Names of War Criminals Donated by Israeli Soldier

List of war criminals, further details follows.

List of war criminals, further details follow.

Read more about the Israeli war criminals. See more pictures of war criminals.

On Friday Nov. 19 2010, an Israeli soldier sent me the e-mail below in which he asked me to add him to the list of war criminals. He donated several names of Israeli soldiers, who according to him, participated in war crimes against civilians in Gaza, Dato Aleksidze from Raanana, Irakli Chkheidze drom from Bat Yam, Koby axalishvili from Ber sheva, and he asked me to add them to the list of the war criminals posted on my website.

The Israeli soldier wrote:

From: Pretorian Maximus [rich [dot] tlv [at] hotmail [dot] com]
To: kawther [dot] salam [at] gmail [dot] com
Subject: add to war criminals

hello muslim bitch

please add me also to “war criminal” list, because I also was fighting in gaza operation last year, and with big pleasure killed some palestinian pigs….

ohh… add also my dear friends who also serving with me: Dato Aleksidze from Raanana, Irakli Chkheidze drom Bat Yam, Koby axalishvili from Ber sheva…. where is more but I have no time.

it’s big pleasure to be a “war Criminal” you stupid bitch…

P.S. what about a Austrian first wae criminal? adolf Hitler he killed about 17 000 000 people…. in which list is he?

I wrote the soldier back: I have no problem adding you to my collection of war criminals, but I need more than just names and your angry Email to believe that you took part in these crimes.

I need some more items of information about you and your friends in case you want to be included in my list:

– Full name (also in hebrew)
– Date and place of birth
– Postal address
– Passport or ID number
– Military rank (current and while in Gaza), military unit to which you are/were attached, commanding officer (and rank)
– Picture of face (best is an ID photo, or a scan of your passport).
– Description of activities during operation cast lead – special mention of war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated, with place and time.
– If you perpetrated war crimes or crimes against humanity while in the West Bank, you are also eligible to be included. Describe your activities accordingly

For your reference, the definition of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity is in chapters 6 to 8 of the Rome Statute of the ICC. You can forward this email to all your friends who participated in operation cast lead or served in anywhere in Gaza or the West Bank, in case they also want to provide me information about their experience. Any information you or others provide will be published and possibly forwarded to criminal courts in various jurisdictions if it is found credible.

The e-mail which this Israeli soldier sent me made me wonder if the title of “war criminal” is desirable, wished by all the soldiers of the Israeli occupation army. Has the level of filth, crime and depravity in the so-called “Israeli Defense Forces” reached the point where every Israeli soldier intentionally murders children, elderly, women and innocent civilians and then boasts of his crimes so that his name can be included in published lists of war criminals? Does the crime, terrorism and murder are the title which become the only distinguishes the Israeli occupation soldiers from all other occupation soldiers throughout the history and time?

At a time when normal people pride of their studies, knowledge, efficiency, of winning awards in the fields of science, literature and peace, of defending the human rights and other positive qualities and titles, the soldiers of the zionist organization, the so-called “state of israel”, are proud of their crimes, their terrorism and the deliberate murder of innocent civilians. The impunity of those criminals made them demand from human rights activists and journalists to include their names in lists of war criminals. I do not know if such a request is something normal in the fraud which is israel, the zionist organization established over razed Palestinian towns and cities, or if it is just a behavior of sick minded psychopaths, or if israeli zionist war criminals still think that they are above the international laws and that their victims will forget their crimes?

Learn More About the israeli “Civilization and Culture”:

On Thursday Nov. 18 2010 I received another request from an Israeli who for access to my gallery. The registration of this israeli was in Hebrew language. The words which the Israeli used in his registration, I have heard in the past 25 years until I became deaf of hearing them.

The new registration carried this information:
Username: Ataha ben zona, what means “You are a whore”.
Full name: Ama shillacha zaona: what means “Your mother is a bitch”

Here is the registration which I received from Israel:

To: kawther [dot] salam [at] gmail [dot] com
Subject: New user registration
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 19:53:42 +0100
From: noreply [at] kawther [dot] info
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”utf-8″

Username: אתהבןזונה / Atahabnzona / You are a whore
Full name: אמאשלךזונה / Amashllachazaona / your mother is a bitch
Email: you [at] soneofabitch [dot] com

On Nov. 18 2010, yet another e-mail landed in my inbox. The name of the writer is Avi Drori, another jewish name. The IP number of the writer e-mail says he was registered in the UK. Below is a screen shot the Drori e-mail.

These e-mails landed in my inbox after a report was published about 200 Israeli war criminals by others. The report has some new information about those criminals. This information could help the peace and the human rights activists to develop a legal case before the justice, it also exposed those criminals before the public opinion in Israel. Since publishing that report, thousands of Israelis have visited my website while they all were searching in Google for “Israeli war criminals”. Among the Israelis who visited my homepage were the Israeli government main provider, IDF soldiers, settlers, kibbutz and etc.

On Friday Nov. 19, 2010 midnight , yet another e-mail from Israel landed in my mailbox. The writer was a moav vardi, he introduced himself as a journalist. He said that he was very interested to talk with the people behind the initiative of publishing names and photos of the Israeli war criminals. He asked me “Do you know anything about it or how can I get in touch with these people?” see the e-mail below:

From: moav vardi <moav55 [at] gmail [dot] com>
To: “kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com” <kawther_salam [at] yahoo [dot] com>
Sent: Fri, November 19, 2010 11:56:09 PM
Subject: assistance request

Dear Ms. Salam..
My name is Moav Vardi
I’m an Israeli journalist.

I saw your blog, and the post you published after the war in Gaza (Cast Led):

I writing you following the publication of Israeli War Criminals list yesterday:

I’m very interested to talk with the people behind this initiative.
Do you know anything about it or how can I get in touch with these people?

Thanks so much.
Moav Vardi.

If you search in Google about “moav vardi”, you will find nothing, just a profile on LinkedIn which says that he is a magazine reporter of a magazine without name, and Channel 10 News. From experience I know that most Israeli journalists are engaged by the israeli intelligence. The Israeli media was militarized during and as a consequence of the second Intifada. All of the israeli journalists served in the IDF as soldiers, and most of them took part in the Lebanon 2006 war and the so-called “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza.

Asking me about people behind that initiative is a typical question of the intelligence. It is the same type of disgusting questions used by the Israeli intelligence system during the past 62+ years of occupation. Nothing has changed. I have always been aware when an israeli contact me and asked questions under the cover of being a “journalist”. I remember the case of an Israeli journalist who used to work with AFP and who was engaged by the Israeli intelligence. This journalist was behind the arrest of Marwan Al-Barghouti, or at least he spied on him and helped the IDF arrest him.

Channel 10 News is well known as a radical and silly operation where several former IDF officers and settlers work as “journalists”, people like Lior Shlein, Natan Beshevkin, who are former IDF soldiers and live as squatters in the colony of Nilin in the West Bank. Channel 10 has aired programs insulting and inciting against Christians and Muslims. The Channel operates under the auspices of the second israeli broadcasting authority (SBA).

15 comments to Names of War Criminals Donated by Israeli Soldier

  • Ms. Salam, you are a most elegant and well spoken journalist and heroine for the rights of the Palestinian people. Always, may God be with you and keep you. All thanks for the incisive and courageous exposé of the terrible wrongs done to your people.


  • it’s always good to be reminded, that, like the u.s. government, the government of israel, continues to lie and misrepresent inself, to gain knowledge to used against anyone with the temerity to question it’s thuggery. thanks for the article.

  • Anglo Saxon

    Dear Kawther,
    You are a beautiful lady and one hell of an impressive woman.
    Your beating heart is made of pure gold.
    Those who write and send such sick language to you are non-human.
    They are sealing their own fate, which won’t be a happy one.

  • Jen

    Kawther, you know when you’re doing good work when you’re hurting them so much that all they can do is sling mud at you and call you the usual insults like “bitch”, “witch” or “whore”.

  • David

    Greetings Kawther,

    War Criminals or War Heroes??? It is a matter of perspective. Napoleon was a hero to the French but a petty criminal to the British.

    Any two year old can kill with a gun. The real heros of war are the doctors and nurses who heal the wounded. And the farmers, carpenters, masons, homemakers and others who rebuild civilization after the marauding armies are gone.

    I have been involved with the play, “Fiddler on the Roof” which was a story about the mistreatment of the Jews in Russia in 1905. A hundred years later, the same mentality exists only on the other foot. But why should it change. Religious and nationalistic conflicts have existed for thousands of years. History is always written by the winner.

    According to Zecharia Sitchin, mankind has been pawns in the Wars of the Gods in the ancient past. also attested to in the Mahabharata.

    Even the Jewish book of Joshua states that their “God” said that they were to wipe out every man, woman and child when they invaded Canaan. Who then was this “God” who said that the Israelites were his Chosen People. Just WHO is this “God”?

    If you read the Torah carefully, you will recognize that there are numerous “Gods” lumped under the term “God”. I will seek to identify them only by their actions. Jesus said, “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” Matthew 7:20

    1. The Creator God that created and inhabits the Sentient Universe. Gen 1:1,25 Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient

    And the physical extraterrestrial gods who said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness… so the gods created man in his own image in the image of the gods created he him; male and female created he them:”
    Gen 1:26,27

    “…in the likeness of god made he him, male and female created he them…”
    Gen. 5:1 &2

    3. The God of Laws who told Moses; Thou shalt not kill, steal, bear false witness, covet anything that is thy neighbors. Ex 20

    4. The God of War of Joshua who proscribed genocide, murder, covetousness and theft against the remainder of Abraham’s seed.

    Many people of many religions and nationalities think that they are worshiping the Creator God, but instead become seduced into worshipping the God of War, Hatred, Greed, Money, and Lust.

    I wish you well in your fight against injustice, religious hatred and prosecution.

    David in Hawaii.

  • Kawther the answer reallis quite simple, even if it has an odd ring to it, in the 21st century. Yes, these people do desire the term war criminal. They are as I have said before demons. Zionism is a demon cult, its adherants are people who have either become posessed by demons or who are well on the way to being. Evil and lies, hatred and murder and perversions of every kind fill their minds and they will act out their vileness whenever they can.

    They are anti-humans, everything to them is reversed, and if you see it this way, their breathtaking hypocrisy and hubris makes more sense. I am not religious, but somehow cannot avoid the very accurate biblical descriptions of these satanic spawn.

  • audrey

    And the truth will set us free, the veil has been lifted, my eyes can see clearly, and jewish ZIONISTS can no longer fool me.
    In france jewish people are welcome. They always used to complain about jewish plights and how they are victims, while owning the best location shops in town.
    In france, ROUEN they found during archeologist dig near the cathedral, the remain of a very old synoguode. What is weird is that it was built in a period jewish were suppose to be refused lands and treated badly…Theses remains are not advertised…
    It seems Jewish people have been meddling with our elites for a long long time.
    All over Europe they were accepted, but they wanted to change our values and own it all, and so the veil was lifted many times and they suffered consequences, did they learn anything?

    They would not eat what crawl on their bellies but they can kill and steal others land…
    They are so full of it even we deserve to be raped because we are too nice…
    Maybe they are right? How dare we forget the past and let ourselves be dazzled by their love of money and deprivate life, knowing full well they are raping the common good for it?

    Their god is EGO, they do not use their hearts(atrophication), only their brain, so what we have is a man who think he is god and makes the rules as it goes.(fact: christians-jewish-muslim commands contradicts itself all the time)
    I believe they are the one since leaving egypte who have created the three big religions to enslve mankind and pit them against each others(keeping jewish for themselves only as you have to be born from jewish MOTHERs…).
    The old almost global belief of a Goddess who preached against the uprooting of trees(releasing angry spirit) not very good when you want to construct huge civilisations needing entire forests to be cut…
    We were told about pandora box, for me the opening of it represented the day we uprooted huge trees and blind digging of soil against clear goddess command and warnings not to, releasing in the act dangerous invisible organisms who have colonised our air.Creating new diseases and never ending war to control by force Mother nature…
    No wonder we are in such mess.

    zionists call the devil:The prince of fly agaric,that is a mushroom spotted red, the famous Alice in wonderland or father christmas one…The fruition of Invisible organisms residing under the soil…

    • lilium-from-merovingian-royal-house

      In Rome also.Best shops darling in Piazza di Spagna.Where is the apartheid they complain for?

      D’ you know what is the irony? Ashkenazi are NOT Jews. Ashkenazi have an aplogroup in their DNA which is K1a1b1a. This aplogroup belongs to ancient GOTHS (which were K1a1b1).

      Ashkenazi has fair skin and blond hair or blue eyes because of Ancient Germans, yiddish is a german dialect from the Rhine with ostrogots inserts and kazars form.

      Jewiness is only religion, not race, as zionists wants to make believe to Ashkenazis.

      Ashkenazis with their obsession for purity and race comes from the same blood of Gentiles, especially German Gentiles, the same who didn’ t wanted them.

      Misfortunately for them, this visit of Christian Wulff in Israel won’t resolve their anger nor their pain: this doesn’ t mean they have to murder innocent people in Palestine.

  • Jack

    Kawther, don’t you think there is something funny going on when a whole row of the petty Jew war criminals are listed as [HYMIE] BEN [FEMALE NAME]?
    If this is not a willful and deliberate attempt to pervert the course of justice with an only too obvious purpose of evading future identification and prosecution, then what could it possibly be?…

  • Hugster

    These zionist come across as deranged. One senses a deep evil that rests with in these creatures. For them the atrocities they commit is not enough, they go after those disgusted by their actions as if a great frenzy of a desire to destroy all overcomes them.

  • Hugster

    If you want to see the photo of Moav Vardi follow this link;

    He was registered on Facebook but it seems that it may have been been deleted and the only way to view it is through google cache.

    In all likelihood citizens of the criminal zionist state are paranoid of their commuppences and so have a facebook version no foriegn ip can have access to.

    PS. I have downloaded his photo if the cache is scrubbed.

  • charles farley

    Hello Kawther Salam. I discovered your site today, and must say it is very thought provoking. I left the united states over a year ago because of my disgust and anger at the white house’s so-called foriegn policy, which in my opinion has been bankrupt for over seventy years. I will never voluntarily return. The united states is a lost country with the soul of a facsist carnivore, and hopefully will die a swift death in the sands of the Middle East. As for israel, they are the ‘Shadow Government’ of the u.s. which is no longer in any way, shape, or form a Constitutional government. I am sad for my fellow ex-u.s. citizens, as what is coming for the country will far surpass the atrocities of the german weimarch of WWll. I am in no way a racist, or prejudice against any world religion or their followers. There are good people the world over, no matter what their race, color, or religious beliefs. It is always the one’s in power who corrupt, pervert, and murder. The u.s. is run by murderers. The same for israel, russia, all the major and minor powers. I only pray for the innocents and their release from their torments created by these reprobate leaders. As for the leaders themselves, they have already created the hell they will inhabit. If not in this lifetime, then in the next. Woe unto them who have the power to do good, and do it not.

  • Doug

    I want to thank the brave people that released this information. Thank You. There are so many good people working behind the scenes. Just stay safe and give us more when it is safe to do so. The ashkeNAZI hunters need this information for the upcomming hunt.
    Remember, what goes around, comes around. It’s turning the corner now.
    And thank you Kawther. You are one Classy Lady! Don’t listen to their trash talk. We all know that’s how DEMONS talk when they get scared and desperate. These people know they can’t just jump on a plane and leave that HELL HOLE Israel, without being spotted.

  • lilium-from-merovingian-royal-house

    Dear Mrs Salam,
    I’ m a Gentile and I’ m really touched about your heart and braveness. You are a great woman.

    All poor israeli soldiers don’ t understand Love is the only answer for the world.

    Love is in children’ s eyes.

    So is in palestinian’ s childhood eyes while they are defenseless against plomb.

    Christ be with you.

  • Kawther, I have not written in some time. I just wanted to thank you again for your strength and the things you do, the risks you take.

    I was reading the insults you receive and, you know, every insult they send you is a feather in your cap. It proves just how badly you upset them with your exposures and, as we all know, creatures that live in the murk beneath rocks in a scummy pond truly hate the light of the sun.

    Personally, although I cannot even consider comparing with you, I find such insults to be strengthening … generally speaking. Also, considering what they are, so far from what I read, there is nothing new there, unoriginality rules with mundane minds.

    May the blessings of God be upon you.

    Keep up the wonderful work.

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