President Al-Assad Must Apologize To The Children

Arabic report. From Damascus. See more pictures.

Despite Bashar Al-Assad’s promise of reforms, hundreds of Syrian and Arab protesters demonstrated against President Assad’s regime today Sunday April 17 2011 in solidarity with the Syrians protesters and their legitimate demands. The demo took place at Stephansplatz in the city center of Vienna.

The demonstrators chanted loudly against Assad and called for his removal. They described him as traitor and a murderer of children and freedoms. The chants were more grave towards the Syrian leader in comparison with the previous chants during other protests which took place in Vienna. The demonstrators broke the barrier of fear and psychological horror of the Syrian government and replaced it with the slogan: “We will not return to Syria in light of continuing and arbitrary repressive policy of the Syrian government”.

The demonstrators raised many signs that express their demands, among them we read the following: “Bashar: 11 years lie, Bashar’s father: 30 years of deception, Bashar’s party: 48 years of injustice, GAME is OVER”, “Stop the massacres in Syria”, “Enough  plundering the country”, “We want a civil state now”, “Islam and Christianity want freedom”, “Have mercy Bashar al-Assad, and release Tal al-Mlouhi and all the political prisoners”, “We want to hold the killer and his brother (Bashar Assad and his brother Maher)”, “The traitor is the one who kills his own people”, “After today, there is no fear”, “Be patient our country, the freedom will be born”, “From Al-Qashimli to Horan, the Syrian people is against insults”, “We want freedom of expression and freedom of reunion”.

Some well known and prominent Syrian and Arab community leaders in Austria were seen standing together at the demo and demanding with one voice, “Free Syria and Bashar GET OUT”. The demonstrators also chanted against the party of President Bashar al-Assad and his brother Maher, accusing them of corruption.

Among the most prominent participants in the march were Dr. Alaa El-Din Hallaq, president of the Syrian community in Vienna, Dr. Aktaa Mustafa and many other doctors, lawyers, professors and engineers who prefer to stay anonymous in order to guarantee their safety and protection from the revenge of the Syrian regime. Mag. Ayman Morad and Mag. Jamal Morad also participated in the march. They had participated in all the previous protests which took place in Vienna demanding that the Syrian regime must stop the bloody massacres.

From the leaders of Arab communities, Mag. Ahmed Hameed, head of Iraq Relief in Austria along with a group of Iraqi community, Dr. Sayyed El-Shahed, secretary general of the coordinating Council of the Islamic Associations in Austria, and a group of the Egyptian community, participated in the demo at Stephansplatz. The demo was also attended by several representatives of the al-Tahrir party and the Muslim Brotherhood Organization in Vienna, as well as Palestinian writer Nasser Al-Hayek who always join the demonstrations. Mrs. Marie Thérèse Kiriaky from the Arab Women’s Association was seen raising olive branches as a symbol at the demo to symbolize peace and the current celebration of Easter.

During the march, Dr. Alaa Hallaq stated that he had chosen the path of the people and the Syrian nation instead of fearing the Syrian regime. He said: “I was scared but not anymore”. He added: “I do not want to travel to Syria” (he meant that the Syrian regime will punish the participants in the march). Hallaq make it clear that before he was afraid of the Syrian regime and their revenge, but after watching them killing and dragging the bodies of Syrian victims in the streets, he was beyond fear. The Doctor and others at the demo made it clear that they had had enough, now fear of revenge, against themselves of what remained from their families at home, would not stop them from expressing their point of view.

During the demonstration I stopped next to a group of children who colored their faces with the Syrian flag and raised expressive slogans. I learned from their parents that they had written these slogans and graphics by themselves. I saw a little girl in the age of five raising a picture in her little hand where a soldier was shooting a citizen on the floor and covered in blood. At the right side of the drawing, the girl drew an ambulance waiting and the victim converted into a green butterfly, meaning that the victim had been died as martyr for his cause. The girl raised a second slogan in her other hand, in which she wrote hand in green, black and red: “Stop the fighting now”.

I felt deeply saddened while standing in front of this little girl and her expressive drawings!! I felt the injustice of the Arab regimes imposed on children and childhood while children around the world enjoy their full rights. The Arab regimes are committing crimes against their peoples and children and so create generations of people suffering tragedies and psychological problems.

From my point of view I see that time has come for President Bashar al-Assad and all Arab presidents to kneel in front of these children, to listen to their demands, to apologize and to ask them for forgiveness. I think this is preferrable than standing before cameras displaying ridiculous smiles while the nations cry for their beloved ones who were murdered by these dictatorial regimes.


9 comments to President Al-Assad Must Apologize To The Children

  • the truth

    Apologize to children? If i were the president i would shit on them and their parents for their pathetic upbringing.
    All those against the president should be shot dead on the spot for allowing america and israel influence them.
    you are the traitors

    [Update/Edit]: This was posted from IP in Syria.

  • The cause may be just, of this there is no doubt in any of the ongoing protests and “revolutions” sweeping the Middle East and Africa. However it is impossible to avoid the obvious connections and involvement of the usual suspects. Hence whilst the first poster may be expressing a view I find to be abhorrent and no better than any Israeli would say actually, he does have a point. Any unrest in Syria which alters the balance in favor of the globalists and Zionists and weakens and disadvantages the last few bastions of resistance to these ghouls, must be regretted and it is hard not to feel fury with the stupid useful idiots who are so easily being led through the motions of change only to get, more of the same. So far we have seen no fruits of these events except mangy rotten ones suspiciously like last season’s crop but with a new coat of paint.

  • Salaam Kawther Salam. As always I appreciate your reporting and salute your courage. I am one who finds it easy to believe the Israelis captured, tortured and killed Vittorio, even if they did it using their proxy al-Qaeda goons. They had been openly speaking about dealing with the peace activists literally killing them and what other way than by false flag would they commit such a predictable outrage?

    Wondering if we will see any input from you on the matter. Allah Hafiz.

  • zein

    Is it syrian people uprising or some obscure forces working on destroying the syrian unity? You should know better…And you do.

    There is a unity there to help Iraki refugees. To stand by the palestinian cause. To say NO.

    You people do politics from abroad. People in syria know that it’s either assad or some false democracy ruled by israel.

    Assad has a legitimacy even though he’s a dictator. He didn’t sell syrian, Iraki, palestinian cause and didn’t accept that syria ends on its knees despite of many pressures.

    It’s not a matter of dictatorship. It’s a matter of being a soverein state or a vassal state submitted to the will of Israel and world globalist imperialist powers.

    You have enough brain to guess that by yourself. So I guess that you are just another traitor. Your “boycott Israel” attitude is just a lie.

    If syria falls, the will be no palestinian cause any more.
    Maybe the palestinian cause isn’t worth the suffering that syrian peoples have endured for decades. They have paied the price through wars, economy, international isolation. All of that while lead by assad father and now son.

    In many wars, when resisting, you end up having very very difficult choices to make. Many, all over the world, have sacrified their families and lives for the sake of saying NO.

    There’s no other words. TRAITORS.

    • It’s not a matter of dictatorship. It’s a matter of being a soverein state or a vassal state submitted to the will of Israel and world globalist imperialist powers.

      It IS a matter of dictatorship, in Syria, Palestine, Egypt, the Gulf states and elsewhere. Syria, under the Al-Assad family IS a vassal submitted to the will of israel and globalist imperial powers. Syria, like Egypt, routinely took in contract torture jobs from the Americans and other imperial powers. The Syria of Al-Assad allows water to flow from southern Turkey to israel through its territory in a subterranean pipeline.

      Another matter is that the zionists use the discontent of the people, originated by dictatorships installed in all Arab nations because it is convenient for the zionists, to cause trouble and remove these regimes in favor of likely even more servile regimes.

      It is a matter of living on your knees or dying standing tall to most people. To the Syrians in Vienna, it is either to continue supporting the dictatorship with their silence caused by terror, or to say “enough” and not allow the terror to silence them anymore.

  • zein

    And YOU and the bunch of quitters want to liberate those who are still living there. Bring them justice and democracy.

    After some civil ware and some bloodbath, a NATO resolution will allow some very civilizied countries to send troops and DU bombs to free syria from Al-assad regime and instaure democracy and bring Hope to syrians.
    Meanwhile Damascus and other cities would be brought to grouned level. We would create a chrstian syria, a kurdish northern syria and a sunni one. Small puppet states to play with.

    HOURRA THANK YOU so much. SOME cause you are defending!

    • So then, what are you waiting for?
      Go to Syria and do something to make the revolution successful (or to protect the regime?). It is sure far better than to live in France and being angry.
      If you have a better idea, then do something instead of being angry at me. If you know how to stop a development which is far greater than you or I, then do something to stop or reverse it. Educate yourself and think before leveling less than polite accusations at me for reporting on a demo.

  • zein

    A revolution! where?

    Heven’t you noticed that you have exactlly the same discourse than the western main stream media this time?

    The media that usually minimises and justifies the atrocities of the israeli army.

    I am sorry I went angry and bothered to comment. It all speakes by itself without my comments or your answers. So I will shut.

    All the best,

  • I ever think this will happened not only in Syria these protests were spread nearly all over the world mainly Africa, Middle East & west Asia so any countries head means government head cant act against their people they should listen what their people say.

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