Palestine Calendar 2011

Merry Christmas from Bilin

The BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights announced the 2011 Desk-Calendars which are titled “Rights in Principle – Rights in Practice: 20 years of processing peace”. It includes photos and information on the root causes of ongoing forced displacement and dispossession of Palestinians, an assessment of 20 years of failed peace diplomacy and civil society-led efforts to hold Israel accountable for its systematic abuse of the rights of the Palestinian people.

Relevant historic dates and events are marked for each month of the year as follows:

January: Palestine’s Ongoing Nakba
February: Forced Population Transfer
March: Sumoud and Land Day
April: Palestinian Political Prisoners and Detainees
May: The Nakba
June: Occupation, Colonialism and Apartheid
July: The Wall and its Associated Regime
August: Legislating Israeli Apartheid
September: International Accountability and the Goldstone Report
October: The peace process at 20
November: The United Nations and International Solidarity
December: The Right to Return

Calendars are in Arabic and English, and cost 5 Euros. They can be ordered online

Note: Bulk orders of Badil’s 2011 Desk-Calendar at a reduced price can be arranged by contacting info [at] badil [dot] org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it info [at] badil [dot] org

6 comments to Palestine Calendar 2011

  • Ms. Salam and all, atamanna lakum ‘eed milaad madjeed!

    May God deliver Palestine and may we support that in everything.




  • Just a note to thank you for your GOOD work, commitment to humanity and courage to confront such formidable foes.

    All outward appearances aside Canadians do not support our governments actions in Afganistan nor those supporting the Zionists both in our midst and afar.

    The tenets of Jesus are not accepted by Zionists and this crucial problem is brought to the fore by your good work.

    God bless you.

    I do hope that you and yours reamain safe and free in the new year and my families prayers include you.

    With sincere appreciation

    Andrew Brittany and Ethan Rogers

  • A Happy and safe Christmas to all who deserve it. I believe the year of 2011 will be bad but most of all, I think this is the year the fake Zionist state hits the wall. Ten years ago, nobody seemed to have them or Jews on their radar, except those few directly affected and their supporters. Today they are under increasing scutiny and the impatience even at government levels is becoming obvious. They can be relied upon to do the worst possible things as they feel the pressure, nobody is better at self defeating actions than Zionists and Jews.

  • Adam Neira

    I’m sure there are some much more uplifting 2011 calenders for sale.

    Prayers for the peace of the Holy Land in the New Year.

  • Blessings and Peace to you Kawther. See the word momentum, We have it, they never did. Chutzpah is not momentum. Truth + JusTice = Peace. Peace to all who love Truth. For “Christians”, please read Matthew 13, and Know that the Tarrerists are Tares, pay close attention to where the TARES are going….See any “RAPTURE” ? By the way….What time is it ? {Really}.

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