End The Spread Of The Zionist Cancer In Palestine

The occupation jewish colonies are spreading like a cancer in Palestine. This malignant disease must be eradicated for ever from all Palestinian territories. 62 years of Nakbah are enough, and the time has come to throw the violent and antisocial jewish colonists out of Palestine, in accordance with Security Council resolutions 242 and 383, and not in accordance with the US zionists Senate decisions. Negotiations on UN resolutions 242 383 and others, a “peace process” which includes the continuous expansion of jewish cancer in Palestine, are not appropriate. Enough is enough. It is clear that the US will never bring us Palestinians any kind of justice, or a State – the government of USA, after all, is not even able to solve the problems of their own country. The USA is nothing but an accomplice to a criminal occupation which wants to bring us even more calamities on top of the past 62 years of Nakbah and over 23 years of “negotiations” with the zionists.

Today, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas asked Riyad Mansour, the representative of Palestine at the United Nations, to go “immediately” to the UN Security Council to ask for the passing of a resolution condemning the jewish colonies in West Bank and East Jerusalem, and calling upon Israel to immediately halt settlement land theft activity, which is criminal and contrary to the international law. The demand of President Abbas came after the Arab foreign ministers rejected further Palestinian-Israeli peace talks without any serious offer from the US on end the Middle East conflict, and after the US reneged once again its responsibility to announce a condemnation of the jewish settlements in West Bank territories as an obstacle which blocks the way of so called “peace process”.

According to reports by the French agency AFP, the US House of Representatives approved yesterday a resolution which opposes any “unilateral measures” to declare or recognize a Palestinian state without backing a negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (This means that the US zionists are adding another measure of genocide to their filthy history of war crimes and crimes against all humanity, which this time could threaten the security of not only the Palestinians and the Israelis but of all neighboring countries in the Middle East).

The disgusting declaration of the US House of Representatives is a natural reaction of this entity, wholly subjugated by zionist interests, to Brazil, and later Argentina and Uruguay recognizing in early December a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, the boundaries that existed before Israel captured and occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The US House of Representatives urgently needs to understand that their intervention is highly undesirable in Palestine. Those incompetent kleptocrats should solve the problems of their own country instead of aggravating them by sticking their noses into issues which are none of their business.

President Abbas and the PA have been accused and criticized in the past for their obsequious and collaborative posture vis-a-vis the occupation and the Americans, often enough by myself. Looking at the activity of the PA with more distance it becomes obvious that the PA never had the power to resist the demands of the occupation. Abbas and his people did everything to accommodate the demands of the israelis and the Americans, and despite this, all what he got was insults and betrayal by his supposed “negotiation” partners.

Despite all criticism and doubts, Abbas is the only President we have, and to the outside world he still represents us; the constant stream of insults and filth thrown at President Abbas and the PA by the Americans and the israelis was filth thrown upon all Palestinians, and in view of all what has transcended, it has become time, and I repeat this, to stop all negotiations.

Many reasons exist to stop all negotiations with the israelis. The jews have demonstrated in 63 years that they act in bad faith, constantly and without exception. Furthermore, the jews have no claim before international law, to any part of Palestine. All their claims rest either upon colonial diktat, upon scams like the Balfour declaration and on their sham “declaration of independence” of 1948. In the same way as these European freaks, I could now go to the city and “declare” that St. Stephens Cathedral belongs to me. Lets also not forget their “god told us so” story, which sounds very similar to what so many benighted inhabitants of mental institutions around the world have to tell.

It is important also to clarify the confusion around the “settlements”, the jewish colonies in the West Bank. While the “state of israel” supports them formally, they are a purely American construct. Most of the 500.000 or so squatters in the West Bank are American citizens, followed by Canadians and citizens of other english-speaking countries (In the same way, the given-up colonies in Gaza were occupied predominantly by French citizens). This fact, together with the attitude of the USA House of Representatives, demonstrates that it is the USA which is inserting its citizens in occupied territories in clear contravention to the Geneva Conventions and to its own laws.

The USA (and other countries like Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, …) owes us reparations, and they must initiate the repatriation of this population of terrorists and with few exceptions criminally insane individuals. I suggest that the PA speaks, not “negotiates”, with the so-called “quartet” that it is expected from them to do exactly this: a) repatriate their citizens and b) pay reparations to everybody who was in any way damaged by the presence of their citizens in our country. Europeans should be especially receptive to such ideas, as there is a constant increase in the talk about expelling criminal foreigners and even those who do not integrate well into these countries.

More important still is that Palestinians of all factions, religious or secular, bury our differences and think about effective strategies aimed at eradicating the jewish cancer from all of Palestine. If we want our country back, we will have to think, together, about what is best done. In all cases an increase in political activism is needed. We must make use of the sympathy which we have in many corners of the world, and we must also use the antipathy which the jews have brought upon themselves almost universally because of their crimes against us.

All activity and activism aimed at eradicating the jews from Palestine should be planned with the knowledge that the jews have influence only within the narrow confines of the governments which they have infiltrated or bought, the finance world, and the giant multinational companies. These three, governments, finance and international predatory capital are increasingly being seen as a problem by peoples around the world. Secondly, the USA, while still a military giant, is a crumbling, underdeveloped country with few isles of relative wealth – the USA by far does not have the power which their attitude suggests. Openly opposing them and facing them down should bring ample benefits in the political arena to anybody doing so.

Finally, it should be increasingly clear to the world that the continued existence of israel as a subject of international law is deeply undesirable, more so, extremely dangerous to all humanity. While the fan club of israel speaks of a supposed “right to exist” of their genocidal entity, they seem to not understand that a “right to exist” of a state at once does not exist in international law, and it is irrelevant in practice. The international community of states is a rough neighborhood, and the only “right to exist” of any state rests in how agreeable it is to its neighbors and the community of nations at large. Israel has been a constant problem to everybody during all of its short existence.

It exports terrorism and genocide, it has an almost undisputed worldwide monopoly over the market of synthetic drugs like ecstasy, it is a hub for organ harvesting around the world, as the recent case involving Hashim Thaci case shows, it is a refuge for terrorists, criminals and outlaws from anywhere as long as they claim to be jewish, it is constantly involved in wars with its neighbors or preparing wars, it subverts all attempts of countries to find common grounds in international humanitarian law. Adding to its criminal existence the recent declarations of certain highly respected rabbis to the effect that humanity only exists to serve the jews (which went uncontested from either religious or worldly authorities), israel must be characterized as “Hostis humani generis” (enemy of mankind), and only as such.

There is a very simple political and peaceful way to neutralize and eradicate israel from all of Palestine, which could also be of immense material profit to all nations which would support such ends. It depends on the leaderships of countries simply helping us to get back our rights.

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    The malignant jewish tumor continues to grow upon Palestine.

  • The world is waking up – much too slowly it is sure.

    The obvious vile depraved evil criminal actions of the Zionist Invaders glow like serpent green venomous poison at night.

    Next, world if you don’t support Palestine you are guilty just like the Zionists – and especially if you don’t support Palestine in a third intifada, if they choose that – it is their choice after all!

    Free Palestine! Free Palestine! Free Palestine!!!


  • There is the chance of a cure for cancer.
    I don’t know that the same can be said of Zionism.
    You have the bully and the victim.
    The bully has the power and sets the rules ….and changes them.
    A ‘Peace Process’is a nonsense when the borders in question …. are perpetually in question.
    Would a ‘Peace Process’ make sense to me if my neighbour, not only builds on my land, but insists that ….. it shouldn’t matter.
    It’s a terrible thing that Judaism has been so highjacked as to be almost synonymous with the State of Israel and the political structure which inhabits that land.
    I don’t know what that says about Judaism as a religious – or rather spiritual – force which is capable of standing up to the insanity of Zionism but I’m happy to say that the individual Jews that I’ve known are no different to you or I….whatever that truly means.
    Raises the question.
    If there were such a species as the ‘Chosen People’ wouldn’t you expect an ethical standard so high and so constant across the generations as to command a transformational respect within the rest of humanity?
    There’s no point in ‘being chosen’ otherwise.
    You just become another mob making a religion out of looking after yourself.
    Your article is great.
    God bless one and all….. perhaps a global change for the better might be nice 🙂

  • The modern day so-called “Jews” are not the descendents of the Children of Israel. The Chosen so-called “Israelites” are in fact the Christian/West “Industrialized” First world nations in DEBT BONDAGE to the “EDOMITE” bankers..”MONEY CHANGERS”. The SPIRITUAL Fog bank/cess pit of Talmudic Judaism doesn’t change the truth, it just qualifies those who find it worthy to “ENTER THE KINGDOM”. Language is a tool. Kawther you’re starting to use it very effectively, and that is a good sign. If WHITE MEN living in CHRISTIAN NATIONS stopped believing LIES {JEWISH POOPAGANDA} and started searching for Truth and Justice, the “Jewish” cancer could be cured in ONE HOUR…..Have a great le weekend. Peace to those who Love Truth. [see chim chim cha roo] @ apfn.org

  • not a fan of the land of lies called isrl

    Chris, are you a jew or a zionist? a zionist would use statements like u just did, a jew would use reason which u obviously dont have, and a muslim would say all the lands belong to all the people. in other words all religions were practiced without fear there before isrl was created. you forced your way into palestine, and u fight to keep what is not yours. what did you give them for taking their homes? houses and farms passed down for hundreds and thousands of years? remember that all religions practice the same rues God sent to us, isrl does not have exclusive rights to God or that land. many have converted from judaism and became christians and muslims. which really are no different from each other. but the difference from you and th elikes of you is that you do not believe in God, you believe in man made words from the talmud. a book which preaches to hate ahd to enslave others. you will not win, we out number you by billions. in the end a holocaust will happen to you not that load of crap that you made up during WWII. this time all of you will vanish, and in my books it cant happen soon enough.

  • Pavel pospichal

    All ASKE -NAZI terrorists and mass murderers should be hunted down around the Globe and give them “vaccines”and poisonous drinking water which these bastards push on humanity.
    these demons have no place among civilized nations
    Unless they are disarmed and send to isolated island where they can steal and cheat each other,
    our planet has no future

  • Seek the Truth

    Why was my post removed? It was very mild compared to the other anti zionist posts that continue to stay on the board.

    • Your comment was removed because it is written in a way which could be legally compromising, to the difference of the other “harsher” comments. Please understand that “freedom of speech” does not exist outside of the USA, and nuances make a difference. You may repost your comment if you find another way of saying it. Hint: don’t use “all”.

  • The planned for head of the New World Order Serpent is a falsely united Jerusalem under Zionist control. We must not let that happen. Iraq was a pawn in the power play to bring that about. The real military power is the TRIAD and the real base of the political power controlling it is the Royal Families of the Illuminati of Europe, Count Coudenhove-Kalergi as just one example among many others, and their puppets throughout the world.

    See: Triad: This is the TRIAD – The United States of America and Russia and Red China – Iraq, a pawn


    Free Palestine and we Free the World!


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