Child Castrated by Syrian Intelligence Thugs, Video

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The Syrian intelligence cut off the genitals of a 13-year-old child, Hamza Ali Al-Khatib, before returing his dead body to his family, with black marks of tortures, bullets holes and without his genitals. The torture and murder of this child lead to demos in all Syrian cities and towns and as well as in many places where Syrians reside abroad.

In Vienna, hundreds of Syrians and Arabs demonstrated yesterday at Stephansplatz in the center of the city. They protested against the continuous crimes of arrest, torture and shootings of innocent citizens, particularly the crimes of torture and executions of children, the latest incident of this kind being the mutilation and murder of Hamza Ali Al-Khatib. The child was severely tortured during “interrogation” sessions by the Syrian intelligence and then was executed by shooting. According to his autopsy, he was shot after his genitals had been cut off.

The Syrian Air Force intelligence arrested about 51 Syrians on April 29, 2011, according to other sources, hundreds were arrested while forming a human shield to stop the Syrian military forces from attacking Saida, about three miles east of Dara. 13 families of detainees received the bodies of their children bearing signs of brutal torture and bullet holes. On Wednesday May 25 2011, the Syrian authorities return the body of Hamza Ali Al-Khatib to his family, after two months of detention and severe torture.

The demonstrators in Vienna formed a heart of red candles to symbolize the number of Syrian martyrs in the center of Stephansplatz. In the middle of the heart, the Syrians formed with small white candles the words “Freedom for Syria”. They also set up another memorial symbol with red candles devoted to the children victims who were shot by the dictatorial Syrian regime. The demonstrators covered the seat in front of the memorial symbol with the Syrian flag and hanged the picture of Al-Khatib. The picture was surrounded with German explanations to clarify his execution to passers-by.

The Syrians demonstrators stood behind a big Syrian flag and formed a large circle. They raised many images of martyrs and their injures, what shows the great horrors perpetrated by the Syrian regime and exposed the dangerous side of the terrorism under which the Syrians live since decades with the current and former governments. The demonstrators also raised several signs with harsh criticism against Syrian President Basshar Al-Asad and described him as a wild animal and called for his immediate departure. Many children raised the image of the child Al-Khatib and in other signs they wrote: “All of us are Al-Khatib”.

The demonstrators stepped over the photos of the Syrian President, they denounced his barbaric practices against the Syrian citizens and demanded that he leave immediately. They called President Al-Assad ” Abu-E-Jamajem” what means “father of the skulls” because of the many murders committed by his thugs during the peaceful protests in Syrian in demand of more freedom, political reforms and his stepping him down from power since the mid of March of this year 2011.

According to the Human Rights Office of the United Nations, 1120 Syrians were murdered during the protests in Syria while the number of people detained was more than ten thousand. Since march, the numbers of the murdered and detained has increased daily. Amnesty International revealed that there are cases where Syrian detainees were forced to lick the blood from the prison grounds, and others were forced to drink toilet water after being denied food and water for three days. (Click on the picture to make it bigger).

The Syrian intelligence is torturing prisoners while they are naked and blindfolded, kneeling on floor, hanged from their legs and heads down, etc. Under these horrible conditions the prisoners are forced to sing for the dictator President Bashar Al-Assad, as if the Syrian thugs had taken an example from their counterparts, the zionist occupation soldiers who force their detainees to sing for the invaders. Also taking an example from the zionist torturers, the interrogators in Syria introduce themselves with nicknames such as “Abu El-mot” (father of death), “Abu Shamla” (an unknown insult) and “Abu El-Jamajem” (father of skulls). The zionist occupation interrogators also introduce themselves with nicknames such as “Abu Allah” (father of Gad), the “Al Jin El-Azra’a”, (blue Genie), etc. According to a Jordanian journalist and Reuters correspondent, the Syrian interrogators feel joy while beating, humiliating and torturing the detainees.

The demonstrators chanted for the revolution and the revolutionaries in downtown of Vienna and called on their families in Syria to continue the struggle until achieving their demands, they sang the national song of Syria. The children mourned the murder Al-Khatib, sat on the ground around the lighted candles holding the photo of the child. At the end of the march, the demonstrators burned a picture of President Bashar Al-Assad and stepped on it.

Here is a video showing the body of Hamza.

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  • EyesWideOpen

    May the people who did this to this boy suffer unimaginable pain and suffering, may their suffering not be ended by death, but endure till old age -_-

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