Israeli Lessons in International Terror

Image from Gaza April 8 2011 during the Israeli airstrike.

Does Israel know that the mossad offers free lessons in international organized terror and crime to all rebels and radical movements, and that through their terror actions they are teaching them how to kidnap and murder Israelis in retaliation for the operations carried out by Israel in several countries around the world?

A series of terrorist operations have been carried out by Israel throughout the world, besides the israeli occupation crimes against the Palestinians, which have lasted for over 63 years. The Israeli crimes in the western world and the violations of the sovereignty and borders of other countries are all met with craven silence from the affected nations, the UN Security Council and the international community. It is exactly as if everyone becomes deaf, blind and dumb whenever Israel commits a new crimes and terrorism.

Israel does not end its threats against Hamas, Fatah and all Palestinians, and continues to launch air and naval strikes against besieged Gaza since 2006, murdering and killing innocent civilians and the militant resistance, causing serious injuries to thousands of innocent people. 63 years of ethnic cleansing, killing and murdering, and there is no light in the path of making peace or ending the occupation crimes. At the same time, Israel does not stop its direct and indirect interference in neighboring countries’ internal affairs. The Israeli officials continue proffering war threats against the Middle East countries, such as the threats that preceded the war in Iraq.

Israel is fueling and financing conflicts and wars in many countries around the world, starting with Darfur, where Israel has appropriated diamonds (“blood diamonds”) for very low prices in return for arming the rebels in Darfur; in the Ivory Coast conflict-torn area of Abidjan, Israel is involved in appropriating the Cocoa in exchange for providing the politicians and the opposition with weapons – it should be remembered that last year “somebody” bought a huge amount of futures contracts on Cocoa in the international markets. Finally, Israel is doing the same thing in Libya: they sent a ship of weapons to the dictatorial regime of Muammar Qaddafi. The shipment was sent in collaboration with Khaled Salam, a criminal thief who stole billions of dollars from the Palestinians, and Mohammed Dahlan, a traitor and death squad leader who is behind the division between Gaza and the West Bank. Both Dahlan and Salam live in Egypt, and both of them are known criminals, the kind of people who the israelis like to contract for their dirty work. The ship was sent to Libya in contradiction to the substance of resolution 1973 issued by the UN Security Council on Libya, which contains a text that explicitly bans supplying Libya with weapons.

It is not reasonable for the International community to help Israel carry out its crimes in western lands whenever they want. It is not logical that Israel commits terror with impunity while claiming to “fight” against so-called “terror”, (actually, national liberation and self-determination movements which are explicitly legal under international humanitarian law ) as well as engaging several states in aiding, abetting, and financing the expenses of international terrorism in violation of the borders and the sovereignty of other countries and nations.

Most Western countries have granted asylum status for political refugees fleeing wars, dictatorial governments and economic and socially deteriorated conditions. In many cases there are thousands or even millions of people fleeing religious authorities, extremism, racism, human trafficking and pervasive organized crime in their countries of origin. All of these groups are fleeing in search of safety and they need stability and protection in one way or another from their governments. If the international community continues allowing governments to attack these people, then the world will turn into a large theater of terrorism and crimes against humanity.

International laws and conventions that protect these groups have been issued due to the horrible experiences of past conflicts and wars. However, Israel (a direct extension and front of the worldwide zionist racist and terrorist movement) still remains above all these international accords and humanitarian or legal considerations. Israel continues its interference in the foreign policy of many countries around the world, threatening, spying, inciting and committing crimes. Palestinians living in exile remain the main target of Israeli international terror, together with the next group of victims of zionism, namely the people who would speak up against the unwarranted interference of israels fifth column in the affairs of their countries. Next are the sum of Israeli goals that do not distinguish between specific nationalities and countries.

Israel continues assassinating the so-called “wanted” Palestinians, the Palestinian political activists and the group of educated people who have graduated from foreign universities or military academies, who are active as air force pilots, chemical engineers, biologists, officers, public servants and in other disciplines and fields. In recent years several Palestinians have been assassinated in the EU and in other Western countries. Similarly, several western politicians who disobeyed Israeli orders or wishes have been murdered in unclear circumstances.

In most instances the politicians’ murderers were identified as “crazy” people, such as in the murderer of Swedish minister Anna Lindh. In several other cases the murders of these politicians were declared to be “normal” deaths, such as the death of Jörg Haider, a European politician who died in a car accident in Austria under very suspicious circumstances.

Anna Lindh was a brave European woman who died because she decided that Europe could no longer support the injustice against us Palestinians after she saw the atrocities committed by Israel in Jenin in the year 2002. Anna Lindh was assassinated on September 11, 2003 by the crazy loner who appears under different names at different times and places, but always with the single purpose dictated to him by his “inner voices” each time certain interests feel threatened by the imposition of peace and respect for human rights somewhere in the world.

In each of the Israeli crimes that were committed against Palestinians in the EU and other western countries in contradiction to international laws and human rights, the governments kept silent. They continue providing absolute protection and impunity to the Israeli perpetrators of the crimes. The perpetrators move freely in all the countries of the world without any questions whatsoever asked. Consequently, the people of these countries must hold their governments accountable so that Israel will not turn their countries into a theater of crimes, terrorism and counter-terrorism, which might lead to the kidnapping and murder of Israelis who become wanted by the relatives of the Israeli victims.

According to the Palestinians who have been the oppressed victims of the Israeli occupation for decades, every single Israeli soldier and settler who crossed the border of 1967 enforced an illegal occupation, ethnic cleansing, genocide and war crimes. They are without exception war criminals and must be brought to justice. Simply, they are wanted by all the Palestinians, but this does not mean that the Palestinians should turn into gangs of death squads in order to murder and kidnap the Israeli war criminals and occupiers who have spread everywhere in the world like locusts and garbage. (Click on the pictures to make then bigger).

However, the silence of the world about Israel’s crimes could lead to terror reactions against Israel and Israelis throughout the many states where Israeli crimes have occurred. This may cause harm to the people of these countries. Therefore, it is important for all states that have signed agreements with Israel (especially of the so-called anti-terrorism conventions) to review their agreements before their lands produce more horror and crimes that violate International treaties, laws and accords. In all cases, governments must uphold the law equally for everybody, not uphold the interests of criminal inclined minorities whose interests are in all cases deeply opposed to the well-being of their nations.

To illustrate the Israeli terrorism, I present the following summary of some crimes and terror that were recently perpetrated by Israel in western countries. These crimes were perpetrated under a cover of silence from the international community. The summary is followed by questions that need answers and clarifications from the UN Security Council and the governments that claim to be fighting against terrorism and international organized crime. The questions are also addressed to the international public, the people who represent the future in their countries and also to everyone who seeks the truth without deception or evasion. To the people who are interested in knowing the truth, I would suggest that they submit these questions to their governments first, and secondly to the Israeli embassies in their countries.

Lesson of Terror & Organized Crime in Sudan: On Tuesday April 5, 2011, the Sudanese government filed a complaint against Israel with the United Nations Security Council over the airstrike near the Port of Sudan, which killed two people who were in a car. According to Sudanese sources, a foreign aircraft entered the African nation’s airspace from the Red Sea. In another incident in January 2009, Israeli aircraft hit a convoy of what they claimed were “arms smugglers” headed for Gaza.

Lesson of Organized Crime in Georgia: On April 1, 2011, Georgia sentenced two Israelis to jail. Ron Fuchs (פוקס רון) for seven years and Zeev Frenkel (פרנקל זאב) for six and a half years, for bribing the Georgian deputy finance minister with seven million dollars. Ron and Zeev met with the deputy minister and offered him a bribe in exchange for convincing the government ministers not to oppose the results of the arbitration process in which Ron and Zeev were awarded nearly $100 million, but the Georgian government challenged the decision and did not transfer the money to the Israeli businessmen.

Lesson of Terror & Organized Crime in Ukraine: On 18, February 2011, the Israeli intelligence service mossad abducted in Ukraine Dr. Dirar Abu-Sisi aged 42 years, the director of the Gaza power plant. The Ukrainian security services aided in the abduction operation and were conniving with the mossad. On Monday April 4, 2011, Abu Sisi was charged with being a “close confidant of the Hamas military leaders and instrumental in developing their rockets, including increasing their range and ability to pierce steel so as to penetrate armored vehicles and thus strike at soldiers”, a claim which is probably nothing more than bullshit.

Engineer Abu Sisi is not a war criminal or a terrorist. In my opinion he is one of the victims of Israel. Far more likely than him taking part in activities related to weapons is that he simply was abducted in order to hinder provision of electric energy to the Gaza strip, an act of collective punishment against the population of the Gaza strip. The real war criminals and terrorists are the mossad agents who kidnapped the engineer, drugged him, transported him to Tel Aviv and subjected him to all kind of torture to extract confessions in illegal and immoral ways. The affiliation of Abu Sissi to Hamas is not a crime which warrants putting him in prison. In 2006 more than half of Palestinians in the occupied territories, in the West Bank and Gaza voted for Hamas during the Legislative Council elections. This does not mean that those Palestinians belong to a terrorist organization and therefore should be arrested and imprisoned.

Abu Sisi strongly denied in court the Israeli allegation and charges of developing missiles for Hamas. His denial came even after he was severely tortured at the hands of Israeli interrogators. There are thousands of Israeli engineers and war criminals who are working in the israeli arms industry. They develop advanced missiles and aircraft which are capable of destruction of the entire Middle East, not just a tank!!

Furthermore, the Israelis experts in war crimes developed more than 300 nuclear warheads at Dimona in the “Negev”, (al-Naqab). These missiles can kill millions of human beings in one second. Palestine suffers a significant risk of radiation because of Israel’s possession of nuclear reactors including the Dimona reactor which has ended its useful life, and which will expose Palestine and the Palestinian people and neighboring countries to the serious dangers of radiation. Palestinian farmers from the Yatta village south of Hebron in the West Bank have revealed that the Israeli military continues to bury nuclear waste in their farmlands, among other locations at Al-Masafer near the armistice line in the West Bank.

Israel is a racist, terrorist and zionist organization which occupies Palestine, the Golan heights and other Arab lands. It continues committing war crimes and assorted acts of aggression against the Arabs in Lebanon and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and against Arabs who live within the provisional borders of israel. Israel uses internationally prohibited weapons such as white phosphorus and cluster bombs, by the ton. The sophisticated weapons of Israel are not comparable to the “advanced humble rockets” of Hamas that could be compared to the rockets used in the age of cavemen.

  • So who deserves to be put on trial and criminalized, the electrical engineer Abu Sisi who insists on his innocence, or the Israeli generals, the war criminals and terrorists who killed thousands of civilians by dropping sophisticated bombs?

It is unfortunate that the civilized world keeps silent on the kidnapping of Dr. Abu-Sisi, who was visiting his brother in a country that represents itself as an “independent, civilized state.” The kidnapping of people is not characteristic of civilized nations and States, but it is a characteristic of terrorist states which behave like the mafia, in short, of failed states.

Whatever justification the Ukrainian government gives for its “help” by allowing the Israeli Mossad to kidnap Abu Sisi and use its country to commit a terrorist crime, the government is involved in the terror crime itself, and the officials of Ukraine must be treated in accordance to the provisions of international law relating to the crimes of international terrorism.

Lesson of Terror & Organized Crime in the Emirates: Last year, on January 20, 2010, the mossad assassinated Hamas member Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in the Al-Bustan Rotana hotel in Dubai, and the assassination put dirt on the names of several countries. It is known, but denied by the respective authorities, that the mossad operates freely in the EU and other western countries. The assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai was not the first act international terrorism which Mossad death squads committed by using the fake or stolen European passports.

The Israeli mossad has long history of desecrating the laws of many European countries, where they have committed many assassinations using fake passports, and sometimes real ones. About 350,000 Israelis have double citizenship and hold EU and Israeli passports at the same time. The zionists of Israel have received logistical support from all the European and western countries in which the mossad death squads have committed their crimes in the past cases.

Lesson of Terror & Organized Crime in Austria: In the early nineties of the last century, on May 27, 1993, two elements of a mossad kidon unit (death squad) were killed in a motorcycle accident in Vienna while they were on a surveillance mission trailing the Iranian deputy minister of defense at that time, head of Iran’s “chemical warfare project”, Dr. Majid Abasfur, who was in Vienna carrying documents for an impending arms deal with an Israeli partner, Manbar, and a briefcase with money and documents about the missing Israeli air force pilot Ron Arad. The plan of the mossad death squad was to kill Dr. Abasfur, steal the documents and the money, and to prevent the signing of the agreement for supplying Iran with tanks and chemical substances, which was supposed to be signed at the Vienna Marriot hotel that day.

Lesson of Terror and organized Crime in New Zealand: On March 23, 2004, New Zealand authorities captured two Israeli intelligence agents, Uriel Kelman (Urie) and Eli Cara, for trying to obtain a New Zealand passport by way of using the stolen identity of a New-Zealander. On July 15, 2004, they were sentenced to six months and were sent to Mt Eden Prison. The prisoners completed one-third of their six-month sentence in jail, and were then released and deported to Israel in October 2004. Both Kelman and Cara were members of the israeli intelligence service Mossad.

Lesson of Organized Crime in Kosovo: the Council of Europe accused the prime minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, of leading a group linked to organized crime and who is related to human rights violations and arms trafficking, as well as trafficking drugs and bodies. A number of Israelis who were involved in the group are wanted for international crimes in the trafficking of human organs.

Lesson of Terror & Organized Crime in Libya and Africa: Rafael “Rafram” Haddad, 35, is a spy from the Efrat squatter colony in the West Bank. He is a yeshiva (an extremist religious school) student and resident of the Efrat squatter colony and a military police officer in the Israeli army. He was asked in 2009 by the Jewish Agency, the so called “Orr Shalom” center, to go to places where smaller Jewish communities had existed in Libya and which his predecessors (other Israeli spies) had been unable to reach. The jewish agency had sent some weeks earlier a French citizen in the same mission in Libya.

Haddad was warned by the Libyan intelligence to stop filming and to leave Libya, but he was caught in the same place a week after he had been warned off. The French jew had been arrested some weeks before the arrest of Haddad. French President Nicolas Sarkozy intervened to release the French citizen. He was released about two weeks after Haddad was arrested, and he informed the family of the Israeli spy Haddad in the Efrat squatter colony about his arrest.

According to the Israeli Hebrew newspapers, another Israeli spy was also arrested in the same mission in northern Africa. It appeared in the newspapers that the “Or Shalom” zionist organization accused the israeli foreign ministry of having leaked the arrest of Haddad in northern Africa, but the foreign ministry said that the leak of this information had come from Haddad’s family.

There are multiple examples to demonstrate the involvement of Israel in international organized crimes and terrorism, and the questions are:

  • Does the Israeli “state” stand at the forefront of international terrorism and organized crimes, leading and financing the abductions, political assassinations, sea piracy, trafficking human organs, arming gangs, death squads, mafia and drugs, etc?
  • Who will be the next victim listed on the Israeli plan of abductions after Dr. Dirar Abu-Sisi, 42 years, the director of the Gaza power plant who was kidnapped on February 18, 2011, in Ukraine?
  • Who will be the next victim listed on the Mossad plan of assassinations after the terrorist assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh who was murdered on January 20, 2010, in the Al-Bustan Rotana hotel in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates?
  • In which state will Israel implement its next crime of terror, and under which names and nationalities will they commit the crime after several European citizens were listed on the Interpol-issued arrest notices as wanted by Dubai for the killing Al-Mabhouh?
  • Which is the next European country that will violate international law, allowing and helping mossad agents to commit a new terror crimes and murders in their country?
  • Which state will have its airspace violated by Israel in order to bomb innocent citizens after Khartoum in Sudan, where the Israeli airforce carried out its terror operation, killed two and terrorized how many?
  • Which will be the next country after the State of Georgia that Israel plans to bribe in order to make them withdraw government projects that do not serve the interest of Israel, and how many millions or billions will they pay?
  • Which countries are the next targets of Israel, where the Israeli mossad will plant their agents in order to carry out acts of organized crime, terrorism, assassinations and espionage, after many of the Israeli mossad networks in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Syria, the largest spy networks known in history, were dismantled?
  • Does Israel take into account the results and consequences of its terrorist operations within the borders of other states, where many decent Jewish communities live, but where Israeli “tourists” and thieves spread like vermin?
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12 comments to Israeli Lessons in International Terror

  • WillieG51

    I am always impressed with your images. I am also thankful for all the information you provide on your web site. With most news media bias, it’s difficult to get both sides of any issue. I thank you for this, it’s opened my eyes on more than one occasion, and will continue to do so I am quite sure.

    Your work is greatly appreciated, and so often people forget to mention how much it has enlightened them. Thank you again!

  • rotorman

    These Khazaristanis are terrible soulless creatures.

  • rotorman


    I hope one day you will investigate and write about zionist Jew activities in the West and how they target and harass pro-Palestinian activists. There is a silence in the US and Europe of their terrible crimes, not because of apathy, but because these creatures use organised stalking and intimidation to hound individuals whom they consider a potential threat.

    Basically zionists are attacking civic movements in the West that are critical of the settler state by using intimidation, slander and libel. These zionist sustain private armies of thugs, sayanim, private investigators and moonlighting cops in order to “investigate” antizionists that is really amounts to organised stalking.

    • I can only write about what information reaches me, and my ability to investigate everything that happens around the world is very limited. I think that a far better way to investigate (and hinder) these crimes would be for local people to get involved directly.

      If it bothers you that such things happen in your country, then you could investigate them yourself together with friends, and present charges with the authorities. And never let them scare you into inaction, they are nothing but bullies. Bullies always shrink away when they see a determined opponent. With enough pressure from the public, your government will eventually be forced to stop their cozy relationship with israel and its goons. Good luck.

  • Zionist Israel is a parasitic disease on earth. A gear CANCER eating away freedom everywhere.
    It MUST be destroyed on earth.
    Their NWO and World Bank is the EVIL that must be destroyed NOW!!
    It has destroyed the former USA It is now the JEWSA!

  • Well written Kawther, again you shame the SPIRITUALLY/MENTALLY castrated “males” of so-called western civilization who serve and worship the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN – “ZIONAZI’S” – The spawn of Satan and their KHAZAR {GOG & MAGOG} – “ASHKENAZIM PROSELYTES” – {TWO FOLD THE CHILDREN OF HELL}. [Redacted] [See Matthew 13 & Obadiah]…Thanks again for providing much needed Truth to those who fail to avail themselves with sufficient vigor to see clearly the solution to the world’s most pressing ISSUE.

  • American Patriot

    There are too many crooks out there like this that think it is their privilege to lie, cheat and steal. – – But who can blame them, that’s all they know!

  • dean

    Very enlightening article, I shall pass it round. Thanks.

    Here might be some good news:

    Apologies if you are already aware of this link.

    Best wishes.

  • dean

    Many thanks for an extremely enlightening article which all people with a conscience should read.

    Here might be some good news:

    This was last month, so apologies if you’re already aware of this item.

    Best wishes.

  • aubreyfarmer

    You could also point to all of the arrests of Israelis before and after 911. If you want to get these sheep here in the US on your side, then you must show them that radical Islam is a known threat, but Israel is much more dangerous. We for sure have a zionist occupied government. I wish the world could just get the radical Islamists and the Zionists to slug it out and leave the rest of out of it. They cause all of the problems and everyone else gets to bleed. Both are controlled by Lucifer. Watch the video on youtube “911 Loose Change And American Coup”

  • thanks for your continuing good work in shining a light in these dark times.

    I now cannot see any of the uprisings in the middle east as being anything but prompted by Israeli interests which co-opt a genuine desire of the local populations for a freedom which is hazy at best.

    Freedom from what and freedom for what.

    Israel is loathed by more and more of the world population and sixty years of deceit cannot be covered up indefinately.

    As to why our so called democratic leaders fail to see or act upon the basic fraud of a financial system which benefits none but the elite or why the pursuit of oil dictates national interests is the ‘elephant in the room.’

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