Whining About The Death Of Zionist Terrorists

Itamar Colony on the hilltops of Nablus

What would do you do if a militant group like Taliban, or the mafia surprised you in the morning by storming your home, vandalizing your garden, uprooting your trees, and shooting grenades at your children? Would you receive them with hugs and kisses? What would you do if armed robbers broke into your house, stole your property, plundered your land, terrorized your family, and threw you out in the street? Would you feel happy and stand watching the plunderers, enjoying their theft, asking them for mercy and offering “peace” negotiations?

On the night of March 11th 2011, the wanted terrorist Capt. (res.) Ehud “Udi” Vogel or (Fogel), (אהוד (אודי) פוגל ז”ל) an officer of the Idf intelligence, a war criminal, colonist and member of the “Gush Emunim” terrorist group, who has perpetrated uncounted crimes in the occupied territories, his wife Ruth Ben-Yishai, a member of the terrorist groups “Gush Emunim” and “Bnei Akiva” (בני עקיבא), as well as three of their children, were killed at the Itamar colony of the “Amana” project, which was built in 1984 on Palestinian lands stolen from the villages of Rujeib, Awarta, Beit Furik and Yanun in the northern Nablus district. This caused hundreds of Palestinian families to lose their livelihoods, their property, and left them living under the poverty line. Click once on the picture to make it bigger.

On April 17 2011, the israeli occupation forces stated that they had arrested two Palestinian teenager, Amjad Awad, 19, and Hakim Awad 17, in relation to the deaths of the colonists. Both boys are students from Awarta. The statement of the Israeli appears to be a lie, published in order to cover up the fact that colonist Udi “Vogel” was killed by Asian workers who Vogel had scammed out of their salary. The Palestinian teenagers admitted having done the killings under grave torture by “Shin Bet” interrogators.

The farcical statement published by the israeli intelligence about the arrest of the Palestinian teenagers, stating that the two boys were members of the “Palestinian Popular Front” and had done the attack “on their own responsibility and without authorization from the “Popular Front” sets a new precedent in the israeli propaganda, which has until now never protected Palestinian organizations or their leadership, but would hurl accusations for every true or imagined crime at existing and imaginary Palestinian groups and persons. To people who understand the modus operandi of the israelis, this is equivalent to a confession that they have no idea who killed the Vogel family.

Contrary to the legend of two lone teenage perpetrators or a salary dispute with some asian workers, the “Itamar” colony operation was presumably carried out by somebody who knew well what he was doing and who he was targeting. He knew everything about Udi Vogel and the zionists around him. He knew his way to the house of this colonist. The person or persons who carried the killings were not even interested in stealing his gun. If they had been Palestinians, they would at least have taken the gun of the true terrorist “Vogel”, and they would not have stayed in Awarta waiting for the IDF to arrest them. There was enough time to run away as the killings were discovered much after the events. The operation of Awarta is bigger than what two teenagers could do.

It is true that all Palestinians are sick of the israeli occupation and its colonists, and that everybody wishes for israel to go hell, to get lost, but everything around the operation of Awarta confirms that it was an operation which addressed the leadership of the “Yesha” and the “hill-top” colonists and that is could not have been done by teenagers not realizing what they had done. Both Udi and Ruth Vogel were veteran terrorists with years of participation in both the IDF and their own terror cells who presumably had enough military training to defend themselves in encounters with casual aggressors, what makes the stories about Palestinian teenagers or Asian workers unlikely.

The “Itamar” colony is 5 kilometers southeast of Nablus. It was established in 1984 by a group of zionist families from “Gush Emunim”, a zionist terror movement. Udi studied at the “Gush Emunim” yeshiva of “Machon Meir” in occupied Jerusalem. Machon Meir is headed by French rabbi Yehuda Ben-Yishai (יהודה בן ישי) since the last 30 years. Ben-Yishai is a terrorist from the “Bnei Akiva” group. He is the father of Ruth, who was killed with her husband Udi and three children on Saturday March 11 2011. The “Itamar” colony was planted on the highest hill tops of the Palestinians. The colony has a lookout on all sides at thousands dunum of Palestinian agriculture land which are listed for sale on “Amana” projects, the “settlements movement” and a branch of “Gush Emunim” as reserves for future theft by the zionist thieves under the standard excuse of “development of the settlements”. Following the death of colonist “Vogel”, 1000 dunums of this land were “confiscated” from their Palestinian owners by the jewish invaders.

The Palestinian stolen lands from Nablus district were squatted on by 100 zionist families from the “Meir Yeshiva” colony, a branch of the “Gush Emunim”, (גוש אמונים) terror movement which has expanded to also include the “Yesha council” established in 1970 as a vital tributary to “Gush Emunim” and headed by the zionist terrorist Danny Dayan, and “Amana”, (אמנה)a zionist colonist movement which also overlaps with the so-called “settlements movement” established in 1978 as the right arm of “Gush Emunim” and headed by the zionist Haim Vogel, the father of Udi Vogel, killed at the “Itamar” colony. The primary goals of “Amana” are the theft and plunder of the natural resources in the occupied territories of West Bank, the Golan Heights, the Galilee, the Naqab (Negev) desert and Gaza, implanting zionists colonists on the hilltops and establishing economic, industrial and social projects which are aimed at supporting the ecology of terrorists and squatters while at the same time destroying the Palestinian economy in all the occupied territories, in West Bank and elsewhere.

It must be noted that with the death of the Vogel family, the zionist movements “Gush Emunim”, “Bnei Akiva” and “Amona” have lost two prominent figures who at the same time were descendants of two famous heads of the their movement. Rabbi Yehuda Ben-Yishai, the head of “Machon Meir”, the zionist institute of Gush Emunim, who is at the same time a famous figure of the terrorists movement “Bnei Akiva”, is the father of Ruth, spouse of Udi Vogel who was killed at “Itamar”. Rabbi Haim Fogel, the head of the “Amana” zionist colony movement, a branch of “Gush Emunim”, which builds the colonies in the occupied territories and in the Golan Heights, is the father IDF (res.) soldier “Udi” Vogel who was killed at “Itamar”. Simply said, there were no victims in the operation at “Itamar”, those who died were not innocent. There was obviously a well organized operation plan which targeted the zionist colonial thieves and their projects on the hilltops of the Palestinian lands in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Moshe Zar Family (משה “משה” זר)
Among the terrorists who established the “Itamar” colony in 1984 was Gilad Zar, who was killed on Wednesday, May 30 2001 and whose family still lives in “Itamar”. He is the son of Moshe (Moses) Zar, whose family clan is from the self-labelled “Marranos” jewish community in Mashhad in eastern Iran. The “Mashhad marranos” emigrated to Palestine or New York because it is more profitable to live there than in a small Iranian city. Since the establishment of the “Itamar” colony and until now, 15 of these colonists have been killed by the Palestinian resistance. Only members of jewish terrorist underground groups like “Gush Emunim”, “Bnei Akiva” and related cells live in the “Itamar” colony.

Before the establishment of the “Itamar” colony, Gilad Zar built a big house in 1982 in the Shuafat refugee camp in the district of Jerusalem, which he used as an operating from where he perpetrated daily crimes against the Palestinians who live in the area. His father, Moshe Zar from Iran, is a terrorist with the “jewish underground”, the most dangerous armed organization against Arabs since the foundation of the so-called jewish state. The founding members of the “jewish underground” were either combat troops in the reserve or members of the “haganah” terror group. They carried out many terror attacks against Palestinians. On July 27 1983, they attacked the Hebron University and left three students dead and 30 injured.

Zar was involved in a rash of bombings in the 1970s and 1980s. One of them crippled Nablus Mayor Bassam Shaka on June 2 1980. Zar was sentenced to three years in prison for this bombing, of which he ONLY spent 4 months and was then released on personal intervention of the “Haganah” terrorist “Ariel Sharon”, a personal friend of Moshe Zar, and also with the help of his cousin Mordechai Zar (מרדכי זר‎), a former member of the Knesset for Mapai, the Workers Party of so-called “Eretz Yisrael”. Moshe Zar until now leads and plans the theft of Palestinian lands in the West Bank cities towns and villages. He is known as the “finance minister” behind the terror activities of the zionists colonists and groups such as “Gush Emunim” and the “hill-top youth” in Hebron. Moshe Zar and his wife Yael have eight children and 47 grandchildren. They live near Qalqilia at a colony called “Karnei Shomron” (קַרְנֵי שׁוֹמְרוֹן‎‎). It was established in 1978 and erected on the land of the Palestinian towns Jane Safout, Kafr Laqef, and Deir Estia.

Two daughters of Moshe Zar are Anat Cohen, (ועדה מוניציפאלת חברון) and Shlomit Bar Kokhba, (שלומית בר כוכבא) dangerous colonists who live in the center of Hebron. Anat and her husband Ronen Cohen live at the so-called “Beit Hadassa” colony and works as an assistant to terrorist and murderer Moshe Levinger, an American who is the speaker for the “Kach”, “Gush Emunim” and “Bnei Akiva” terrorist groups in the southern towns of the West Bank. Levinger lives at the stolen Palestinian vegetable market in the so-called “Avraham Avino” colony. Anat Cohen and her 11 children (9 boys and 2 girls) are known to all Palestinians, TIPH observers and visitors to Hebron because of their trademark cranky behavior and the repeated, daily assaults, crimes which “Cohen” commits against Palestinian citizens in Hebron and even against the israeli Police.

See my former neighbor Anat Cohen beneath the bus from Umm al-Fahm to Hebron. Would you want to live with such a crank as a neighbor? This is the people which the USA is financing with billions of dollars each year.

Shlomit and her terrorist military husband live at the vegetable market colony “Avraham Avino”.  “Yonadav Zar”, another son of Moshe Zar, is a colonist and terrorist. He occupies the mount of Grizim in the center of Nablus district in the north of the occupied West Bank. “Yonadav” or “Yehonadav” established a colony called “Har Bracha”, a zionist religious colony where he teaches the fundamental principles of stealing the hilltops of Palestinian agricultural land at his “Yeshivat Har Bracha”. He is married to Atia Levinger, (עטיה לוינגר) the daughter of “Kach” terrorist Moshe Levinger . Tzipi Zar, another son of Moshe Zar, is a colonist and terrorist. He occupies oanother Palestinian land in Jericho. Another terrorists Oren Zar lives in a colony of so-called “Shomron”.

The establishment of the “Itamar” colony and other zionist colonies remind all Palestinians of an era of theft, terrorism and a bloody history. This is why colonist “Udi Vogel” and four members of his family were killed at “Itamar”. For instance: If any Palestinian decided to go and to occupy a small piece of lands in the USA or any other place and to build a house where is father was died and buried, or even if he decide to put a tent and not a colony, then he would be executed or jailed and described as a terrorist and given many other ugly titles. As human beings, the Palestinians do not rejoice in the death of human beings, whatever their religion, color or sex. They do not wish that anyone in the world is killed. But at the same time, the Palestinians would not cry or condemn the death of the zionist occupation soldiers, war criminals, the members of “Gush Emunim” and “Yesha” who steal our homeland, our dreams, ambitions and killed our feeling of love and peace. The Palestinians will never cry the deaths and killings of the colonists in the heart of Palestine. The Palestinians have lived for decades under the zionist occupation of US and EU origins. We have had enough of them.

The colonist of “Gush Emunim”, Udi Vogel was killed himself and his children as a result of his greed and because he wanted to live on a stolen land of other people after humiliating them and creating by his actions a backlash of hatred and revenge in the souls of the victims. No one likes to hear the stories about killing children. No one supports killing children, but that’s what the “Udi” brought to himself and to his children by living in the wrong place. The killing of “Udi” was the end of any thief who steals other people’s land and their livelihood with the power of arms and violent terrorism.

No one has any right to blame us for not crying the murder of some zionist colonists. Why should they cry? The Palestinians are not President Barak Obama and his counterpart Mahmoud Abbas who condemned and cried for the death of the “Gush Emunim” colonist Ehud “Udi Vogel, a war criminal who took part in the second war on Lebanon in 2006 and in Gaza “Operation Cast Lead” in 2008/2009. The White House said in a statement issued on the death of “Udi”: “There is no possible justification for the killing of parents and children in their home”. Which home??? “We call on the Palestinian Authority to unequivocally condemn this terrorist attack”. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas reacted on the fatal stabbing in “Itamar” saying that he opposes any form of violence against citizens, regardless of the reasons for it. “Violence will only bring more violence and we must hurry to find a comprehensive, just solution to the conflict”.

As is always the case with the corrupt politicos and cleptocrats who support zionism everywhere, both Mr. Barack and Mr. Mahmoud have all the facts wrong. Mr. Barack, who supposedly studied law and whose mother Ann Dunham was reportedly involved, as a CIA employee,  in compiling extermination lists in remote villages in Indonesia, should know that under Article 51 of the UN Charter, we Palestinians have “the full right of individual and collective self-defense”, what means that we have the right to do anything and everything to compel the invaders to leave, or to kill them if necessary in order to defend our persons, families, livelihoods and property. The Vogel family was not living “in their home” but on stolen land, they found themselves at the wrong end of this precept of international humanitarian law. As for the feckless Mr. Mahmoud, a “just and comprehensive resolution of the conflict” involves removing the terrorists and ample reparations from them and those who finance or otherwise support their terrorist activities.

Both Presidents Obama and Abbas are thugs of the israeli zionist occupation and its criminal terrorist groups. President Abbas is guilty of legitimizing the israeli occupation during the past 23 year of useless “peace” negotiation. Abbas and his israeli and American friends and paymasters helped israel to perpetrate ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, war crimes, fattening colonists in the occupied territories and Jerusalem, stealing Palestinian lands, jailing and murdering thousands. With Abbas and the US we as Palestinians are losing our human dignity. Both Abbas and Obama are culpable of “facilitating the commission of the crimes (of the jewish colonists) by aiding, abetting or otherwise assisting (them) in the commission or attempted commission of (their) crimes, including providing the means for the commission of these crimes, or in any other way contributing to the commission or attempted commission of the crime by a group of persons acting with a common purpose” (Article 25 Rome Statute of the ICC), meaning the crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the colonists and the occupation against the Palestinian people.

The Palestinians, whether they live in Palestine or at the exile, live daily horror made by Israel. When I put my head on the pillow, I spend hours and hours thinking of my past and of my future which has been stolen by the zionist colonists. Whenever I close my eyes, nightmares attack me. The zionist horrors which I experienced is rooted in the  depths of my heart. It is bigger than anything I could forget. In the exile I live together with alienation, loneliness, injustice and poverty. No work, no family and homeland, daily tragedy without end. This still is not enough for israel and the zionist organizations, but still they have to send people to watch and walk behind me in the exile.

Colonist Ehud (Udi) Vogel, 36, was killed at the Itamar colony on the stolen Palestinian lands of Nablus. He was not murdered in his home in israel, which was built on the ruins of Palestinian cities and town in 1948. The killing of colonist Vogel came as the normal end of a thief who insists in looting and terrorizing Palestinians by the power of the machine gun and the occupation. Not far away and a short time before, Vogel had lived in “Gush Katif” in Gaza. He received the fantastic financial compensation of NIS 3.37 million (about 750.000 EUR) from the American tax-payers when he left the “Gush Katif” colony. He would have been able to live in israel together with his family and to enjoy the financial compensation from the Americans tax-payers instead of searching for another Palestinian hill-top to steal, speculating on a further financial compensation in future when he would be forced to relinquish what he had stolen.

[… total compensation to the evacuees from NIS 6 billion to NIS 7.5 billion, or NIS 3.37 million on average per family …] http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/business/state-to-give-gush-katif-evacuees-nis-1-5b-more-compensation-1.246843
[Additional low-interest loans of NIS 250,000 will be available to those building their homes, and families who are unable to afford to build a new home will have the option of moving their “caravilla” temporary homes to the lots they will be given
In a statement, the Gush Katif Residents’ Committee said that despite the agreements, there were still three major areas that need to be resolved.
their community’s new location.] http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/135436

Vogel lived a short time at the “Ariel” colony in the central West Bank, but since the Israeli government stated that they would add “Ariel” colony to Israel in any final status with Palestinians, “Vogel” moved to live on the hill-top of the “Itamar” colony, where he thought that he could receive a new financial compensation as part of any new deal of evacuation of colonists. This is simply a kind of theft, it is criminality and exploitation of the American tax-payers. This has nothing to do with religion, judaism or belonging to israel.

Ariel is a colony located in the center of the occupied territories hills on the northern part of the West Bank. It was established in August 1978. In July 2008, israel approved the construction of 27 new factories in the colony. In August 2007, the Ariel “college” declared itself as a “university”. On Wednesday January 19 2010, the Israeli war criminal Ehud Barak (self-anointed as “defense minister”) recognized the “Ariel” college in the West Bank town as a “university center”. The colony was established on the territory of the Palestinian city of Salfit and the villages of Marda, Yasuf, Iskaka, Kefel Hares and Farkha with the acquisition of large tracts of land “confiscated” from their owners for the purposes of settlement.

Vogel’s family is of Polish origin and carried American passports. His wife Ruth, 35, was of French origin. Her father is rabbi Yehuda Ben-Yishai, a member of the terrorist group “Bnei Akiva”. He was born, then trained and studied terrorism against Arabs in France and then immigrated to Palestine and settled at the neighborhood of Baka. Ben-Yishai has nine criminal zionist offspring, all of them members of extremist zionists groups. Hillel, 33, and Hannan, 24, are members of the yeshiva “Machon Meir” which the father headed. Eligio, 21 is a soldier with the so-called “Nahal” unit.

Baka in Arabic means valley. It is a Palestinian neighborhood which was established in the 1920s by wealthy Muslim and Christian families who built very beautiful architectural houses in the area, which demonstrate its features until now, long after the forced displacement to the Palestinians and the theft of their properties. The Baka neighborhood had an agricultural character until the 1950s. The zionist American and Europeans immigrants, particularly from France and in particular like the zionist rabbi Yehuda Ben-Yishai have heavily migrated into the neighborhood. I remember that Engineer Khaled Al-Qwasmi, son of the former Major of Hebron Fahed Al-Qawasmi, who was assassinated by an israeli mossad agent in front of his house in the exile in Amman-Jordan on Dec. 29 1986, said that they had stolen the house in the Baka neighborhood in Jerusalem where he lived during his childhood.

Haim or “Chaim” Fogel, (הרב חיים פוגל), the father of colonist “Udi”, is a zionist member of “Gush Emunum” and thief who heads the so-called “Amana” group, the colonies movement which constructs the colonies in the occupied territories. Fogel’s organization is directly involved in corruption, not only stealing the Palestinian lands but the Americans money too. The “Amana” movement continues constructing illegal houses on the hilltops in the occupied territories and marketing them to American and European jews, begging them to buy the houses in the Palestinian occupied territories and then allowing the colonist couples to live in these houses on their behalf.

Haim “Vogel” (חיים פוגל) and his wife Zila Michal “Vogel” (חיים וצילה פוגל) are another couple of zionist thieves. They stole a Palestinian hill-top located in the southwest of Ramallah and established a colony called “Neve Tzuf” or Halamish (בנווה צוף) where they live until now. The colony has several outposts, among them a religious outpost called “Mechina Elisha”, a zionist “yeshiva” for graduating colonists and preparing them for committing crimes against Palestinians during their military service in the occupied territories. Haim and Zila have five zionist children, Moti, 38, Udi who was killed at 36, Shannon, 33, John, 30, and Yaron, 22.

Udi “Vogel” who was killed at “Itamar” colony is not a victim of a terrorist but rather a war criminal zionist and military Captain, a colonist, a Tank soldier and armored battalion intelligence officer at the south of Lebanon the so-called “Northern Command”. This means that he perpetrated terror, genocide and war crimes in the West Bank, in Gaza and in Lebanon. He was a yeshiva zionist rabbi in charge of students completing military service. His oldest daughter Tamar, 12, is an activist with the terrorist hilltop thieves “Bnei Akiva”. Vogel was a criminal who did not pay the salary of Thailandese and Filipino workers who worked at his house on the stolen land of Nablus. The Asian workers threatened Vogel to kill him and his family if he did not pay their outstanding salaries, but it is unlikely that they would have been able to carry through with their threat.

A rash of hate crimes followed the “Vogel” family deaths

Following the death of the colonists at “Itamar”, friends of Vogel from the “Gush Emunim” and “Bnei Akiva” terror gangs started a rash of hate crimes against Palestinians in different cities and town. In Israel, masked Haredim stabbed 10 times in head, legs, and neck a Christian Israeli Arab-Arab, Alber Halul, 22, from Gush Halav. Two other Palestinians from Beit Ummer town were shot by a jewish colonist driving on the bypass road 60 north of Hebron. The victims were an elderly man, 66, who was shot in the neck, and Iyad Bassam Khalil Zaaaqiq, 35, who was shot in a leg. Another Palestinian, the shepherd Mahmoud Ibrahim Awad, 32, a resident of Khirbet Umm Tuba south east of Yatta in the Hebron district was stabbed in the chest by members of the so-called “hill-top youth” from the colony of “Maon”. Also, several Palestinians were stabbed in Bethlehem and Nablus by masked jewish colonists after the death in Itamar of Vogel and his family.

Since the deaths at “Itamar” 40 days ago, the IDF and the “Shin Bet” have joined the colonists in perpetrating continued horrors and crimes in Nablus and other West Bank cities. The “Shin Bet”  has arrested thousands of Palestinian residents of the village of Awarta  near the “Itamar” colony, among them were 600 Palestinian women. Over one thousand Palestinian men were jailed and tortured for no crime; almost all men from Awarta were jailed; Several Palestinian houses have been set on fire, trees cut down, water sources destroyed, cars were burnt, workers and farmers were stabbed, 1000 dunums were “confiscated”, licenses for building new colonies were issued to the colonists, all this as revenge by the jewish occupiers. 500 new colony houses will be built on Palestinian hill-tops as a punishment for the alleged offense. According to Netanyahu,  150 apartments are the price for the blood of an adult (Udi and Ruth) and about 50 apartments for every child. Nablus and the surrounding villages are subjected to the toughest possible restrictions; the hardest was the invasion of the nearest village, Awarta. There, the Israeli military went from house to house destroying everything they could.

The news of the inhuman collective punishment was carried outside by two Swedes and one woman from Norway who were in Awarta. They documented the destruction and said that the devastation was enormous in most houses. After the soldiers ended their presence at the village, they became very careful in this rampage. According to the Swedish woman, a Palestinian was shot dead during the rampages. Also, zionist colonists attacked houses in the West Bank villages of Burin and Hawara near Nablus and the  “Itamar” colony.

All over the West Bank, colonists blocked the main road which connects Jerusalem-Bethlehem-Hebron, they gathered at the junction near the “Gush Etzion” colony and hurled stones at Palestinians and their cars. In “Beit Ummer” in the north of the Hebron district, the jewish colonists driving on the bypass road 60 opened fire at Palestinians who were participating in a funeral. The crime led to the injury of an elderly man, age 66, who was shot in the neck and his condition is described very serious, and wounded the citizen Iyad Bassam Khalil Zaaaqiq, 35.  Another Palestinian shepherd was stabbed by the so-called “hill-top youth” near “Maon” colony near Yatta in the southern district of Hebron.

According to Palestinian local media, Mahmoud Ibrahim Awad, 32, a shepherd from Khirbet Umm Tuba south-east of Yatta was stabbed in the chest. The settlers attacked the young man with knives, stabbed him in the abdomen and chest and beat him with batons on the head causing him to lose consciousness. The victim was transferred to the hospital in critical conditions while the settlers fled to the colony of “Maon”. Near Bethlehem, a group of masked settlers attacked two Palestinian construction workers and an israeli security guard working at “Shilo” colony. The crime led to the injury of the workers and the israeli security guard.

Near Nablus, the colonists set fire to four cars and a tractor in the same village. The Israeli occupation forces uprooted 400 olive trees in the village of Beit Dagan east of Nablus. At the entrance of the “Qadumim” colony on the road Nablus – Qalqilia, in presence of the israeli soldiers , the jewish colonists set fire to two Palestinian cars, one  Opel and one Peugeot. In the village of Aqraba near Nablus, colonists uprooted hundreds of olive trees and destroyed two water reservoirs. International witnesses stated that dozens of settlers from the “Yitsahar” colony stoned Palestinian cars and threw empty bottles on the road Nablus – Qalqilya, and that the colonists were accompanied by a number of IDF soldiers to protect them during their rampage.

In Jerusalem, jewish colonists from the “hill-top youth” attacked Palestinian workers during a wedding at the “nation building” hall in the city. The clashes between colonists and police officers have caused many injuries.

At the end, israel should go to hell if it wants to stay as a zionist occupation state and not as a respectable and peaceful neighbor next a Palestinian State, if they do not renounce violence. Israel must learn something from the Awarta operation and get out of our homeland before facing more “children and minors committing new operations on their own responsibility”. The most important lesson from “Itamar” for all israelis, and indeed for all those who support israel, which they must sear into their minds forever, is that no amount of army and weapons and money and violence will protect them from the consequences of their crimes.

3 comments to Whining About The Death Of Zionist Terrorists

  • I celebrate the death of every Zionist terrorist and look forward to the day of their destruction.

  • rotorman

    I have also read about these creatures elsewhere. One gets a feeling of their degeneracy from their individual and far reaching activities. They are like a mafia with of the members infused with utter and total criminal intent.

  • john petrino

    all those zionists will soon get what they deserve,what they deal out.how true “what goes around comes around” soon the whole world will take care of them once and for all.

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