A US Citizen has Disappeared

Mr. Stephen J. Langosh's house in Vista, California 92081

This issue has been solved. Thank you to everybody who helped find out what happened to Mr. Langosh.

I am worried about a reader of my Blog, Stephen J. Langosh, from Vista, California 92081. I have reason to think that he might be in trouble. Mr. Langosh was one among the readers who permanently posted comments on my Blog as “Steve in Vista”. He was also re-publishing my posts on his own blog “Palestine Cry”. Mr. Vista was a special reader among the many readers who wrote me. He was remarkably sympathetic with Palestine and Palestinians. He was against the US occupation of Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well against the zionist regime. I did not know Mr. Langosh beyond his writing.

The last comment which Mr. Langosh posted on my blog was on January 13th, 2011. Since then, his comments stopped, and his writing on his own blog stopped too. I started to worry about Mr. Langosh because he posted some very disquieting information in his last article “The Second Coming of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” which was posted on Saturday, January 15, 2011. Under the article I found a note posted on Friday, January 14, 2011 (A word to my friends: “When you see this post, with this note, it means that they have finally murdered me”). I wrote him three times asking if everything was OK, but I have not received an answer.

Mr. Langosh wrote me several e-mails last year 2010 in which he stated that both of his life and his mother’s life were in big danger. He said that he had been attacked several time by retired colonels from the US military, and names Marine Corps Colonels Dennis Damon and Angel Luna Rodriguez saying that he received several death threats from these officers and the people around them, and this with full help and support from the police, which according to Mr. Langosh had ignored all of his complaint against the officers.

Langosh wrote: My mother’s and my life was threatened repeatedly by the local neighborhood thug and his accomplice, a retired Marine Corps Colonel, Dennis Damon and Angel Lunarodriguez. We complained to the police — the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, repeatedly, including Sergeant Marc Ramirez and Captain Robert Ahern, demanding that these criminals be arrested.

More on Colonel Dennis Damon, Chief of Staff of Camp Pendleton during Desert Storm, Marine Corps Killer, Hitter, Genocide Planner – As the Chief of Staff of Camp Pendleton during Desert Storm, Col. Dennis Damon was one of the chief military architects of the genocide against Afghanistan and Iraq and Pakistan.

He sent me several links as references to his story, and he asked me politely to publish this information. Since my interest is Palestine and I did not know Mr. Langosh, I declined to publish to his story. I re-opened his e-mails and references last week after his disappearance. I want to share with you some of what Mr. Langosh wrote.

I would like to ask if anyone among my readers who lives near Vista, California, would be able to find out if Mr. Stephen J. Langosh is OK or not. Did he disappear? Is he alive? Is he sick, jailed, dead or murdered? I would be grateful if anybody could let me know if Mr. Langosh is OK.

If possible, please contact the police, the US media which you know, TV stations, radios, newspapers, bloggers etc. and ask them to republish what Mr. Langosh writes about the death threats which he received. He had been stating in his writings that the US military and CIA lead the mafia gangs and the trafficking of drugs around the world.

Langosh wrote: This all started when they murdered my Dad, a professional pilot, because he saw their CIA-Israeli-IDF/Mossad/San Diego County Sheriff’s Department/Kolender friend of Israeli generals drug dealing helicopter and could indentify it due to the fact that it was unmarked. They have forever covered up their drug dealing any way and every way they can. The base of it – my Dad murdered for innocently witnessing CIA/U.S. Military Drug Dealing Flight

I think that he put himself in danger with these statements. If what he wrote is true, I can ONLY conclude that the US regime is a dictatorial and corrupt regime worse than the Arab regimes in Middle East, where the CIA has planted their thugs and criminals puppet to lead the nations to oblivion.

Thank you to anybody who can find out more about Steve Langosh.

Here is some of what Steve Langosh wrote:

My Dad was a pilot in the U.S. Army Air Corps in WWII and then a professional Airline Pilot until he retired in 1981. A few years back when we were driving down Palomar Airport Road in San Diego County (San Marcos, Vista, Carlsbad area) I saw a black UNMARKED helicopter lifting off from Palomar Airport in Carlsbad and pointed it out to him (visibility was unlimited). He saw it clearly and told me that: unmarked like what that was, indeed meant only one thing, that it was CIA. He then told me that during the Vietnam War, for instance, Air America (read CIA airlines) flew the only unmarked aircraft that are ever allowed in this country. Locally, a very Senior DEA agent told me the CIA is the drug trade throughout the world, those helicopters and other CIA Aircraft are part of the illegal drug transport along with U.S. Military Aircraft.

CIA = murder in America

It was shortly after that my Dad was, for no medical reason, given Aricept by his doktor (probably a close relative of Herr Mengele). Three and one half years later (fall, 2002) he died of a heart attack which his internist said was not even remotely possible for normal reasons in his case.

On August 2, 2000 My Dad and mom and I attended the services and wake we were invited to by the family of Brig. General John Carroll Miller.

(November 18, 2010

Fake criminal cop phone call threatening us.

PALESTINE CRY: Just got a threatening call from criminals –

Just got a threatening call from criminals – turns out nobody knows this caller as someone from the number he called from and the person he is imitating, or is and doesn’t want to be known on record. Another setup for murdering thugs to murder us. More details later. After the fake cop call from the unknown caller who didn’t even know my last name, we checked and the supervisor of that department said it was not their number and not a proper number for that department and the supervisor said he had assigned no one and no one was assigned from that department including the name the fake caller was using. The fake cop call from the unknown caller spoke with a feigned lisping queer perverted accent.

I called the person at that department that the caller had used the name of, and left a message to call me – he never did.

The supervisor made it clear that no one there had any business contacting me.

After the fake cop call from ***-***-**** and we checked and the supervisor of that department said it was not their number and not a proper number for that department and the supervisor said he had assigned no one and no one was assigned from that department including the name the fake caller was using.

Just a few minutes before the fake cop call on November 18, 2010, a contractor, in collusion, called and promised someone was going to contact us in a very few minutes, but they did not, we got the fake cop call in its place. The contractor then proceeded to try over-bill us by a huge amount.

November 18, 2010

Real Estate theft by criminal cop(?)

On the heels of every unlawful attempt on the part of Real Estate Agents and a criminal complicit Home Owners Association to drive down the price of my Mother’s house and steal it from her, a crooked cop(?) and/or false cop criminal joined in to harass us. He has NO lawful business calling and threatening us. He calls himself [name withheld, but the way the caller used it, it sounded like the name of a male porn actor from years ago of notoriety] and is certainly in the employ of the local hoodlums who are attempting to steal my Mother’s house from her. Dennis Damon is the neighborhood chief criminal in this and is part of and is behind the whole criminal plan of these hoodlums. By attacking me they hope to force her into a position where she has no recourse but to let them steal her house from her. We will NOT let that happen.

From below:

“The shill Parks, prior to trial, said that if I wanted this to go away, that no matter how much Colonel Dennis Damon had threatened and assaulted my Mom and me, that I was to start being very nice and friendly to Dennis Damon who was behind the ongoing assaults from others (including conspiring with the police and judges and neighborhood spies) on me and my Mom as well as his own, Damon’s, assaults upon us. I refused. After trial Dennis Damon assaulted my mother and Jew judge Maas covered up for Damon saying that since my Mother did not go to the hospital it wasn’t serious enough to matter.”

In all of it, the fake criminal cop phone call threatening us and all the rest the psychopath Damon is always involved manipulating all of it.

Pretended cop who used a false phone number and lies about the phone number he called, saying it was not from a proper source and instead it was just left for him, tried to set us up for a hit on us. He used his calling the number he did and claiming at the same time that he didn’t have that very same number that he called us on and was talking on, as an excuse. Nonsense. Tried to get us to go somewhere under these unlawful false pretenses. Supervisor in charge where he was trying to get us to go, said they had not ordered it and had not given the person, whose name the caller used part of, any instruction to do so and had no knowledge about it. We aren’t stupid and we won’t have anything to do with this criminal nonsense of this person. We have been trying to sell our house to get out of this hell hole of a militarist Nazi neighborhood for quite some time and the bastards have used every illegal dodge imaginable to keep us here and prevent the sale of our house. The reason is to keep us here where they can set us up, which they are now doing with this garbage, to murder us by false-cop/cop. Dennis Damon and others are part of their criminal plans and fully complicit with them actively to set us up by their garbage throughout all of this.

Also, this is typical when they are going to do a grab (criminal kidnap) and unlawfully and criminally to the extreme kidnap someone under color of real or fake authority and take them to a prison arbitrarily and bury them there. Even a judge can’t do that. He has to have cause and notify in writing and give several weeks for a response and appearance. Of course there is NO CAUSE.

The fake cop phone call came on November 18, 2010 and the repeated shadowing us with helicopter and criminal cop car came on November 19, 2010 – now sometime will come the attack and total obliteration of me and Mom – me, a 60 year old man who declares his religious and political beliefs and his Mother by the criminal cops and Marines, after years of assaults and attempts against us

To reiterate and this won’t change.

We won’t be intimidated.

Log File

Law, Order and JUSTICE

15 comments to A US Citizen has Disappeared

  • rotorman

    Looks like Steve Langosh was subject to a kind of cointelpro harassment. There will be some police involvement in his harassment but this sort of harassment in the US and the UK, where I live, is practiced by zionists.

    Various pro-Israeli groups, Jewish community safety orgs and zionist activist groups will be co-opted over time to hound an individual. Individuals harassed like Mr Langosh will be described as anti-Semites and a danger by various “anti-Semitism experts” to the authorities and specialist police units will monitor Mr Langosh. Municipal street safety officials will circulate Mr Langosh’s details to business watch groups. Business watch is like neighbourhood watch but for local retail stores and commercial centres – information distributed amongst security staff.

    I know about these tactics because I work in a London local authority in the street safety section and routinely receive unsolicited alerts on anti-Semites or hate crimes from the zionist/Jewish Community Safety Trust. This organisation is constantly offering hate crime training programmes to staff and the local police with whom we work.

    If this is happening in the UK then worse is happening in the US. No doubt someone victimised in this fashion becomes paranoid and irrational.

    People under monitor orders are criminals or violent and I have noticed that the zionist Community Safety Trust try to push people they report onto these watch lists. Here is a link to an article about a woman who has been put on a watch list;


    Most people on these watch list are often victimised and bullied by petty officials, the police and even local businesses that will actually take the opportunity to cheat the target. Being declared a violent person or someone capable of being violent does not mean that you are an imposing or dangerous person. Children have been put on these lists. Mr Langosh could be on such a list, is probably not told and is disturbed by the effects of being on it.

  • wiseman

    I believe you may find the answer to your question at the following link:

    Of course, you need to verify that this person is the same one you were wanting information on.

    “The trial court suspended imposition of sentence and placed Langosh on probation for four years, conditioned on, among other things, serving 270 days in jail, not possessing a weapon, completing 100 hours of volunteer work at a nonprofit organization, and completing an anger management class. The court also stayed the balance of the 270-day custody order pending successful completion of probation.

    It appears Mr. Langosh may have difficulty controlling his temper with every situation that comes his way. His absense may have been caused by him being in jail.

  • Jimmy

    It seems mr langosh is your garden variety nut-bag.

  • In San Diego, you can look up “Whos in Jail” Here’s the link: http://apps.sdsheriff.net/wij/wij.aspx

  • JT

    Booking Nbr: 11103186 Last Name: LANGOSH First Name: STEPHEN
    Middle Name: JOHN Sex: M Race/Ethnicity: W
    Date of Birth: 5/24/1950 Age: 60 Hair: BRO
    Eyes: BRO Height: 5′ 10″ Weight: 150

    Facility: George Bailey Detention Facility Area/Housing Unit: 4/C
    Address: 446 Alta Road, Suite 5300 City: San Diego

    *For additional information, please click on specific link listed below*
    Facility Information & Directions Public Visiting Guidelines Visiting Schedule

    (Browser must allow pop-up windows for this link)

    Email this inmate Register with VineLink for Status Notification of this Inmate Shop the Commissary

    Arrest Agency: PROBATION DEPT Date Booked: 01/13/2011 Time Booked: 14:24:36

    The Sheriff’s Department is authorized to accept bail either in cash or in a surety bond (California Penal Code section 1269b).
    The posting of bail for an inmate does not guarantee his or her release.The inmate may remain in custody on other cases where bail may not apply.
    Bail Information
    Not Eligible For Release, No Bail

    Sentenced?: Yes, Local Custody. Projected Release Date: 5/12/2011


    Case # Arr Chg Code Section Code Description CL* Court Court Date Time ROC* Bail Amount
    SCN236484 1 1 245(A)(1) PC FORCE/ADW NOT FIREARM:GBI F 0
    SCN236484 1 2 148(A)(1) PC OBSTRUCT/ETC PUB OFCR/ETC M 0

    * Note: CL – Charge Class (F – Felony, M – Misdemeanor, I – Infraction)
    ROC – Reason On Calendar

  • JT

    You should remove this thread as stated above this guy is in JAIL and this is a waste of everyones time over a drama queen like this guy…..

    Perhaps some rehabilitation may be a good idea…

  • Tony C

    Mr. Langosh may or may not have been an ill-tempered individual; I know that in the past I have been ill-tempered and wouldn’t think it necessarily fair to have my entire bearing and/or being characterized as such. I also know that when individuals get too close to the truth they may be set upon by certain groups whose job it is to paint the person as anything but rational. It is indeed unfortunate that many people are not possessed of the capacity for independent thought, reason and empathy.
    Years ago I read the unfortunate story of Colonel Sabow and it has many of the same components as the Gary Webb case and the mysterious deaths in and around Mena, AR (read: Arkancide), for example. One does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to get the distinct feeling that something is definitely awry with these occurrences. The lunatics are running the asylum and it’s not going to change until people wake up and see things for what they are instead of the pablum they have been spoon fed.
    Assuming all can be taken at face value, I hope Mr. Langosh and his family get clear of that area in order to regroup and assess their situation.

  • Tom Lowe

    Looks like he got the ‘Bollyn Anti-Obstreperation Treatment’. What I see from a quick web check is a 60 year old only child living with mom in a huge house in the upscale North San Diego County town of Vista whose father was a commercial pilot for United Airlines. And mom has the house up for sale at langosh.biz, where you can send ‘er an email!

  • JP

    The only thing I can say is, Langosh definitely lives in Vista, CA. The Vista police department and courts stink with corruption. I know, it sounds like a crazy western. It is the kind of place where people get stopped and beat up by police for looking Mexican, Black, or White. Just read the local papers for stories of city corruption. I have had members of my family beat up by police just for protesting in nearby Oceanside. Vista is not any better. I remember at a Tea Party gathering they took out the sound torture mobiles to bother the citizens gathered there. I was not there, but friends told me about it. I could go on, but just do your own research and you will find Langosh was probably not over reacting. The fact that he got convicted does not surprise me, innocent or not. Gary Web wrote about the CIA and others involved in setting up the gangs for the purpose of selling drugs. It was probably what got him killed. JT, go take a bath, you stink too.

  • JT

    Those above comments attributed to JT have been written by a third party using my computer whilst I have been out/away. Please accept my sincere apologies as I do not appreciate persons undermining the good work done on this site. No person deserves the type of treatment that is listed is the above thread or the negative comments.

    They are totally uncalled for…

  • Hugler

    The by product of being subject to police harassment seems to be losing one’s temper. I agree with Rotorman’s comment and the harassment is about getting someone a police record.

  • Hugler

    wiseman said, “It appears Mr. Langosh may have difficulty controlling his temper with every situation that comes his way. His absense may have been caused by him being in jail.”

    A suspect commment by Mr. Wiseman.

  • JT

    Absolutely I agree, these types of charges are usually the ones used to stitch someone up or to make a specific point. Let alone then getting access to genetic information like DNA which may open up the alternatives and options for further harrassment using more specialized means security services and law enformcement have at their disposal in this modern era..

    May Mr. Langosh remain strong and take all steps to protect himself and his family from any types of harrassment..and as stated in his writing TO NOT BE INTIMIDATED ….

  • Chelli

    Thanks for this story. I also wish Steve the best.
    There are a lot of incidents in our history, past and present, which point to the straight-on corrupt and dictatorial regime of the United States. As we know, the U.S govt won’t allow itself or its military people to be investigated by the International Criminal Court, does not follow UN laws, and won’t allow any other country to “stop it from what it wants to do.”
    What of the case of Riad Hamad, US citizen, who maintained a blog, http://blog.myslantedview.org/, and then is murdered, obviously murdered, yet the investigations people say that he committed suicide? http://www.austinchronicle.com/news/2008-05-09/621848/
    What of Imam Jamil, AKA H. Rap Brown, who get the “same old charge” that so many activists and journalists of color get here in our “free democracy” of the US, (Huey, Mumia, Geronimo Pratt, MOVE 9…), that of “killing a white police officer.”
    Imam Jamil is a spiritual leader and a man who turned the people from drugs to spirituality.
    Many anti-drug activists, and many black people in the cities of this country, know that the federal agents and police officers who the ones who brought drugs (crack, etc) to their communities. They witnessed it. Just as the Israeli agents and soldiers and police try to force drugs on the Palestinian people.
    The problem that we face in the U.S. is that govt refuses to be held accountable for its actions, and has bribed the people through TV, gadgets, drugs, etc. to turn the other way. Others are stricken by fear, despair, disillusionment. Spirituality is crushed from our hearts and replaced with “treats from corporations.” Our heroes and leaders are murdered and imprisoned. The people are broken apart from each other and seek solace in machines seemingly made for that very purpose.
    It can’t go on forever, we know this. Long live the people! Long live Riad Hamad! Free em all

    Thanks again for this article, Kawther

  • Hello Kawther,

    I appreciate your humanitarian concern for this man’s welfare. It’s your concern for human suffering that makes you who you are and no one wants to see that change.

    It’s quite true that law enforcement has become deeply corrupted in many parts of America and they do work in league with corrupt military, or ex-military, or CIA types as suggested, Some are involved in drug trafficking and many other crimes. Electronic torture and harassment of targeted individuals by corrupt law enforcement persons is also growing, as they obtain equipment and expertise from cohorts in federal intelligence agencies.

    However, in reading the portions of his blog which you published, I can see that STephen’s attitude and emotional demeanor are over the top and he sees RED and conspiracy in everything. He began a paragraph taking about the MURDER of his father. In looking for the details of this murder, Stephen tells us that his dad was a pilot with the US Army Air Corps in World War 2 and retired as a commercial pilot in 1981. If he was a pilot in WW2, then he had to be an officer, so he had to be at least 22-24 years old when the war ended. They don’t make 17 or 18 year old high school kids pilots, even during world war 2. You have to be an officer.

    So assuming the dad was at least 22 years old in 1945, then he was 79 or 80 years old when he died in 2002 of a heart attack, which is not unusual for an 80 year old man. What makes Stephen look even more paranoid, is his statement that the reason for his father’s MURDER was due to the “doktor” who gave him a prescription for a drug called Aricept THREE AND ONE HALF YEARS BEFORE HIS FATHER’S DEATH.

    So is this a case of murder? Or an emotionally jacked up 60 year old guy who still lives with his mother and views everything through the prism of paranoia?

    Without checking deeply, it looks like he’s in jail for losing his temper in front of the wrong people at the wrong time. I don’t see this guy as some local crusader for truth and justice who was taken out by the CIA or Mossad because he knew too much about Palestinian oppression in the Middle East and had to be silenced.

    He looks like an emotional flake with a lot of free time on his hands who had gained some sort of recognition on your blog (and with you) which he apparently relished.

    Regards,Ken Adachi

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