Libyan Dictator Promises to Hunt More Civilians

Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, who has ruled the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya since 42 years, sent a warning message to the peaceful demo participants in Libya: he said that that a cruel, hard and shaking earthquake will face the demonstrators in response to their chaos. The warning message was delivered during the opening of the new headquarters of the Ahli Tripoli club. Gaddafi, the dictator, said that his country was “the leader of other countries in the world” and that the world’s youth and nations “are looking towards Libya as a symbol of free will and freedom”.

He Described the Libyan peace demonstrators who were murdered by the Libyan authorities yesterday and today (over 100 innocent civilians and the number is still increasing) as enemies of Libya, as corrupt and bribed people. He added more insult in his symbolic description, saying that the people who were shot were “like the yellow leaves of autumn which fall down” and accusing the demonstrators of being spies of US and zionism. He said: “Down with the enemies, collaborators, bribed people. Autumn leaves are always falling, and collaborator of USA and zionism are falling”.

Dictatorial regimes lead by the US and Israel always accuse national revolutionaries as collaborators. They think that everybody is traitor and a spy for the US and Israel, just like themselves. On August 10 2010, the Libyan regime handed the Israeli zionist organization, the “state of israel” Rafael “Rafram” Haddad, a Mossad agent who had been captured in Libya photographing and documenting historical places for the jewish zionist agency and for the “Or Shalom” center in israel, a branch of the Jewish Agency dedicated to preserving and documenting the “jewish property” in Libya.

The Libyan deal with zionist Israel was surrounded with ambiguities. The top Russian jewish mafioso and “minister of foreign affairs” of israel, Avigdor Lieberman, thanked Gaddafi and described him as “a responsible Arab leader” while receiving the israeli mossad agent at Ben Gurion airport.

Dictator Gaddafi regime who accused the peace protesters of being spies to Israel had declared that he wants to compensate the jews zionists who squatted in Palestine, stole and loot the Palestinian properties after they left their property in Libya.

Libyan dictator Gaddafi called for a demonstration in Tripoli yesterday in support of his regime and himself. He was surrounded by a group of death squads, criminals, thugs and bullies who he brought from other African countries in trucks, paying them well to defend his dictatorship with crimes against the Libyan people. Gaddafi and his thugs chanted for the continuity of the dictatorship, repeating that the power of the Libyan regime and the Libyan Jamahiriya, the revolution and the leader (Gaddafi) were all red lines and that trying to overcome them or touch them was like “playing with fire” – this was a clear threat to the peaceful civilian demonstrators. The thugs added that both the US and Western countries and Al-jazeera would not be able to do anything to change anything in Libya.

According to the news from Libya, chaos has spread within the Libyan security services and several higher security officers are in favor of the change of the Gaddafi regime and support the peaceful demonstrations and revolutionaries. The sources added that the Libyan authorities had fired several security officials from their posts, including the security director of “Shubia”, “Green Mountain” Brigadier General Hassan al-Qaradawi

The “Middle East” newspaper in London revealed on Saturday that a number of members of the historical leadership of the Libyan revolution officially submitted their resignations to the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in protest of the rising number of murdered and the wounded civilians in the wake of the clashes between the Libyan forces and demonstrators. The resigned leaders also demand changes and reforms of the Libyan state.

The Libyan security forces, special commandos, foreign mercenaries from Uganda, Chad and the African countries and those loyal to the Libyan dictator Gadhafi were shooting live bullets at the demonstrators in the city of Benghazi, using Kalashnikovs and anti-aircraft missiles. They opened the fire on thousands people during the burial of their relatives who were hunted yesterday and today. An Eyewitness said that over 25 bodies are lying in front of her house, and that the Libyan forces are not allowing ambulances to evacuate the dead bodies, and that the injured people are bleeding to death.

8 comments to Libyan Dictator Promises to Hunt More Civilians

  • Rob

    Qaddafi is correct. The demonstrators are organized and funded by Usrael. Try a demonstration in USA that lasts
    a couple days. The number shot (although never publicized), would be many times the toll of Arab freedom fighters. I’m not trying to defend Qaddafi, since I see him as a money grubbing gangster. Same is true of all the
    Arab “leaders” that align with Usrael. Only hope and pray that the Arab “freedom fighters” understand that they must not sell their souls to Usrael.

  • Micky

    I know this guy.from back in the mid 80″
    His buddy Ceausescu from Romania gave him a lotta schooling how to survive.But his time is coming

  • richard

    why do these so called freedom fighters enslave their people ? because he is not a freedom fighter. YOU SHALL KNOW THEM BY THERE DEEDS.

  • rotorman

    Seems to me that the more vicious US backed dictators are the ones confronting popular uprisings while these wishful few demonstrators in Libya, Iran and no doubt soon to be Syria are US sponsored colour coded revolutions.

  • RedRock

    With The US supporting tyranny around the world, as it must to maintain its tyranny, the People are going to continue to fight for their freedoms.

    “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from it’s government”. Thomas Paine

    I just read a new thriller that’s about revolution coming to America. It’s a must read cause it’s so true for what is about to come home to us.

  • Kim

    All this colour revolutions do no good for people. Look at Ukrain, Georgia or Kyrgystan.

    Qaddafi is the wise man, who can oppose US sponsored “revolutions”

  • The fact that Gaddafi has to rely on foreign troops is a clear indication that his relationship with the military is not good and this could encourage the Libyan people to push harder in order to achieve the similar outcome as the Egyptian people did a few days ago.

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