The Military Officer Who Sent Me a Husband

It is difficult to imagine the depths of the filth sloshing around in the heads of the officers of the zionist occupation state, the same people who style themselves as officers of a “civil administration” and as “Coordinators of Government Activities in the Territories” (COGAT). In fact there is nothing called “civil administration” or “COGAT”. These are just grandiose, fake titles used by psychopaths to address each other, a big lie invented by the israeli occupation in order to circumvent international laws, the Genève conventions and the world public opinion. In those made-up “civilian” offices, military officers work while carrying machine guns and rifles.

These officers are in the main interface for the israeli intelligence (Shin Bet). Their mission is to steal what remains of Palestinian land, to spy on all manifestations of Palestinian civil society and resistance, on political groups and factions like Hamas, Fatah, the Popular Front, the Democratic Front, the leftist movements, etc., to feed the Shin Bet computer with information about what is going on in the civilian institutions of Palestine as well as within the institutions of the so-called “Palestinian National Authority”, to translate the Palestinian daily newspapers, to complicate the daily life of Palestinians, to keep aspects of society like trade, economy, education, health and others, running micromanaged by the hands of the occupation.

In those offices which are spread throughout the occupied territories and administered by the israeli intelligence services, the officers hold ongoing daily meetings with Palestinian citizens of various ages and allegiances under the pretext of providing “humanitarian services” and issuing them work, health treatment and study or travel permits to Israel and abroad. In fact, the main objective of these “meetings” is to spy on the Palestinian people, to control their many collective and individual interests and needs and to maintain the dominance of the occupation on Palestinian land and people, in addition to the task of infiltrating all Palestinian groups and institutions with plants for the “Shin Bet” and overthrowing them in various ways and with the usual immoral methods of a criminal occupation.

At the offices of the “COGAT”, the “civil administration and the DCL, the israeli intelligence officers ONLY wear civil uniform. These uniformed officers, military personnel, run everything. These officers are de-faxto running all Palestinian affairs, the Palestinian documentation, the economy, they control all commerce and other issues big and small. All transactions between people, everything, passes through these offices of the israeli military intelligence.

The “COGAT” and the “civil administration” offices are seen as traps for the Palestinian youth, and the meetings arranged here, by force or coercion, are the first steps on the road to espionage, betrayal, spying for Israel. Even those persons who are not related directly to the work of the Israeli intelligence services they provide, in one way or another, important information to israeli officers during these “civil” meetings held at the DCL and COGAT offices. There, the officers feed the computer with information given by persons unsuspecting and not. These pieces of information serve ONLY the espionage and repression system of the zionist state.

The Palestinian National Authority has signed agreements which “legitimize” these espionage missions at the DCL, COGAT and also at the DCO, another office which deals with “security matters” deriving from the Oslo “peace agreement”. The espionage missions and control of the interests of the Palestinian people was and is still run at the Israeli DCL, COGAT and DCO, what of course means, the offices of the zionist enemy and invader. I have heard and experienced many stories of horror related to these offices that I can not erase from memory.

I still remember Col. Shalom Goldstein (שלום גולדשטיין), currently Goldstein is adviser on “Arab affairs” ethnic cleansing for East Jerusalem and his assistant Captain Eyal. Baruch Nagar, (ברוך נגר) and his assistant Col. Amnon Cohen, (סא”ל אמנון כהן) , Alex Rosenzweig, (אל”מ אלכס רוזנצוויג), Fouad Halhal, (סגן אלוף פואד חלחל) and I still remember many others. I still remember “Rafi” with his religious kippa, “Tchevy”, on his head, “Jacob” with a kippa, Avi, David Kishik, (קישיק דוד), Yossi Segal, Rami Ekraii and many others whose names I knew not, but whose faces, words and the heavy guns to hide their cowardice I will always remember. I remember the long lines of people waiting – and still waiting – in front of their offices in order to obtain a permit to travel, the renewal of an ID, a birth or death certificate, etc. I remember many inhuman stories of these soldiers, the occupation, which could bring sickness to the heart of the healthy people. [Click on the picture to see it bigger].

Among these disgusting stories are stories of a number of Palestinian women who went to these israeli offices to obtain needed documents, but instead fell into the hands of the israeli “civil administration” and the intelligence officers there. Some of these women were photographed by the officers without their knowledge and their pictures were manipulated and mounted (photo-shopped) onto pornographic images depicting sexual and immoral situations, as if these women had done these things. These women were forced to work as spies against their own people, families, neighbors, many them became victims of “honor” murders at the hand of their relatives when the israelis circulated the photo-shopped pictures. These tragic stories of murders of women because of their dealings with the occupation are very sensitive and talking or reporting about them is still taboo for Palestinians.

I still remember the horrific story about the murder of a Palestinian university student wearing “Niqab”, whose family smashed her head in with a stone until she died, and then rolled her with a bag and threw her body near Efrat settlement in order to fabricate a story of martyrdom, that she had been murdered by the jewish squatters, so that they could be buried her with dignity before of the hebronite community. The girl belonged to a family with a history of national struggle. During her burial as a martyr, her relatives threw stones towards the IOF soldiers in Hebron. It came out later that in fact the girl was killed by her family after she was discovered meeting with some israeli police officers in Tel Aviv. The disgrace of this woman was caused at the DCL office in Hebron.

I remember the story of “Eyal Sela”, (אייל סלע), assistant Col. Shalom Goldstein, currently is the israeli ambassador to Ecuador. Eyal invited me as a journalist to his office in Hebron in order to threaten and try to intimidate me. He used his power as an officer of the occupation in order to stop my writings in Palestinian newspapers about the occupation and the daily crimes and flagrant violations of laws. I remember how he threatened to withdraw my ID at his office at the “civil administration”. I also remember how Eyal asked me to meet him at the American colony in Jerusalem instead of meeting him in Hebron – under the pretext that meeting him in his office in Hebron would raise suspicion on my reputation before the community of Hebron. Eyal was planning to play the same filthy game which the DCL officers often played in order to coerce the Palestinians. I refused to meet Eyal in Jerusalem even if he would spread faked pictures of me in the streets. I published the scandalous talk with Eyal in the newspaper, despite his threats. This was the first step of challenge against Eyal and the other criminals working at the office of the “civil administration”. It was the right step to take, which made my name. Now the Israeli officers started to think before talking to me, they even started to be worried and scared of my words, because I had shown them that they could not intimidate me.

Cap. Eyal still coerced other colleagues working at the Al-quds newspaper, where I was engaged too, to spy for him. The price for the cooperation of these colleagues was very cheap. It was a travel permit to enter their occupied homeland Jerusalem where the main office of Al-Quds newspaper was located.

At the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, one of these “colleagues” was killed at the hands of the Palestinian resistance. His body was hung on an electricity pole at the junction of Beer Al-Mahjar in Hebron. This collaborator “journalist” (Anas. A) had been involved in immoral activities, in sex and drugs events at Hebron University. He had recruited over 100 students to distribute drug and spy according to the plans of the “civil administration”. This collaborator had also passed information to the DCL officers about the presence of a Palestinian figure from Fatah “Marwan Zaloum”, a leader of the second Intifada. This person was assassinated directly after the “civil administration” received the message from the “journalist”. The IOF had him shot by a sniper at the junction of Al-Manarah in Hebron while he driving in his car.

The family of this collaborator, in the end a victim of the DCL and “civil administration”, issued a statement in which they congratulated the killer of their son and distanced themselves from all what he had done. The family of the collaborator is known as a respectable family in Hebron. His relative was a former minister in the Palestinian National Authority. The disgrace of this collaborator started at the office of the civil administration and ended when his body was hanged from an electricity pole. The collaborator had been forced to deliver the daily Palestinians newspapers to the “DCL” offices in Hebron. His story of disgrace started at the office of Eyal and Fuad Halhal who were involved in coercing him.

When Cap. Eyal and Col. Fuad Halhal were not able to coerce me by issuing a travel permit I simply resorted to traveling to Jerusalem in my own ways. I climbed over the high walls of the Al-Tantour Institute in order to bypass the military checkpoint at Bethlehem and then enter Jerusalem and report about their crimes there. When Col, Fuad found out, he tried another way to end my work: he sent me a psychiatric patient to marry me, and this story I have already written about.

Lieutenant Col. Fuad Halhal (סגן אלוף פואד חלחל), a druze but an extremist zionist and criminal more than the jewish zionists. Currently Halhal is a “COGAT” officer and teaches others how to perpetrate war crimes in a unit stationed in the Palestinian territories. Halhal was involved in the Jenin Massacre in 2002 during which hundreds of civilians were murdered and a significant part of the city was destroyed.

During his military service at the “Civil Administration” of Hebron as an officer at the permits department under command of Shalom Goldstein and Baruch Nagar, Halhal once sent me a psychiatric patient, Falah T., so that he would marry me. Falah is a son of a well-known and respected family in Hebron, but he suffered of “schizophrenia” since he had served with the US Marines, forcefully divorced from his American wife and finally forced to leave the USA. Falah had also been severely beaten by his colleagues at the USMC, apparently out of racist hatred, and he had only one tooth left as a consequence. Halhal had discussed with Falah the idea to marry me and promised him to provide the necessary financial support and all other requirements of the marriage ceremony, but on condition that Falah would prevent me from working as a journalist.

Falah did everything possible to convince me to marry him. He sent my family all the influential people he could get hold of, among others the head of Islamic Wakf, Sheikh Tayseer Al-Tamimi, to talk to my family to so they would accept Falah as a husband for me. When Falah failed in the task assigned to him, he returned to Col. Hahal and told him everything about his failure.

Fuad told Falah that he should not give up and that the reason behind my rejection was that I was “not virgin” and that he should try again and again. Fuad asked Falah to spread this rumor about me in the very conservative civil society city of Hebron as a revenge for my refusal to marry him. The poor Falah came and told me everything he heard from Lieutenant Col. Fuad Halhal. He also told me that Capt. Eyal, the military assistant of Col. Baruch Nagar, had asked a friend of mine (N. D.) to spy on my journalistic work.

Col. Baruch Nagar was not happy to hear the silly behavior of his officer Halhal. He commanded him in front of me to stop his childish behavior. I was later told by the poor Falah that Cap. Eyal had punished him: he locked Falah into the toilet of the “civil administration” office in Hebron without food or water for drinking for one day, because of his failure and because he had told me all what he had heard from the officers.

Halhal met Falah as the translator of an American zionist spy Alin, who introduced herself to Hebronite citizens as a convert Muslim and a human rights activists, but she was actually a spy for the Israeli occupation and the CIA. Alin settled in the “Kiryat Araba” colony during the first Intifada and opened an office in the center of Hebron. She falsified several legal documents in which she invented stories about the Palestinian cause and asked International organizations to finance them. According to my information and knowledge Alin received hundred thousands of dollars which were all invested in the “Kiryat Araba” colony. Alin spoke English and she used Falah as a translator at the office of the occupation. Falah was never paid by Alin.

4 comments to The Military Officer Who Sent Me a Husband

  • Steve Pallister

    Ms Salam, as always I appreciate your courage and excellent reporting. Knowing the Zionists as I do, nothing you write surprises me, I can very easily picture these deranged, perverted and spiritual monstrosities doing any of the things you describe, there is a lowliness and a base perverseness to these deformed souls that defies anything but apocalyptic descriptions.

    You do bring light into some of the corners of their abuses which might otherwise never be thought of by people living in the countries so politically in thrall to these monsters though. Damn them and may Allah bless you.

  • nothing needs to be said about the devilish zionist ,and his antics, Allah has stated clearly that the majority of these people have no faith and are hardhearted. we only have to look at the words of every prophet of god who condemned them in all revealed books including they own!
    i ask these christians to read your blogs and share it with others to understand who is causing the issue between muslims and christians and muslims and hindus etc. they understand.
    nothing ever remains the same , [Redacted], they should be paid in kind when the time comes as predicted by the prophet mohammed pbuh.
    every crime they committed will be repaid i am sure!
    keep looking at the lake qinaret zionist jews, when it is gone the time for payback will be here for you!!

  • Great article. Your opening sentence and paragraph really ste the tone. Chosen ones? Ha! Ha!

  • Apologies for my error. Should read [set]. Cheers!

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