Is The Beit El Colony a House of God or a House Of Misery?

The green color shows that these are military offices. Why should be called “Civil administration”?

The Israeli “civil administration” was established in the occupied territories by the israeli military occupation in 1967 with the express purpose of changing the geography and the demography of Palestine. In the legal field, this colonial office, the “civil administration”, would operate by imposing on the Arab population, among others, the obsolete and dictatorial laws of the Ottoman empire and their military occupation, the dictatorial Jordanian laws, the British colonial laws, and by interpreting israeli laws in unfavorable ways whenever Palestinians were concerned. “Legality” and “law” concerns the “civil administration” only if and insofar as it is useful to further their purpose of existence, namely the wholesale plunder of all the Palestinian natural resources such as water, minerals, natural resources etc, and implementing wholesale ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinians. (Click once on the picture to see the the plunder activities of the so-called “civil administration”).

One example of their modus operandi is the issuance of “military orders” which confiscate Palestinian agricultural lands, mandate uprooting trees, demolishing homes and even leveling whole cities, towns, and villages to the ground. These destroyed and depopulated areas are later used to build zionist jewish colonists, all “legalized” by orders from this same “civil administration” under the guise of and justified by disingenuous phrases such as “coordinating and administering civilian and humanitarian Palestinian issues in the occupied territories” or “administration of civil and humanitarian missions” or by changing the name of the Palestinian occupied territories into “Judea & Samaria”. In truth, all the missions of the “civil administration” are of plunder, genocide, ecocide, mass murder, rape and even petty theft. [If you want to see the latest video of civil administration crimes. Please click on this link].

The occupation headquarters, the so-called “civil administration” was established on private Palestinian properties located on the highest hills on lands belonging to the historical villages of Betin, Al-Bireh and Dora Al- Qare’a west of Ramallah. The land has fertile soil and several natural springs. With the land theft and implantation of the “civil administration”, the name the old Biten hill was renamed to “Bethel” and “Beit Ell” (or “Beit El”, or Beit Il). This was done by the jewish invaders to support their claim that “God promised the land to the Prophet Ibrahim” (and by extension “gave” it to them). To give strengthen their claim, the place was renamed as “God’s house”, or “Beit-Assad”, what means “House of the Lion”, in reference to an obscure place named in the Torah. The zionist colonists believe that “the village of the house of gods” was founded and built on the ruins of a village on the borders of the “Kingdom of Judea” and the “Kingdom of Israel”, in Hebrew “house of gods”.

Betin or “Beit Ell” is one of many places in Palestine which was renamed by the fundamentalist rabbis so that somehow the facts on the ground would fit with their legends, since their legends did not at all fit with the facts on the ground, and that was very bad for their preposterous claims. zionism started to spread among the jews of Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. zionism promised the jews that they would become “emancipated” from their supposed subjugation by their host societies, and more important, that there was a “promised land” for them to have, that “promised land” being Palestine.

The Old Testament of the Bible, especially the Torah, was obviously written by people who were profoundly ignorant of the geography and history of the Middle East, beyond the names of some places, like Hebron or Jerusalem. It is difficult to believe that those who wrote the Torah had ever been in the Middle East, other than as short-time visitors, for example crusaders. The Torah, with its many promises and orders, reads as a political pamphlet more than as a book of religion. The Torah has already been used by the (failed) crusaders of the middle ages as a pretext and justification to travel to my country on expeditions of genocide and plunder. Today, zionism, a non-religious rendering of the legends and rabbinical teachings contained in the Torah, is used by jewry worldwide as pretext and justification to embark in genocide and plunder on a massive scale in Palestine. Because zionism clearly states that “god gave Palestine to us”, the history and archeology of all the places named in the Old Testament of the bible are two very sensitive issues for the zionists.

Many researchers have independently come to the conclusion that close to none of the facts claimed to have happened in the Old Testament of the bible correspond to history. There is no verifiable proof, anywhere that any of the persons or places named in the Old Testament existed when and where it is claimed, and there are no verifiable proofs that the events described in the Old Testament happened where, when and how they are claimed to have happened. According to independent researchers, many of the legends contained in the Old Testament are copies or adaptations of legends from much older literature, which originated in some cases thousands of years before the Old Testament was written. This state of affairs is known to Christian clergy, and it works around the issue by proclaiming that there exists something they call “religious truth”. In the case of the jews and given their interest in keeping the loot, has forced the combined forces of zionism to subvert and falsify the history of, not only Palestine, but the whole region.

Beginning with the disingenuous claim of “a land without people for a people without land” and ending with falsified documents of property presented by squatters before israeli courts when they intend to evict people from property which has been in their families for decades, even for centuries, and everything in between. The “weeping wall” is claimed to be a remnant of the palace of the Roman governor, but it appears more likely that is made from the remnants of the horse stables of the Roman legions stationed in Jerusalem and pieces of rock collected here and there. Egyptology is another field which is completely in the hands of zionists. It is controlled to such a degree that it resembles a religion, and people who do not follow the zionist “party line” have no expectation of making a career in this field – probably because details from the history of historic Egypt do not fit or even contradict the zionist claims. Masada, one other foundational myth of israel, appears to have been a total rout of the “valiant” hebrews of the time rather than the heroic act of collective suicide which the zio-historians claim it was.

Returning to Beit-Ell, we see the principle of falsifying history to justify plunder and ethnic cleansing by changing the name of the place to something with a pious ring to it, we see how the demography of a place is changed according to the will of fundamentalists rabbis. Beit Ell, this “house of gods” of the zionist occupation, the military colonial authority, is a court where iniquity is dispensed, a jail, a house of racism and racist hatred, of brutality and inhumanity, a house where the Palestinian prisoners are customarily tortured, beaten, raped, incarcerated, humiliated, insulted, demeaned, used for medical experiments, drugged, poisoned, starved, murdered. To call such a dark place “house of gods” gives a revealing insight into the depraved minds of these criminals, it shines a glaring light on everything zionism and israel are all about and what they consider sacred – it is the clearest evidence that israel is the antithesis of everything human, more even than the hate-crazed decrees of so many israeli rabbis, which declare that non-jews are worth less than beasts and can be killed at leisure.

6 comments to Is The Beit El Colony a House of God or a House Of Misery?

  • Jim vonBeker

    Hello Kawther,

    I was wondering if you were going to do a story on the recent funeral of a teen killed, I assume, by Israeli forces and the subsequent riot that followed, I cant get more than a sentence of information on the subject from the other questionable news sources, It would really shine a light on what was going on that day.

    Thanks, for doing such a great job,

  • I second the above poster’s request.

    I always like to see the false claims of mostly stolen history not theirs anyway; challenged as you do here. I agree that archaeology shows that many of the central events related in the Torah are invention and exaggeration and borrowed myths, but I still think there remains a core of the truth at the heart of Judaism and also Christianity although neither seem as a people to have any appreciable outward manifestation of these ideas anymore. Islam however has given me something of a renewed faith in some of the core figures and what they said and at least some version of these actions. At the least these stories and ideas inspired the last Prophet and at least the events and places and people in the Quran are not in dispute.. Unbeknownst to the pathetically misinformed Westerners who generally swallow the Zionist koolaid and have bigoted Islamophobic and anti-Arab attitudes, Islam offers them their last chance at legitimacy in my jaded view.

  • mystified

    “why do the heathen imagine a vain thing?”

    you have to be kidding- islamic tradition is founded on the Torah. what is it about human beings that allows such self-delusion?

    here’s what i see- in the fotos posted top of this very page, civilians are not afraid to approach soldiers- all of whom look like any random person. reality must be different than this propaganda. arabs are not afraid of jews- i cant imagine the situation in reverse, ive seen how you people are, in europe and in the middle east.

    the nations resent the natural order; a glorious and abundant truth that exists for our benefit, not harm; God loves us all. someday there will be peace, after you all give up the opinions and agendas. The Bible, both New and Old Testaments are proven by every secular history, geography, study of language, anthropology; this delusion of denial is as old as forever- “gnosticism”. in other words, “i know better, although i was born only yesterday”… childish tantrums. amazing.

    see zephaniah 2; a “remnant of judah” is prophesied to settled the “coastlands”, and that’s exactly what has happened. it doesnt matter what arguments or counter-stories you come up with, because facts are facts- the zionist project has continued and only grows, after 150 years uninterrupted.

    if i were palestinian arab, and was unhappy there, i’d move. the world is so big! dont the arabic peoples need to contribute their settlement to the new lands? argentina colombia paraguay go build something.

  • mystified

    btw i must add all prison, torture and abuse is horrible and will have consequences to pay eventually, also God’s law. my blood boils at some of the stories youve reported here, especially the abuse of women and children. all states of men are evil.

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