Questions About Your Mother

If you saw criminal thugs hitting and dragging your mother as seen in the picture below, what would you do? What would you do if your government defended such criminals, even ordered them to steal everything from your family and mistreat your mother like that during Christmas? What would you suggest should be done to protect this woman from the thugs?

Ethnic cleansing: Israeli soldiers (border police) beating and dragging a Palestinian woman while colonist pigs enjoy the spectacle. Picture Credit: AFP

The picture is from yesterday in the Al-Walajeh village north-west of the occupied Palestinian city of Bethlehem, where Jesus was born. Al-Walajeh is a peaceful beautiful village that is slated for ethnic cleansing (for the second time) under the full protection of the USA and the EU.

It is worth mentioning that the European Union decided the day before yesterday to provide one hundred million Euros as support to the so-called “Palestinian National Authority, PA”, under the Israeli military occupation, so that the PA can continue playing the game of useless negotiations and protecting the security of Israel. The European Union rejected a few days before to announce their support for a Palestinian declaration of a Palestinian State on the borders 4 June 1967, saying that his declaration will come at the “right” time, this means probably after 124 years of Israeli occupation.

10 comments to Questions About Your Mother

  • One thing is for sure, St. Joseph would never have allowed blessed Maryam to be treated that way.

    The smarmy wormy little piece of garbage grinning and grabbing this noble lady from behind shows what cowardly low down sub human slime the IOF is composed of. This cowardly little boy is supposed to be ZioNazi Israel’s flower of manhood?? It is no wonder that Hizb’Allah knocked the living hell out of them. Of course Hizb’Allah is comprised of men. The time gets shorter all the time.

    Free Palestine!!!

    A blessed Christmas to you Ms. Salam, your family and Palestine and all Palestinians, the people of Jesus and Mary and Joseph’s hometown!


  • As war is always hideous and always debases or fractures those who participate – I don’t know what ‘to do’ about these debased humans anymore than I know what ‘to do’ about America’s dreadful record of lies an half truths in pursuit of ‘American Interests.’

    None of it has anything to do with ‘Democracy, Freedom or …… that hoary old bit of dross…. ‘Values.’

    Much of the population attempts to live by values which are not unique to any religion. Real values are never employed by governments.

    It’s difficult to remain upbeat while grinning fools like Tony Blair, preening about in their retirements, are still suggesting that bombing Iran may yet be … needed.

    Perhaps the Tony Blairs, George Bushes and sundry Princes need sobering up by watching the results of their actions until they can cry no more…… then they can watch some more.

    Mention the word ‘Evil’ and heads turn as though some great revelation is to be witnessed.

    Evil is also just as virulent within the small – as witnessed with your opening photograph.

    May God lift our spirits.

  • disgusting_jew

    I think (or, I would like to know how to think) muslim at its pick did ethnic cleansing in the middle east for jews and other tribes and now it is the payback time .
    jews never suffered, and now muslim has to suffer

  • ugly you

    December 24th, 2010 at 09:03:14 · Reply

    I think muslim at its pick did ethnic cleansing in the middle east for jews and other tribes and now it is the payback time .
    jews suffered and now muslim has to suffer

    What is wrong with your mind? Your ilk and your amazing bullshit justifications for demonizing whole peoples and countries are disgusting, and this is coming from a Jewish American. You sicken me, get your effing tentacles off of my country and all other countries who don’t abide by your zionist racist bullshit nonsense! Your racist and evil, your words out you, no need to hide, it’s obvious to all how twsited and bent your mind is. I pity you and your kind, but accept no more blood for your foolish ignorance. Enough is enough.

  • umm

    sorry but those soldiers are not Israeli…

  • The below link gives the very necessary picture of bringing into view the decimation, debasing and enslaving of one species of human by another (if they are human at all). We can no longer play ignorant to this reality, as the American Founders themselves were well aware, and so wanted to warn their progeny, as they did here – which you will be amazed:

    In addition to these lowest of low cowards, vile creatures and bullies in these uniforms who would put a hand on a woman, and especially an elderly one in the manner that they have and do, please make sure you see the picture of the little Iraqi girl who was raped and killed, along with her family, by a US soldier, and the connection to the conditioning that has come down through time by the psychopathic lie master of the “6 million,” Ilya Ehrenberg, as you will see above the picture.

    We must now become aware, that We, Humanity, have a collective plight on the Planet.

  • MeatwadGetsIt

    When the fraud is protected, all forms of other crimes will be required to retain the initial lies and fraud that placed the wrong people on the wrong desert land. Remember people, these “jewish” are just as victimized by their original fraud of calling what they have a ‘religion’. Zeitgeist may have had some minor errors of facts within those mythical details, but the basic 101 class understanding is right on the target, the jew religion is no more valid than any part of the ‘Lord of the ring’ story in relation to any “godt”.

    This is the reason for all of the bleedin, the religious frauds. As well as this is the season for all the treason, of humanity for those mythical gods.

  • Dean Jackson

    Dean Jackson, or whatever is your name: GET LOST!

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