Accuser of WikiLeaks Founder Absconded in Palestine

Yanun village, district of Nablus where Anna Ardin/Bernardin is absconded now.

According to Palestine daily newspapers, Anna Ardin, also known as Bernardin, one of the two Swedish women who accused Julian Assange of rape, is now in the Palestinian town of Yanun near Nablus in the north of the West Bank and close to the Israeli apartheid wall. The Palestinian town is a center for international groups opposed to the Israeli apartheid wall. Yanun is a village under israeli siege since many years, because of its location and because of the vocal opposition of the inhabitants to the apartheid wall.

The Palestinian newspapers reported yesterday that Bernardin had reached the occupied West Bank in an attempt to help and search for a peace settlement between the Palestinians and Israelis. The newspapers added that, according to news published in Stockholm, that the rape allegations against Assange began to crumble after it appeared that one of the two women who accused Assange, Anna Ardin, was not cooperating with the prosecution. In the meantime, many facts indicative of foul play in this case have been uncovered and also questionable personal relations of Ms. Ardin/Bernardin relating to her political activity. Mr. Assange on his part is alleged by associates to have entered into a secret agreement with israel – no documents inconveniencing israeli interests have been published until now. Click on the picture to see it bigger.

According to comments made by Palestinians regarding the presence of the Swedish woman among them in Yanon, “those who can not make peace with themselves first will not be able to help the Palestinians build peace with Israel”. Regarding the presence of Ardin/Bernardin in Palestine, it was also remarked that “Palestine has become a place frequented by everyone under the pretext of  supporting the prospects for peace and the Palestinians”.

Although we appreciate the efforts of the volunteers who come to support our nation and stand with us against the apartheid wall, it has become difficult for us to know who are the real supporters of peace and who are the infiltrators and intelligence agency plants among the peace activists who come to live and work among us in order to spy on our people and the peace movement in support of Israel and the foreign intelligence services.

If Anna Ardin/Bernardin has a dubious background as has been convincingly suggested about her in relation to the Assange case, then it would be better that she leaves Palestine alright. In this case I concur with my compatriots from Yanon that it would be better if Ms. Ardin/Bernardin returns to her home in Sweden and puts her personal affairs in order.

22 comments to Accuser of WikiLeaks Founder Absconded in Palestine

  • Fatwa

    She should be stoned to death under sharia law!
    She was raped because it is her fault she brings her evil to palestine

  • Anglo Saxon

    Dear Kawther, and the Palestinian people. Please do not waste your time with White Women! In particular, those from Britain (especially), Sweden (especially), France, Italy, and Spain. Similarly, over 50 percent of White American women should be kept at arms length, or maybe further! These women (aged anywhere between 20 and 45) are very toxic.

    Why is this?

    All of these national populations of females have been under constant, psychological attack from the Zionist media and entertainment industries for the past 35 years or more. Many, like Anna Ardin, have grown up under this siege-like atmosphere. As a result, they have become (as a racial group) collectively mentally disturbed and their political beliefs are, as a consequence, right off the scale of normality. They often act as if they are above the law, simply because they are female and attractive.

    It is very easy to identify evidence for this. If you have some spare time, just study some of the new family laws, new child custody laws (that have diluted the rights of Fathers), rape laws, and so-called “equality” laws that have been conjured up and authorized by our political ‘representatives’ these past 20 years or so. They are all extremist in nature. In fact, they all subscribe to Communist (i.e., Zionist) subversive tactics. It was decided during the earliest post-war days in 1946, that UNESCO (and other similar globalist agencies) would work to destroy family life in the West.

    Here is what Assistant U.S. Secretary of State William Benton said at a UNESCO meeting in 1946:

    “As long as a child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can produce only precarious results. As we have pointed out, it is frequently the family that infects the child with extreme nationalism.”

    There are scores of other similar quotes that all point to the deliberate destruction of the Western family unit as an institution. This is why Second Wave Feminism (largely sponsored by the Ford Foundation in America) took off and spread like wildfire during the 1970s. The famous feminist agitator, Gloria Steinem was directed by elements within the CIA. This has been proven. As I say, be very wary of any white woman with a charming smile. Most are too (psychologically and politically) toxic to handle normally!

  • Just helps confirm the obvious to me. Wikileaks is a Zionist asset and all the drama is just window dressing.

  • irooniamerikooni

    Dear friends. Julian is probably an employee of Mossad. The little drummer girl goes to Yanun. This is all so transparent and clear…

  • tom

    it is possible that assange and wikileaks, as well as this girl, are cia/israeli intelligence connected. we don’t know what the manipulations are here. i know nothing of the long details of the palestinian/israeli conflict, but i expect the educated palestinian -i hope to god- knows a lot more than the average american about the intelligence/mind games played by israeli forces on global scales. i did 911 truth in the US for three years straight before i split. now even the truth of 911 seems like a quaint tale as events continue to escalate. as far as “american” or “western” women…, i can guarantee they are heavily indoctrinated in a “feminist” movement designed to destroy the family. we all have to get wise to the elites “divide and conquer” strategy.

  • in all my time in the west i have only come across less then 10 women who i would class as true women behind family and husband. i visited america and was confronted by spanish women marrying muslims and then destroying they familys, i also came across jews adopting children from orphanages from around the world, abusing them and then sending them to create sexual perversion among the muslim and christian men, rabbi reichmann was the head of that in new jersey! and i have verifiable proof of that child abuser.
    i fear the worst for muslim women too in time to come, the prophet mohammed pbuh remarked that the women would be the last to follow dajjal(antichrist) in the future.
    i see the stress,s , tensions put on the muslim women in they societys by using various methods and on western women too by dajjal forces and laws to conform to wrong way of thinking and acting, i sincerely hope that concerned men and women help each other to confront this phenomena as much as possible in they respective faiths and areas of influence.
    If anyone wishes to se the degradation of women and abuse in europe. go to rimini in italy and see the festival where italian men and boys boast how many women they bedded in a year without marriage to get the top prize. a spanish woman gets 10 points, italian 9 points and the british female only gets 1 point as she has no respect for herself or others!!!!

  • Elvin Diablo

    It’s good to see the plans of these insane mass murdering terrorist Zionist Jews coming apart at the seams. NO WONDER the world hates Jews. Stupid ignorant fools will wind up being nuked to the moon.

  • I have no doubt that Wikileaks is a set up and Assange is a non-Arab Mossad-CIA controlled Sayan Hasbarat. Whether he admits to being or recognizes himself as one doesn’t even matter. But to what end? Attacking Iran or much more probably Syria and Lebanon, with even a complicit Iran and Turkey, if the criminal Zionists there in those countries and Israel get their way?

    Oded Yinon’s plan he wrote in 1982 illustrates Israel’s strategy to always divide and balkanize and conquer the region, including through their puppet stooges such as the Americans.

    Unity is the key to resistance. Do not raise your hand against your brother in the resistance should be a most firm precept observed by all. Beware of all lies and plots of the enemy and all possible scenarios it could take and prevent it from happening before it does.


    Mask of Zion: Wikileaks Is Zionist Poison


  • Lisa

    Greetings to all,

    As human living in America I agree to general insights shared here
    re: American females. I grew up w/older sister who entered public high school and state run college. She achieved her Masters degree. Her focus during her life has been how valuable she is, as educated female.

    On the other hand, I turned out quite different. Shunned what I was taught becuz I couldn’t help but question why we were being taught such nonsense. I chose a private Catholic girls school (after Catholic grade school), for my learning. It was a positive shelter during most vulnerable years of my life which I do appreciate having experienced. No sexual abuse was observed or whispered about like what is often reported in news these days. None of that personally touched my life.

    I may only come from what I’ve learned and know from my own experiences… and it would appear that “public” (govt. run) schools, & all other politically infected institutions… have long been infiltrated by elements who wish harm to humanity.

    Our make-up? There are many more variables involved that do point to early family influences, altho I suspect one’s nature they are born with speaks its own set of volumes as far as how a person turns out in their adulthood.

    Until one knows and is secure in their integrity, common sense dictates that any union with opposite sex will suffer significantly, as so with offspring of such a union.

    Someone I highly admire said: “By our knowing the true nature of another, they will never be able to betray us…”
    For my journey it was first knowing my self consistently. In knowing self I know others.

    Free sex was a movement that hit the states here in 60s and 70s like a colossal tidal-wave. Incrementally, normal females were ostracized as freaks, and loose, freaky females treated like queens of the land. I don’t have enough fingers & toes to count all the charges against me of being lesbian simply because I respect who I am and lived by my integrity.

    The powers-that-be at the time knew exactly what they were doing by attacking on every level American females’ role in the family and social context. If one’s nature is self-occupation only, there is the weakness.
    Our parents and grandparents were attacked here in America also– but not on such blatant scale as my generation had been. The attacking was slower, incrementally during the earlier generations.

    In my youth magazines for adults taught parents to mistrust and abuse their children. Magazines for youth taught offspring to hate their parents. A ‘great divide’ was allowed to develop.

    Such a strong drive went into agenda of splitting families up, here in the states. For at least 5 generations to date. We are currently witnessing the desired objective of those human-hating forces working against our Race. We are witnessing this godless re-fabricated ‘normality’ in the world today. It’s mindless, insane and it’s ugly.

    Micro-chipping, manipulating the thinking processes via LSD and related drugging has been used on unwitting subjects in experiments some say, for at least 60 years here in the states. The attacks have been on every imaginable level… against our country, our family, our once highly traditional and moral way of life here.

    I know what rules me personally. The laws of this planet I experience are from the Law of Reciprocity. Integrity is necessary for following and sticking to this higher law.

    If I may note? Assange like so many others put on stage for benefit of our malfeasant ways… :0) he with his wikileaks is easily recognized as a distraction from incoming events currently seeded among & around us. Albeit he’s become quite a loud distraction at that!

    Warmest thoughts and wishes,
    an American

  • Charly Chuck Likes to


  • Alia

    I find it interesting that these seeming plants from the webpages of Henry Makow have turned this renegade Swedish girl (who seems to be some sort of intel agent, like Assange) into a diatribe on the “evils” of “Western Women”. How about modern “Western Men” and their obsession with porno (which started with the advent of Playboy in the 50’s, well before the radical feminist movement of the 60’s)? Does that have nothing to do with the breakup of the family?

    I find it interesting that these fools who think they know about feminism seem to know nothing about the difference between gender and equity feminism. Gender feminism is the newer, radical, mostly Jewish run stuff – and the reason it may be mostly Jewish led MIGHT be on account of Judaisms “traditional” values, which involve denigrating women and treating them as 2nd class citizens. I’ve known a number of Jewish women who have fled Judaism on account of the inherent sexism.

    Equity feminism got women the vote, credit in one’s own name, and some amount of standards in the workplace that made it more female friendly. Need we go back to the days of “Anchorman” when career women got harassed off the job by “traditional” men?

    These trolls amuse me. I lived in Asia for an extended period of time – most of the women there DO NOT care for the way they are treated in a “traditional” society. I would assume many, if not all of the “anti-western woman” trolls were guys who not only looked like trolls but couldn’t get a date with some cute blond, therefore the cute blond and any other women who passed on them are basically “crazy”. Right.

    For more info on these types, see the website

    As for this story, I agree that ANY group that goes anti-Zionist will have its fair share of infiltrators, and that the volunteers in these groups and those they are supporting, namely the Palestinians, should be wary and alert to the possibility. It’s too bad that infiltrators don’t have a warning sign stamped on their forehead – so I guess it’s up to those involved to have a sense of discernment.

    • Frank

      Agreed! Henry Makow is most likely a disinformation stooge. All he is doing is fermenting hatred against Jews, women, LGBT people and whipping up racism. I do follow his site because there is some pertinent infoformation to found here and there, as is the case with disinfo – give a little bit of the truth with the majority of it being lies. And let’s admit it, watching that Fozdyke crap play out is entertaining.

      The same goes for that virulent racist and fundie wackjob ‘Brother Nathanael’. Both him and Makow are self-hating Jews, and let’s not forget that many of the top Nazis in the Third Reich had Jewish ancestry. Self-haters are the worst.

      I also caution people against before he is showing his true stripes more and more by posting racist and homophobic tripe again and again. Some of the stuff he posts is good, but be discerning. We need to stop letting far right-wing bigots have so much of the spotlight in our ‘movement’.

      • Frank

        Here, Makow seems to excuse domestic violence:

        “A friend, “Garry,” is broken up because his common-law wife left him. The split came after a “domestic assault.” He pushed her. She wasn’t hurt but she might have been scared. She called the police.

        As a result, they were physically separated by law, and the relationship ended. I don’t like this policy but it does end a lot of dysfunctional relationships.


        She had the power. He felt guilty for being resentful and angry about it. He was sorry for pushing her and thought his anger was a terrible thing. This reflects his indoctrination. His striking out was a natural result of an untenable situation.

        He related a Jane Goodall documentary about chimpanzees. The male chimps sometime go haywire, screaming and yelling and throwing things. The women and children cower in fear. Then the storm passes and they’re all nurturing and welcoming again. He felt that as a male, he was like the chimps. He had this evil demon within him.

        “You’ve got it all wrong,” I said. “Those male chimps were asserting their dominance. Once they did that, they could go back to being loving husbands and fathers. Don’t believe what the counselors tell you. You’re not dangerous. A man has a right to be master of his domain. Quit beating yourself up.”

        Henry Makow is indeed a sad little man. I pity his wife.

      • Alia

        Yes, I agree with all of that (except for your comment on who runs who – IMO it’s Israel running US policy, not the other way around – sorry if I got flip with you).

        Makow appears to be an addict, I would assume alcohol – addicts (both male and female) have certain behaviors and tend toward control of other people as it stokes their ego. Further info at

        James Lehman, who has a program dealing with misbehavior in children, made an interesting statement – he said back in the 50’s in the US there would be these reports in the news about men who beat their wives, and the headline was always something like “I WAS OUT OF CONTROL”! Lehman said that male judges would accept that as an excuse. This kept going on until women got on the bench. The female judges were aware of the fact that after these outbursts, the wives would go to great lengths to placate the husband. They knew that the husband was actually gaining control by being “out of control”. So it wasn’t until the advent of more job opportunities for women that the courts that dealt with domestic violence changed their tune.

        Makow was involved court in Canada over his behavior as a college instructor. He would ask the young women in his class if they had been sexually aroused at some literary passage, when they lost their virginity, and also bragged to them about smacking his GF around. He blames the fact that he was taken to court on “feminism” – well, I guess he’s partly correct, because the old style male dominated courts wouldn’t have given these girls and their complaints the time of day. It does not strike me as odd, given his personal history, that he would be in support of a male who smacked their SO around.

        His behavior was totally inappropriate, I would not let a daughter of mine be exposed to his nonsense, and if she didn’t complain, I would have. I have taught in a college – there are rules of conduct for any workplace, including schools, and “academic freedom” is not an excuse for him to see how far he could get away with this crap. He, IMO, lied and said it had something to do with the course work. Baloney!

        I had a college teacher who taught stage lighting – he got verbally abusive with the female students, would make remarks like “Women have to be lighted from the crotch” and made a big point of emphasizing the word “breasts” while staring at some student who was well endowed. I put in a complaint to the admin, and that was the end of that. Blame it on feminism, I guess. The guy weighed about 350 and so did his wife – I am assuming he felt he wasn’t getting enough of what he wanted, or was extremely frustrated, or whatever. I guess you could say in this case that he was another “victim” of feminism. Thank God.

      • Frank

        Wow, I didn’t know about his history as a college professor. Very disgusting, but not surprising in the least from him. Thanks for the info.

        “Thank God.”

        Yes, thank God for feminism. Haha.

  • Alia

    It’s also interesting that Makow’s friend, Michael Coren, called Rachel Corrie “a deeply disturbed young woman” and also denigrated Helen Thomas by saying she was in the “ugliest person in the world competition” and is a “very aggressive loud person” (read “female ball buster”, “feminist” or whatever canard these weak men like to come up with to attack a woman who has a mind of her own).

    The war on women lives on:

  • Jen

    A Syrian news website Al Haqiqa has found that Julian Assange accepted money from semi-official Israeli government sources in Geneva. Assange has been known to praise Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as a model of openness and transparency. (Cue laughter.)

    See the article:

    Anna Ardin apparently has links to an anti-Castro group Ladies in White with links to the CIA and to Luis Posada Carriles who is wanted for blowing up a Cuban airliner in 1976.

    See the article at Information Clearinghouse:

  • shahnaz

    Be wary, be very wary…as the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)described the world of the antichrist or dajjal or endtimes, as one in which appearances are opposite to reality, in which there are BIG-TIME liars who perpetrate MONSTROUS LIES.We have seen this already too evidently.

    As for “western” women; many have become victims of their societies in which evil is marketed as good, destruction of traditional values as “creative” and everything that had been previously universally abhorred is packaged & re-packaged in boxes that say “I’m a smart woman if I buy this brainwash” as “progressive” & “independent” thinking and to be PERPETUALLY SEXUALIZED is Freedom instead of enslavement.

    But not every white, western woman is the above. And certainly there are non-western women, and Muslim women who are more duped & sheepled than her counterpart in the west.

    As a Muslim woman I have no problem being “woman”. I don’t need to prove that I am “man enough”. I am not “consumed” neither am I a “consumer”. I don’t need to prove to the world that I have tits and ass or that despite my tits and ass, I also have a brain. I also don’t have to be apologetic that I don’t pander in any way to the “gay way of being”.

    As a Muslim woman every breath I take is a worship.

    I am a worshiper first and foremost.

    I am no different from ANY human being on the planet except for my piety, conduct and good works.

    I am free.

  • Frank

    I think it’s obvious that Israel is actually the puppet of America, personally. Israel is nothing more than an American and British colony in the Middle East. So, therefore, Assange is probably a CIA puppet since the CIA probably controls the Mossad.

  • Alia

    since the CIA probably controls the Mossad.

    HUH? Try the other way around, buddy.

    • Salaam Alia,

      Both the CIA and the Mossad were established by the same people with a British Intelligence MI5/6 basis. It gets a lot more involved (on purpose on their part) than that, but that is the very simple beginning of those two subversive agencies. The roots to them all goes back to Rothschild and the Illuminati with huge Vatican connections. In 1962 the military defense/offense computers of the three “superpowers,” the United States and Russia and Red China were linked together for the purpose of dominating the world together. That is the real meaning of the “Cold War.” The “Cold War” is a war against the third world by the dialectical subversion of a fake East-West conflict and balkanization of all countries and nations and peoples to the “New World Order” thereby.

      A recent example is Iran-Iraq-Afghanistan. Back to that in a moment.

      The same Intelligence agencies behind the New World Order” dialectic “Communist-Fascist/Nazi” conflict/alliance of the early 20th century, are the ones who set up the invasion of Palestine from even before the Balfour declaration. Post WWII they accomplished it with the rancid Ashkenazi Western Pale of Russia and Germanic Zionist invasion of Palestine (begun actually well before that). The result, of course, is the Naqba since 1948.

      The Iran-Iraq-Afghanistan staged conflicts and the drug running behind all of it is a perfect example of the methodology used by the elites and their “holocaust” theosophy.

      It is much simpler than many know.

      1) Stage a fight. 2) Behind the scenes, bribe all sides and involve them in criminal activities so that they will not speak out to the world about what is going on. 3) Pick a winner to the fight and back them up with greater money and arms and manipulate world opinion against the “designated foe” and call them names.

      When the side you have picked wins then subject them to the same thing and put them down like a dog cut down.

      Claim all the while it is for freedom and democracy and the rights of the proletariat etc. ad nauseam. Keep doing this until no one is left but the Noahide/United Nations/American or whoever Military-Policia and Vatican Illuminati and EU Central European Bankers, and then the plan is for a One World Tyranny with everyone who is left (no more than about 2 billion at most) subject to their dictatorship and the Devil puppet IsraHell as the seat (throne) of the Beast.

      Short recount of the Emirates and Oil Companies in the Middle East:

      Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah). Before 1971, the UAE was known as the Trucial States or Trucial Oman. That was since the creation of those emirates out of local Sheikdoms by the British in 1892. The Trucial States and Qatar and Bahrain were put together in the political form they became with what became known as the Seven Sisters Oil companies behind it. Three were part of the same one at that time – that was Standard Oil (Rockefeller) – Esso, Mobil and Chevron; the other four were 1) British Petroleum {originally called Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC) – This later became Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC)} 2) Royal Dutch Shell – and added a little later were 3) Gulf 4) Texaco. In stages in 1899, 1922 and 1961, Kuwait was unlawfully split off from Iraq by the British in order to pinion Iraq.


      The way the dialectical war against people and their countries took place in Iran-Iraq-Afganistan is this:

      Josip Broz Tito, later the Communist dictator of Yugoslavia, in the mid 1930’s was the Russian Communist liason to Tehran. This was part of the excuse for British and American involvement later. Then the British, on the heels of their Emirate building begun back in 1892 for Oil control of the world via Middle Eastern Oil, established the newer version of the British Oil interest based in Tehran as supposedly a nationalized oil company in Iran in 1948 named the National Iranian Oil Company. Before that it was British Petroleum or BP {originally called Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC) – This later became Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC)}. After that the United States confused everything even further (on purpose by all the behind the scenes players) by the CIA installation of the Shah of Iran in the early 1950’s and then the CIA installation of Saddam Hussein in Iraq in stages in 1958, 1963, 1968 and 1979. George Bush Senior was instrumental in this throughout and until and including the secret escape of Saddam Hussein with his generals and their families and a huge amount of money in 2003- just 48 hours before the invasion.

      The CIA and the French CIA together installed the Ayatollahs in Iran, completed in 1979, to have an enemy for Saddam Hussein and the Nationalists to fight. This was after they split the Syrian and Iraqi Ba’athist movement back in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. This was a master stroke of evil cunning for it had the hand of one Muslim lifted agianst another in Jihad. It split Islamic civilization down the middle. A terrible Zio-Colonial evil perpetrated by the elites. The Americans supplied the poison gas to both sides. Henry Kissinger’s hand at work. He is also Netanyahu’s mob boss. Today that split is continued by the CIA-Mossad-Blackwater XE-Communist Peshmerga sectarian warfare in (including Shi’ite versus Sunni) and brutal Iranian Basij domination of Iraq.

      Meanwhile the Russians invaded Afghanistan at the same time as the Iran-Iraq war and gave the excuse for the United States via the CIA and other saboteur agencies to create the Taliban out of idealistic Muslim patriotic students. The Taliban were then made into the scapegoats to vilify them in order to continue the Poppy fields and drug trade that goes back to the 19th century and the British Court Jew family of Sassoon and their huge Eurasian drug trade from Baghdad to China. The modern version of that Drug trade is what made Saddam Hussein and his Ba’athists filthy rich and subverted Afghanistan today and is doing the same to Pakistan. It is run through the Marine Corps in the United States and local Police agencies as well, such as in San Diego County, California. The rendition flights in the Iraq War are actually illegal drug flights run by the CIA, such as through Airports and Military Bases in California, especially El Toro and San Diego County. The Mossad is involved in all of this since its creation in the 1940’s. Illegal drugs and porn are the two hugest Ashkenazim Kahal crime family syndicate enterprises. Sayanim and covert operatives including on the internet, Israeli “cyber warriors” (Israeli students based in Tel Aviv) are the newest form of subversive propagandists. The American version in the Northeast of the United States run by Blackwater XE and the CIA and including Marine Corps covert involvement and local police agency illegal involvement in various places in the United States is in close communication with the Mossad version. Their purpose is to shut down all of us who speak out about the reign of terror the elites are perpetrating upon the world.

      Keep on speaking out!


    • Frank

      Just my opinion. I see Israel as more of a paper tiger propped up by America than anything else.

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