Mossad Abducts Director of Gaza Power Plant in Ukraine

Again and again and again and to no end, israel, the mossad, the zionists lobbies are behind the world crises, wars, trouble, kidnappings, murdering and violating the sovereignty of western and Arabs nations and countries alike. Last year, on January 20 2010, the mossad assassinated Hamas member Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in the Al-Bustan Rotana hotel in Dubai, and the assassination put dirt on the names of several countries. It is known, but denied by the respective authorities, that the mossad operates freely in the EU and other western countries.

Update 18 March 2010 – The Ukrainian government has not answered to my request for information until now. I take this as an implicit admission that they are complicit to this last crime of israel. Also, according to israeli press, the Ukrainian regime has “developed extensive security arrangements” with israel.

The mossad, headquarter in Herzliya, consists only of a comparatively small team (max. 1500 individuals) which relies heavily on the collaboration of the local jewish colonies to conduct their operations around the world. The mossad can reputedly count, on average, on the collaboration of every second jewish household worldwide. On account of the massive level of potential collaboration with what is a known criminal and terrorist organization of ill repute, and on account of this latest terrorist act perpetrated by the mossad in the Western countries, all governments must considered security measures such as declaring the jewish colony resident in their countries as a danger to the public welfare and security, or similar measures.

On 18 February 2011, the israel intelligence service mossad abducted in the Ukraine Dr. Dirar Abu-Sisi. He is 42 years, the director of the Gaza power plant, he lives in Beit Lahiya in Gaza and is the latest known victim of israeli terrorism. Dr. Abu-Susi is married to Victoria, an Ukrainian national, they have six children.

Said Mohammed Abu-Sisi, a cousin of Dr. Abu-Sisi, told the Center for Palestinian media that the Dr. Abu-Sisi was not affiliated to any political party. He was born in Jordan, where he lived with his family and completed his studies at schools, and then traveled to Ukraine to continue his studies at Ukrainian universities, where he received a doctorate in electric engineering and married an Ukrainian woman, Victoria, with whom he has six children.

Victoria Abu-Sisi, 32, Ukrainian citizen, accused the israeli mossad of kidnapping her husband in Ukraine. She revealed that she and her husband had traveled a month ago to Ukraine in order to visit her family, visiting her mother who now is sick and who she had not seen for over 12 years because of the israeli military aggression and the closure to Gaza. The family also planned to complete paperwork related to the residency and registration of their children with the Ukrainian authorities.

She added that she is sure that the mossad carried out the abduction in order to sabotage the reconstruction of the key electric power plant in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, where her husband worked as a manager. Ms. Abu-Sisi said that her husband is not only the heart of the electric station in Gaza, but rather its brain. She confirmed that the electric power plant in Gaza is a strategic object and that Israel wants to destroy it or prevent it from functioning fully.

Representatives of the UNHCR said they believed that Abu Sisi was abducted and illegally transported to Israel and incarcerated in an Israeli jail; they added that they strongly suspect that the Ukrainian security services aided in the operation and were conniving with the mossad.

Hamas spokesman Ihab Ghussein said on Friday that the Ukraine must investigate how a Palestinian man was seized from an Ukrainian train and apparently transferred into Israeli custody; he said that the Ukrainian authorities must uncover the facts.

The Israeli human rights organization HaMoked said that Dr. Abu-Sisi is held in an Israeli prison since Feb 19. Specifically, that he is being kept in the Shikma detention center outside the coastal city of Ashkelon.

Around the world, Israel is behind every imaginable atrocity. They are behind the bloody terror in Darfur, in the EU, in many western countries, all across the Middle East. Just by looking it becomes clear that all governments of the world are run by zionist politicians of jewish origin with direct links to Israel, where their true allegiances lie rather with the countries for which they purport to work. The duties of these politicians are to justify the never ending israeli crimes and terror, to cover up and hide these crimes, in the same way as Germany, Poland, and Canada covered up the capture in their countries of people involved in the murder of Al-Mabhouh in Dubai, or let them go after they were captured. The world’s politicians are behind the issuing of laws which protect the crimes of Israel and which curtail the freedoms and dignity of their own peoples and nations. These are the same politicians and bankers who are behind the economical crisis and never ending wars around the world. They are all zionists. The question is: When will the western nations rebel against this political horror?

As a victim of a jewish genocide campaign myself, I am aware of the genocide perpetrated against the Ukrainian people in the years 1932-1933 by the jews, who at that time called themselves Bolcheviques, and which cost the Ukraine over 10 million victims. Before that historical background I find it even more astonishing that the Ukraine would allow israel impunity for its continued crimes against humanity.

In the case of the abduction of Dr. Abu-Sisi in the Ukraine, the victim was transferred to Israel and now is in jail, his lawyer is not allowed to reveal any information by judicial order. How was Dr. Abu-Sisi abducted in Ukraine and transferred to Israel? This must be answered by the Ukrainian government, which is involved in this crime or at least they are under suspicion of conniving in this crime until they clarify their position.

Below is a brief story about the abduction of Dr. Abu Susi and questions which I submitted to the Ukrainian authorities via Email.

Respected President Yanukovych,

respected Ministers,
respected Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine,

my name is Kawther Salam. I am a journalist living in Vienna.
I write mostly about the issue of  the violation of the human rights on worldwide news service website and my website
I have readers from around the world, and my articles are syndicated by other news, mostly in English language.

According to my information, Dr. Abu-Sisi was abducted by israeli mossad on the night of 18 February 2011 while he was on board of train No. 6, which departed at 22:15 from Kharkov with destination to Kiev. Also according to my information, personnel of the train stated that they had noticed suspicious individuals, who represented themselves as security personnel, boarding the train “about 2 hours” after it departed from Kharkov. They were seen asking Dr. Abu-Sisi for identification and forcing him off the train during a stopover before arriving in Kiev. The station of Kiev was later called by “police” and ordered to “change their statement” when this became public. According to sources, Dr. Abu-Sisi has been incarcerated in the Ashkelon of israel jail since 19 February 2011 and there is a lawyer representing him. The israeli government has ordered an information blockade about Dr. Abu-Sisi.

Dr. Abu-Sisi is a Palestinian electric engineer from Gaza who obtained his title in your country. He is married to an Ukrainian national, Victoria. Dr. Abu-Sisi worked with the Gaza branch of Jerusalem Open University until he received his new post as a director of the power plant power management. Dr. Abu-Sisi was in Ukraine together with his wife Victoria for familiar reasons. Given who Dr. Abu-Sisi is, we see this act of terrorism perpetrated in the Ukraine in the context of the campaign of genocide which the state of israel and other zionist organizations around the world are conducting against the Palestinian people.

The brother of Dr. Abu-Sisi, Yousef, a Dutch national, his wife Victoria and several human rights organizations have filed criminal complaints and otherwise intervened with the Ukrainian presidential office, interior ministry and intelligence services regarding this abduction.

I respectfully request from your excellencies answers the following questions related to the abduction of Dr. Abu-Sisi in your country:

  • – Does your government or the Ukrainian railroad services employ israelis as “security personnel”?
  • – How many security companies operate in the Ukraine which employ israeli nationals or which have connections to israel?
  • – In what way does the kidnapping of Dr. Abu-Sisi correspond to Ukrainian national interest?
  • – What favors have been given or promised by israeli representatives so that this grave act of international terrorism could be perpetrated with impunity, and to whom?
  • – Is your government considering the imposition of any kind of sanctions against Israel after this crime? Which sanctions are you considering?
  • – Which are the (preliminary) results of the investigation which your authorities are conducting about this case of international terrorism?
  • – According to different sources, many governments, among them the Ukrainian government, have secret agreements with Israel, which among other things assured them impunity for any crimes their agents might commit.
    Is there any agreement between the Ukrainian government and the state of israel which allows israeli operatives to engage in terrorist acts with impunity in your country?
    Why does the government of the Ukraine keep this agreement with israel secret and hidden from public opinion? On which legal grounds is such an agreement with the Ukraine based?
  • – Has your government questioned the israeli representative in your country about this act of international terrorism?
  • – Would you disclose the results of any talks you might have conducted with any representatives of the state of israel regarding this crime?
  • – Has your government considered punitive measures, such as expelling the israeli representative, downgrading or suspending relations with the state of israel?

I will publish any answer which I receive from your esteemed offices in answer to this writing. In addition, I will publish this writing.

Thank you very much for your attention.



6 comments to Mossad Abducts Director of Gaza Power Plant in Ukraine

  • Boris

    Ukrainian traitor.
    Go live with the Muslims.

    • Ian

      Ukainian Traitor?
      Surely, those allowing foreign nations to operate within their borders and further allowing the kidnapping and transporting of others out of the country are themselves traitors? Unless of course, you are stating that such actions are in fact legal in your country and openly approved of by the government?
      Using religion as an excuse for such actions and comments, rather than sticking to simple right and wrong, just makes you look petty and foolish!

  • rotorman

    Boris, surely the traitors are the sayanim Jew families that live in our countries who assisting the murder and kidnapping of Palestinians? It is worth pointing out that no Palestinian has ever caused harm to my country, the UK. Zionist Jews, both in the UK and abroad have betrayed the UK on multiple occasions.

    No doubt Dr. Abu-Sisi was kidnapped and smuggled out of the Ukraine through the zionist illicit vital organs route. It is also worth noting that Boshevik Jew traitors murdered tens of millions of Ukrainians.

  • Adonis Tate

    Use of lower-case j in “jewish” leaves authors exposed to accusations of bare ethnic hatred, to the detriment of their facts and conclusions. Intellectual content is then dismissed as a pretext for hating Jews. It happens a lot. It’s self-defeating! It plays right into Jewish tribal propaganda. Trust a non-Muslim on this count, please.

  • rotorman

    Adonis Tate you are inviting non-Europeans to accept the zionist rhetoric of the Holocaust and the pogroms when you ask them to distinguish the Jew from the zionist. The fact is that it is the Jew that has caused the Palestinians incalculable suffering. You are asking the oppressed to regard the oppressors sensitivities which a ludicrous and subversive proposition.

    Why should the Palestinians, let alone all peoples of colour, accept white European imperialistic subtleties? Until Palestine is free, I say f..k the Yahoodis, f..k zionism, and f..k colonialist semantics.

  • Helen

    Boris is a jew who works to get what ever he can from all non jews. thats why he tells the muslims to go away. but because he knows the jews did kill millions of ukranians, he refuses to recognize this part of history. but yet he blames the muslims for living on land that he wants us all to think that God gave it to jews. obviously boris knows nothing about history because even in the Bible God had told them to leave. and he never came back to tell them this is their land. they cherry pick parts of any history to make their claims. i’m not an antisemitic because boris is not a semite, his forefathers converted to judaism/zionism. so his words are hatefilled because he was taught to hate all non jews. all i can say is may God bless you with a brain and compassion to learn the truth. otherwise he will be lost for eternity.

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