US-Israeli Mossad Delivered Speechs at Al-Azhar Mosque

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The investigation of Ilan Chaim Grapel / Grappelli, (אילן גרפל), an American-Israeli citizen being held in Egypt on espionage charges purportedly, revealed that he had entered the country on 28 January, the “Day of Anger”, with a US passport and a tourist visa and that mossad had tasked him with collecting information about the Muslim Brotherhood, Coptic Christians, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the revolutionary youth. Grapel then left Egypt and entered again on last February 11 2011 on a direct flight from Frankfurt, he then left Egypt on February 15 2011 and entered again on last May 10 2011 through the airport of Cairo, using US passport. He resided in a hotel in downtown Cairo.

Investigators say that he went to the Virgin Mary church in Imbaba a day before the sectarian violence took place there. He met with a number of Salafis in the area, who told him what they were planning to do the next day in response to the disappearance of a Coptic girl after she converted to Islam.

Grapel gave himself the alias “Illanhu Akbar” in Egypt. He speaks Arabic well and was able to establish friendly relations with a group of young Egyptians and Arabs. He took advantage of his mastery of the Arabic language to conceal his identity and access information about the revolution for the Israeli mossad, of which he had become a member since joining the Israel army.

Mossad agent Ilan Chaim Grapel while sleeping at Al-Azhar mosque.

It must be said that all Israelis who speaks Arabic are engaged by the Israeli intelligence services, Shabak, Shin Beit, Aman, or have served as interrogators, or at police or army units serving as occupational forces in the occupied territories and perpetrated war crimes in my homeland Palestine. Of all the israelis I have met, I do not know or remember that even one israeli had learned Arabic out of his own interest, for innocent reasons.

Grapel also gave a speech at the Al-Azhar mosque in Egypt, in which he demanded that the Egyptian worshipers should target the military and to resist against them at Al-Tahrir Square and generally incited the audience to engage in violence. He gave other “Islamic” speeches in the Hussein area and at Tahrir Square and in front of Maspero. He recorded the events, his speeches and the audience in video and he even managed to recruit some young people and convince them to attack the armed forces who were at al-Tahrir Square securing the demonstrators. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

Pictures Credit: Al-Masry Al-Yawm.

Mossad agent Ilan Chaim Grapel while sleeping at Al-Azhar mosque.

2 comments to US-Israeli Mossad Delivered Speechs at Al-Azhar Mosque

  • Izzy

    YOu are very courageous and there are a lot of people like myself who really trust you and expect this supreme journalism. We are tired of the lies and the zionist jews running the world. We will only be happy when [redacted].

  • adam

    why ‘kawther’ this rhymes with ‘author’; ‘chaucer’ . why’re arabs ignorant? who’d want a nicoteen addictid peepl t hav ther own state?

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