The Zionist Regime Under The Shadow of Inattention

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Ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Permanent representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran said at United Nations International meeting under the title “The urgency of addressing the plight of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons and detention facilities” which was held in Vienna on March 7 2011 that the zionist regime, under the shadow of inattention and silence of the International Community, and by ignorance of basic human rights of the people of the Palestinian territories continues to violate the internationally recognized norms and principles by committing crimes such as massacre of innocent Palestinian children and women, planned assassination, siege of Palestinian regions, illegal settlement, destruction of houses and infrastructures, and construction of the apartheid wall.

Where the Occupying regime in front of the eyes of the world people commits such brutal crimes against the Palestinian people, one can easily imagine what happens for the Palestinian innocent prisoners in the Israeli prisons.

He added according to the Latest statistics on Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons,  the Israeli occupation forces arrested since 1967, more than (750) thousand Palestinians, including tens of thousands of children and women, and among them more than (70) thousand cases of arrest recorded since the start of the Aqsa Intifada in September 2000. These people are arrested and kept in the Israeli dreadful detentions and prisons and deprived of their most basic human rights. In fact they are accused for defending their inalienable rights.

Ambassador Soltanieh said: “this meeting is very important for considering and raising awareness of the current difficult situation and conditions of prisoners Palestinians in Israeli prisons and detentions as well as finding a solution for their speedy release.
While the international community should  pay highly  attention to the situation of the Palestinian prisoners and make any efforts to put the Occupying regime under pressure  for releasing all of them, it  should also take further and strong  steps to materialize  the  inalienable  rights of Palestinians for life and self-determination in their territories that occupied by the Zionist regime.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is demanding an end to occupation of all Palestinian and other occupied territories and believes that resolutions and decisions of the international organizations can not fully restore all rights of the Palestinian people since the occupier regime of Al-Qods does not even attach any importance to this least requirement of the international organizations and does not feel any commitment for implementing such resolutions and decisions.

Ambassador Soltanieh stated that the Iranian democratic plan for solving the issue of Palestine includes the return of all Palestinian refugees to their own land in occupied Palestine, holding a democratic referendum with participation of the legitimate people of Palestine composed of Muslims, Christians, Jews for taking decision on the future regime of the state, the establishment of a political regime and taking decision about non-genuine inhabitants of Palestine by a political regime elected by majority is the only sustainable solution.

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