Canadian Jews Against Support For Israel

May 30 2011 – The organization “Independent Jewish Voices in Canada” issued a press release in which the organization sharply criticizes Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper, leader of the conservative party, who supports the government of Israel regardless of the ongoing war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity perpetrated by them in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The IJV states in their press release: “Instead of taking steps to promote a resolution to the ongoing crisis in Israel and Palestine, the Harper government supports the government of Israel regardless of what it does” according to Sid Shniad, spokesperson for Independent Jewish Voices Canada.

“Israel’s hard right, intransigent government is delighted with Harper,” Shniad explained. “It was because of Canada that there was no mention of Israel’s pre-1967 borders made in the leaders’ final communiqué released by the gathering of G8 leaders in France. Even Barack Obama, who never ceases to declare his support for Israel, has come to the realization that no progress can be made in reaching a settlement without an Israeli agreement to withdraw from the territory it has occupied since 1967.”

In the final communiqué that was issued by the G8, the leaders called for the immediate resumption of peace talks. But due to the blocking action by the Harper government, they did not mention 1967, the year Israel seized the West Bank and Gaza from Jordan and Egypt during the Six-Day War.

“Israel’s continuing occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights are a clear violation of international law, according to both UN Resolutions and the Geneva Convention,” Shniad continued. “Our government should not be encouraging another government to continue violating the law with impunity.”

“It is because of governments’ continuing refusal to promote a genuine resolution of the conflict in Israel and Palestine that our organization affirms its support for grassroots-based, non-violent actions and campaigns such as the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, to pressure Israel to do the right thing,” he concluded.

Independent Jewish Voices – Canada is a national organization that promotes a just resolution to the conflict in Israel and Palestine through the application of international law and respect for the human rights of all parties. IJV has chapters in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Vancouver.

13 comments to Canadian Jews Against Support For Israel

  • Joe

    I voted for Harper twice, but no more.
    Canada has no business in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya fighting wars for Israel.
    Canada should NOT support Israel!

  • john

    you are right, canada has become a criminal, in support of a state called israel, and Harper is one of the worst criminals that canada has to offer

  • Steve Wiseman

    Canadians are the most credulous, polite, unaware, innocent, uniformed people in the West ( other than Australians) due to the fact that the British first of all swamped all the Canadian universities ( and thus their education system) with British Professors who were terrific in getting Canadians to swallow the common British narrative of the world.

    Consequently most Canadians were and are very willingly to rush off to fight the next British war be it against the Boers or against the so called terrorists. Almost all Canadians believe only what they read in their so called “news”papers or see on their TVs, or learn from Hollywood and nothing else. They love Churchill more than the Brits do , Obama more than the Americans do, and they deserve the Prime Minister that they have now. He is one of them in so many ways.

  • ant

    Politicians (and their actions) are a reflection of the society that elects them, then re-elects them.

  • CGB

    Harper makes me sick.

    Back during Israel’s operation Cast Lead, Harper was the first world leader to back that criminal state and it’s excessive use of force. People here in Canada said that “Harper out Bushed Bush” in his mad rush to defend Israel.

    Harper even made campaign fliers expressing how he was the most pro Israel candidate and that his opponent, Michael Ignatieff, was supportive of having Israel charged with war crimes, and was “not pro Israel” so therefore not a good choice for Canada as our Prime Minister.

    I always thought a Canadian Prime Minister should be Pro Canada, stand up for fairness around the world for ALL HUMAN BEINGS.

    Heck, the Premier of Ontario had legislation passed last year, at the behest of all the pro Israel groups, to ban the phrase “Israeli Apartheid” from all government department correspondence, “BANNED THE PHRASE” as being “Anti-Semitic” and will not fund any group that promotes that FACT.

    It is a fact that Israel is an apartheid state, heck Israel is planning a “Jew only” highway. Sounds like apartheid to me.

    The Canadian government is a puppet of Israel, bought hook line and sinker.

    I’m a not so proud Canadian today.

  • Helen

    the most pathetic thing is that we are much like the USA, the political parties are all paid for by the zionists. they will do as they are told. do any of you remember the speech that harper gave before he was elected the first time? here take a look at it. then tell me that our govts work for the same people….copy and paste and listen its word for word.

  • Just a passer by

    GGB> with people like you, there is nothing to be proud of.
    Steve>, we are what we are and we are not apologizing for helping to defeat Hitler either.
    John>, Canada always supported Israel since its creation, as well as Arabs of Palestine including the 1.5 million of them living in Israel. Nothing criminal in here.
    Joe> Canada supports the only democratic country in Middle East. Or would you rather support Khadafy?

  • I don’t know why anyone cares what Harper says. He is pretending to be the prime minister. The whole government of Canada is FAKE.
    I know that people will find this hard to believe but none of the politicians have been sworn in using the correct oath.
    There is NO Parliament of Canada. It simply does not exist. I have a set of videos on youtube ( patthespark ) to explain this.

    Besides what I show on my videos, there is information from John Hill, who won his court case in England on May 9th.
    John Hill points out that HM queen Elizabeth also faked her oath. This is caught on video which can be seen at
    during the coronation ceremony Elizabeth appears to sign at the bottom of the oath document. Yet the actual historical document shows it signed at the top. Try signing your next contract at the top and see how you get on.

    Some will say that Elizabeth is not part of Canada and claim Statute of Westminster 1931. Read the coronation oath of 1953 in which she promises to GOVERN Canada, although as shown in my videos she had no right to do so.
    Queen Victoria repealed the section of BNA 1867 that allowed heirs and successors to be part of the Parliament of Canada.
    BNA 1867 defines Parliament as a 3-part thing with one part being Queen Victoria.
    Harper is a fake leader of a fake government and this is why everything seems to make no sense to Canadians.

  • John McIrvine

    @Just a passer by;
    Actually, with people like YOU, there is nothing to be proud of. There was nothing factually incorrect about anything CGB said. The fact that Canada always supported Israel is also nothing to be proud of, it just means the zionists had already bought our polititians. Lastly, Israel is not a true democracy. Never has been. It is a wanna-be theocracy with nukes, founded by terrorists, and based on ethnic cleansing and murder. Disprove any of what I had said, and I will apologize. I know you can’t.

  • pete

    Israel-Satans chosen people!

  • The Observer

    Actually the USA is the Gold Medal holder of Zionist puppetism. The British were the original holders after doing all the dirty work for these psychopathic scumbags in the 20’s 30’s & 40’s. These Ashkenazis had their eye on Gringo Land since the 18th century. In the 19th the whole thing was consolidated. The 20th was their moment. Woodrow Wilson was the first to fall. The problem now is that France and his ugly Ashkenazi president Nicolas Issac Sarkozystein wants to relegate the bronze medal that they have right now; and grab the Silver in UK possession. Sorry I love making fun of these freaks German and Polish last names. To see where these pathetic vermin parading as humans came from really visit this: and also this This one about their inborn criminal behavior.
    What the hell, nine centuries of interbreeding causes lots of problems. Genetic ones in particular.

    Sorry no fake Judeans are allowed. 21 years of authentic research and I know them even better than they know themselves. Also concerning the ethnic misnomer they prefer to go by visit:
    As for the Manhattan morning demolition stunt and who are the real culprits derby visit:
    Also their problem of confusing languages with genetics go here:
    My Webster’s dictionary has it right. Now for the Holy Grail of parasitical exposure go here:
    The bones are rolling now. Any time soon we the decent normal people of this Earth are gonna breath healthy. Psychopath Impostors hunting season has started and we are going to win. You can bet your hook noses on it.

  • jim vonbeker

    Yea,yea, the only democratic state, Well before Israel, we had no enemies in the ME. So spare me that old line, Harper has lost his balls, if he ever had any. Id like Harper to spend a single day in Gaza and then see him support that criminal state. Christian zionists are the most blind , stupid people on earth, harper included. They refuse to see or hear truth. Shame, shame on Harper, a bad end is coming to Israel and all who support it.

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