Traitors With Bloodstained Hands

The documents recently published by Al Jazeera which reveal the large volume of the concessions made by the Palestinian “negotiators” to the israeli zionist organization are not my inspiration to write this report. The awful and miserable reality imposed by that americanized Palestinian, Saeb Erekat, on my homeland Palestine, on the town of Hebron where I was born, can be described as the treason which inspired me to write this article.

After signing the miserable and traitorous “Oslo accords” and the “redeployment agreements” which inflict injustice, oppression, psychological and physical harm of all Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, and after I was forcibly expelled by the zionist colonial occupation from living in peace in my homeland, I realized that all what Dr. Saeb Erekat, Ahmed Qurei, Dr. Mahmoud Abbass and the Palestinian “negotiator” team signed was drafted and decided a long time ago and was signed by these disgusting traitors in the context of a planned complete betrayal and liquidation of the Palestinian cause and our inalienable rights.

The Palestinians call Saeb Erekat “Abu baldness” and “Muchte Erekat” (false Erekat), instead of Saeb what means true, or “Chief idiot” instead of chief negotiator because of the vincible ignorance he displays in everything he does. The Palestinians hate the Erekat family, which lives in Jericho and Abu-Dis east of Jerusalem. The family would close its doors in the face of their neighbors and the citizens even before Saeb Erekat became a member of the “negotiations” to waive Palestine. His relative Mohammad Erekat is a thief who embezzled and otherwise stole the budgets of several newspapers, Al-Fajr and Al-Usbou El-Jadid, as well as the budget of the Fatah in Jericho. I know this because I worked at both newspapers, and more than once my colleagues and I did not receive our salaries.

The majority of Palestinians are opposed to Saeb Erekat as chief of the Palestinian “negotiating” team for more than 20 years, but the US and Israel insist in keeping him in that position, although the Israeli delegation team has changed several times during these over 2 decades.

Erekat has no popularity and no support among Palestinians, a rejection and unpopularity which extends to all members of the “negotiation” team and the other fat cats in power at the PA. Apart from the fact that Erekat has demonstrated that he is a traitor and criminal during these 20 and more years, and legitimacy of these so-called “negotiations” is put in question because the jewish mafia which extends from Boston and Washington all the way to the colonies of criminal degenerates in the West Bank put Erekat and his accomplices where they are – he is their employee, not a Palestinian choice for anything.

Ahmed Qurei, another thieving traitor, is nicknamed the “Cement Salesman” because he and his brother own a company which makes and sells cement. This company was embezzled by Qurei from resources which belonged to the resistance and were originally designed to make sure that Palestinians could stay in their homeland, and aiding the poor. This company now supplies the squatters with cement to build their colonies like for example “Har Homa” east of Jerusalem on the top of the Abu Ghniem Mountain in the lands of Bethlehem.

Qurei is also known as a successful “negotiator” with his friend the disgusting Tzipi Livni (they deserve each other). His success shows in the fact that he obtained Israeli identity for his married daughter. He got what he wanted by blowing what is not his; he is not fit to be a negotiator on behalf of the Palestinians. Qurei and Erekat and all the other disgusting creeps in the PA are blood suckers, idiots and thieves wanted by none. These antisocials, these vampires live only for their unquenchable need of young women, dollars and whisky, they send their untalented offspring to US and European universities, while Palestinian families in the West bank and Gaza are reduced to complete misery.

US security coordinator General Keith Dayton (foreground) salutes as he visits the Palestinian security headquarters known as the 'Muqataa' in the West Bank town of Bethlehem, 17 December 2007. Pic. Credit: AFP / Musa Al- Shaer.

What Al-Jazeera exposed these past days was already pretty well known by the people. The stench of Erekat and his cronies could be smelled in Palestine for many years already. Still, the PA and the Fatah, flush with American and EU money, in a display of effrontery which they could only have learned from their jewish masters, accused Al-Jazeera of launching a campaign to discredit the “Palestinian” Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority. The Fatah, which dominates the Palestinian Authority, fears a collapse in their popularity among the Palestinian public now that the whole extent of their treachery has been exposed and confirmed. On the level of daily politics, the PA and Fatah are losing popularity in a dire way before the Palestinian public, which hates to see their blood and their inalienable rights before the Israeli occupation sold out by traitors and thieves. After the revelation of the scandal that the PA apparently sold Jerusalem and our rights of return to Israel, these repulsive traitors and their families will hopefully be lost, and get lost.

With regret and bitterness I openly say that I, among several hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, preferred to live under Israeli occupation as political activists, in honest and peaceful resistance, or even as prisoners, for another century or several centuries, than to live even one day under the rule of this so-called “Palestinian National Authority” and its zionist-american project of false “peace” based on waiving and renouncing all of our national and legitimate rights.

Unfortunately, I must admit, to live under the Israeli zionist colonial occupation is more merciful than to live under this “Palestinian National Authority” and their camouflage, deceptions, endless orgies of lying, of wanton murders and other methods of dictatorship which continue to be used every day against the Palestinian people and in the interests of the zionist organization and the USA as well as to serve many intelligence systems in other western countries.

Dictatorial Regime

The frustration among the Palestinian people parallels their situation of poverty, oppression, of deteriorated education, joblessness, high taxes and chaos which has reached the highest rates under the Palestinian Authority, which seems to only concern itself with the sources of money to fund its dictatorial regime, which is worse than the regime implemented by Nicolae Ceauşescu in Romania, or the dictatorship of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia.

Two days ago, three labor unions associations in Palestine: the union of public employees, the union of medical professionals and the health services union, urged the “Prime Minister” to take harsh measures if the Palestinian Authority continued to neglect the interests of their members, who are living below the poverty, while at the same time the representatives of the PA who are in power, and their relatives, are living in pure and unadulterated luxury. At the same time, the percentage of Palestinians without job reaches 50% in various cities and towns in the West Bank, and far more than that in Gaza. Nobody cares about those jobless people, or pays for their social security and medical insurance. The PA has imposed conditions on the social security system which excludes the jobless youth and their families from its system. Under this unfair system, thousands of families suffer of hunger.

Despite this bleak scenario and the rising unemployment and poverty in Palestine, the PA is exhausting the Palestinians with vastly increased taxes and continues spying on them and preventing Palestinians from expressing their political views, as if the vast treachery and wholesale selling out of our national rights was not enough. Not to miss a beat, the PA now forbids Palestinians from criticizing its corrupt policies and the so-called “Palestinian President” Mahmoud Abbas and his miserable regime.

The image which lead to the arrest of Mamduh Hamamre. Comment in Arabic “Similar in Everything”

Palestinian journalist Mamduh Hamamre was imprisoned, tortured and interrogated for 53 day after he received, from unknown persons, an image on his Facebook page, which depicts President Mahmoud Abbas standing next to an actor who plays the part of a villain in a famous TV series in Syria (“Bab El-Hara”). Journalist Hamamre was accused of offending “President” Abbas. Two days ago, Hamamre was called by the Palestinian “justice”, and now faces three years in jail because of an image which received, unsolicited, from an unknown person. According to my sources, the Palestinian intelligence service was behind sending Hamamre the image of Abbas in order to find a reason to jail him and so hinder him in his journalistic mission, which does not correspond to the taste of Fatah. This is but one example of dictatorial behavior from many.

Civil Disobedience and One State

In conclusion, the documents published by Al-Jazeera are related to the year 2008 and before. The questions which arise are:

  • What horrors did they perpetrate in years after 2008?
  • What other horrors has the so called security coordination under the Keith Dayton brought the Palestinians since 2008?
  • What horrors are the future under the PA still hiding form us Palestinians?
  • What can we do to get ride of these criminals and get the liberation of Palestine on the right course?

According to my information, some moths ago the PA allowed the Israeli intelligence to interrogate the political prisoners at the PA jails after the resistance killed some squatters near Hebron.

Civil disobedience is the only solution in the face of the abjectly criminal Palestinian National Authority, and the expulsion of all its representatives to wherever they came from – many of them are not even Palestinians, some of them were picked up from the Palestinian refugee camps of the region by intelligence services. Time has come for a ONE STATE SOLUTION for two nations, without differences of rights in law or practice between them, like is the case in EU, USA and many western countries. This solution is the best compromise and better than what the likes of Saeb Erekat and Ahmed Qurei are doing while renouncing the rights of Palestinian, whose interests they are supposed to be representing.

8 comments to Traitors With Bloodstained Hands

  • michael

    Yes I acknowledge that your people have done it tough, but we Caucasians are also doing it tough in our traditional homelands were we are being slowly exterminated too through massive 3rd world immigration and higher breeding rates from these people. Also these actions are backed by Isreal who introduced our countries to “Multiculturalism” and set up organisations to persecute whites under so called ‘race hate laws’ which do NOT protect OUR people from racially motivated crimes.

    Genocdie is not just limited to your people.

  • Frank Sweet,MBA,MD

    Its simple. Stop bartering with these animals. Stop tolerating those who have no regard for the Constitution. They are traitors. Remove them from office, jail them, try them in a court of law and hang them for treason. We are gutless and deserve exactly what we are getting for doing less.

  • mystic

    I see this Palestinian betrayal as a cautiously optimistic note in that Hamas is indeed strengthened not only in Palestine but also in the eyes of the world.I suspect this was one of the primary reasons for the collaboration of Wikileaks and Israel but it will backfire, just like the flotilla massacre backfired without a Richard Goldstone to act as judge.
    The democratic election of Hamas can only repeated with an even greater majority vote than before, and Erekat and Abbas will be cast into the rubbish heap. As a Jew in America, I identify with betrayal also, because I see Israeli and American Jews betraying their own faith by trashing the Torah, whose commandment is “Thou Shalt Not Kill” for the satanic Talmud which permits murder of non-Jews and other unspeakable acts including pedophilia.
    I beg you to remain strong: The rest of the civilised world is rooting for justice and for your cause.

  • thankyou very much for this article.

    Hmm…. both timely and sobering particularly because I’d just sent an email to you expressing my reaction to the ‘sell out’.

    Being a little naive in respect to the political factions representing the Palestinians, I’d seen this affair as one in which Israel reveals itself as ‘not interested in peace’ REGARDLESS of all that the negotiators were prepared to give away.

    Again, it reveals Israel as utterly untrustworthy – particularly so as it has yet to define any borders…… and thus …. the Palestinians need feel no shame at the desperate acts of their negotiators.

    I’m happy to see the comment by mystic – a jew living in America – and the reference to the Talmud as ‘satanic’ because, as Christ said (PARAPHRASED), ‘It makes naught of the ten commandments.’

    How can a tribe be ‘special’?……unless you’re ‘special’ precisely because you set the highest ethical standards which MUST include that ‘the least of us is equally special in the sight of any God worth following’.

    Without that huge realisation and responsibility, it has to create a mindset which expresses itself thus…..

    “Oh … by the way, God….er…um…if we’re special does it mean that non jews AREN’T special.”

    God was silent on that one. Couldn’t believe that they’d missed the point completely.

    The scribes got busy and the Talmud is the debased reason why the ‘settlers’ say ‘The Palestinians can go to hell.’

    So ….. ‘we Causasians are also doing it tough’…… I don’t think so. Your children aren’t been deliberately brutalised by the soldiers of an occupying force who see you as no more than cattle.

    As for … ‘it’s simple etc’….. no it’s not. Are you the hangman…. and who exactly are the ‘we’?

    Kawther, your article deserves a wider audience.

    Support for a Palestine in any form is growing, perhaps, in direct proportion to the hideous fruits of Israel’s actions……. but most of us don’t know about the corruption within the Palestinian factions.

    One of the symbols which deeply impressed me was a simple map which displayed Israel and Palestine as it ‘was’ sixty years ago – in theory anyway – and the map which shows the pathetic little remnants of unattached land which now make up ‘Palestine.’

    The two maps – side by side – would make a fantastic, ironic, instantly identifable Palestinian ‘temporary flag.

    You can sell a lot of flags when the cause is just.

  • Your testicular fortitude shames the “boys”, again. Would that Occupied Amerika had a few more gutsy “journalists” of your calibre. Mystic “jew” might along with “tough” caucasion want to admit that the Davidians were treated with the same contempt [At Law] as the Palestinians, have been since even before Deir Yassin. Furthermore, and this is the heart of the “Issue”, is that in Western History {the Children Of Israel} No Jews ever lived amongst the Children of Israel. The Jewish “Narrative” emanates from the Talmud PERIOD. [See Ezra & Nehemiah, No Talmud = No Jews] When the Messiah told the ORAL TRADITION “TERRORISTS” in the Temple Treasury {John 8:20&33&44} that they exhibited the characteristics and TRAITS [Nature & Character] of their progenitor, He was not speaking in Yiddish. Most people on Earth, including Palestinians, don’t really know what that means, but MORE and MORE are becoming aware of the FACT that America is not being BLESSED for BLESSING the Talmudic Terrorist so-called “Jews”, as soon as a so-called “Jew” discovers the Truth, they can stop being a Psychotic “spiritual terrorist”.[for those that read these comments please see Issa Nakhlehs’ work The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem & The Stone of Destiny] Keep firing away Kawther, shoot ’em {SNAKES} right between the eyes.

  • Atta boy.. I’ve been watching this for some time and have gotten myself basically disenfranchised from my family and friends because they don’t want to hear it. They are so brainwashed over here in this alleged country called CANADA. Which is just a corporation doing business as a government. All the these corporations are bankrupt entities using the people as collateral for their loans from the jew owned central banks.Thats why they bend over to these jews all the time.. You will never get what you want till you get out of their system and start a Palestinian bank of the people for the people. Just don’t talk to these people get money from china,Iran,Bolivia or any country that will recognize you as a nation of people that have a right to live on mother earth just as everyone else. Start a fund and have it in your bank don’t have one? make one!! Only recognize people that recognize you. Give these CLOWNS the “COLD SHOULDER”. It surly can’t be any worse than it is now? It’s high time for “canadians” to get off their fat lazy asses and start demanding what’s right as well. They are all cowed down and scared shitless over here with the exception of a few. They get slammed by the government minions badly over here as well. But that wouldn’t happen if people just quit paying taxes and and gave the COLD SHOULDER as well. The whole world is on the edge of ruin and nobody seems to give a shit.. It is very very hard for me to keep seeing this crap happening day in and day out. But its guys like yourself that keeps me going and hoping for better. My people are being bombed to death as well as RADIATED with DU in Iraq and that is not acceptable either. Time for the family of mother earth to get off there collective asses and start to give all these BASTARDS the COLD SHOULDER…

  • shoveit

    Hurray for Israel!Cheers for Mossad!People aren’t buying your islamic bullshit,pathological lying bitch!Your website sucks.It’s a hate factory without an iota of value.Shove it to your stinky ass,stupid cock-sucking bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!

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