A War Criminal Almost Arrested In The UK

According to the Hebrew edition of Yediot Aharonot, Amir Peretz, a war criminal, former “defense minister” and MK escaped during the past weekend an embarrassing arrest warrant issued by a court in London in response to a criminal complaint filed by a Human rights defenders organization, following the war crimes perpetrated during 2006 of Lebanon Second War.

The war criminal was warned before his travel to the UK, and it was recommended to him by two other criminals, the “Justice” and “Foreign” ministers while he was in New York last week, to not travel to the UK and to cancel his trip. Peretz ignored the warnings and landed in the UK last weekend. His plan was to spread zionists propaganda against Palestinians and to justify the Israeli crimes by giving a lecture at a London university.

The israeli military intelligence was notified by their British spies and made a “trick” so that the Human rights activists would not be able to press charges in a timely manner and so thwart the issuing of an arrest warrant against Peretz. They sent an E-mail to the university in which they claimed that Peretz had canceled his lecture at the university for personal reasons. The lecture and the meetings were not actually canceled, but went ahead and the program of the Peretz visit continued as scheduled. Meanwhile, intelligence officials decided to return Peretz to Israel in order to avoid a diplomatic embarrassment which would have resulted from his arrest.

The news of the Peretz “trick” reached the Human rights defenders, but the military intelligence rushed up Peretz’ return from Sunday to Saturday evening – a move that evidently saved the war criminal from being arrested, as a warrant for his arrest was issued right after the departure of the war criminal.

6 comments to A War Criminal Almost Arrested In The UK

  • ME

    So, the pervert Israelis can get away with it, and the industrialized countries help for this while they judge Ghadaffi, the man in Egypt and the others, when is justice going to reach those deprave and pervert “Israelis”, Khazzars from Europe. IIsrael is blackmailing the English, American and European governments with a nuclear threat, that is why everybody wants to bend down to those criminals and Rothschild evil.

  • rotorman

    In the UK there is a major scandal about the police selling personal information of victims of crimes to the press and other forms of routine police corruption. I also know that various Israeli “companies”, zionist orgs and zionist “anti-racism” groups that are strictly focused on the racism felt by Jews maintain intimate links with the police.

    I suggest that as soon as arrest warrants are issued by the courts to aprehend these war criminals, elements within the London Metropolitan Police alert these criminal of the danger of arrest. I also suggest that the Israeli state, through its organs and groups in the UK, bribes the British police because they are corrupt. These zionist groups may even be hiring the Metropolitan Police to hound and harass people for pay.

  • George Reichel

    Did anyone else ever notice that a small % Israelis look like Arabs?I think I know why.

  • Bruce Hayden

    country. It keeps the real estate intact so the Palestinians will get some of their homes back. The anger level in the world is rising very fast with the Zionazi/Asheknazi/Khazarian fake zionists. They are done and want the rest of the world to be destroyed along with them. An arrogant bunch of primitive cowards! I HATE these people in case you can’t tell. I am a 53 year old white male in the US. I find hate to be a very valuable emotion, though not always enjoyable. Those brainwashed majority that think hate is nothing but a bad thing live in a false paradigm created by the Tavistock Institute and their spin-offs. The social planners are outright nuts for anyone who hasn’t noticed. Those who cannot bring themselves to hate lead pampered lives and are emotionally challenged. The goy live only to serve them? Both middle fingers upward!

  • Claudi

    The zionists mentality.
    They like to poke you , until you run out of patience, every body will stop then at this border , knowing very well a reaction will follow ,The zionists do not know the border , and that why in the course of history , they have because of their attitude been punish by nation who was tired of their predatory behavior .
    Theirs disregards for others life is for them a normal thing , only a zionist have the right to breeze in this world ,They are constantly brainwash by their rabins who told them Humanity is only jewish !!
    Consequently with those people, is only one attitude possible , inflexibility , dealing with them is exposing your self to permanent deception .
    What history teach us is , they understand the politic of the stick for only few century , and they start again !!, the only empire who was able to control those people well was Byzantium , we should apply the same laws against them to day , we will have less war , better economy ,, less monopoles , less control press and media ,less pornography and filth , less decadence of the young’s , less decadent arts , and much less corrupt politicians on the take .
    Ours world dive unto oblivion, the cause is greed, is time to stop the decline before is to late.
    When you have pinpointed the cause is always easier to cure the problem

  • Jason

    Isrealis look like Arabs. no kidding? I’m sorry do they not both originate in the Tigris Euphrates valley. The problem isnt what they look like. It’s the mythology the believe

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