Another Face of The Zionist Lobby Is The Middle East Quartet

L to R: Tony Blair, envoy for the Middle East Quartet, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton. AFP PHOTO / Pic. Credit: YURI KADOBNOV/ AFP/ Getty Images

Sunday – July 3 2011- The so called “Middle East diplomatic Quartet” issued today a statement supporting the inhumane treatment of Palestinians and fully supporting the continuous zionists genocide and blockade imposed on Gaza Strip since 2006. The “Quartet” considered the illegitimate Greece prevention of the Flotilla ships from sailing into the Gaza Strip as a “positive step”, asserting that “the Quartet has the right to work with Israel to prevent arms trafficking from entry into the Gaza Strip”.

The Quartet Committee accused implicitly and insolently in its statement the Flotilla organizers of breaking the Gaza blockade and trying to bring weapons in their fleet to Gaza. They said in their statement: “Members of the Quartet are committed to working with Israel, Egypt and the international community to prevent the illicit trafficking of arms and ammunition into Gaza, and believe efforts to maintain security while enabling movement and access for Palestinian people and goods are critical …”

Under the guise of “Middle East diplomatic Quartet” works a number of war criminals and zionists jews, like the accused war criminal and suspected pederast Tony Blair, who is involved in the Iraq war crime and crimes against humanity, and  who uses his influence as head of the Quartet to achieve personal profit as a “mediator”. Mr. Blair actually asked Israel to issue a permit to implement a “Palestinian” project of cell phones from which all profits go to his own company. The criminal Blair is very serious when it comes to helping extend the duration of the israeli occupation and marketing their demands and views through the “Middle East diplomatic Quartet” and encouraging the members to adopt what Israel wants. His employer, the Rothschild clan, would not allow anything else.

Other “representatives” of jewry and thus israel in this sham body are the Russian Sergei Lavrov, whom President Putin unfortunately has not kicked out of his country together with the rest of the “russian” mob which fled from prosecution to israel and Monaco and other warm places; James Wolfensohn, the American jew formerly at the head of the World Bank, one of the most criminal and despicable institutions of the world; Hillary Clinton, known by Americans, especially the people from Arkansas at least since the Whitewater scandal as a thieve on her own merit and whose daughter is married to one of the biggest crocodiles (formerly) at Goldman Sachs. Then there is the servant of zion, UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon, whose Korean compatriots reportedly ridicule him as “Banchi” (“useless one”), and last-but-not-least, the almost unknown baroness of Upholland, who emerged from obscurity to “somehow” become appointed to the head of the European Union and who on account of belonging to the British establishment can’t exactly be suspected of running counter to zionist interests.

With such a team, I ask myself, where are the interests of us Palestinians? I sincerely doubt that in this “quartet” composed of jews, servants of zion, Rothschild employees and a career criminals there is space for even minimal considerations of Palestinian interests. As a Palestinian, I would suggest to these people to get lost and take their sham “Palestinian Authority” with them to where the sun shines not.

The crass statement of these people in support of israeli atrocities, colonization, plunder, mass murder, war crimes, genocide against Palestinians is enough to know their dishonesty and their criminal intentions. It also shows that zion has many faces and sham front organizations. Together with the shameful events in Greece, it shows that to liberate Palestine from their grip, far more is needed than to vocally oppose them. What is needed are Parliaments and governments, legal professionals and courts of law cleansed of their infiltrators, a worldwide financial system where they are not represented, armies and security bodies beyond their control, and a keen watch over every move and word of each one of them. Still more important is that people everywhere wake up to their presence inside all the institutions and organizations which are supposed to work in the best interest of the nations, but which are perverted by the zionist presence. How else could the Greek scandals of the last days be explained if not by these subversives?

Let me just tell these “quartet” shysters that to prevent humanitarian assistance is a crime and that they look just like their miserable selves with that statement, that not only the blockade is illegal and a crime against humanity, but the whole sham “state of israel” is nothing but a giant criminal organization posing as a state and whose existence is wholly undesirable. And, even if weapons were to be brought to Palestinians, what was not the case, this would be completely legal and legitimate, as always people everywhere have had the right (and obligation) to defend themselves, their families and possessions from criminals and invaders.

If the “quartet” shysters are so fond of the jews, let them work on their repatriation: 3 million to the USA, about 1 million to Russia and other former Soviet countries, and the rest to other countries around the world. It should be easy to accomplish because most “israelis” have more than one passport. This is the only roadmap towards a real and lasting peace in Palestine (not “the middle east” as the colonizers say), because experience has shown that the jews in Palestine don’t want peace, they want to steal from us and murder us and get away with it.

The misrable statement issued by the Middle East diplomatic Quartet and published by AFP is below:

NEW YORK – AFP- The Middle East diplomatic Quartet on Saturday discouraged new flotillas from sailing to Gaza to provide humanitarian aid, it said in a statement.

“The Quartet recognizes that Israel has legitimate security concerns that must continue to be safeguarded,” said the group, representing the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations.

“Members of the Quartet are committed to working with Israel, Egypt and the international community to prevent the illicit trafficking of arms and ammunition into Gaza and believe efforts to maintain security while enabling movement and access for Palestinian people and goods are critical,” the statement added.

Pro-Palestinian activists were outraged when Greece banned all Gaza-bound ships from leaving its ports for a second day on Saturday. Greece said they were acting to protect the activists.

Greek authorities cited Israel’s “declaration to use violence against those who attempt to break the blockade,” as well as a United Nations plea for member states on the Mediterranean “to use their influence to discourage” the missions, as reasons for their decision.

According to the Quartet’s statement, the group “remains concerned about the unsustainable conditions facing the civilian population in Gaza,” and added that conditions have improved over the last year, including an increase in the scope of goods and materials moving into Gaza.

“In this context, the Quartet strongly urges all those wishing to deliver goods to the people of Gaza to do so through established channels so that their cargo can be inspected and transferred via established land crossings.”

Greece’s Civil Protection Authority confirmed Saturday that the ban on departures of ships “with Greek and foreign flags from Greek ports to the maritime area of Gaza” was in place “until further notice.”

On Friday evening the US boat Audacity of Hope tried to depart Greek waters just an hour after Athens announced its ban: they were quickly intercepted by a coastguard vessel with masked, armed men on board.

Coast Guard officials were on alert for any other attempts to defy the ban, but differences emerged among the flotilla organisers over plans to get the remaining four boats into international waters and on to Gaza.

France’s chief diplomat Alain Juppe said the Quartet is scheduled to meet in Washington on July 11 to continue their meditations on the Israel-Palestinian peace process.

3 comments to Another Face of The Zionist Lobby Is The Middle East Quartet

  • Claudius Stahlkopf

    The servility of the Greeks ; the Bulgare ; and the Romanian have nothing surprising , those nations across time have accomplish nothing !!, they where little trouble makers in Europe nothing more for 2000 years .To day they go with the wind , like wind socks .
    Of course they can be both for peanuts!! , they are country’s with no back bones ; corrupts and miserable . One thing is sure , the Western country’s are getting bankrupt , So , what they will do without their masters monney ?? They will have revolution,? is the logical course , and the magots in charge to day of their country’ , have great chance to finish their life kissing a tree , a rope around their neck .like what did append after te fall of the soviet unions , All that is a pitifull coomedy made by peoples with no talent and conscience . We will see soon the collapse of the monetary system and the cascading effect , all ready in progres. At the moment they try to plug the holes , in a futile and desesperate manner , witch is rather comical , When you play casino roulette the chances to winn are slim , they where stupid and greedy enaugh not to understand that .
    The rats are getting agitated , they know very well what is waiting for them if they fail , whatsoever append to them anyway , will be never enaugh for the all the suffering , misery they have done to their nations and to others those monster have rule .
    Time is on the side of honnest citizens in all country’s , the citizen of the world are awake now
    Very soon politicians , you will yourself under the loupe that is the first step??

  • Claudius Stahlkopf

    A book with great contreversy ( THE PROTOCOL OF THE WISE MANS OF ZION )
    What is strange ; is more we go in time , the more this book semms to be accurate .!!amazing
    Every freedom lovers should inform himself , and read this amazing book whritten 100 years ago .
    Look like we have been taken for a big ride for long time .

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