Peace Activists Enjoy zionist Hospitality Together With Rats

Cowardice, deafness, dumbness and blindness hit the EU governments and made them silent about the brutal arrest by zionist forces of Europeans peace activists, who were placed in cells in several prisons on charges of supporting justice and peace for the Palestinians. No condemnation statement or official comment has been issued by any EU government until this moment about the barbaric zionist operation that led to the arrest of more than one hundred Europeans at Ben Gurion airport, which has been turned into a concentration camp for the European peace activists during the last few days.

According to our sources fromBienvenue Palestine – Welcome to Palestine, the organizer’s activity in France, more than a hundred peace activists in the international “Bienvenue Palestine – Welcome to Palestine” were held Saturday in israeli jails.

These are the comrades who had traveled Friday on planes from several European cities, among them Paris, Geneva, Rome, Frankfurt, London, Zurich, Budapest.

The volunteers stated where they were jailed at Ben Gurion airport: “Upon our arrival at the airport in Tel Aviv, the israeli officials of the Border Police asked us “Where are you going in Israel?” We replied, “We received a honorable invitation from our friends in Palestine, and we are going to meet them in Bethlehem”.

This righteous and short answer earned the activists automatic refusal to go further, being interned at holding cells at the airport, and then having them transferred to other places of detention. This is exactly what Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are subject to for political reasons. This confirms what was already obvious, that it is indeed political, in our case that being sympathetic to the cause of the Palestinian people is enough reason for being refused entry and interned into detention cells.

The French sources added: “As long as their cell phones were not confiscated from the French, British or Belgian prisoners, they told us something about the beginning of welcome they were given in their detention in the so-called “only democratic state in the Middle East”. Our detainees said: “about 20 soldiers escorted the internationals, standing, screaming… There was at least one case of beating, many more cases of jostling, etc …”

Regarding the French detainees, the coordinators of the French part of the mission were not able to access their consular authorities. The same picture emerged for the Belgians and British. For example, Israel supplied to France on Saturday morning a list of names of 44 citizens who they admitted were held in jails. This list was then sent to “Bienvenue Palestine – Welcome to Palestine”.

According to the organizers, “It confirms, but only in part, the identification of people who arrived in Tel Aviv over the last twenty-four hours. About some other people we have every reason to think that they have arrived in Tel Aviv, but they were not yet on this list of 44 French citizens sent by Israel”.

Saturday late morning, the Consul General of France in Tel Aviv had not been able to visit French detainees. These French activists were divided and sent to at least two centers of detention in Ramle (near Tel Aviv) and “Bersheva” (Naqab / Negev) in the southern part of the West Bank, a concentration camp where Palestinian political prisoners are usually sent. Lawyers were also unable to reach the detainees at the zionist detention centers.

With regard to other internationals, we have no confirmed figures. We only know that Nadia and other Belgians were arrested, along with Mick and other British.

Israeli media on Saturday reported a total of 69 arrested on Saturday, of 4 who were immediately and effectively were expelled, plus 25 others who were arrested when arriving by plane the previous night on a Lufthansa flight from Munich.

The solidarity activists from France, Belgium and elsewhere with the Palestinian people are mobilizing to demand the immediate release of our comrades as they mobilize to bring airline collaborators of the israeli terror state, their respective governments, which of course include France’s Sarkozy, Juppe, Guéant and company, to meet their minimum responsibilities. They expect that political parties, associations, elected officials, etc. who officially support solidarity with the Palestinian People will move their ass a little more than they have done so far in terms of the missions of the BienvenuePalestine flotilla, the CAPJPO – EuroPalestine – BienvenuePalestine – Welcome to Palestine.

Meanwhile, Mike Nyblr, a Scottish peace activist who arrived in Palestine last week and has lived since then in Bethlehem, said: “Whoever had doubts that the Israeli policy is based on lies and distortion, is now sure. The Israelis have coordinated a campaign of lies against us. It was very difficult for us to understand.

They said that we belong to Palestinian and European extremist organizations, but the fact is that we are not organized in political parties or movements, and most of us belong to movements and associations defending human rights around the world.

They also said that we are anti-semitic and centered on Israel while ignoring what is happening in Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc., but the fact is that there are many Jews among us, and it is ridiculous to accuse jews of being anti-Semitic. Furthermore, we are active against the bloody crackdown practiced by several regimes, especially in Syria, Libya and Yemen.

They also said that we plan to demonstrate and establish chaos at Ben-Gurion, and this also is not true. We wanted to use this airport as a means of transportation, a better and faster way to access the West Bank occupied cities. Now we have brought more notice to the facts of the israeli policies, lies, propaganda and crimes”.

4 comments to Peace Activists Enjoy zionist Hospitality Together With Rats

  • Eventually the little Zionist boy with his finger plugging the hole in the overflowing dike (or in this case WALL)is going to be unable to hold back the tide eventually. From the Palestinian side of the Wall to the borders around Israel’s pilfered lands, they will be over come. Provided we can keep them at bay in other places, like Syria and other places they wish to pull another Palestine on…. ie take their lands.

    So the entire world must keep these buzztards busy, we must be stinging hornets crawling under their blankets, under their clothes, and just doing as best we can to distract them until they self destruct.

  • Steve Pallister

    Yes as Noor says, eventually the little Zionist rat boy’s finger will no longer be enough to hold back the dam busting results. Israel is a country with no future and only a stolen past.

  • Where wold you rather be a prisoner ?

    Israel, Afghanistan, Sudan or Turkey

  • Claudi

    Expecting fairness from the EU Establishments is a Europeans citizens dream Hulas .
    How can we expect partiality and honesty from the politicians who are establish in their positions by the money of banks , and the big industry’s , also the corrupting effect of the international crooked American control banks like the famous usury bank , call the IMF notorious for making economical slaves .
    Most of those banks the majority Kosher !! have play casino roulette with the stupid tax payers saving money .
    To day we have to see the reality .( all the main political party in the occidental world have been corrupted ) that is the bad news .
    Now the good news , because of that , the people do not believed in the salvation of any party’s anymore , SO that leave the citizens to face the reality of the moment ( IS ONLY TWO PARTY ; THE RICHES ; AND THE POO RS :
    Of course we the people know we are the majority , we know also history teach us , when the shit hit the fan , the poor hungry majority run over the riches predators minority like a flush of water into the toilet !!
    Those bankster and their lackeys will find the veracity of this Latin maxim (SPOLIATIS ARMA SUPERSUNT ) .
    When is no justice is no peace , only in that case the Guillotine can establish the right balance .
    Robin Hood.
    In History we have now
    The Hollow cost !!:)) laughing of the chosen crooks
    The holocost of the Palestinians 🙁 sad

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