Boycott Lufthansa, MALEV, and Swiss Airline

The Palestinian communities, institutions and events Union in the Diaspora – Europe had issued a statement in which they demanded their communities in EU, and the pro- Palestine activists, organizations and politicians to Boycott Lufthansa, MALEV, and Swiss Airline in response to their illegal step of denying the pro-Palestine activists from travelling to the zionist state of the Israeli occupation to protest peacefully the closure of Gaza and the continuous occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Dr. Radi Al-Shuaibi, secretariat general of Palestinian communities in Diaspora – Europe appealed to the Palestinian communities in the Diaspora and the exile and to everybody has moral and dignity to boycott traveling with all companies comply with the orders of the Zionist entity. He added that we appeal for boycotting the German Lufthansa, the Hungarian MALEV and the Swiss Airline in response to their coordination’s with Zionist intelligence and their illegal action on July 7-8 2011 in which they denied the European peace activists in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their rights and just cause to travel to Palestine to protest against the Israeli occupation.

9 comments to Boycott Lufthansa, MALEV And Swiss Airline

  • Apostate

    I’m nor Palestinian but I support your cause. I have used Emirates Airline for all my previous international trips, since 2008. The United Arab Emirates, doesn’t allow Israelis in. Next year for my big trip from Australia to Germany, then across Russia, by train to China, I will use Etihad, Air Baltic, Finn Air and Malaysia Airlines. It’s complicated, I know!

  • I usually fly Emirates myself and will certainly never fly any of these three companies anyway.

  • Georges

    Yesterday the spokesperson of MALEV told that Israelis would not have allowev for MALEV’s plane to reach Ben Huron if anyone of those on “the list” would have been present in the plane. This means, the plane would have been obliged to return to Budapest (Hungary). You can imagine how all the other passengers would have been upset because of this situation!

    Besides, if you embarque (and afterwards you are not allowed in Israel to get off the plane), you have lost your right to claim a reimbursment for your plane ticket. And MALEV would have been obliged to carry those passengers back at its own costs.

    So, even if I agree that the refusal by MALEV has violated certain rights of the wanna-be passengers (for which MALEV could be brought before the court), in the light of the above info that was the only good solution…

  • Claudius Stahlkopf

    Who own those airlines and you will have the answer
    Wolfs do not pray alone to kill small game
    but when is a bear , they run their tail off between their legs
    By the way , do you think the Russians and the Chinese look like a Bear ??

  • joop jansen

    Boycotts worked to dismantle the apartheid ssytem in South Africa now it is up to all citizens of the world to boycott Israel with its state terror!!And while we at it,write or email to your travel agents to stop flights to Israel,because we do not know if we can get in!I personally WILL NEVER go to the Nazi country!Join BDS = Boycott,Divestment and Sanctions for Palestine!

  • Xabine

    I am afraid, you will have to get used to the idea that not everyone hates israel like you do. noone is going to boycott swiss air or lufthansa. the flights to israel are full. I have been to israel last month, the country is full of tourists and business-people from allover the world, jews, christians, muslims.

    overall your site is becoming very propagandistic, in a rather un-intellectual blunt fashion. i however do appreciate your reports about brutal honor killings of women and girls in palestinian territories.

  • Hanan

    Well actually Xabine Israel is NOT booming with business and tourism like you make it sound. I am a travel agent I know. BDS compaign is having a big impact on Israel’s economy and as a result the zionist government is trying to minimise the affect of the boycott by passing an un-democratic law forbidding the use of it. As if anyone around the world is going to be intimidated!!! If anything, this shows the fear the Zionist state is showing. The end of occupation is near & and no opressive law will stop the collapse of the illegal ocupation. I as a travel agent will stop using Malev, Lufthansa and Swiss airlines and I will alway book alternatives for my clients. Airlines have to follow IATA’s rules and regulations NOT the Zionist’s but now they have they’ve opened the doors to legal pursuit.

  • Hanan

    @Xabine – one other thing: honour killing is a term mostly associated with Asian communities living in Europe and the west not in Pakistan or India. It is non-existent in the Arabic countries. The only killing that is happening en masse in Palestine at the moment are those caused by the IDF and the Israeli government not only to women and man but sadly to children too.

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