It Is Time to Hit Israel Like Libya

The Arab peoples want to change their rulers, leaders and kings. No one wants to keep Muammar Gaddafi, Ali Abdullah Saleh and the many other dictators and despots who invariably hold up western and zionist interests over those of the nation and the people. No one wants to change his government in the favor of supporting US zionists and the Israeli occupation war crimes. The Arab peoples who support changes are calling the world to stop the policy of double standards in dealing with the revolutions, the criminal dictators and Israel.

The Arab nations are calling for a military strike against israel, demanding that the Security Council, which passed a decision to use force against Gaddafi in Libya in support of protecting the civilians from Gaddafi’s crimes, demand that the Security Council must issue a similar decision to strike israel, which bomb the civilians in Gaza. Israel has several times bombed civilian populations in Lebanon and Gaza with cluster and phosphor bombs. Israel wants to repeat these crimes and is known to constantly plan and instigate wars and perpetrate terrorism against all countries in the region.

The israeli plan is to hit the Gaza Strip while the world is busy with the Arab revolutions. The zionists have has used Palestinian collaborators in Gaza, infiltrators and sleeper cells to shoot useless rocket at uninhabited places in israel in order justify hitting Gaza. This happened before the background of the talks of reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas, with the intention of hindering the national reconciliation, which become a national demand of all Palestinians. The Palestinian reconciliation between Hamas as Fatah is targeted by the zionists because they want to keep the Palestinians divided, as this helps the occupation.

According to israeli reports published two days ago, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu (yemach shmo) is making contacts with the United States and Europe aimed at thwarting the initiative of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to restore national unity and end the tragic division, what gives rise to censure and condemnation, especially since the talk about the internal Palestinian affairs is none of israels business. The Palestinian unity and the establishment of a coalition government, the Palestinian national unity and elections are major demands of all Palestinians. The zionists and their co-perpetrators have no business at attempting to suppress Palestinian will.

The recent incident of targeting missiles from the heart of Gaza into israel, at this particular time, is merely intended at thwarting the Palestinian reconciliation and to entrench the existing divisions, to create a pretext for waging war and continuing the ethnic cleansing in Gaza as well as moving forward in the implementing of the judaization of Jerusalem, building and expanding more settlements in the West Bank and to block the chance of achieving a just and lasting peace based on the long known full legitimacy of the Palestinian will before international laws and agreements.

From this point, the zionist plan aims again at the destruction of the Gaza Strip. This despicable and indecent plan must face this same size of international forces used today against Libya. The UN Security Council and all the international community must know that the protection of Palestinian civilians is an Arab demand in all the Middle East and that we are entitled to the same protections under international laws, treaties and UN resolutions as anybody else, even if the jews dont like to hear that truth. It is not reasonable that the world is using force to protect the Libyan people from the forces of Ghaddafi while they have turned their collective back to the criminal israeli occupation since 63 years, allowing them to engage in genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity in the West Bank and Gaza. It is time for the international community to end the zionist crime spree for good. True piece in the middle east will start on the day when a cruise missile crashes through Bibi’s front door!

32 comments to It Is Time to Hit Israel Like Libya

  • maziar,iran

    I agree with you… israel is a terrorist regime

  • I am sickened by the pontifications of the ‘West’ – including from here in Australia where our foreign minister blathers on about Gaddafi’s crimes against his own people.

    Gaddafi may be as ‘bad’ as other ‘leaders’ but – what about Zimbabwe which is utterly ruined by that twerp Mugabe. Where is the ‘rescue’ from the West…. oh …. no oil and not a Zionist concern.

    Why the hell are we in Afghanistan and Iraq?

    In my naivite, I once thought that a two state solution might work in Palestine but sixty years of NOTHING from Israel except deceit has lifted that illusion.

    I wish that I had a good joke to share but none comes to mind.

    Take care Kawther ….. that image of you phographing the ducks stays in my mind.

    Grief and pain cannot be the only things that you allow yourself to write about.

  • John Taurus

    There are a surprizing number of Americans who would like to see Israel destroyed. Israel is the home of faux Jews, penis worshiping, devils who have taken the shape of humans in order to rule the world. Pure evil in human form, walking the earth. Where the Zionist Jew finds happiness and love, the Zionist Jew feels it is his/her obligation to leave destruction, sorrow, grief, misery, woe, and death. Sooner or later the goy slaves of the world (us)must take a stand. Better now than later. The Zionist Jew must be destroyed and never more allowed to rise from the ashes. Every war for the last 100 years has been their doing. These evil beings have cause at least a trillion deaths in the last 100 years. The economic collapse was their doing so as to reorganize the world to better give them control.

  • Sure, let’s get the UN (armies of the world) gathered around Jerusalem just like Libya. Then we can all watch the prophecies of Exezial come true in CNN color.

  • walt235

    Israel is a criminal, illegal state. it needs to be destroyed along with all the evil parasites infesting it!

  • Kawther, you are a monster and I hope that you soon meet the consequences of your evil nature. Oh, and by the way, quick destruction to shitty Islam.

    • American Patriot

      I am another American that’s tired of supporting terrorist Israhell and it’s greedy parasites.

  • John Doe

    This map clearly shows the true agenda:

    Whether you call them agents of the elitist NWO, Zionists, Neocons, or otherwise, the breadth and depth of their network is terrifying. Looking at things through the lens of geo-politics, their evil strategy is clear.

  • wayne

    It has been Isarael’s plan from the beginning to either enslave the Palestinians as servants, or expell them and to kill them that don’t comply. There is no peace process an there never was or will be – it is just used to stall for time as more Palestinian land is stolen.

    Isareal is the enemy of the entire world and in their evil hearts they hold the desire to eventually rule the world. They believer they are God’s chosen people, which of course means that we are not and as such are destined to be their servants.

  • rotorman

    @David Palmer you are like an unspeakable thing that lives under a rock. Please quietly return to your squalor.

  • Tony Balleno

    Mr. Palmer, in the spirit of full disclosure, are you Jewish?

  • wayniac

    israel has been allow to terrorize the middle east long enough. It’s time the UN took israel out with or without the jewnighted states approval.

  • Peter Waine (UK)

    Here is the cruel things Gadaffi does to his people.
    1, Gives them free housing
    2, Gives them free Health Care
    3, Gives them free seed and farming machinery.
    4, Gives them free education
    5, Gives subsidised transport they get 50k SUV’s for only 5k
    6, Gives them full employment, that many jobs they need workers from Egypt.
    7, Uses the wealth of the oil fields for the betterment of his people and to rase the living standards that are second to none on the African continent.

    Yes Mr Gadaffi is a very bad person. does he have to take all these things away from his people like they are doing now here in the UK with our people to be called a good guy?

    You should think twice before you claim Gadaffi a tyrant because the minority of his people are CIA backed trouble makers who are only after the Libyan oil who care nothing of only personal gain atthe expense of the majority of the Libyan people.

    Its blatand theft by war and you can bet the Zions are the real instigators of this conflict for their New World Order.

  • rachel

    it hit me last night as to what Isreal is really up too. It’s trying to spark a massive war in the region. And while the whole world is cosumed with what could be deemed ww3…they will use that oppertunity to finish of Gaza and the west bank.

    there will never be a solution. Not a 1 state and not a 2. Isreal has already stated that. Thier goal is to remove or kill every person in palistine. They need a massive war in the region to cover up the act. I suspect we will eventually see a small atomic weapon dropped on Gaza city and the absolute destruction of the west bank.

    if they can start a war with iran, tie gaza and west bank into iran as an enemy and totally destroy what is left of palastine thier goals will be complete. And since the internet is exposing thier crimes, the USA is losing it’s luster and power they will have to do this in the next 5 years. At which time the UN will be disolved or completely baught so they can keep the illegal land stolen and then claim addition land belonging to other countries as part of greater isreal.

    These extremist want to reclaim thier holy land and declare jeruselum as thier new capital. They have already stated that intent.

    The whole reason for the degrading of the muslims for the last few decades was to not only cover thier crimes but also make the average western boob think that only isreal can bring peace to the region and thus everything would be under thier control.

    Things will get far worse in the region.

  • bandrig

    Keep up the good work. Tell us more about events in Palestine. You are one of the few reliable sources of information about the state of affairs in Gaza

  • Chris

    I’m no fan of Israel, but why do all Palestinian Arabs immigrate to Europe? Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt are all next door. I do feel sorry for the Palestinians, but when I see how they support the genocide of my people, the English, in my homeland through the support of open borders and multiculturalism, any sympathy I had for them disappears.

    Good luck Palestine, but stay the hell out of my country.

    • Chelli

      It seems that you forget history….
      It is recent history even. Try to remember the British in….Palestine

      • Chris

        So the suffering Palestinians had under British occupation means that we, the English, because of our Elites, have to welcome your people and put up with your hostility for eternity? It is utterly ridiculous: the Arabs, like the Jews, in Europe have to go. You’ll never gain my support for Palestine as long as your people keep immigrating here on mass.

  • Bernard Golem

    The spirit, belief, and practice of Zionism is wrong. You’ll know them by their actions. It is destructive. Go ask any True Tora Jew and even they will say that Zionism is wrong. A Neocon is also another name and front of Zionism to be aware of.

    True Tora Jews Against Zionism:

    The capitol of organized crime – Isreal:

  • John

    Why didn’t you flee to another muslim countr?
    Why do you muslims flood into our white countries? there are ove 60 all muslim countries in the world and you pick a white country?
    ..One day soon you are leaving our white countries whether you like it or not.!!.. you are nothing but a parasite who does not want to live with your own people!
    … Stay in your own countries and stay out of Europe!! go home!!!

    • Chris

      Similarly to the Jews, The Arabs are a hypocritical race. What the Jews are doing in Israel is a mirror image of what the Arabs are doing in Europe. Irrespective of whether Palestine is freed from Jewry, those Palestinians in our lands will never leave. I feel sorry for the Palestinians, but not once have I met a Palestinian or an Arab that has supported the right of Europeans to be free of multiculturalism and mass-immigration. Every Arab I’ve met supports and advocates it in my country, therefore, for me, they’re the same as the Jew as they’re working towards having us destroyed.

  • john


  • If it walks like a werewolf and so on and so forth, Jews will never be Israel. Israel is a people, 12 tribes [The european “White people” NATIONS] WHO SHOULD LOVE THE TRUTH & JUSTICE …enough to serve the Almighty in TRUTH. Ashkenazim proselytes to Talmudic Judaism and all zionazi psychozoids are doomed to be reduced to ashes…If the europeans and “Americans” {zoglings} don’t like the multicultural moshpit…Do something about finding out the TRUTH concerning the anti-Christ “Jewish” terrorists…ZIONAZI’s…Al Quida is “JEWISH”….DUH!!! []…[;article=136284;title=APFN] THERE WERE NO ASHEKENAZIM “PROSELYTES” TO TALMUDIC JUDAISM in the Old Testament…Israel is not Jewish…Israel is a people who should be Christians…SEEKING JUSTICE…[]…Find out the Truth…Live Free of “JEWISH” lies….KILL TALMUDVISION….and the “JEWISH” STATE of mind….

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Libya regime change
    Israel-First Crusaders.

    Bloodthirsty Assassins

  • Judas Schmidt

    Nuke Jerusalem now!

  • hp

    It should be called “The Delilah Option.”

  • teri

    Indeed, Israel is a cesspool of paranoid, psychopathic aggressors.
    Unfortunately Obama, Clinton and
    the rest of the zionist stooges
    who are in power in the U.S. are
    psychopathic racists. Obama owes the Jews in America his presidency. These people have truly lost their legitimacy. Remember this, they have no morals, no principles and no humanity. Just monsters that
    kill, kill and kill some more.

  • Israel is an illegal state and the united states is It’s little beach. The American patriots should get rid of or destroy the Jewish lobbyist and It’s supporters. Israel should have a massive earthquake twice of that in Japan.

  • carl

    You Englishmen better be careful for what you say,for you do not know who you are.

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