Jesus Christ & The Zionists Horror At Passover

Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), who is the son of God in the Christian tradition and a prophet in the Muslim religion, would not be satisfied with the spread of the zionist terrorism in his homeland PALESTINE. He would clearly be sad and distance himself from the violent terrorist activities organized by the violent extremist groups like Yesha, Amana, Gush Emunim, Bnei Akiva, … taking place in his country PALESTINE, terrorizing his descendants, while they celebrate his murder on the cross during Pesach in the heart of the city of the prophets, Hebron. (Click once on the Pictures to make them bigger. Credit Image: © Issam Rimawi/apaimages/

Some weeks ago, on Wednesday March 2 2011, Pope Benedict XVI made a sweeping exoneration of the jewish people for the death of Jesus Christ in one of his latest decrees, saying that “it is not true that the Jewish people as a whole were responsible for Jesus’ death”. This is certainly true, as it was Caiaphas and the high priests around him who conspired to have the Romans execute Jesus, but anyone who watches the jewish celebrations of Passover (Pesach) in Hebron and the rest of extremists colonies spread in the occupied territories would conclude that the advisory opinion of Pope Benedict XVI is pure hypocrisy, because these distraught creatures only understood that they have been exonerated from their own crimes and now behave as if they were given a license to insult the tradition brought by Jesus to all humanity and spill the blood of all Palestinians in the HOLY Palestine with impunity.

We the Palestinians are the ONLY descendants of Jesus Christ, the European colonists have lost NOTHING in our homeland, and they have no business there. We distance ourselves from the exoneration the of the jews decreed by of Pope Benedict, not because of its substance but because it is politically extremely unfortunate, as bad as his past decree ordering Catholic parishes around the world to cover up child abusers among the priests. The colonists who never stop perpetrating crimes in Palestine, the homeland of Jesus, against us Palestinians, the descendants of Jesus who was submitted to much suffering and pain in Palestine, understood the Papal decree in exactly the way they wanted. Jesus was born and executed on the cross in his country.

Whatever Pope Benedict XVI says in his edicts is his own opinion. We the Palestinians do not need to read the words of the Pope in order to know what is going on our country. The horrible crimes perpetrated every day by the zionist colonists in Palestine are bigger than to hear, to read or even to think about the words of the Pope.

On April 17 2011, the Palestinian expressed there opinion about Jesus with the fantastic performance by Palestinian Christians of ‘Operetta Waladi Wahidi’ or “The Operetta of I have Wahidi” or “the Operetta I have Only Son”. At the stage of the Ramallah Cultural Palace, the 850 seats were fully sold out, prompting hundreds more to sit on the floor.

Faten Khoury, director of the event ‘Operetta Waladi Wahidi’, told media representatives at the end of the two-hour show: “We want to state with this Operetta that Jesus Christ was a Palestinian and that he suffered lots in Palestine. We want to remind everybody in this country and outside that Palestine is for the Palestinians, and that our youth should stay in this country and not LEAVE the land of Jesus no matter how difficult or horrible the circumstances”.

On April 17 2011 and until today April 22 2011, the Passover brought further restrictions and horrors upon Palestinians who live in Hebron and the rest of the occupied West Bank. At the beginning of the jewish festival of Passover (Pesach), an exacerbation of the restrictions of movement was imposed on poor Palestinians, the ones who suffered the most from the daily abuses and disgusting behavior of the the colonists living in Hebron.

The Ibrahimi Mosque lies to the east of the Old City of Hebron, this Mosque is the fourth holiest site in Islam. At Passover, the Ibrahimi mosque was opened only to the scum of the jewish militant groups, the so-called “worshippers” who only worship the money and blood of others.  All the gates allowing entrance to and exit from the Old City market on the East were shut to Palestinian residents and non-Jewish visitors.

This measure caused significant difficulties for the Palestinian teachers and pupils going to their schools. During Passover in Hebron, the Palestinians must stay in their homes behind closed doors and windows. It is forbidden to open the windows of your home, to go to your school, to hospital, to make shopping or whatever else you need to do in the basics of the daily life. If you have an emergency, like if somebody has heart attack, or if a woman wants to give birth, then THEY MUST DIE at home so that the zionist pigs who live in Hebron don’t feel disturbed from the heights of their trip of bloodthirsty righteousness. The exoneration for the death of Jesus Christ by Pope Benedict XVI is enjoyed by the extremist squatters in Hebron by celebrating the memory of the crucifixion of Jesus. During their celebration of this horror, Palestinians are not allowed to move in their own homeland. Everybody stay at home, nobody is allowed to go to the hospital, and ambulances are not allowed to evacuate emergencies. Imagine if something like this happened in the US or the EU during the jewish Passover. How would people react if non-jews shut into their houses and denied all freedom of movement so that a few jews can walk undisturbed to their synagogues???

A lady whose house is on Shuhada Street, the street along which the Jewish colonists walk, said: “In the morning the Israeli police allowed children (8 -12) and teachers to cross Shuhada Street to the old market (the Al-qasaba Souq) on their way to school. At midday, when schools ended for the children and the teachers tried to make the return trip, the Israeli soldiers and police initially refused to allow them to cross al-Shuhada Street, saying that the Old City market was closed.

According to some international groups present in Hebron, teachers and international observers asked the Israeli police to let the children cross the street. The police pointed out to an officer of the Israeli police saying that he himself was not allowed to let the children to cross Shuhada Street. The policeman suggested that the children walk three miles around the city as an alternative way to return home.

19 comments to Jesus Christ & The Zionists Horror At Passover

  • Gary

    Once again who says the Palestinians are not the chosen ones?

    Beanie goofball fucs will have their day. People in US are sick of them

    Remember when they boycotted Germany?

    Their time will come

  • Richard Waid

    May the Muslim and Christian people of Palestine be comforted; God is not mocked, and the day of your vindication draws near. Your courage and sacrifice are an example to all humanity.

  • Robert

    In regards to HHPope Benedict XVI exonerating the Jews: Firstly, the Popes declarations, teachings or writings are confined to only his “opinion” as a Theologian and does not carry any real doctrinal force, although most Catholics accept his personal teachings as some sort of doctrine or dogma contrary to the teachings of the Church and Tradition.
    The teachings of the Fathers, Doctors, Saints, Popes, and Councils of the Church carry the weight of Infallibility according to the teachings of the Church. Vatican II and the popes since have fallen into serious doctrinal error – something that many saints have predicted would happen. Vatican II was the first “Pastoral” Council and such does not demand any obedience from the Church at large. You might want to read “The Plot Against the Church” by Maruice Pinay, available from Omni Christian Books in California for $20, which was a pen name for 12 Vatican Theologian Priests who in 1962 published this book exposing the Jewish 5th Column in the Church, Marranos (Secret Jews) and how they have become, these Marranos, Cardinals, Bishops, Protestant Ministers, Muslim Clerics, and Pagan Priests, something beyond most peoples imagination and what their intent and plans are for their Satanic World Order. In time all will be made clear, the Mystics and Saints predicted this many times that it was coming and that in the end all will be made manifest after the Church and the World are punished severely. Patience – truly is virtue and sometimes a heavy weight to bear.

    • wilson

      Thanks Robert
      Its the Global Way Of The Cross.
      Happy Easter—

    • Jim vonBeker

      That was the most analytic explanation of whats going on I have heard in a very long while, It has often been made murky by the infiltration by the jews and our world’s media makes it even less clear to make an accurate assumption, However, some can cut through the bull to see the shining truth as its own life shines forth. Very well done, and patience is a virtue I also have in abundance, Thanks for seeing through the fog.

    • Jeannon Kralj

      Thank you, Robert. The Church has indeed been undermined beginning with Vatican II, but also from within before that.

      I know that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church, but to me, the Church should be storming the gates of hell, and it has stopped doing that a long time ago. The “gates” don’t need to “prevail” if nothing is coming up against them.

      This Pope does so many odd things. He is smart and knows how the people will interpret (or mistinterpret) what he writes in his books, and these interviews he gives to secular reporters.

      People will think that is Roman Catholic teaching and it is not, but it appears this Pope wants people to operate under that soul damning misunderstanding. Christianity is about salvation of the individual’s soul and I can’t see that this Pope’s personal musings in the media work to do the only thing the Pope is supposed to be doing – SAVING SOULS. This Pope likes speaking from the “I” pespective when he is only supposed to be speaking publicly from the “We” perspective.

      The book “The Plot Against the Church” written in 1962, (at the beginning of Vatican II) by pseudonym “Maurice Pinay” can be read free here…

  • Ed Lee

    May Gods grace and peace be with you all.

  • Jesus said that he hadn’t come to change the law but that he gives us this added commandment – to love your neighbour as yourself.
    This is breathtakingly intelligent as it’s downright impossible to carry out such crimes as stoning people to death if that commandment is observed.
    ‘Thou shall not kill.’ hasn’t been observed by anyone. The Talmud makes mockery of the ten commandments with exception after exception which is why Jesus railed against it.
    To kill may well be ‘just’, according to our understanding, but to call it ‘holy’ is to invite excess. To sweeten suicide bombing with promises of reward in Paradise contradicts ‘Thou shall not kill.’ It’s an aspect of Islam that I’ve never come to terms with. Any killing will need to be justified before whatever God is and if it were indeed ‘holy’ then it would have been within the ten commandments. The fact that it isn’t there implies that life is precious…… though we don’t treat it so.
    As to why God allows injustice …. surely that’s a natural outcome of us having ‘free will.’
    The State of Israel is a disgrace to all mankind. Chosen people is as much a nonsense as the Nazi idea of Master race.
    Thanks for your continuing good work Kawther.

  • Ben Swert

    religion is a scam

  • rotorman

    My prayers are with you Kawther and the Palestinian people. Please understand that there are many people like me in the West who feel great pain and anger at the suffering of the Palestinian people.

    We know what these lying and belligerent zionists are about and we actively campaign in the UK to disassociate ourselves from them. We are also writing to ministers regularly to outlaw British passport holders doing military service in Israel.

  • Ian, UK

    It seems to me that Pope Benedict XVI hasn’t glanced at a copy of the New Testament for some time.

    As for the Zionists in Hebron at Passover, they probably know their religion better than the Pope knows his. But what cruel, arrogant and morally bankrupt people they so obviously are.

  • Israel, Judah, Britain And America

    Jerusalem, The Nation Called Israel And Biblical Israel – Their Fate

    The Northern Army And its Allies Will Punish The English Speaking World & Israel

  • neil

    the zionists
    seems they were born of swine
    climbing themselves crime after crime
    murderers warmongers perpetators of fear
    killing little children year after year
    but tears seem to fall onto cold cold hearts
    the western world zombified,left in the dark
    with shadows taunting them,unknown the true self
    most of them too busy,out chasing wealth
    so children still die along with mothers and fathers
    sacrificed for a lie builders and farmers
    the worlds in a mess,addicted to greed
    by colonialist dreams chaos just breeds
    but the pay when subjected,will be their own turmoil
    unless the people rise up,like flowers from the soil
    and if they did,their would be a new world
    new life,new ways,a jewel like a pearl…


  • Kent

    According to the Jews, they are the chosen people of God and it was God who helped them escape slavery in Egypt by inflicting 10 horrible plagues upon the Egyptians before Pharaoh Ramses would release his Israelite slaves.

    Of the ten plagues, the most horrific was the slaughter of the first-born of every Egyptian family, including the first-born of cows and goats and camels, etc, except the first-born of Israelites, as they were told by the angels to mark their front doors with the blood of a lamb. And upon seeing this blood on the front doors, the spirit of death would pass over the homes of the Israelites. The Jews now celebrate this event by calling it ‘Passover’.

    The problem with this myth is that 1) God would NEVER instruct his angels to KILL any innocent child, only Satan would, 2)the angels did not need to be guided by the blood on the front doors as they are divine and would know who were the Israelites 3) How could the Jews be the Chosen people, when God knew before hand that they would not recognize his son Jesus Christ as the son of God and the Jews were responsible, historically, for Jesus’ death on the cross, never mind what the Catholic Pope says today.

    Therefore, my logical conclusions are 1) the Jews are not the Chosen people of God as they refuse to accept Jesus as the son of God and was responsible for his death 2) the Passover is a satanic celebration as God would NEVER be a party to the killing of innocent children in ancient Egypt or in modern Palestine.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Catch the mist catch the myth catch the mystery catch the drift.
    Bldg seven, twin towers, pentagon, Shanksville, anthrax.
    A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.
    But it cannot survive treason from within … Cicero

  • Jeannon Kralj

    Some saint in the UK is providing us a free downloadable (copyable) copy of the amazing book
    “The Plot Against the Church” by Maurice Pinay

    The last three chapters of the book, Chapters 43, 44, and 45, are not uploaded yet so one will have to check back at the mysterious site to get the complete book.

    I find this book most amazing and enlightening in trying to understand “the Jewish problem” in relation to Christianity and the Church.

    Would also strongly suggest reading “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History” by Dr. E. Michael Jones (

    THE pivotal point in human history is the advent of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Redeemer. It is important to understand not only those who accepted the Savior but also those who rejected him and their revolutionary spirit throughout Anno Domini world history.

  • For the Record : There were no “JEWS” in Egypt. The modern so-called “JEW” {ashkenazim} are proselytes to Talmudic Terrorism, an Anti-Israelite “Religion”. When Jesus is engaging in verbal COMBAT with the children of the Advesary, “THEY” claim to have never been in BONDAGE, @ John 8:33, This was not spoken in Yiddish. FACT : 90% of so-called “JEWS” are ashkenazim “PROELYTES” {TWO FOLD CHILD OF HELL} to Talmudic Judaism. There were no “Talmudic JEWS” in the Old Testament.{There were no “Jews” in the OT} There are Chosen “Israelite” people, Today, they are the “Christian” nations = THE INDUSTRIALIZED 1ST world Nations being economically raped by the Children of the DEVIL [MONEYCHANGERS/PHARISEES] Zionazi cabal. The consequence for violatiing the FIRST COMMANDMENT is DEBT BONDAGE….WANNA RAISE YOUR DEBT LIMIT AMERICA…”JEW WORSHIPPING BRAINDEADGOY”…good little zionazi’s. [Congress opposite PROGRESS]…Hating the Truth does not make Truth go on holiday/vacation….Beatify a “Jewish” pope ? Sure why not, a synagogue of satan PR campaign sure beats doing what is necessary….See Matthew 13…The parable of the Wheat and TARES….90% of so-called “JEWS” don’t have to be…Talmudia will be reduced to ASHES…Obadiah. When the book of Obadiah was written no one on EARTH had ever heard of a “JEW”. FACT!!

  • Taylor G. Moore

    Sad, but unfortunately, an accurate depiction of recent history all the way to the present regarding Jew perfidy and outright assault of the beautiful Palestinian people. Even more sadly, because Zionist Jews are the most ruthless, cunning, selfish, ambitious, well-organized, well-financed, and most intelligent group on the planet, I don’t feel that there is any way these monsters can be stopped. While I don’t think Jews are “God’s Chosen”, as they so often boastfully claim, for whatever reason (perhaps their stemming from the seed of the devil himself?) they are a most diabolical lot and thus by far the most difficult group on the planet to overcome. Zionist Jews have caused such heartache, death, pain, and agony to so many that the world would be so much better off if they completely divorced themselves from the rest of us to live isolated from all non-Jews. In that way, let them inflict their pain, poverty, and destructiveness all alone to themselves.

  • American Patriot

    Why is it the Zionists organized religion and their organized crime are one and the same?

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