Egyptian Regime Applies Israeli Plan to Crush Resistance

The miserable and unwanted Egyptian regime headed by Hosni Mubarak has started to implementat the Israeli plan for crushing the revolution in Egypt. The zionists’ plan was prepared by the high ranks of the israeli military and presented by the office of the israeli prime minister to General Omar Suleiman, the head of the Egyptian intelligence who was recently appointed by Mubarak as his deputy. The plan aims at crushing and ending the peaceful protest demos which seek the end of the Mubarak regime, relying on the experience gained by the israeli intelligence while perpetrating atrocities against the Palestinian resistance and peace demos in over 62 years  in the occupied territories.

Mubarak’s speech last night Tuesday, delivered in Arabic, was the speech of an old terrorist, it was a declaration of war against the people and the nation of Egypt. Mubarak threatened in symbolic words which are ONLY understood by Arab people, but not by foreigners who must translate the Arabic language to English or other languages. In his speech, Mubarak implied that he intended to burn down Egypt over the heads of everybody, if the Egyptian people insisted in removing him from power before the end of his mandate as a President of Egypt.

Mubarak told the people with implied threats and in indirect words during his speech that they should “go screw themselves”, and that he wanted to stay ruling Egypt until the last day of September 2011. He further threatened the Egyptians and offered them to choose between “quite and security under his rule” or chaos without him. It was a clear that Mubarak was threatening the Egyptian nation, all the nation. His speech can only be compared to the message of a crazed Roman Emperor Nero in which he says that he wants to burn down all of Egypt before leaving. His attitude reminds everybody of the crazy Roman Emperor Nero, who chose to burn down Rome before his fall.

After his speech, Mubarak started implementing the plans of the Israeli war criminals, and sent gang of thugs riding horses, donkeys and camels for theatrical effect, to terrorize the peaceful demonstrators who refused and challenged his words, to deliver a deadly warning. Mubarak’s mafia of civilian police and and assorted thugs, most probably infiltrated with death squads sent from Israel, the violent groups seen on TV as “pro-Mubarak activists”, are armed. Until now, all of those captured have been found to be members of thesecret police, the Intelligence (mukhabarat). During the whole day they have mounted armed attacks on the anti-government demonstrators in Cairo, who are only asking Mubarak to leave. Over 750 people have been injured until now, and the clashes continue.

It is now clear that the thugs of Mubarak were allowed by the Egyptian military to attack the opposition protesters. They dragged away the protesters and beat them with the connivance of the military, which clearly had received orders from the government to not intervene. Earlier, the military commander had called upon the Egyptians to return to a “new normal life with open schools, universities and organizations” as if nothing had happened during the last nine days, and as everything was over and forgotten.

The clashes began a mass of hundreds of violent demonstrators supporting President Mubarak brought with them more than 20 thousand supporters to encircle the outskirts of the Tahrir Place, entering from the side of the Egyptian Museum, the League of Arab States street and Al-Giza.

Pro-Mubarak “demonstrators” were riding horses, camels and donkeys. Several eyewitnesses said that the pro-Mubarak “demonstrators” were paid thugs and from the security forces from the ruling National Democratic Party wearing civil cloths. They started throwing stones and small pieces of metal before the arrival of a second bigger group of supporters of Mubarak, also riding camels and horses, and then they started beating the peaceful protesters with old truncheons and iron rods. Many climbed to the roofs of building overlooking Tahrir square and started throwing big stones at the demonstrators, and guiding their companions on the streets.

A new chapter of terrorism and bloody violence was started by the thugs of Hosni Mubarak, the unwanted President who is fighting to stay in power. The chapters of this new plan were drawn up in Israel, and handed over to the Egyptian authorities to be applied as stated. It was clear that the death squad and bullies and the civilian police were paid very well by the Egyptian regime and its strongest ally Israel. The question is, what will it serve them to pay these thugs to suppress and subvert the will of the people.

31 comments to Egyptian Regime Applies Israeli Plan to Crush Resistance

  • Chelli

    Ya Misr, with everything you face, we hope for you to take your freedom in your hands

  • Freedom War Begins

    Freedom for the Egyptians will come to pass because, they can taste it in the masses. But, they have to kick the US and British out of their country! The more threats the people are told and the more thugs that are turned on them, the greater the anger that is generated within their spirit to be free.

    The point of no return has been passed. Either they complete the objective to be free of this fool of the Zionists or, there will be greater corruption and more painful oppression in their future!

    Now if only the US public had the balls to win their freedom back from the Jewish Zionists………

  • Hugler

    One of the Arab channels, I think Aljezera, video taped one of the thugs captured by the demonstrators. He was boasting that he and others were cutting down “traitors” with their swords. He also admitted that he was paid £50 Egyptian pounds to assault his fellow citizens.

  • Rev. Phred

    This comes as no surprise. The filthy Zhids have been running Egypt along with their bitch AmeriKa since before the “peace” treaty. I pray to God that rhe Egyptians will do whatever it takes to run the Jews and the West out and take back their country. AmeriKa should take a leaf from this book.

  • WhiteRose

    Is this going to come to America? I understand there are even countries in europe that are going to have similar riots. Good article!

  • Nero was out of town when the great fire started, not that he wasn’t a crazed emperor….

  • Nero was out of town when the great fire started, not that he wasn’t a crazed emperor….and some say later that he burned it to make land for his new palace…

  • pdaddy

    What needs to happen in the US, Israel and the UK are the exact same demonstrations so as to start a regime change in these countries. This way they’ll have too much to deal with in their “HOMELAND” (nazi term) so they won’t be able to manipulate the Eqyptians. There will come a day when the people of this world will come together to figure out their differences and all the extremist fundamentalists on all sides of religion and idealogy will be exiled from their respective countries. Congratulations to ALL people who are rising up against tyranny and shame on the rest of us for not following their example.

    • American Patriot

      Israel already controls the USA. Sharon made that remark to Perez several years ago. Every word Obumer reads on his teleprompters was written by his Zionist PUPPET MASTERS.

  • mystic

    We all remember Anderson Cooper’s footage on CNN Oct 18, 06, of snipers dressed up in Arab garb in Baghdad killing US troops with Israeli Rafael rifles (uniquely fitted with cameras at the end of each rifle) in order to foment the civil war. It would not be surprising therefore if some of these Mubarak thugs may even be Mossad/paid by Mossad to foment a civil war just as they did in Iraq (very successfully). This news is ominous and one wonders if the military may step in and fight them off.

  • American Patriot

    It appears Israel has been involved since the beginning. Now with the infusion of the Israeli death squads it’s getting more kosher all the time.

  • Freedom Lost

    Israel is the throne of the anti-christ and zionists are his minions….Israel is an abomination before God, and those who support it ,like the US politicians, will burn forever more. And the Rockefeller family will be there to lead the way into the gates of Hell. it will be easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to get into Heaven.

  • Doug

    It is not about freedom. It is about the new world order installing their next puppet to further their plans of WWIII, using the muslim brotherhood. Coming soon – war with Israel. Muslims do not want freedom – they want to be controlled by sharia law, which is total enslavement.

  • Ritchard

    This is a divine oracle for the American people, should they choose to open their eyes, to see in the Egyptian uprising the answer their own Republic being overwhelmed by Zionism.

  • Perseverance! Hungary with you! المجر معكم

  • Ali

    The Zionist evil project to divide the Muslims and humiliate the Arabs is coming to an end. This rotten Mobarek regime supported by US/Zionists is FINISHED. The thugs who think that Zionists can protect it are sadly mistaken. The whole regime from Mobarek, Suleiman and the generals need to be tried for their crimes agianst the Egyptian people.

  • Hungary, the Zionists are, in many residential built to have nowhere to flee. But we do not let them idetelepedni! Look for another place to target Israelis escape!

    وهنغاريا ، والصهاينة هم، في كثير من سكنية بنيت لديك أي مكان على الفرار. لكننا لا نسمح لهم يستقر! ابحث عن مكان آخر لاستهداف الاسرائيليين الهروب! أعتذر إذا ما أكتب ولكن يتحول مترجم جوجل الواقفة!

  • The EU is also the end of the walk, there is dissatisfaction with the whole of Europe, because it puts everything in the hands of the Jews.

    الاتحاد الأوروبي هو أيضا نهاية المسيرة، هناك استياء مع أوروبا كلها، لأنه يضع كل شيء في أيدي اليهود

  • Wayne

    The entire world needs to join together to save the Palestinian people and to protect itself from the Israeli drive to world domination. Israel is very dangerous to us all because it has a primitive ethnocentric religion that employs genocide and de facto slavery to serve its’ terribly selfish desires. They are powerful and to be feared because they have world wide network of loyal spies, substantial control over the central banks, control over America and the minds of its people, control over much of the media and 400 known nuclear bombs. We face them now or later when they are even stronger than now.

  • Sympathy demonstrations were held in Budapest, Hungary!

    Participants held up banners in the Green Left demonstrations in the Egyptian Embassy prior to the XII. Istenhegyi circumferential road, the Egyptian Embassy

  • Doug

    I watch with a leary eye. In the end, if the Egyptian blockaid of Gaza has ended, then I will know the people have won. Then the Egyptain people can sit around their television sets and watch the rest of the world put their own houses in order.

  • If the Egyptian people, won, then the whole world will escape from the Jews. But do not come here to Hungary, go to the moon is not there doing damage!

  • Mmmm… I suppose having the Islamic Brotherhood come to rule is a good thing?

    • It is a damned sight better than having a Zionist stooge in power. Even if the MB is probably infiltrated and is certainly a British creation. El Baradei is tainted because he is by all appearances just another puppet in waiting.

  • James

    ElBaradei works for the US’s International Crisis Group – fight for your freedom, not for ElBaradei and his US masters.

  • carl

    It all boils down to the two sons of Isaac,Jacob and Esau,and their was a name change to these two sons(Gen.25:30 and Gen.32:28) In mal.1:1-3,we find that their are two seed lines of people,Jah’s and Satan’s. The people that rule in the present place called Israel are Edomite’s, thats right…they are Satans seed line.In fact they ruke over the USA and GB and in so doing they rule over most of the world. Their are some good Jews and they are just as mixed up as the children of Israel (non Jews).Most people that call themselves Jews are not Jews but Edomites. Will the American people repent and come out of the contradiction of things (will they come out of their churchs and away from the ministers of On and those shepards of Baal) Hmmmmm ! Time will tell.

  • Almost all nations labour under the jackbooted Zionist thugs, one way or another. The Egyptian people must take this historic opportunity to take their freedom and their victory will change the course of history, for the better.

    I knew there was some reason I named my new rabbit, Rameses.

    Egypt rise again. That pesky little bunch of pharisees have raised up another little state within a state called Israel and like Rameses II in his glory you can deal this one its death blow also.

  • Egyptians do not believe in America, thus fooling the Hungarians in 1956 and 2006. Hold on! If you manage to chase away the president there in the world, the Jews will escape. Europe has already begun in the resistance in Serbia today, tens of thousands protesting.

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