Gods Anger Burns Israel

Image from the Mount Carmel fire in Haifa. Pic. Credit: Arab Newspapers.

Despite the help of many countries, who always cover up the zionist organization’s war crimes in Gaza and Palestine, God and the nature wanted to give Israel a taste of what they perpetrated against nature, children, old men and women in the besieged Gaza, in Palestine and Lebanon. A state of panic, dread, tension, and fear prevails in all villages and cities close to the Mount Carmel fire in Haifa. 35 firefighting aircraft from different countries work together in order to control the fire on Carmel which has hit dozens of Arab, Druz and Israel towns. The information which the Israeli police spokesperson spread in media does not fit with real losses and destruction caused by the fire. The Arab Israeli newspapers are reporting more honestly than what the English and Hebrew editions of Ha’aretz, Yediot Ahronot and Ma’ariv are publishing.

“When God’s wrath turns onto a nation, its winter becomes summer and its summer, winter”.

Image from Gaza during the Israeli so called "Operation Cast Lead"Not long ago, about two years, December 27, 2008 to Jan. 18 2009, Israel burnt Gaza. Tose were 22 days of death and destruction, 22 days bombing and dropping uranium, phosphor and other forbidden chemicals in the middle of civilians. 22 days of ethnic cleansing, of wanton murder and burning next to more than six years of military siege.

Last Thursday a huge fire hit the Carmel Mount in Haifa in the north of Israel, where the Israeli military set up a camp with small mock-up villages similar to towns in the south of Lebanon, after the second Lebanon war in 2006. This camp is for preparing the Israeli troops for a new war and mass destruction and war crimes in Lebanon and Gaza in the future. “Click on the picture to make it bigger”.

The fire has killed 41 people so far, among them 36 MILITARY JAIL WARDS (IDF), four of them were Druze from the so-called border police, destroyed more than 8500 acres of dry land, burnt more than million trees and forced 25,000 thousand people from 14 locations to flee from their homes. The fire hit the several villages and towns, Al-Thaharat area in Fureidis, Basmah Tabo’on, Ein Hod and moshav Nir Etzion, Beit Oren, Har Shokef Carmel Hai-Bar Nature Reserve, Sakhnin, Naser Safadi, and it also reached Isfiya, where Arabs and Druze reside. Earlier the flames reached the Carmel Forest Hotel. The unusually warm weather and the strong winds helped the fire approach the University of Haifa, which is located on the Mount Carmel hill in the southeastern district of Haifa.

Evacuating dead military personnel.

Evacuating dead military personnel.

The images of the Israeli people who were evacuated from their homes in Haifa towns and villages are similar to the images of the Palestinians and the Lebanese who were forced to flee from the Israeli rockets and bombs in the second Lebanon war in 2006 and during the so-called “operation Cast Lead” in Gaza on Dec. 27 2008 – 18 Jan. 2009, with one difference: namely that the victims of Israeli war crimes in Gaza and Lebanon were hit with bombs while they were raising the white peace flags, others were gathered by the the IDF war criminals and murdered collectively, like what happened for example to the Al-Samouni family from Gaza.

[On Saturday, January 3, 2009, after Israeli war criminals took control of the al-Zaytoun neighborhood, the IDF soldiers ordered 100 Palestinian of Al-Samouni to gather in one house owned by Wael Samuni, then at 6:35 am on January 4, 2009 the IDF bombed the house repeatedly. A small number of survivors were able to reach the main street before being delivered to the hospital. About 70 Palestinian from the same family were killed in the massacre committed by the IDF]

Image from the Mount Carmel fire in Haifa. Pic. Credit: Arab Newspapers.

Palestinian sources said that “the Palestinian civil defense and firefighters participated in the efforts to extinguish the massive fire that broke out in the forests of the Carmel Mountains near Haifa. The Palestinian Authority ordered that all the Palestinian newspapers must avoid publishing any statements, memories or comparisons between the fire which broke out in Haifa and the atrocities perpetrated by the israelis upon us. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called his counterpart, the Israeli “Prime Minister” Benjamin Netanyahu and expressed his condolences (on behalf of himself) over the deadly fires raging in northern Israel and the death of the Damon prison wards who were the jailers of so many Palestinians.

Military Troops on Carmel Mount

The israeli government and the police avoided the publication of news about the existence of the IDF training camp in the area, where in the course of training fires were lit in the forest of the Carmel mount. The Israeli Police arrested two brothers, aged 14 and 16, from the Druze Village of Isfia, who were at school when the fires broke out last Thursday at about 11:00. 

IDF was training at Mount Carmel before the fire broke out.

Since the fire broke out, the Israeli Police is trying to call the attention of the public opinion to his “suspicion” that the fire was set deliberately, aiming the public suspicion at some young children and trying to stick the cause of the fire on their shoulders.

An Insult to Israel

The request for assistance from Israel, the “state” of occupation, nuclear weapons and war, which is used to burn the cities and civilians of other nations in the neighboring countries and in Palestine, which was sent by its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to many countries, among them Azerbaijan, is a scandal and a self-proffered insult against israel.

Image from the Mount Carmel fire in Haifa. Pic. Credit: Arab Newspapers.

Israel, which owns all the means of igniting fires in the whole world and which always thinks about acquiring more destruction equipment, and which under the pretext of “defending” itself has the ability to hit Iran and has previously stricken Iraq, and last year bombed Syria under the pretext of “defending itself” was and is still not able to put out the fires on Mount Carmel. With this incident israel has finally shown itself as what we always knew it: a bloodthirsty gang of terrorists interested only in murder and pillage, to the extreme that they are not even able to take care of emergencies in their own backyard. Of course, as the psychopaths which they are, they knew that using the pity ploy would allow them to easily sponge the neighboring nations for their emergency resources.

Image from the Mount Carmel fire in Haifa. Pic. Credit: Arab Newspapers.

The world, who stood by watching the burning of the Gaza children, towns, villages and refugee camps, now stands up to rescue the state of the Israeli war criminals, and to extinguish it’s fires. A huge Russian plane capable of holding up to 42.000 liters of water and 35 other aircraft from France, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Spain, Britain, Russia, Azerbaijan, Romania and Croatia arrived in Israel. Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, always denigrated in public by the israelis, also offered and sent help. The Russian aircraft tank was filled this morning with 80% of water and 20% of anti-fire chemicals. The estimated amount which Israel has of the anti-fire material is said by the media to be ONLY enough for 4 times of filling the Russian aircraft?! This is all of what the “Israeli state” which owns the largest amount of war and destruction equipment besides their nuclear weapons has. 45 tons of the chemicals with fire-fighting aircraft were sent by to Israel USA.

Curfew Imposed on Arabs In Isfiya

According to Arab sources from Isfiya, whenever the fire was put out in a certain area, it flared back and up again due to strong winds which changed speed. The people said that they are living in a state of silence, grief, and astonishment especially because the village Isfiya is isolated from the outside world after the cut of electrical power and the curfews which the Israeli police imposed on the citizen movements in the town.

Remembering the Israeli war crimes in Gaza. Click on the picture to see it bigger

As reported by the media, many nations ran to offer help to extinguish the fires which were lit by god’s anger and by the incompetence and irresponsibility bordering on the criminal of Israel. Once again the world fell for the pity ploy of these psychopaths and is helping them extinguish fires which probably resulted from military exercises in preparation for their next atrocity. When will the world learn to stop giving these criminals a pass? Were 150 million dead at the hands of the Bolshevik jews not enough for Russia? Were the horrors of the civil war with its millions of dead, instigated by Bolshevik jewish elements, not enough for Spain? Are the 120 years of atrocities perpetrated against us Palestinians not enough for the world? What will be needed for the world to see that Israel and all those who support her are to be avoided, frozen out, let to their own devices and to the will of God?

106 comments to Gods Anger Burns Israel

  • Seek the Truth

    Jesus was not a Jew. Jews rejected Jesus because he was the lamb of God and represented ideals that Jews hate. But a few Jews converted from the synagogue of Satan known as Judaism.

    Most Jews great hero is the bastard son of King David known as Solomon who worshipped demons and sacrificed children to the idol Molech (Satan). That is the Jew hero who many Jews strive to emulate.

    Jews are born the kabbalistic, masonic, talmudic tools of Satan and any Christian who worships Judaism and the devils own Israel is doomed to spend eternity in hell with Satan unless that Christian repents and denounces the evil cult of Judaism and the devil worshipping desecration of the holy land known as Jewsrael.

    Jews also did 911 in order to use their Christian military slaves against the Muslims.

    • Frank

      More stupidity. Lovely.

    • Ernie

      Essentially correct, but modern Jews are not the descendants of the Jews who lived during the time of Jesus – the Palestinians are. About 95% are Ashkenazi who descend from Turko-Finnish converts of the Kharzar Empire. About 5% are Sephardim who descend from Moorish (Berber and Arabic) converts. The Cohens are the only “Jews” who still trace their descent from father to son as Matthew and Luke traced the descent of Jesus. They have Italian Y chromosomes. Remember, Rome raped Judaea in 70 AD. Masada is a hoax.

  • Katherine

    Dear Frank,

    All men will come to full knowledge of the One True God. In another post, the Scriptures were shown as to the truth in this.

    We are to **seek the Kingdom of God** first and foremost 24/07 obeying Lord Jesus Christ and HIM ONLY while He Guides and Teaches us through His Spirit. That is what God expects of us. That is the **SOLE** reason we are here.

    Those who believe Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God, God Made into flesh, shown to us by by the Father, is what we want to look to.

    Those who have died in Christ, and or those who are alive in Christ when He comes are those who been obedient to Him and His Teachings and diligently seek Him 24/07. These will be in the First Resurrection and will serve with Him as loving servants with Christ in His Holy Government.

    These are those who are in training to be heirs and holy priests with Christ. We hope to be accounted worthy for this Holy honor with Christ Jesus.

    Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

    This wonderful verse doesn’t just pertain to our food and shelter on earth.

    You truly care, and that’s wonderful, Frank.

    • Ernie

      I think that “Seek the Truth” cares more. “His righteousness” requires truth and justice and Christians are required to expose evil.

      Ephesians|5:11 And have no fellowship with the
      unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

      When injustice and lies prevail then people lose faith in God.

      Isaiah|59:4 None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity.

      “Rabbi Shim’on used to say: “The best of Gentiles – kill him; the best of snakes – dash out its brains”…

      Of course, supporters of Israel will say this was withdrawn from the official advice, but I would contend that a) it provides a telling insight into the way the men now running the Israeli military were trained, and b) it remains the official position, but is now disseminated less publically. ”

      … Israel Shahak.

      Luke|6:46 And why call ye me, Lord, Lord,
      and do not the things which I say?

      • Frank

        ‘Seek the Truth’ is just another Jew hating fool who doesn’t know anything about Judaism or Christianity, not to mention history. So much for ‘caring’ and ‘righteousness’.

        I have said that I’m against Zionism, as are many Jewish people. I am also against all the racist drivel I see thrown around here and elsewhere. Many people on here sound like outright neo-Nazis who have nothing but hate in their hearts. And that makes them no different from the psychos in ‘leadership’ positions around the world.

        I’m against bigotry of all sorts. We’re all family on this earth. We just need to start acting like it. Jews, as a group, are no different from anyone else. Their identity has been hijacked like all others. Stop hating people.

    • Frank

      Thanks, Katherine. God bless.

  • Katherine

    You are so very, very welcome, Frank.

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