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On the Second Death of Osama bin Laden

According to historians, during the last year of the reign of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, General Horemhab went on an expedition against the Detail of statue of Horemhab at Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (Pic Credit: Wikipedia) [1]Hittites to far away Syria. The Egyptian army was defeated, putting General Horemhab in an awkward position and his head in peril. The general solved the problem by sending emissaries back to Egypt proclaiming his victory. When he arrived back home with the remains of his army, they were celebrated as heroes. When the truth about the defeat eventually arrived in Egypt, the Pharaoh had died and the political situation changed, and the truth about the defeat became inconsequential and Horemhab later became Pharaoh of Egypt.

Today morning, I awoke to the portentous „news“ that Osama bin Laden [2] had been “killed in Pakistan during an operation of the US special forces”, proclaimed by President Obama in the most manly pose and and the gravest voice of which he is capable. I first thought that I was dreaming. Between those “news” and the celebratory mood of the presenters in all channels as if it was the North Korean TV and all those people celebrating before the White House, I told myself: If it is on TV, then it is probably bullshit. But let’s give credit where credit is due: at least it took them under 10 years to (allegedly) hunt Osama down.

Obituary of Osama bin Laden published in Al-Wafd newspaper on 20011226. [3]The details published about this heroic act are few until now. Apparently, a walled house in northern Pakistan was raided by US special forces with support from several helicopters, of which one was shot down, and Osama plus seven other people were killed. Of course, “DNA proof” of Osama’s identity was obtained within hours, and then, “because no country would accept the body”, it was dumped into the sea.

One among many “small problems with this show is, Osama is reportedly dead since 16 December 2001. It was reported in June of 2001 that Osama was hospitalized because of kidney problems and that he received a visit of CIA employees in the hospital. In December 2001 an obituary was published [4] in an Egyptian newspaper. And the holes in the story only become bigger the more one looks. To support the narrative of the US government, the AP [5] agency first published and then retired a picture of the supposedly dead Bin Laden. The picture is below, together with another Osama bin Laden picture. If you look, you can notice that the picture on the left, purported to be a portrait of the dead OBL, is obviously a Photoshop [6] job of the undistorted picture on the right. The picture on the left appears to be a composite [7] of Osama’s head and details from the picture of a cadaver of unknown provenience, probably an Iraqi victim since many pictures of dead Iraqis have been published in the past by US soldiers. It is also obvious that the AP picture has been worked on with a blurring filter.

Osama bin Laden. Left a fake composite published by AP, based upon the picture right. [8]The fakery around Osama bin Laden is very interesting before the background that American citizens investigating the 9/11 attack have found that the list of victims of that crime published by CNN appears to be a vast catalog of false, composite identities. They have published a so-called “Vicsim Report [9]” (“Vicsim” = Victim Simulation”) which includes many examples of manipulation of pictures and other personal details of purported victims. Another hole in the story published is the almost immediate DNA identification [10] purported to have been performed. According to this article [11], it would take about two days to confirm an identification done with help of DNA (if a reader knows otherwise, please post a comment). (Click one on the picture to make it bigger).

Screenshot of COMSATS website on 2 May 2011 showing David Cameron. [12]Abottabad [13] (link to Google map), the city in northern Pakistan where Osama was supposedly killed yesterday, lies sprawled along a valley, it has about 300.000 inhabitants. The city appears to be neither remote nor underdeveloped. It has many schools and other educational institutes, several hospitals, paved roads, government offices, a golf course, other modern amenities and several big military compounds. It appears inconceivable that Osama bin Laden could live for “years” in such a place without having come to the attention to the massive intelligence service of Pakistan. Several hundred meters immediately north of one of the probable locations of the house which was raided yesterday lies the campus the “COMSATS Institute of Information Technology [14]”, a professional education institute whose Islamabad branch was visited on April 25 by British Prime Minister David Cameron. Whatever the Prime Minister was doing in Islamabad, it is doubtful that he traveled halfways around the globe to merely give some nice a speech in exactly the school which has a branch next to the raided house. The emissaries of empire always afford their tribute, be it in blood or otherwise.

Why, what is to be gained by this lie, and what comes next?

President Obama was quick to state that the “Global War On Terror” (TM) would go forward, and that he would “continue protecting Americans, friends and allies”. So there will be no end to the genocide of Muslim peoples. That would be settled, but it appears to be the least worry of the people behind the wars and plunder affecting much of the world.

Obama has, for yet unclear reasons, declared that he will stand for re-election in 2012, contrary his initial statement saying that this was not his will. The American wars are vastly unpopular both in- and outside the USA. They have done nothing for the Americans but to deplete their treasury, ruinate even wider parts of the population and convert the whole country into a vast fascist hell which is in some aspects even worse than the life in occupied Palestine. There have been no good news forthcoming from these useless and criminal terror expeditions. Obama has been an unmitigated disaster for his country, perhaps even worse than his predecessor Bush. This bloody “success” will certainly distract those suffering from the bumbling of the Obama regime for a while.

April Gallop, former worker at the Pentagon (Pic Credit: ?) [15]Another piece of the puzzle in the context of the current exercise in pseudologia fantastica [16] and a very serious challenge to the whole edifice of lies around 9/11 are the criminal charges brought by a member of the US military against US government officials. April Gallop [17], a former employee at the Pentagon, stated that “she was working at the Pentagon with her infant son on the day of the attacks, and both sustained head and brain injuries from the collapse of the building’s ceiling and walls. She alleges the Pentagon was destroyed, not by a plane crash, but possibly by a missile or explosives on the orders of U.S. leaders. She claimed the conspiracy was motivated by a desire to create a political atmosphere where officials could pursue their policy objectives and to conceal trillions of dollars in defense misappropriations.” Needless to say, her lawsuit was dismissed by a judge who is a cousin of former President Bush [18], and her lawyer will be subject to retribution. A major propaganda operation around a Photoshopped picture and the say-so of a manly-in-appearance President certainly looks like a way to make good on that lawsuit having been brought before a court.

The recent restructuring at the head of the US military and the CIA also point in the direction of more wars and mayhem everywhere. In the USA and elsewhere in western countries the situation is so dire for so many, that people are starting to speak openly about revolt, citing Egypt as an example, while government figures everywhere are being mocked in insulting terms on account of their demonstrated incompetence. Some days ago, the German authorities “captured” several “terrorists” who were supposedly planning terror acts in that country. Conveniently, these people had connections to persons in several countries where the situation has been peaceful until now. The last “terrorists” which the German authorities captured turned out to have been dolts who were incited to do and say irresponsible things by assets of the BND, the German secret service.

The synthetic Arab “revolutions” appear to not have gone in the direction desired by the pathocracy [19], at least the outcome of Egypt and the recent rapprochement between Fatah and Hamas are against the interests of the zionists, who have badly maneuvered themselves into a corner while trying to superimpose their own interests over those of the Arab masses and commandeer the popular discontent. More instability in the region is bad for israel even if they think otherwise, especially when the very real possibility of the demise of the USA (and Europe) as protector and sugar-daddy is taken in account.

All these aspects put together, and probably other events and developments, would be why Osama had to die for a second time. It looks like the world will see bad things, perhaps very big atrocities, in the near future. Just as in the old Egypt, massive lies must be told to save the heads and obscene profits of the few, emissaries must be sent by the losers to tell lies which protect bloodthirsty, coward weaklings. And just as in the old Egypt, the deviants at the top of the empire will do and say everything and anything to avoid losing power. Those are the bad news for everybody else.

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