Palestinian Marines Training in US and EU

From left: Brigadier General Munir al-Zoubi, commander of the Palestinian Presidential Guard and Lieutenant General Keith Dayton (right), the US security coordinator for Israel and the “Palestinian Authority” at a training facility in Jericho, West Bank, February 26, 2009. Pic Credit: New York Times

50 members of the Palestinian Naval Commando operations are training in Croatia, Serbia, and Hungary in coordinating with EU, and 25 of Palestinian Naval Commandos are being training in the United States under an agreement reached between one of the former PA elements who escaped from Gaza, Mohammad Dahlan, and the U.S. National Security Advisor James Jones, as well as Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton. The training of the Palestinian Commandos is part of a plan and preparation for invading Gaza and topple Hamas.

Further information about this was revealed by the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) in their report below:

According to Palestinian Information Center (PIC), Muhammad Dahlan, who was already once forced to escape Gaza because of his lawlessness and unpopularity, is making strenuous efforts in cooperation with a number of EU states, Britain and Israel to develop a plan to occupy the Gaza Strip and to overthrow the government of “Hamas” there.

The first item of the bloody plan is to entrust Dahlan a leading position in the field of security in the Palestinian Authority (as interior minister, responsible for the planning system or the main security / intelligence service, and the Preventive Security Service).

According to the bloody plan, when Dahlan takes over the power of the Palestinian security, this will give him the opportunity to implement his duties as a “legitimate” head of the Palestinian security and to end the role of Government of “Hamas” which controls the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian Authority "forces" at a training facility in Jericho.

Dahlan claims in his plan that he will be able to overthrow the “Hamas” in Gaza if several requirements are fulfilled:

  • The logistic support, which includes allowing him to train his so-called elements (death squads) with the necessary military training commensurate with the task to be entrusted to them, of entering into a decisive battle against Hamas, and granting these death squad murderers all the resources and facilities which will allow them the free movement and residence and to provide them with the required documents.
  • The political support by countries which care about the continuity of the “peace process” and ending the conflict is one of the most important pillars of the process in the Palestinian area
  • Economic support by financing his death squads with three million dollars, which will be used in the management of the battle against Hamas and preparing and qualifying his military elements, estimated at more than twenty thousand, in order to be able to control the security situation in the West Bank and then to move to Gaza against Hamas.

PA so called "security forces" traning how to arrest political activists.

In this context, Dahlan detailed a plan that was prepared by security experts who have worked with him, from Egypt, Jordan, and the zionist occupation, the United States and Britain.

According to the vision of Dahlan, the invasion plan of Gaza should be implemented through three main axes:

  • – From the Egyptian border, through the tunnels, the central borders of Philadelphia, and through the Karam Salem border.
  • – From the israeli borders with Gaza from the north and east.
  • – Landing troops: military elements being trained at the base “Atlit” south of Haifa, in addition to the military elements being trained in the Jordanian city of Aqaba, will land on the coast of Gaza, Rafah and Deir al-Balah to control the important centers in these towns.

The Palestinian Information Center (PIC), stated that Dahlan has implemented several steps in his plan which includes the following:

In collaboration with a number of EU states, Dahlan reached an agreement to train 50 Palestinian components of the naval commando operations in Croatia, Serbia, Hungary .

In collaboration with USA, 25 elements of Dahlans death squads, the so-called “Palestinian Naval Commandos” are being training in the United States under an agreement reached between Dahlan and the U.S. National Security Advisor James Jones as well as Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton.

The USA, EU, Israel, Egypt and some Arab countries have received a copy of the shameful bloody plan of the traitor Dahlan who previously fled from Gaza after he had embezzled over three million dollars and who now wants to suck three million more to return to the same place he was forced to flee.

According to the same sources (PIC), the plan was met with approval by the Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman. It was reported that Diskin, head of the zionist internal security service “Shin Bet” read the details of the plan, and went immediately to meet with Netanyahu and the national security adviser Uzi Arad.

Mohammad Dahlan plans a new disaster in Gaza.

11 comments to Palestinian Marines Training in US and EU

  • Ms. Salam, as you know, I carefully follow the writings of Mlle. Layla Anwar on Iraq and the United States-Iranian-Israeli genocide there, just as I carefully follow what you report on Palestine. I believe you have shown us, with this article, the answer to a question that Mlle. Anwar has asked repeatedly in her writings. That question is ‘Why did they do to Iraq what they did?’ Here is the answer staring us in the face. President Saddam Hussein was in Iraq with a whole country and a five million man army and a solid tank core. What were his dying words?, that he trusted in Allah and that Palestine should be freed. All along, the Israelis and the United States and the rest of the Zionist supporters knew that they could not begin the final genocide against all Arabs, both Christian and Muslim, starting with the final ethnic genocide against Palestine, as long as a strong Arab Nationalist anti-Zionist Iraq existed. So they destroyed Iraq first and murdered her President, Saddam Hussein in preparation for what this move you are telling us about, which is the first of the final steps to obliterate most Arabs in the Arab homeland and make a Zionist empire stretch from the Nile to the Euphrates.


  • Hugster

    Traitors are the most stupid of all. These Quislings shame the people of Palestine.

  • Percius

    The moment that Hamas is overthrown they will begin to bombard Israel from the Syrian border, thus sparking another war.

    Sooner or later someone is going to up the anty and put Bio or chemicals even nukes in those rockets and it will open up a whole new ball game.

    The Dijjal is just waiting in the wings of the white and the red disasters that will occur.

  • Cameron

    Unbelievable, this is sponsored terrorism by Nation States, it is exactly what they all accuse Iran of. Thankyou for bringing this to life, I hope that I will see a Palestinian State in my time, if Radical Islam breaks out in the New Palestinian State then the west can deal with that. As it stands, the West and Isra Hell are the main sponsors of Terrorism and the Palestinains are doing what any body would do in that position, that is fight the occupiers of thier land.
    Good work, thankyou.

  • Rabbit

    More Zionist US terrorism I see.

  • josh

    sounds like the bay of pigs all over again. Dirty traitors never cease to amaze me. Dahlan is practically a US republican.

  • David

    The stench of death is thick the fog is dense
    the treachery at the door holds me in suspense

  • Apostate

    These PA “Security Forces” are beyond belief! In the event of an actual invasion of Gaza, would they kill their own brethren? How would they live with themselves after having done it? They must be well paid. What else, but greed, would motivate them to become mercenaries, in the service of Zionism?

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