Soldiers Carrying Donkeys In My Homeland

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  • Have you ever seen policemen and soldiers carrying a donkey on their shoulders and walking in the street, chanting his name before the public?

This shameful scene is familiar in Palestine, the occupied West Bank, Gaza and other Arab countries where the donkeys, traitors and foreign secret services watch over the interests of the nations.

  • Have you ever seen intelligence and military personnel taking off their uniforms and demonstrating in the streets for the holiness of a donkey and assorted lowlifes?

This shameful scene is happening with variations in Palestine and throughout the Arab countries. In Arab countries, the secret police, the soldiers and their families demonstrate in favor of their dictators and masters, but in Palestine, the general intelligence and the military are demonstrating in support of the Israeli occupation and the CIA and all the other Europeans and Western secret services which crawl around all corners of my homeland.

If you wish to see the greatest of donkeys sitting on the shoulders of a motley gang of the so-called Palestinian military and police, and if you wish to learn how to become a donkey in the nuclear era, and sanctify another americanized-zionist donkey, then you need only to click HERE and see the small video presented by Reuters in order to learn about the art of celebrating orgies, the lack of modesty, the demagoguery, lies, hypocrisy and betrayal of a great Palestinian donkey, Saeb Erekat, shown riding on the shoulders of a gang of soldiers, bellyaching that his life is in big danger because of the publication of the 2008 Al-Jazeera documents which involve him in the shameless concession of the Palestinians’ inalienable rights, the rights of the people on whose shoulders he sits.

In Palestine we have lots of donkeys and criminals. We have Americanized donkeys, zionist donkeys, European and Westernized donkeys and we have Arab donkeys too. Each donkey and gang in Palestine adulates the states which finance him and his gang, mafia or death squad. We also have donkeys with combined funding from several countries, like the two conflicting parties, Hamas and Fatah, and also other political factions. The Palestinian National authority and its military and intelligence systems, the so-called police, the general intelligence and military have a collection of donkeys owned variously by the CIA, the Mossad, the EU and Arab secret services, such as Dr. Mahmoud Abbas, Dr. Salam Fayad, Mohammad Dahlan, Saeb Erekat, Ahmad Qureia, Tawfiq Tirawi, Nabil Shaath, Yaser Abed Rabbo, etc.

Erekat Mafia

Each donkey has a gang, a mafia or a death squad and also relatives and some humble and poor people who the feed through and who chant for them in the streets whenever needed. The dollars and Euros which pass through the pockets of the big donkeys reach ONLY these claques of demonstrators and chanters. The poor Palestinian nation outside these gangs of lackeys must constantly worry how to feed their children and families, the lack of sources of income, unemployment, the increasing prices for the basic foods, the draconian taxes which they must pay for the pleasure and strengthening of the gangs of Mahmoud Abbas, Salam Fayad, etc.

Picture Credit:ِ Al-Jazeera

The President of the high council of donkeys said in defense of the scandalous documents published by Al-Jazeera “I do not know from where those documents came, there are no secret agreements, and what happened during the negotiating sessions did not reach an agreement so far, and there is nothing hidden before the Arab brothers (he means the Arab dictators who sold us in 1917 and who never cared about us as Palestinians, or to resist against the occupation). He added: “always when we get something that Israeli offers, we call the Arab States and Mr. Amr Moussa. We tell them about everything”.

The highest among our donkeys, Our Jackass, actually claimed that all Arab States knew about what his spies and puppets were renouncing during the sham “negotiations”, as if the fact that this was known by Arab dictators and while he was misleading us Palestinians, renouncing our national rights, was enough to justify his betrayal. This Jackass, this traitor, apparently does not understand that even thinking, even talking about these issues as is exposed by Al-Jazeera is a major sin. He has not tell us what he blew during the “negotiations” of 2009 and 2010, and how much he received or is supposed to receive to pay is bloody claque in the streets of Palestine to glorify his treason and his war crimes and his collusion with the occupiers.

I never imagined that one day the level of live of all Palestinians would reach the extent of degradation which I see now in all Palestine, be it in news or through personal contacts. I never imagined that the human values of my nation, the struggle for freedom would mean nothing and be desecrated on such a level. I did not imagine that the years of our struggle would be lost and sold so easily by a few traitors who deify the dollar and the occupation, and that when I ran down to the streets in 1993 together with hundreds dancing, singing and celebrating in joy that the so-called peace agreement had been signed. What did we all know back then? I did not know that the Oslo agreement was a miserable disaster which has served ONLY the zionist organization and its allies.

8 comments to Soldiers Carrying Donkeys In My Homeland

  • William

    LOL, Kawther, you have quite a way of injecting humor in such a dire and deadly situation! donkeys indeed. You are my favorite amazon warrior, for your stature is large, and your warrior heart is inspiring!

  • thanks for the continuing education as to the true state of affairs in Palestine.

    It would swell feelings of bitterness and despair.

    I’ve yet to see a map – which Israel has had sixty years to produce – which, at least, would indicate sincere intention for a viable two states ‘solution.’

    Is there such a map? ….. apart from the one showing an ever diminishing Palestine.

    If not – and for other reasons – then you couldn’t accept Israel’s ‘right to exist.’

    Add Israel’s odd approach to peacemaking to the glaring inconsistency which suggests that:

    ‘God will be the ONE to re-instate Israel.’ and, for which event, the Zionist state could not wait and you have a mindset ruling Israel which wants its cake and eat it too.

    How to get the true situation to a wider audience is a major problem.

    Amongst other things, I’ll continue reading your articles and hope for a global change of consciousness.

    I apologise in advance if these are seen as deluded ravings but if they are seen as such then no offence taken if they’re deleted.

  • kate bates

    as a USAn I am familiar with Saeb Erekat, he always seemed sober, dignified and with a touch of righteous anger.

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. Mr. Erekat should be desperately ashamed at the Palestine Papers revelations, which though we expected some corruption, I was not prepared for the complete sellout of the people.

    To see Mr. Erekat wearing the Palestinian keffiya was shocking on the prim negotiator, and his recent outbursts blaming the Jazeera for his crimes, makes him seem childish.

    I clicked on one of your “hate mail” items, the poster claimed to be a war criminal & your reply to him/her was brilliant.

    I hope you are in good spirits and health, I hope you will continue to publish all info about war criminals. I am one who believes the USA wouldn’t be in such sad shape if Gerald Ford had not pardoned Richard Nixon. It showed the world what we in America always knew, the law only works for those with $$$$.

  • Thankyou as always for your reporting. I wish it wasn’t always such bad and worse news. Not even the current round of “Arab street protests” seems legit, instead just another round of springcleaning and a purging of excess anger before the next phase.

  • “Springcleaning of Arab puppet leaders was the intended meaning I should add.

  • dear sister kawther, these donkeys are to be found everywhere you look in the muslim,african,south american world and other places!

    i believe that matters will be worse much worse before it gets better, this was foretold by the muslim saint shah wali allah (google his name to read his prophecys)900 years ago.

    as for the zionist jewish terrorist state, it is destined to fail and be destroyed as decreed by the almighty in jewish,christian, and muslim holy scriptures, it is only a matter of time.

    this terrorist state will wage another war for territorial expansion and will grab the worlds oil supplies and set it self up on the worlds throat of economic prosperity to blackmail it.

    have heart sister and all those who seek justice and common human values and freedom to live and let live for all in peace and security relatively, that the signs are already here for the liberation of the holy land from donkeys and oppressors of the jewish type.

    the first sign is the drying up of lake tiberias as foretold by prophet mohammed (pbuh) 1430 years ago in northern palestine,the second is the destruction of the crusader forces in afghanistan and its allies, the 3rd will be the total destruction of indian occupation forces in kashmir and subsequent total eradication of hinduism from india by a muslim army which will then fight to free AL-QUDS and all the holy land from forces united with dajjal with the messiah jesus son of mary.
    the zionists and the forces of kuffar can do the worst they can but they destruction and end is a matter decreed by the almighty,anyone of any faith can see what is going on is wrong and not acceptable in any civilised society in the 21st century!
    muslims are not the enemys of anyone but we do seek justice for all oppressed people in the world including ourselves from imposed donkeys and tyrants upon us by the western kaffirs and followers of dajjal(antichrist).
    peace to all believers!

  • phil glidden

    t we take NPR to court as an agent of a foreign power, and then we attempt to prevent any Jews from being elected to office. The movement has begun and it will be like excising a malignancy form the flesh of a foreign body.

  • hans

    Last week I was in Paris and happened to be in a shopping arcade where also Arafat’s wife was also shopping. For her money was no object, her cronies was just as arrogant as she. When I was in uni I used to gave lots of my meagre earned money to the Palestinian cause. Now when I hear about all these corruptions I get very upset indeed. Yes your analogy with donkeys is the right one.

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