Demands For The Resignation Of The Un-elected Palestinian leadership

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

Palestinians around the world and all their supporters watched in shock, but not total surprise as secret documents, “The Palestine Papers”, detailing carefully the years of so called peace negotiations were released by the news network Al-Jazeera during the last few days. While Palestinians are struggling to win back their rights to their homes and lands, some in the un-elected leadership of the Palestinian Authority (PA) were making offers to give away these rights.

The documents show that they were willing to give up the rights of seven million Palestinians living in forced exile to return to their homes and lands. They were willing to cede Palestinian control over most of East Jerusalem as well as nearly all the land on the West Bank on which the major Israeli settlements around Jerusalem were illegally built. Even the major Muslim holy site the al-Aqsa mosque, Harm al’Sharif, was open to “creative” solution.

These people are undesirable as Palestinian leaders and that they must resign from their positions in peace and go away

Long before these revelations, Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, its members, supporters and people of conscience in the US and around the world were already deeply suspicious of the maneuvering against the Palestinian people that Saeb Erekat, Ahmad Qurei and others demonstrated during these secret negotiations over the past many years. The Palestine Papers released by Al-Jazeerah confirm our people’s worst fears. What the PA officials committed is a grave breach of duty and a betrayal of their own people.

The chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and sitting PA president Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, whose term has long expired, bears full responsibility. We demand his immediate resignation or removal from office. A self-appointed puppet leadership beholden only to it’s US and Israeli occupation masters cannot be allowed to stand. It does not represent the aspirations of the Palestinian people, the vast majority of whom are living in forced exile.

Al-Awda reiterates that a just and lasting peace can only be achieved with the return of all Palestinians to their original homes, towns, and villages, with full restitution of all of their confiscated and destroyed property, and compensation. The Palestinian people, regardless of their religious affiliation, are indigenous to Palestine. Therefore, they are entitled to live anywhere in their homeland Palestine which encompasses present-day ‘Israel’, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

No agreement, negotiations or parties which purport to trade away these rights or any other inalienable rights can have any legal basis and cannot bind or compel the Palestinian people to end the struggle for the fulfillment of all of their rights.

X-means: these people are undesirable as Palestinian leaders and that they must resign from their positions in peace and go away

The current PA/PLO leadership has proven to be both untrustworthy and unworthy. We call on all peace-loving people around the world to condemn this un-elected unrepresentative leadership. We also call on leaders who support the Palestinian cause to boycott this leadership until it is removed and replaced with legitimately elected representatives.

It’s time for the Palestinians to take charge of their own destiny and be represented by those who can bring justice to their cause and not serve the illegitimate racist aspirations of their enemies.

Until Return,

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

10 comments to Demands For The Resignation Of The Un-elected Palestinian leadership

  • Wayne

    It has been obvious for thirty years, to those of us that watch carefully, that the PLO has been actually Israeli. Yasser Arafat himself shared a secrete joint checking account with Ariel Sharon,and this news was even published in the Israeli newspapers themselves.None of the so called pece negotiations have been sincere – they are only stalling tactics while more settlers are moved in. HAMAS is now the only legitimate representative of Palestinians.

  • Richard

    Hey Gary, why not tell us how you really feel?
    When it comes to the treatment of an indigenous population, the Israelis may have looked to the US as an example. If so, they at least haven’t given the Palestinians blankets infected with small pox.
    The insensitivity of the Israelis might be due in part to their Khazar heritage. Perhaps they may be still part of the Golden Hoard (pun intended).

  • Almost all the Arabs in different countries of the Middle East knew it for years that all of the above crooks are part of Israel’s bribe network and no Arabs trusted these crooks and this is one of the reason that a great majority of the Arab people did not rise and demonstrated in droves against the illegalities committed by the Israelis with the full support of our most corrupt political system and the miserable crooks in Washington DC also known as the US Kaneset.Yes and in DC unofficially everyone agrees that the real representatives of the people is Hamas and not the crooks listed above.

  • again it comes as no surprise that these cockroaches(as stated by a israeli general) are acting and playing they part for the israeli terrorist machine in the holy land.
    dare i say with conviction these are the dajjals minions?
    look at the so called fairminded behaviour of the western and american governments too, part and parcel of the zionist jew dajjal cohorts!
    is it any wonder then that the zionist jew does not take arabs seriously when these so called representatives of the innocent palestinians are worshippers of money and sexual gratification?
    munafiqs will land in the deepest part of hell according to islamic theology, these vermin fit that bill!
    freedom does not come by being weak or without resistance to oppression,right and wrong are not equal. i sincerely hope that the palestinians will find that champion of they rights in the human race but i do believe he will not be an arab presently or jew and christian for the foreseeable future yet!

  • Hugler

    I am not a Palestinian or an Arab but my heart aches for the Palestinian people because their struggle for justice and freedom is epic. Those dogs in the PA need to be put down like feral animals they are. May God curse their deformed souls.

  • gee…..a lot of hatred here. A lot of ‘dogs’, ‘vermin’

    ‘May God curse their deformed souls !!!!’

    How then do we define evil?

    I KNOW Zionism is evil. You just have to look at the fruits of its labour.

    Do I need to show you the control, the camps, the armed forces, the Wall?

    Kawther….. again a great article which brings out – via the comments – the revenge/hatred aspect inherant in all human beings if pushed far enough.

    What uneasy bedfellows get loosely drawn to your cause and what is their motivation?

    The odd white suprematist wanders through for a cursory glance and mutters on about the decline of the white race….. and how you Palestinians aren’t the only ones doing it tough…… and he’s just looking for more reasons to hate the jew …. EVERY jew.

    What makes me uneasy is that the hatred driving the white suprematist, the ‘master race’ideology of the Nazi party and the ‘chosen people’ dogma of the Zionists and Talmudic Jews – is ….. er …. um……identical.

    So what an dreadful irony that after all this time, we discover that the Nazi party settled in Israel and didn’t miss a beat – they just changed the label on who is the (latest) master race.

    Notwithstanding the ten commandments – and ‘Thou shalt not kill.’, all three Abrahamic religions have failed dismally to address this most difficult issue to the extent that few bother…… but the commandments weren’t a ‘wish list’ and, of course, they’re difficult to realise.

    Why would anyone want to cast these…. well they ARE human, that’s what they are…into the lower levels of hell?

    Wouldn’t you prefer them to just ‘come to their senses’ and start behaving like….here we go again….human beings.

    Their characters are debased and warped beyond comphrehension but their souls – oddly enough – cannot be so blemished that the grace of God wouldn’t set it right.

    ‘Where’s the justice in that?’ my dead and bloodied ancestors cry. ‘WE want REVENGE!’

    Think about it.

    You’re dead. You stand before God … a God of love and not of cruelty….. that God would give you the understanding which you never displayed in life. You’d see where you went wrong and feel all the ramifications of that knowledge.

    So the full horror of Hitler’s slaughter of the millions is visited upon Hitler himself. He feels the individual pain of every human life he has blighted …. and to avoid an eternity of such pain, he elects to return to earth, to live another life in which, mercifully, he has no remembrance of past misdeeds but must endure lifetimes of horror before a balance is achieved.

    This isn’t cruelty but rather perfect justice. Put away your suicide belts… we’re here for a short enough time without that imperfect action.

    It sort of makes sense to me. Doesn’t make it ‘the whole Truth and nothing but the truth’ and it doesn’t correspond to doctrine but that’s why God gave me a semblance of free will….. and if I wanted a reward in Heaven and didn’t want to go to hell…..I’ve missed the point. Who cares about that. The relationship with God is what matters.

    If I go to the worms and there’s nothing thereafter… funnily enough – God gave us a sense of humour – so that possibility is o.k. too.

    Wishing you well.

  • Hugster


    “Their characters are debased and warped beyond comphrehension but their souls – oddly enough – cannot be so blemished that the grace of God wouldn’t set it right.”

    Please delete the deranged ravings of David Griffith. It amuses me that on one hand we have a Western Christian pontificating on his notions of what God will do on this site about Palestine while on other hand, Western nations assist the zionist settler state to eviscerate the Palestinian people on so many levels.

    Didn’t we just find out from the Palestine Papers that the very religious Tony Blair unleashed MI6 on Palestinians?

  • Roberto Ventrella

    Basta con la merda al potere! Buttiamoli fuori questi delinquenti fottuti!! I capi di stato che tramano contro il proprio popolo martoriato, meritano solo la pena capitale! Nessun riguardo verso di loro.

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