President's Brother Behind Yemen Palace Massacre

Tunisia – Rasheed Khashana –  Al-Quds Newspaper – Jerusalem

According to reliable Yemeni sources, the brother of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and commander of the Yemeni Republican Guard is the perpetrator of the massacre at the Republican Palace of Yemen, during  which several senior officials present in the mosque of the presidential palace were killed or wounded last Friday.

The sources stated that President Saleh was injured by shrapnel in the heart region, and that also one of his eyes burst and he has a broken knee. The Saudi medical staff which came from Riyadh was unable fly Saleh to a hospital in Saudi Arabia before they had subjected him to initial surgery directly in the palace.

President Ali Saleh was adamant to not leave the Palace in Sanaa despite his critical health condition, and accepted to travel to Saudi Arabia only under intense pressure which seems to be part of a plan to resume the so-called “Gulf initiative”.

The Yemeni sources stated that among the dead at the massacre was the president’s son, Ahmed Ali Saleh, who had been in command of the Republican Guard before his uncle.

The sources also related that the cause behind the massacre was a family feud. According to them, the brother of President Ali Abdullah Saleh held a grudge against the President because he had killed his son in the past. The President then dismissed him from the army and forced him into exile; this brother went to the USA, where he became a businessman. President Ali Abdullah Saleh later called his brother for return to Yemen because he needed him. After his return some months ago, President Saleh appointed his brother as the leader of the Republican Guard of Yemen. In retrospect it seems to be that the brother accepted to return to Yemen and accept his new position in order to avenge the death of his son.

The result of this revenge was the massacre of last Friday, in which he killed his nephew Ahmed Ali Saleh and wounded the President. Additionally, according to this source, the interior minister, the presidential adviser for national security, the intelligence chief, the commander of special units guarding the presidential palace  and several high security and political officials were killed in the same attack last Friday.

The massacre was implemented with the full knowledge and support of the USA, where Saleh brother had resided. Most of the information mentioned here is not mentioned anywhere in western media, additionally, western media attributes the assassination attempt and massacre to the Sadiq Al-ahmar and family, which is in conflict with the Saleh clan, but that appears to be a falsity as representatives of the Al-Ahmar clan have denied their involvement in the attempt. All this makes it look likely that western media has an interest in covering up western involvement in the events.

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