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Accuser of WikiLeaks Founder Absconded in Palestine

Yanun village, district of Nablus where Anna Ardin/Bernardin is absconded now.

According to Palestine daily newspapers [1], Anna Ardin, also known as Bernardin, one of the two Swedish women who accused Julian Assange of rape, is now in the Palestinian town of [2]Yanun [2] near Nablus in the north of the West Bank and close to the Israeli apartheid wall. The Palestinian town is a center for international groups opposed to the Israeli apartheid wall. Yanun is a village under israeli siege since many years, because of its location and because of the vocal opposition of the inhabitants to the apartheid wall.

[3]The Palestinian newspapers reported yesterday that Bernardin had reached the occupied West Bank in an attempt to help and search for a peace settlement between the Palestinians and Israelis. The newspapers added that, according to news published in Stockholm, that the rape allegations against Assange began to crumble after it appeared that one of the two women who accused Assange, Anna Ardin, was not cooperating with the prosecution. In the meantime, many facts indicative of foul play in this case have been uncovered and also questionable personal relations of Ms. Ardin/Bernardin relating to her political activity. Mr. Assange on his part is alleged by associates to have entered into a secret agreement with israel – no documents inconveniencing israeli interests have been published until now. Click on the picture to see it bigger.

According to comments made by Palestinians regarding the presence of the Swedish woman among them in Yanon, “those who can not make peace with themselves first will not be able to help the Palestinians build peace with Israel”. Regarding the presence of Ardin/Bernardin in Palestine, it was also remarked that “Palestine has become a place frequented by everyone under the pretext of  supporting the prospects for peace and the Palestinians”.

Although we appreciate the efforts of the volunteers who come to support our nation and stand with us against the apartheid wall, it has become difficult for us to know who are the real supporters of peace and who are the infiltrators and intelligence agency plants among the peace activists who come to live and work among us in order to spy on our people and the peace movement in support of Israel and the foreign intelligence services.

If Anna Ardin/Bernardin has a dubious background as has been convincingly suggested about her in relation to the Assange case, then it would be better that she leaves Palestine alright. In this case I concur with my compatriots from Yanon that it would be better if Ms. Ardin/Bernardin returns to her home in Sweden and puts her personal affairs in order.