The March to Expel The Jewish Colonists

On September 1 2011 the deadline for the commitments of the United States and other western countries to achieve peace and establish a Palestinian state alongside the jewish state, expires. This “peace process” is merely one more show in the theater which legitimizes the israeli genocide and war crimes in Palestine and lengthens the occupation under sham “peace negotiations”. It is a filthy game invented by the US zionists, israel and its western allies in order to lengthen the occupation in Palestine. Israel, the zionist organization which was established without legitimacy or legal basis in Palestine, has shown its bad will in making real peace with Palestinians for over 63 years. The conclusion after all these years is that israel ONLY understands the language of war, murder, theft, ethnic cleansing, of stealing the tax monies from US all other countries where zionist jews have settled.

September 1 2011 is supposed to be the day of the Declaration of a Palestinian state and the end of the israeli occupation, not a further waiver or extension of the life of the zionist colonialism under the pretext of so called “peace negotiations”. Last year, on Friday September 24 2010, in Vienna, the member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA’s) 54th General Conference voted on a draft resolution introduced by the Arab States calling for israel to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). The United States urged other states members of the IAEA to vote down the Arab-sponsored draft resolution. “Symbolically it is important to vote down this non-binding resolution” said the US representative to the IAEA, claiming that the vote in favor of the resolution “could disrupt a broader effort to ban such weapons in the Middle East” and sends a negative message to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, which was resumed under their commitment of achieving peace by the first of September 2011. Fifty one delegations voted against the resolution in the favor of israel under cover of a supposed “support” for the “peace process game”.

In the light of the sham “peace negotiations” the israeli theft and plunder, the building of colonies and illegal confiscations of Palestinian lands and ethnical cleansing in Jerusalem and the West Bank towns and cities continue unabatedly, and have even increased. Yesterday, the occupation municipality of Jerusalem approved plans to create a “bible garden” in Jerusalem, which aims at preventing territorial contiguity between Al-Tur and the Al-Issawiya Palestinian areas in Jerusalem. The plan is aimed at creatiing of a new reality which connects between east of the occupied city and the settlement of Maale Adumim.

September 1 2011 is a revolutionary day for all Palestinians, ENDING the israeli occupation for good and the deporting all the zionist squatters from all the colonies in the West Bank. The zionists colonists will have to return to behind the borders of 1967, if not in peace then by force actions and an uprising of millions. 63 years of living the daily catastrophe of the zionist occupation are enough. We the Palestinians must to exercise our rights to expel the occupation in the same way as the Egyptians and Tunisians expelled the rotten dictatorial regimes from their countries.

Certainly israel is not Egypt or Tunisia. Israel is far worse than these two: it is a zionist organization with a long history of bloody massacres, which has on their hands the blood of thousands of Palestinians whom they murdered for the even the smallest expression of civic solidarity, or even for just being. In all the history of revolutions, in Europe, in the Arab countries, anywhere, the ONLY way to freedom has been for revolutionaries to risk their lives, and to take with them as many oppressors as possible. As things are, to die standing is better than to live prostrated on knees. The alternative scene, lived by the Palestinian self-anointed “leadership”, is one of political prostitution, of endless sham “negotiations” in the expensive joyhouses of Europe, shaking hands with and kissing the blood-guzzlers, accepting briberies and donations in exchange for their craven treachery.

Enough is Enough. September 1 2011 is our day. The day of all Palestinians who did not sell themselves to the zionists and their vassal USA. It is the day of all those who are not beneficiaries of the billions of US and EU “aid”. It is a revolutionary day to end the Israeli occupation. September 1 2011 is our day, it is the march to expel the jewish colonists from the West Bank. The denigration of our national rights and their exploitation by a group of traitors has been more than enough. Enough of the political prostitution of the “leadership”. It has been more than enough of using deception, tricks and lies to achieve the interests of the zionists, their lobbies and AIPAC at the expense of the Palestinian people. It is the day to say “Enough!” to the money used to bribe the bribed Palestinians, the puppets of the CIA, israel and western spy agencies in order to move forward the filthy game the of so-called “negotiations” with israel.

Palestine is not ONLY Mahmoud Abbas, Salam Fayyad, Mohammad Dahlan, Fatah, Hamas and other political groups. Palestine is for all the Palestinians. Most Palestinians are not involved in politics and have never been. These Palestinians are the real victims of the occupation and the depression brought upon us by Fatah, Hamas and the regime of the “Palestinian Authority”. These Palestinians suffer most because of the ignorance, poverty and the deteriorated situation. These people, when they stand up, they will burn everything, they will burn the green before the dry as we say in Arabic. I am sure that these Palestinians, the poor people, the silent majority which has suffered most, will put their blood on line and lead the revolution to expel the jewish colonists for ever.

12 comments to The March to Expel The Jewish Colonists

  • Jews are reasonable and civilized.

    Palestinians and Arabs are irrational and terroristic.

    The entire Middle East should be given to Jews/Zionists. This planet has no room for terrorists.

  • if the jews are so civilized then why are they so reviled worldwide?
    if you were and are so civilized how come you have never recognized the prophets of god sent to you aforetime and the last of them all prophet mohammed pbuh who is mentioned by name in your holy book and his coming?

    how come you have never listened to gods voice throughout history?
    why was god angered against you again and again as recorded in your bible and sent afflictions or torment to you?
    the answer mr palmer, the vast majority of you have no faith at all and are hard hearted as recorded in the koran, it is power you respect and use to further your ends clearly evil apparent to all.

    history will record after your passing your last chance to join the human race in servitude and humility to god, you have rejected both which will be detrimental to your race when we muslims take you to task for your tyranny and oppression,murder and mayhem you create. it is a matter so decreed!
    you rejected the true messiah and yet will follow the false one dajjal and cause great evil in the land thinking that you are civilized, but retribution will be swift in coming and one of the signs of that will be the drying up of lake tiberias in galillee, palestine! after which there will be no more state of israel.

    • American Patriot

      I agree with you 100%. Jesus told them in John 8:44 just exactly what they are. I’ll take His word for it!

  • carl

    Growing up in the christian faith i listened to the preachers and the shepherds of the flock and they all told us that the Jews were Gods chosen people…I believed them as most christians STILL DO this day.However,by the mercy of Jah i have be led into the truth and new understanding.The Jews ARE NOT Gods chosen people! The LORD God divorced the house of Judah and that is after He divorced the house of Israel (let us get it through our heads) two plus ten equals the origional twelve tribes.Times are changing,the truth is coming to light and you proud men better get on your knees before the Almighty Jahshuwah the Messiah and REPENT ! The proud men full of pride,how are you going to save yourself from hell,nay you will be sent down to the pit..the nether world. These priests,preachers and shepherds of the flock better wake up for it will be much worse for you then the sheep you have led astray.These British Royals,this wicked house of Mount-Battenberg better repent or else you’ll be sent down to the nether world, the pit! The Lord has no pleasure in sending anyone down into hell, so repent of your sins.The FEAR of the LORD endureth FOREVER .

  • Brian

    American politicians are directly and completely responsible for what’s been going on in Palestine over the last 60 plus years.

  • Jim

    It’s now official – there’s been no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors :

    Quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:
    ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ (page 83)

  • Ed

    Jews civilized??? Maybe elsewhere but certainly not in Palestine. They have been the real terrorists for the last 60 years. I hope the Arabs rise up and show them the door.

  • First, I am not Jewish. I am Christian.

    Why are Jews reviled world over?

    I am not aware of this being so. In my experience Jews are supported world over. The minority that reviles Jews do so because they are terrified of the Jewish ability to attain the highest positions in society.

    David Duke is a good example. In his (racist) mind it is the Whites who should be the most evolved race. After all, we are based on the Ancient Greeks and we accepted Christ. But reality indicates that Whites are not as smart as Jews. Therefore, White fundamentalists conclude that Jews must be propelled by some evil force.

    So if Jews are reviled it’s because they are good, not because they are bad.

    And we know this is true, don’t we? I mean why would you focus on Jewish “crimes” when so many more are committed by Muslim pigs and for no reasons other than culture? Right?

    • anton


      zionist Jews are not liked the world over due to their racist, pushy, aggressive and arrogant behaviour. Most, but not all, seem to have a chip on their shoulder. I would not say the jews are smarter than any other kind. The zionist jews succeed due to their maffia mentality. Look towards how the Italian maffia operated or better yet, study the operating procedures of the Chinese Triads and you find that zionist jewish circles emulate the same. Anyway, according to the jews (represented by their rabbis and Israel’s president), Palmer; you are just a ‘useful idiot’.

    • FloZoMo

      Goodness, David.
      You seem to be on the cusp of reality. You say Jews are not bad, but not good, and wonder why they are reviled the world over.
      In my opinion, not all Jews are bad or even, “not good”. MANY more Jews, worldwide, are completely against the Zionist expansion into and complete overtaking of the LAND OF PALESTINE. Many (more spiritual) Jews believe this is against “G-D’s word”.
      What you fail to realise is this:
      1. Judaism and Zionism are NOT one in the same. The first is a religion (some even say a culture) and the second is a political ideology which pushes apartheid, as well as murders, and land-theivery.
      2. The majority of American Jews are against what is happening to Palestinians, and,
      3. David Duke changed HIS tune long ago. He is not anti-Jew, nor is he anti-BLack (which was really his “thing”, back when). The KKK worked alongside MANY Zionists, Jews included in their hayday. SO, plese back off of that one.
      If you only have David Duke, a changed man, to point to as how Jews are reviled, worldwide, you knowledge of this subject is very limited.

      PLEASE check out electronic intifida, for example. Or, look to Jewish Voice for Peace; an organisation started by deceent JEWS, who do not want any part of what Israel is doing to Palestine. There is so much available, online (all kinds of news sites and blogs, too– for opinion) that it’s no longer necessary to rely on “our” MSM (zionist owned and run media). For this, and for your confusion, I have to discount your comment. Look it up, and learn something. I think you may end up agreeing with the blog, here too. I know I used to be ever on the side of Israel, unquestioningly so; now, I have learned more and think for myself!

      Oh, and to “Avi” of UK.., with the “hate mail”: I see you have now learned more than JUST four-letter words. You’ve actually come up with a five-letter word, yet failed to explain yourself. Avi, this is very typical of YOU. Did you tire of YT or did they tire of YOU?

  • mr palmer,you talk like a zionist jew and wish for the same, i certainly do not accept your profession of christianity. people like you hide behind other religions to foment hate, and discord, it is an age old method you employ, successfully i must say. we muslims will expose you bastards and when they christians reject you for what you are doing then your sorry arses will be ours, its only a matter of time!!— heheheheheheh.

    i look forward to that time because our prophet mohammed pbuh predicted this will happen, anything he has said has always come true in line with true prophethood!!

    genuine decent jews and christians should challenge what these hatemongers are spreading to create discord between our communitys, recognise these evil people as govt employees passing legislation against humanity, or in positions of power but generally these are zionist jews who have no faith–pure kaffirs– spreading hate and creating groups like anti muslim in origin and funding them so that the general populace are confused to who is the real devil causing all this strife.

    time definitely is not on your side or goodwill, you will be repaid a million fold what you are doing to the palestinians and there will be no one to help u when the world turns against you!

  • anton

    Throughout history the jews had been thrown out of virtually every country they tried to grab. You zionist jews are arrogant and racist and claim to be god’s chosen people, yet you do not behave accordingly. Despite of all your claims, there is not even any archeological evidence to support you. You wondered for 40 years in the desert…evidence? None! DNA proves you are the same as the people of Palestine! Well, some of you anyway, the rest is European and Khazar. You are killing your own brothers and sisters in Palestine in the name of religious race doctrine. Look towards the past to see your future. Eventually you will be homeless and doomed to wonder the planet again. You have to change. You need to learn to accept in order to be accepted. Palestine is not Israel. Israel was and is a cult. You may be a part of, but you can not and will never replace Palestine.
    (By the way, I am not Palestinian and not a Muslim.)

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