Fashion Show at Morocco National Day

Moroccan Kaftan, Designer: Mr. Lakhdar Mohammad

Wednesday – Nov. 17 2010 – The Embassy of Morocco in Austria presented yesterday a fashion show of the Moroccan design by Mrs. Noelle Ouafaa, Mrs. Ajana Asmaa and Mr. Lakkdar Mohammed during the celebration of the National day of Morocco, at a Gala Night on the occasion of “The Moroccan Week in Austria” held at the Radisson Blu Palais Hotel Vienna. The celebration and the fashion show were attended by hundreds of members of the diplomatic corps, of Arab and other Ambassadors, representatives of the Austrian Government and Austrian society.

The celebration started with a speech of Moroccan Ambassador Omar Zniber on behalf of His Majesty The Moroccan Ambassador Omar Zniber King of Morocco King Mohammed VI, by welcoming the attendees and explaining the significance of the National Day of Morocco and the advance and achievements of Morocco in building a democratic society, which forms an important turning point in the history of Morocco since the seating of King Mohammed VI on the throne of the Kingdom. Ambassador Zniber pointed out that this process has made it possible to accelerate the pace of development of Morocco and in many areas. (Click once on the picture to see it bigger). Click here to read the full speech of Ambassador Zniber.
The Ambassador reviewed the achievements of the Kingdom of Morocco and on human rights, economic and social development, in interaction with the international developments.

Concluding his speech, the Ambassador wished all attendants a happy celebration and enjoyment while watching the of Moroccan fashion designs.

The first part of the fashion show “The Moroccan Kaftan” displayed designs by Mr. Lakhdar Mohammad, it began and ended under the warm applause and admiration of the audience. The fashion and styles displayed reflect the great extents of civilization and culture of the Kingdom of Morocco which is rooted in its peoples traditions, costumes, and fashion. The second part of the fashion show “Style of Morocco” displayed designs Mrs. Noelle Ouafaa and Mrs. Ajana Asmaa. The audience warmly applauded the beautiful and elegant designs displayed by Mr. Mohammed.

Moroccan Dance Gnawa

The celebration and fashion show of the Moroccan Embassy started and ended accompanied by typical Moroccan music performed by the “Shalban Group”. A dinner –Buffet of typical Moroccan gastronomic specialties especially prepared by the Embassy was offered to the guests accompanied by soft music of “Al Oud” and “Al Kanoun”.

A display of Moroccan music and the traditional dance (Gnawa) took place between the fashion show and the national day celebration and dinner.

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Moroccan Week in Austria

4 comments to Fashion Show at Morocco National Day

  • I must say that the embarassed looks on the ladies here at this fashion show says volumes. I remember in the 1950s and 1960s seeing the ladies’ fashions in the West change first on the beaches and streets and then even in the churches. The supposed need to be revealing is, in my opinion, the result of a long campaign by Zio-Communist feminists and secular European anti-Church and anti-Mosque moneyed culturalist cognoscenti arrogators to themselves of all that is referred to as “taste” in clothes and more importantly, the family mores and folkways of a society. The result is destruction of morals and family values and the family itself. I am all for the return of sold family values. Ladies put your clothes on and men treat the ladies like you should. In the West, the result of this devolution by the purposes of secularism, resulted in the 1960s, in the free love movement – that was nothing but hedonism. That led directly to the abortion movement to murder babies in the womb. All of that led in stages to the materialist anti-God and anti-Christian and anti-Islam mindset behind the support in the West for the unholy evil vile rape of the Arab Homeland, in particular, Palestine and Iraq. Don’t let yourself be fooled, they are trying to use money and allurement of hedonism to make the Arab and in particular Muslim peoples part of your own destruction. Resist it totally. Strong families are a bulwark against Zionism and Western Zio-Colonial Imperialism.

    May Allah (SWT) in His grace and mercy be our guide.


  • Brenda

    Lovely! Thank you for this offering of beauty and culture.

  • Tacky snack on a dirty plate

    I must say the flashing is all wrong for this culture. While it is not lewd it offends the dignity of the traditional garment and the dignity of women and their society. The black Sado Masochism boots are just a form of rank vulgarity that needs to be consigned to the past where it rightfully belongs. Across the entire web I have not seen worse taste than this exhibition of masculine stupidity.
    There is this little function called delete. Just do it. Burn every bad photo and keep the good ones. Try not to distract from the beauty of this garment or these women. Degrading other people’s culture is the specialty of people who hate traditional Islamic culture and it’s clothing. The New York S & M fashion crowd is parasitic. The haven’t come up with a new idea in 30 years. They are still in love with neo facist, sex industry costumes and lesbian chic. We don’t need them . Send them packing. More embroidery.

  • tommie

    absolutely beautiful…i would wear them all but the first one…too short for me….

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