The Screams of A Child Abducted by Monsters

The picture below shows two Israeli soldiers from the so called “border police” unit capturing Palestinian child Mahmoud Al Abbasi, 10 years old from the East of the occupied city of Jerusalem, on January 21 2011.

Please try to find an answer to the questions below by writing to the so-called Israeli Embassy in your country and to the Israeli occupation spokespersons (their e-mail addresses are below), and to your elected representatives.

Mahmoud Al Abbasi, 10 years old

Do you think that the soldiers seen in the picture below belong to the human race? Do you think these are soldiers or monsters? Do you think that capturing and terrorizing children is a war crime? What descriptions that can be given of a state which feels powerful when its soldiers terrorize children? What would you do if your son was the child who cries and screaming between the steel hands of these monsters?
What do you do if you knew that your tax money was being used for the benefit of the monsters in the pictures above and below?

Did you know that the Defence for Children International in Palestine sent out on January 6 2011 an appeal concerning the jailing of three children, Muslim Mosa Ode, age of 10, Adam Mansour Al-Rishiq, age of  7, and Imran Mohammad Mansour 11, who were jailed by the monsters in the picture above and their colleagues?

Imran was jailed after being run over by a criminal settlers in Jerusalem.

Muslim O. – On 18 October 2010, a 10-year-old boy from Silwan, in occupied East Jerusalem, reported having being grabbed and beaten by three men in civilian clothes and taken to the Al-Mascobiyya interrogation centre for questioning. Under Israeli law, a child below the age of 12 should not be interrogated.

Mohammad G. – On 25 October 2010, a 12-year-old boy from Silwan, in occupied East Jerusalem reported being grabbed and beaten by a policeman on his way to school and then taken to the Al-Mascobiyya interrogation centre for questioning.

Adam R. – On 24 November 2010, a seven-year-old boy from Silwan in occupied East Jerusalem reported being beaten by soldiers on his way to school. The experience has made Adam fearful of leaving his home.

A Jewish colonist car ran over Imran Mohammad Mansour, who was arested later.

The Israeli embassy in your country: (list of Israeli diplomatic missions worldwide).

IDF spokesperson e-mails:
aliza_lan [at] idf [dot] gov [dot] il,
idf [dot] deborahgrau [at] gmail [dot] com
idfnewsdesk [at] gmail [dot] com
idfnadesk [at] gmail [dot] com
idfnadesk [at] idf [dot] gov [dot] il
idf [dot] centcom [at] gmail [dot] com
idfnewmedia [at] gmail [dot] com
idfspox [at] gmail [dot] com
lfrd [at] idf [dot] gov [dot] il
hafakot [at] idf [dot] gov [dot] il
madorarie [at] idf [dot] gov [dot] il
mekomit [at] idf [dot] gov [dot] il
meniv [at] idf [dot] gov [dot] il

24 comments to The Screams of A Child Abducted by Monsters

  • stevesmitty79

    Anyone who abuses a child is a monster, Israeli or American and God will punish both.

  • Jim DeTexas

    WOW Hans, reach into your heart and fetch me a few ice cubes for my tea.

    The Chosenites are the Islamic terrorists if not for that there would be no terror.

  • Steve

    Hans’ response to this outrage is typical of brainwashed and brain damaged people all over the world who sit idle like armchair quarterbacks spewing comments and opinions having absolutely no education or experience of the realities of a given situation beyond the opinions given to them by a media which is dominated by the ethnic group mentioned in this article.
    An uneducated man seldom refuses the opportunity to speak. Hans and those millions like him have no clue to the history of Israel nor the Jewish theft of Palestine made possible by means of the Balfour Declaration ( who by the way, was sponsored by the same degenerate vermin who financed WWII.
    This is not the venue for a history lesson and I am not inclined to be attacked by those individuals oblivious to their own ignorance so eager to flame someone who has the truth and is willing to share it. Frankly, you are not worth my effort to rehabilitate.
    The battle lines have been drawn. There is no middle ground while OTHER people are being murdered at the hands of the most historically racist killers of anyone not like themselves. By propaganda, lies, subterfuge, treasonous invasion of host countries via political and financial consumption, fomenting conflict between their hosts and their enemies, Jews have near total control of what you think and feel. They implant your opinions and innocent people all over the world suffer in unimaginable torment and misery as a result of the successful mind control of affluent masses of people trained to respond precisely as Hans.
    I am not a Muslim, and thank GOD I am not a Jew. The Jew claim as being GODS “chosen people” died the day Jews put HIS son to death on the cross. They are NOT GODS chosen people. They turned their backs on Christ and butchered HIM. All conflict on the globe has and has had the stain of these despicable people and is a marker for all ture understanding of world events.
    Israel is dependent upon American financial support to continue it’s war against the impoverished people of Palestine. This support is guaranteed because of the Jewish domination of politics, media and finance in the U.S.
    This is the outrage that has turned America into something resembling the police state of Israel with checkpoints and armed security at airports and public events and who knows what else they have planned. This is the perversion that the ignorance of Americans and the treachery of Jewish assimilation has wrought.
    We live in a time when the specter of Jewish Communism darkens American life on a scale scarcely dreamed possible a short 50, 25, 10 years ago, but many have warned us about it’s coming. It is here NOW!
    Yea, I know the Jewish Gestapo is monitoring and collecting data against people like me who speak the truth in preparation to eliminate opposition to their demonic plan to pull the entire world into Hell, and they can kiss my Gentile ass.
    The time has come when we must resist the devil or else become his agent, there is no middle ground. Put down your Ipod and your flat screen TV and your fancy job with your fancy house and your fat savings account and begin to see the suffering of other people who have struggled for centuries against the darkness which at this very moment is placing the noose around YOUR NECK.
    When it’s your turn to dangle, you better hope someone offers something in your defense besides an opinion such as Hans’.

    • Steve

      To McCoy: You made my point precisely. Reading for you is too much of an effort. But you obviously are shooting blanks all over other peoples comments. Do you actually believe what you say means anything at all to other people?
      Change your handle to McClown. It suits you better.

    • Jeremy

      I did read your comment, and I agree. The ignorance is amazing in the world! Sometimes I think people dont want to know,,,,when it comes for them,,they will probably just “turn the other cheek” and hand everything over…for the sake of security. Guess what McCoy,,,there are killing you and your neighbors,,they have more covert ways to kill a loyalist like you.

  • j wood

    do you think maybe just maybe he got caught doing something wrong?

    • Freedom Lost

      What a think you would want military taking your children if they did wrong instead of the police..soon you will get in America what you have been asking for…complete zionist protection…but NO FREEDOM!! Wake Up America or accept youyr slavery with a deserving face..after want protection from the boogy man!!

    • Absar

      Yup.. His crime was being born an Arab in Jewish occupied land

  • Jim DeTexas

    Yes J Wood he did get caught doing something wrong, he is guilty of breathing Israeli air.

  • Grettle

    You mean jewish terrorists don’t you “Hans”? You know, like the ones that planned and orchestrated 9/11. Don’t think you tricked everyone. Anytime one of you pro-Israel, pro-war liars posts, I will be there to counter with the truth. So go ahead, post away!

  • fed-up-with-lies

    be specific Hans….how many would that be, that were blown to pieces by the islamic terrorists…tell us the number….is it as many as have been terrorised and blown to pieces by jewish/israeli terrorists…how many in the Nakba, how many in lebanon, how many in Gaza, how many in Hebron, the west bank, new york, russia, ukrainia, how many would that be…only about 60 millions killed by zionists in the last hundred years!….now you were saying, hans….????

  • Jeremy

    Are you saying this boy is a terrorist? That two wrongs make a right? The word terrorist is used to justify anything now. The common man is the target of a propagandist war, is that you?

  • Absar

    Hans… Based on your name I am assuming you are of German descent?

    Well guess what Hans? Because you all were kind enough to torture and kick the Jews out of your country, the so-called “Islamic Terrorists” are now having to deal with them.

    You can easily put an end to all this bloodshed by carving out a piece of your own country and inviting the Jews back. After all you are the ones who kicked them out in the first place.. right??

    Of course its much easier for you Europeans to force some inferior race to vacate their generations old homes and make way room for the Jews … isn’t it???

    Is your European blood and property more valuable than an Arab/Muslim’s??

    Stop being so arrogant/ignorant and go read something for a change..

  • JohnZ

    Americans, by and large, are the most ignorant and propagandized people of the western world. Totally ignorant!
    They think that watching a few 15 second sound bites on Faux news will educate them. Nothing and I mean nothing could be further from the truth. They are being brainwashed by the zionist jue propaganda machine!
    McCoy, you seem to be a zionist disinfo agent. Is that what you are? Obviously you know little of the situation in that region of the world, probably about as much as you know of the situation here in America.
    As far as your stupid comments about the rockets are concerned, they do almost no damage to life or property at all. In fact they are sometimes fired by MOSSAD agents into their own country.
    Fact: everyday the monsters of the IDF kil, maim and torture innocent men, women and children in the name of zionism. Everyday the gardens, homes, hopes and dreams are shattered by this evil manifestation known as israhell.
    The juze are not god’s chosen people: they are the children of lucifer and satan. They are without a doubt the most vile, greedy, backstabbing and evil lot on the planet. The juze have no morals or ethics. They lie, cheat and steal from everyone including you and me.
    The attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, the Lavon affair, Johnathon Pollard, 9/11 and every other deception and betrayal by this insidious beast only illustrates how far the zionists and israhell will go to complete their destruction of all that is good and decent in the world. They did it to Germany, to Mother Russia, to Poland, Spain, and Portugal. They are doing it to us. Thanks to the zionist takeover of our banks, media and government we are now facing bankruptcy, nonstop wars in the middleast and at the same time propagandized into believing every filthy lie and deceit. The jue has infiltrated the media in Hollywood with their sleazy tv programing, the movies by and large are vile, base and so totally stupid they have no redeeming value whatsoever.
    The zionists are the neo nazis of the 21st century: their claim of being the “master race” and that the rest of the world will lick their boots, tells us these creatures are our real enemy. Not the Palestinians, not Iran, or Syria or Lebanon but Israhell!

  • Hector

    My opinion in this matter is that the leaders of Israel, are doing a great job defining their country as a terrorist state. This i am sorry to say! And i will NEVER even consider visiting that country for any reason. It is clear to anyone who dares to open their hearts enough, that Israel is a country of hate, fear and supression, the region a perfect breeding ground for so called “terrorists”. What makes it very sad is that it is 100% intentional.

  • tonybnica

    Really, McCoy? Those “soldiers” look like they’re having a good laugh at the child’s expense and are probably getting ready to flip a coin as to who gets to butt_uck the boy first before killing him and stealing his organs for the Khazarian scum you call “Israelis.”

  • human of this earth

    …LOL…you folks got to wake the fuck up…it will never be peace in this region unless the mentality in people are growing to a point where the inner spirituality is in harmony…fuck the religion. Religion is the main cause for your agony anyway, and that goes for all of us…have you folks forgotten that we all are brothers of this earth ?? …and who the hell are turning us against our selves and each other ?? thought about that ?? This indoctrination has to can stop it..The time is come to join together again like we ones did…We are what was and shall rule again…
    Love and harmony to all the people of this earth…

  • John watson

    These people are savages and are not fit to live.Israel was built on stolen land.The rest is sheer tautology.At times,one is to wonder whether there are any real Jews and if all of them are not in fact criminal zionists.

  • Julian

    It makes me want Emperor Titus and Legion X to march from the Halls of Hades and crush Israel just as they crushed the Jewish Revolt!

    Israel will never bow to peaceful protest. Iraq-style sanctions and failing that a military solution, perhaps a NATO Alliance of the Angry, would be the only way.

  • Ed Lee

    And sooo many self proclaimed Christians support all that Israel does.They are guilty through ignorance perpetuated by t.v. evangelists .What a disgrace the U.S. has become to claim Israel as an ally! In the eyes of fools Israel can do no wrong…… We will all answer someday to the cruelty we do to each other. “Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you ,That in Heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in Heaven”, said Jesus Christ.

  • nignogger

    Stop Jewish tyranny on palestinians! Down with Israel, jews and persecution of arabs by the jews: children of satan. Dont get me started on the holohoax either!

  • ActaNonVerba

    How else do you expect people from the state of rothschild to act??? israel is an abomination!!!! God said do not be fooled by the false tongue and that is exactly what isreal is!

  • Dolores

    Remember Israel are the original Sodomites.

    They abuse children. Read the Talmud.

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