging him, “go for it, shoot me, set me free, I have nothing to loose”. After all, im about 50 years old and never been married before. Who would believe me and those fellow kids I was with? I sooner or went into black magic. Later on, I didnt want anything to do with it. So, today, well, I just live out my life in secracy and solitude, away from the whole world sometimes. But ive learned a few things in life what works. Personal prayer, faith, and meditations. You would be surprised. God listens. Have a chat! He even took my pain away when my girlfriend was murdered by a serial killer. Email me anytime, if you want to. David Maxie, Captain_Nemo05 [at] yahoo [dot] com

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