Israel Should Forget The Idea of A Jewish State

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Egyptian Presidential Candidate, Judge Hisham Al-Bastawisi, 59, said during a meeting with the Egyptian community in Austria held at the Modul hotel in Vienna that Israel must become a democratic, civil and civilized state. According to him, “everyone born in Israel has the right to enjoy the same rights, and Israel should forget the idea of a religious jewish state”.

He added: “What is required from the international community, the western countries, which do not allow the establishment of a religious state in their countries, is to neither accept nor approve the racist idea of a religious jewish state in Israel, which threatens the whole region”.

He said: “Let’s agree that all states must be laicistic. Why should then we exclude Israel from this? The exclusion of Israel from precepts which all other countries accept, to give her the “right” to be a racist and religious state, is unacceptable”. Judge Al-Bastawisi visited Austria in order to communicate with the Egyptian community, to discuss with them his candidacy platform and to listen to their views and answer their questions.

The meeting was attended by representatives of several diplomatic missions in Vienna, as well as by hundreds of Egyptians and members of other Arab communities, who al received and welcomed him warmly. The dialogue was moderated by Mr. Mustafa Abbas, president of the Association of Arab Culture in Vienna. (Click on the picture to make it bigger).

Judge Al-Bastawisi is a well known leader of the protest by Egypt’s judges against the Mubarak regime’s misuse of the judiciary. He was a fighter against corruption under the former regime. He suffered lots due the former regimes harassment, which tried several times to involve him in immoral issues and implanted spying equipment in his house.

Mr. Hesham Mohamed Othman Al-Bastawisi, with 30 years of working in the field of law, is an Egyptian judge and Vice-President of the Court of Cassation. He received a Bachelor of Laws in 1976 from Cairo University. He is married to Ms. Olfat Salah al-Sahli and has three sons, Mohammed, a graduate of Engineering, Ahmed, a student of law in France in his third year, and Mustafa, who also studies law in France, in his first year.

At the beginning of his speech, judge Al-Bastawisi said that Egypt had lost justice during the regime of former President Hosni Mubarak. This makes them needy for justice in all fields. Al-Bastawisi sees that justice is the basis of governance and that Egyptians miss freedom and democracy and were not satisfied with the level of hypocrisy and corruption of the former dictatorial regime. He also pointed out that his platform is based on improving conditions for the farmers and the agricultural sector, and solving the problem of the Nile water, indicating that 51% of Egypt’s water is wasted in the Mediterranean.

The audience at Hotel Modul included a hot dialogue with Judge Al-Bastawisi. Many of the attendees expressed their resentment for the policies of the Egyptian military council which rules Egypt now. With its unclear and blurry policy, the council does not respond to the inquiries of the Egyptian revolutionists. The Egyptian questions about the elections and the long due day for ending the rule of the military receive no answers, and the council is very slow in achieving the demands of the Egyptian revolution.

I asked the judge about his program on foreign relations and international law and his position on the crimes against humanity committed and abetted by the former Egyptian regime, especially the blockade on the Gaza Strip and starving the Palestinians to appease Israel and to comply to the American pressure, which links continued financial support to Egypt to the extent of Egypt’s commitment to achieving the demands of Israel, which are all against local and international laws, specifically the Israeli demands with regard to the Palestinian cause. I asked how he would deal with this issue if he elected as a president of Egypt.

Judge Al-Bastawisi said that the Egyptian regime committed crimes against humanity in Gaza, which are punishable under international laws and against international treaties, and acknowledged that what the former regime did was a crime in the field of international law, stating that there are many treaties saying that states must not close the borders for humanitarian assistance to their neighboring countries.

He said: “in my opinion and in the opinion of the candidacy platform, dealing with the Palestinian issue will be on the grounds that the Palestine issue is not an issue of Palestinians only, but is an issue of the whole Middle East and we can only deal with this issue through cooperation with the other Arab countries”. He added: “in order to know how to deal with the Palestine issue, we must first know what are our priorities, our interests and our security? We should know from where to start and where to end”.

He said: “Let’s talk about land for peace. My question is, which party will give the land? Which party will lead the peace?” He continued: “thinking about the answer to this question, I find that we are the part who gave the land, and gave the peace and everything else, and that Israel gave us nothing in return while international law talks about the return of Israel to the 1967 borders”. He added: “In order that I recognize Israel, I think that Israel should recognize me and return to the borders of 1967 which they occupied during the war”.

The judge asked: “If I am only the part who will give Israel the land, normalization of relations, peace and security … etc., then what Israel will give me?” He said: “We are not assaulting Israel, but Israel is continuing to assault us. We are the party that really is in need for security. So which is the security that Israel wants from us?”

He said that we should think in the same way of Israel, and in order to solve our problem with Israel, we must clarify that our problem with Israel is a problem of identity and struggle for civilization and culture: Our identity, culture and civilization are threatened by Israel.

He gave an example to illustrate his opinion. He said: “When the state of France realized the increase in the phenomenon of wearing the “Islamic Hijab” on its territory, they initiated laws that prohibit it in order to preserve its identity, civilization and culture. In my view France was within its rights with all the adopted resolutions on this issue, and this example should apply to Israel, which threatens not only the identity and security of Palestine, but of the whole Middle East”.

17 comments to Israel Should Forget The Idea of A Jewish State

  • jim vonbeker

    One cannot deal or make sanctions with Israhel as they are barbarians of a non-culture and cannot be reasoned with as ordinary people. Therefore, they can only be set aside as a hell on earth, which must be denied all manner or export and imort, Let them live on bread and water. Cut off the gas supply from Egypt, if they are the chosen people then let God take care of them.

  • Judge Al-Bastawisi’s comments make common sense however before he calls Israel a rascist state (which it probably is) he should look at the Islamic Republic of Iran or Saudi Arabia to see how intolerant they are of other religions and cultures.
    Also Australia,England & America have accepted hundreds of thousands of Egyptian Christians who were harrassed by the Muslim majority because of their religion.
    Some advice for the Judge: Tidy Up Your Own Backyard Before You Look Into Your Neighbours!

    • To Bob
      Iran is very surpisingly liberal and tolerates all religions and has large communities of both jewish folks and Amenian Christans, and although they are mostly shite also peacefully accepts the sunni minorites too, indeed the Wahibist that dominate Saudia Arabia (the realm of the Al Sauds),and other Gulf States, could not be more different, with there extreme in-tolerence, tyo cokmpare Iran with these Wahibists is not correct. in fact Israels policies are much more similer to these freaks than they are to Iran.

  • rotorman

    I read that the rate at which Israelis are getting US passports is increasing. When these creatures leave Palestine forever, Americans will learn up close a personal the kind of trash they have been sponsoring. They will learn about these crude, vulgar, violent, conceited, cunning and most interestingly, thick and stupid creatures.

  • rotorman

    @Bobstein the Aussie

    Don’t worry about the Iranians and the Saudis. They are where they are supposed to be. They can be what they want to be in their own country and we need not accept your take on the people of Middle East or Muslims. You seem to have a horse in the race but you describe yourself as an Aussie. Are you some kind of “converso”, a crypto, a sayanim?

  • Claudius Stahlkopf

    All the customs and culture must be respected , the judge is right , culture is confort , and safety for the people. As long they do not impose their culture on other peace will prevail .( IN ROME YOU HAVE TO ACT AS A ROMAN )
    Israel , is also a base for the Jewish international crooks to land in safety when they are lookink for them abroad . Also the majority of Israely are Aschkenasy and not Hebrews ,therefore there only right is in the ex kingdom of Kazaria , and not in Palestine .
    Israel was founded with the Anglo saxon intention to divide and rule the Arabs world , and to be the gendarmes of the oil fields .
    Greed is the real factor of those wars , not only they predate in the entire world ,but also they do that to their own nations , witch will lead to revolution i hope soon
    Monney in the hands of few , is like a monkey playing with a razor blade

  • Claudius Stahlkopf

    The military junta of Egypt will not change , because they are well bribe by the USA, therefore the Egyptian people do not get an armee , but a GANG of maffiosos !!!
    They must go if you want peace , make a second revolution if necessary .
    the muslem world must understand the moment is now , with the momentum you have gain you should no stop a minute until victory , MAKE A NEW SALADIN ; UNITE THE MOSLEMS ;AND YOU WILL HAVE A TZUNAMI WHO WILL DROWN THE PREDATORS :
    remenber the latin old say ( SPOLIATIS ARMA SUPERSUNT )

  • Huggler

    Kawther I wondering if you would consider about the “tourist of death” Ilan Grapel?

    This creature who was arrested travelling to Libya through Egypt as a spy. It turns out he was also present and active in the Tahrir Square uprising.

    The Israeli press are describing him as an ordinary American student from Atlanta with an interest in the Middle East. I wander how long an ordinary physics student from Egypt in the middle of Dimona would last a live?

    It amuses that this creature is extremely brazen while travelling under a US passport yet serves in the Israeli army while his American counterparts loyally serve the country whose passport they use in Iraq and other parts.

    No doubt Arab looking and speaking Israelis are lousing the entire Middle East causing mischief and mayhem such as exploding Christian Churches in Egypt. It seems Ilan Grapel was so confident about his safety as an American traveller, he really did not care about being discrete.

    He reminds me of the three dual passport holding Jews caught having snuck into Iran from war torn Iraq.

    How many of these creatures are in the Middle East? Should Middle East nations ban young “American tourists” as a security measure? Does this sort of Israeli activity bring dangers to American and other Western nations’ citizens?

  • The usual nonsense one hears from Arab/Muslim hypocrites.

    Everyone knows that Muslim countries are the most intolerant at both the state and the individual levels. Try building a church in Turkey, Saudi or Iran. And isn’t the killing of Christian Copts a regular occurrence in Egypt?

    Yet what do these dimwits do? Try to reform their countries or improve their personalities?

    No! Blame Israel, of course. A country that is light years ahead of them.

    Don’t believe the media and especially Go for a trip to Israel and see for yourself who is civilized, who is racist and who is spiritual.

  • Claudius Stahlkopf

    The Christians in the arabs world are the first candidat to be hire by the CIA and MI6 , of course they cannot be trusted , they have their agenda !!!!when you want singularise your self facing the majority ,and try to rule , is a price for that !!

  • mr david palmer, i am willing to pay for your stay in occupied palestine dressed as an arab for one month and witnessing the jewish heaven they have created!
    make sure you take your kids so thay they can enjoy the school journey everyday and yours wifes shopping trip when the jewish hags sit on the road spitting on them!

    we muslims are going to break they teeth one day as predicted in they holy book and ours, that you can take to the bank as a surety!

    they claim to be gods chosen and yet they have never heard his voice from moses pbuh onwards, they killed and ignored his messengers and then state they have been following gods dictates?

    if you ignore the messengers of god you ignore god, when have they jews listened to gods guidance thorugh his messengers in history?

    if they did then why has god and his messengers condemned everyone one of them throughout history? why was gods anger kindled against them again and again?
    why did jesus pbuh say they are children of the devil in the christian bible JOHN8:44?
    do devilish children act as human beings?

    why do you think mr palmer that islam will do unto them as they did unto us when the time of restitution comes for the crimes against humanity they have committed!

    it is a matter decreed and so it shall be done!

  • Helen

    intolerant because the regimes work for the zionists paid for by the zionists and now that some of those paidfor regimes have been removed now ur baming the people? sorry but guess what we know about how the zionists played Muslims and Christians to fight each other. we know how the zionists bombed synagogs in arab states and then forced the jews to move to isrl. we understand how the systemstarted and works, yet you continue to blame the arabs? lol i suggest you supporters of isrl and bashers f arab states look at how things started and why instead of writing ur hate for the arabs. you want to claim a history and a state that was never yours for your own but refuse to accept the facts.

    I have hated the zionists for a long time, i have learned that they are the reason for all the problems in this planet, but for you to blame the muslims for it is absurd!! Islam was born in the middle east, same as Christianity, and judaism, but of course they were not named those till many centuries later, but all follow the same rule and God. the difference between these 2 religions and zionisism is that these are part of the regions history, zionism was not created there. it has no place there or anywhere else. it is not of Gods writings.

    so for you supporters of isrl and the bashers of arab and muslim nations, you have proven that you are not democratic or even human because you hate anyonewho is non jewish. ask yourself how much you have harmed and destroyed churches or mosques and then tell us how you differ from the other regimes? you dont and thats something you have to ask yourselves why you would do such things. ignorance is not bliss, it is just ignorance and ignorance breeds hate and racism. your culture is of hate of all others while at least in the muslim nations like Iran the jews and christians live a pretty good life.

  • jennifer chen

    It is not about a zionist jewish state, it is about satan using the zionist state to take over the world, to destroy all that is good, all that God created. zionists are satan-made in his image-they are all sociopaths-there is no good in any zionists-they have no capacity to love or to think of other life as equal. The zionist Israelis are the fallen angels-instead of rising to heaven which is in fact evolving forward into angelic beings of love and light/truth. These israeli zionists are fallen-they can only regress backwards into more and more demonic entities-they detest the truth-they live to lie steal and deceive-to destroy all that is good. zionists do not have any good in them-no forgiveness, compassion, empathy, consideration for others-no conscience. They think whoever destroys the other one first wins and is superior. They are sociopaths. A person’s evolution is gauged by its ability to love-other life. zionist jews are selfish egotistical-have no spirituality-they are shallow money grubbing hungry for power-vengeful blood thirsty materialistic. What is satanic is what israeli zionists are. They hate God-and all that God loves. They hate the people of islam for that reason. The zionists think the power to destroy makes them special-superior. It is not a power. The only true power-the greatest power that exists is the power of love-it is the opposite of the zionist/satan’s so-called power-Love is the power that makes everything better and better and better. God does not love the israeli zionist-satan does not love, not even the israelis who do his will-because zionist do not even know what love is-love cannot be destroyed-only evil can be destroyed. The zionist jews will destroy themselves-all the evil they do will return to the zionism as their own Hell of destruction-Israel will die in flames very soon-by their own satanic choices. Too many Christians/americans are really jews-jew worshippers who will end up in hell with the zionist jews-the USA will be a nation laid waste-desolate and uninhabitable-it is the modern day Sodom and Gomorra. The innocent people they torture and killed are in Heaven, but they have lost their souls forever for what they have done.

  • Brian

    The Jewish diaspora are always promoting every imaginable form of racial and cultural diversity, BUT ONLY FOR OTHERS! If that isn’t racism, I don’t know what is?

  • Jo put your article’s link in its site.

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