Israelis Control The Europeans Airports Boarding, Video

All European countries have turned into puppets of the Israeli zionist occupation. The Israeli interior intelligence “shin beit” and special forces wearing civil clothes were allowed by the various European governments to control boarding movement at the airports in several Europeans countries in order to prevent the citizens of these countries from flying into occupied Palestine to protest against the continuous closure of Gaza since 2006 and the occupation the West Bank since decades, in total for over 64 years.

The Israeli security forces appeared yesterday and today at European airports disguised as employees of Hungarian company MALEV, of Lufthansa and of Swiss Airline. The israelis disguised as employees of the Hungarian company MALEV at the French airport refused to allow thirty passengers bound for the mission of “Welcome to Palestine” to board on July 8, 2011. The Hungarian company, but in reality these “israeli security forces” disguised as employees of MALEV confirms that they obey israeli orders to deny peace activists from travelling to Israel. The French police refused to accept or register passenger’s complaints against the Hungarian company MALEV and confirmed that it has received orders not to register any complaints against these illegal acts.

At the Geneva International Airport, 50 peace activists were prevented from boarding a flight to Israel. In Brussels, three French citizens were denied boarding a Swiss flight heading to Israel. About 100 passengers were prevented from boarding a Lufthansa flight at Paris’s Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport.

Below is a video shot by the team of “Palestine will live” last Thursday at the airport of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle.

During the past months the European countries have worked hard to save the shameless face of the Israeli zionist occupation. In Greece, the corrupted country lead by a clique of zionists and which has stolen the country wholesale and brought disaster and poverty to the nation, prevented the flotilla of humanitarian ships from sailing to Gaza. In the UK, the corrupted British police captured and jailed a Palestinian political activist, Sheikh Raed Salah from Um al-Fahim in order to prevent him from giving a lecture at the Parliament. In Ukraine, the traitorous government helped the israeli mossed to capture  Palestinian engineer Abu Sissi on its territory, violating the sovereignty of their own state. And now, in a further display of subservience, the European countries have allowed the israeli intelligence to control their airports and have given their own police into the hands of the israeli police, thus helping to enforce a murderous and genocidal regime of criminals.

Meanwhile several pro-Palestinian peace activists succeeded in boarding airplanes to Palestine and arrived at Ben-Gurion airport on Friday, where the criminal israeli intelligence thugs and special forces detained 30 on board of EasyJet and Alitalia flights. Twelve were on board of the EasyJet flight and 20 were flying with the Italian airline Alitalia. Two Americans wearing “fly-in” T-shirts were refused entrance to Israel after landing at Ben-Gurion Airport. The peace activists were sent on an outbound flight back to Greece.

9 comments to Israelis Control The Europeans Airports Boarding, Video

  • Apostate

    Zionist-occupied Germany. In my opinion the only reason that Israel has it’s tentacles in Germany, is because Germany allows it, out of the post-Holocaust guilt that they can’t yet get out of their system.

  • Georges


    Yesterday I saw an interview with MALEV’s spokesperson saying that since the Israeli authorities would not have allowed for the plane to reach Ben Huron airport, MALEV should have been obliged to come back to Budapest with all its passengers. Besides, in case those 342 on the list embarque into the plane and are refused afterwards to get off in Israel, they would have lost their right to be reimbursed by MALEV for their plane ticket.

    In this situation, I agree that certain rights have been violated but in the light of above information, the decision taken by MALEV (or the decision that MALEV was forced to take) seems nevertheless the only good decision.


  • Claudius Stahlkopf

    HISTORY WAS WHRITTEN BY THE WINNER AT LEAST FOR A CENTURY ,( Until internet open the hatch and the squeletons get out of the closet )

  • John Taurus

    Israel is the capital of America, Canada, Mexico, and all of Europe. These devils disquised as humans have enslaved the entire Western civilization and are now working on taking over the entire world. In the US, the citizens are slaves and don’t even realize they are slaves. Americans are brainwashed into believing they live in a free country, yet, there are more people in prison in America, per capita, than any other country on earth! How does one keep slaves happy? Don’t let them realize they are slaves. Convince your slaves that they are “FREE” and that “The Arabs hate us for our freedom” or “we are fighting for freedom”.

  • Chris Smith

    No one outside of the government will shed a tear for Israel when justice finally comes there.

  • George

    Lets all pray the zionist evil that owns much of USA congress and supreme court and media and hollywould and security firms and infiltrating the cia, will not kill to many more innocent people.

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