Harassment at Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt airport

Last 29 October I flew to Dublin to attend the ARABMED conference. I boarded in Vienna, transferred to another plane in Frankfurt, and finally arrived in Dublin. When I flew back on from Dublin 1 November, the route also included a stopover with plane change at Frankfurt airport. Between my flight to Dublin and my flight back things changed. Unfortunately, during the week before I flew to Ireland, an English official complained about the superfluous airport security measures in England, saying more or less that England should go its own way and implement more sensible measures. The response by those making money out of the wholesale harassment and denigration of passengers at airports under the label of “security” came fast: on the same day when I traveled, they put in scene the laughable as convenient show of an “explosive toner cartridge”.

The invented story had so many holes that they were forced to retract and change almost  Harassment at Frankfurt Airport all details within 2 days: the poor student in Yemen had nothing to do with the incident, no airplanes travel from Yemen to England or the US, no cargo airplanes had departed from Yemen to anywhere several days before the alleged incident, etc. But the lies had the effect they were intended to achieve: massive paranoia erupted in the media, and the people making lots of money out of harassing and insulting passengers in airports could relax in the knowledge that even more money would be paid to them so that they could increase the intensity of their insulting behavior, now that “security” was required again. (Click on the small image to make it bigger).

Harassment at Frankfurt Airport

On Monday November 1 I passed through Frankfurt Airport as a transit passenger.  Both Dublin and Frankfurt are in Europeans countries, but Ireland is not party to the Schengen accord. In my judgment, most passengers from Dublin were EU citizens. We had passed the security control at Dublin-airport and took the airplane directly to Frankfurt.

In Frankfurt, a bus picked us up from the Lufthansa plane and to the transit terminal, where we had passed through the German police pass-control since we were coming from outside of the Schengen area; we went ahead directly to Gate B to wait for our connection to Vienna, another EU and Schengen country. At the entrance of Gate B I came what I had never seen at EU airports. Suddenly I found myself in long queue, what I found strange because we had already been checked. The security thugs at the checkpoint were backed up by police, and the treatment was as if everybody was suspect, accused of being a terrorist.

Composition of pictures from Frankfurt

Composition of pictures from Frankfurt

Al passengers were subjected to some kind of inhuman treatment at the hands of these so-called “security” people, vile thugs. I saw children crying after the thugs had forced them to take off their shoes which had already been checked three times before. After the electronic gate, there was a second horde of disgusting thugs, men and women, waiting for their victims. These so-called “security controllers” were checking the bodies of the passengers by hand, heartily grabbing the breasts of women and the private parts of men and women, and then by checking them with an electronic tool. After these checks, people had to take off their shoes for the third “checking” while people were left waiting like dogs, or garbage or criminals. The mood Warning screen at Dublin airportwas depressing. People were terrorized under the frightening glares of the gateway thugs, shocked at being treated as if they were terrorists or criminals.

I was watching all this horror with disgust because of the level of inhumanity with which the Europeans allowed themselves to be treated, all because companies owned by zionists or using methods devised in israel make money by treating them in this way. When it was my time to pass through the electronic gate, I was already depressed of all what I had seen during these minutes. The tears of children were crying for their shoes or the humiliation which their parent silently went through, the arrogance with which the passengers before me were humiliated. I passed through the electronic gate, and there already was a woman waiting, she jumped on me like a wild animal. Her small eyes full of hatred disappeared in her face and I doubt that she was able so see anything. She started groping my body in an extremely abusive and insulting way with her hands.

Queued like cattle in Dublin, before check-in.

Queued like cattle, before check-in.

I asked myself how many of the victims of this wretched shame to all women thought about revenge for their insulted dignity. I was reminded at that moment in Frankfurt of when I was standing in front of the Israeli soldiers at the disgusting israeli checkpoints, who always behaved in this improper and humiliating way. Those thuggish procedures of humiliation, insults to the human dignity, the thuggish behavior at the israeli checkpoints is calculated and has the ONLY purpose to insult, demean, provoke. The procedures implemented at Frankfurt and other European airports are exactly those which the criminal jewish occupiers of Palestine use at their checkpoints throughout the West Bank.

These harassment methods are implemented by companies which either belong to israelis or by personnel which has been trained in these disgusting procedures by israelis. They have NOTHING to do with security and EVERYTHING to do with making money for zionists on the backs of millions of innocent airplane passengers. Those Israeli companies are working freely at Germany airport with the knowledge and the approval of the German government.

Queued like cattle, before check-in.

Queued like cattle, before check-in.

After the thug woman finished groping me, she made a show of using an electronic device to control my body (again!) and underwear. She then ordered me to stand in a strange and demeaning way on one foot, to raise my shoes towards her face (I thought that she wanted to sniff them), apparently to examine if there was dirt stuck on my shoes while walking in the airport. I had to repeat this acrobatic exercise twice. She then ordered me to go with her to a corner, where she ripped my shoes off before I even knew what was going on. I asked her if she enjoyed engaging in such disgusting Nazi behavior. She answered that she knew that what she is doing is horrible, and she took my shoes and disappeared. I saw her running with my shoes to another section of the airport. She was carrying my shoes like a trophy, as if she had already found a bomb. I was only able to regard the behavior of this thug as improper for sane persons, I didn’t know if my anger at her insulting demeanor or my pity at her wretchedness was greater when I saw her with my shoes

She returned after a while, carrying my shoes and with a look like a deflated balloon. The triumphal and arrogant demeanor had vanished from her face. I was putting my shoes on after my encounter with the thuggess when I noticed another “security” grabbing my camera from the tray and asking in an unfriendly way if the camera belonged to me. I answered yes it’s mine and be careful because you could damage my camera in the way how you are grabbing it, it’s expensive and I doubt that you will pay it if you destroy it. He said “yes I know but I need to make an explosive check for it”. Now I was angry:  “What did you say? Are you crazy?”.

A policeman who looked like the fat cousin of Obelix came and asked if everything was OK. I said no, everything is not OK and this asshole is destroying my dignity and making me feel like a criminal. I am a journalist not a terrorist. Who will compensate me if you don’t find explosives in my camera and break it? You are destroying my dignity and treating me like a criminal. You are assholes and I am coming with you to make your shitty explosive check to my camera. I think that they were shocked as they said no word after my outbreak.

On the way to Dublin, boarding in Frankfurt

On the way to Dublin, boarding in Frankfurt

I was now very angry and worried about my camera as the second thug was holding it in a way which could have broken it. I now regarded the whole behavior of these thugs as nothing but criminal. I went with the thug to another area where he gave my camera to a guy hiding under a staircase with a giant scanner. They passed a small piece of paper over the lens exactly where the thug had grabbed it, inserted it into the machine. It was the same place were my shoes were scanned for “security”. Of course they found nothing, it is JUST BUSINESS.

I was one among dozens of persons of dark skin who passed through this checkpoint. The blonde passengers passed with less trouble than us. This made me wonder: is there racial profiling being implemented at the airport in Frankfurt? Racism would not surprise me at all in business done by israeli methods. The kind of treatment which I received in Frankfurt is exactly what I have lived through all my life at israeli checkpoints, inclusive accusations of being a terrorist simply for being a Palestinian and not giving in to the European criminals who steal everything and murder us at will.

Europeans and Americans who think of themselves superior to Arabs, who see us Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims collectively as terrorists and who think that whatever happens to us is deserved, who think that the crimes perpetrated by the zionists against us Palestinians will never happen to them, think again. The “security” show at airports all over the world is exactly what happens at the over 600 checkpoints of the IDF across the West Bank. What I experienced in Frankfurt and to a lesser degree at the airports in Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris CDG, München, Hamburg, Barcelona, Madrid, etc. is exactly the demeaning procedure to which Palestinians are subjected on a daily basis in our homeland. If you have used an airport during the last years in Europe or the USA, then you have had a taste of what it is to be a Palestinian, disrespected, assumed to be criminal until proven innocent instead of being seen as innocent until proven guilty, bullied by thugs who can always make your day more miserable. The only meaningful difference between the israeli checkpoints and the harassment at the airports is that people using an airport in most places must not (yet) fear being shot, beaten up or abducted for indefinite amounts of time by the thugs manning the checkpoint.

Explosive Parcels At Airports Are An Israeli Game

Israeli involvement in airport “security” is on record. My own previous experience with israeli “security” includes being solicited for sex by an israeli at the checkpoint at the entrance of terminal 2E in Paris CDG in 2004. Israelis doing “security” have reportedly been spotted harassing people at airports and the “security” of airports involved in the 911 crime were all run by one israeli company. While Fraport, the company which runs the Frankfurt airport does not disclose who subcontracts the security, what is going on there is a very strong hint at israeli involvement. Israel sells “security” in many forms, as training packages, by taking over services related to “protection” of persons and premises, by analyzing information, etc.

Israeli checkpoint inculture. Will we see such images at European airports soon?

Israeli checkpoint inculture. Will we see such images at European airports soon?

I have been told by a person related to the security profession that israeli methods are seen as generally ineffective and having no advantage over practices from other origins. According to this person, israeli methods in the field of security rely on raw and excessive violence, bluster and bullying, and are far more likely than non-israeli methods in the field of security to provoke attack or retaliation even from parties not related to an ongoing operation, thus heightening the danger to the protected person or premise. This corresponds to the typical behavior of israelis which I remember from Palestine: there is no security problem in Palestine apart from the israelis themselves, so they provoke people in many ways trying to find any reason to brutalize or shoot somebody.

The recent bomb scare which was almost immediately discredited by people with direct knowledge of the circumstances also has a very strong hint at being a marketing operation in the interest of israeli “security” companies: at very least the timetable is remarkable. On last 27 October Mr. Martin Broughton of British Airways criticized the excessive security requirements at airports and suggested a more sensible approach in the UK. Only 2 days later on 29 October the laughable bomb scare involving a toner cartridge and a Yemenite student was enacted.

How much will these israeli robots used to blow up garbage cost European airports?

How much will these israeli robots used to blow up garbage cost European airports?

Today, about a week later, a conference about “airport security” takes place in israel, with representatives from many countries invited, among them the internal security ministers from Italy, Germany, Panama, and the general directors of police from the United States, India and Brazil. Of course, israeli companies get to sell new methods of thuggery and expensive gadgets, like robots and other redundant harassment tools. I find this remarkable because it normally takes months to prepare a conference involving people from out of country. According to the israeli Ynet Hebrew news was puplished on Oct. 17, 2010: “Some 500 people from Israel and abroad, including internal security ministers, mayors and police chiefs are expected to attend an airport security conference at Ben Gurion International Airport in November”.

It should be legitimate to ask if this whole thing about the so called “Explosive Parcels At Airports” was prepared and enacted beforehand by israeli interests in the “security” business, and as things look now, the only ones who stand to benefit handsomely from this scam are israeli companies.

During the last days several articles have been published about the increasing trouble as which the airport “security” scam is seen as in various countries. Beginning with the complaint of Mr. Broughton of British Airlines and concluding, as I write this, with a letter of an American pilots union. It appears that more and more people have just had enough of this scam, but there is not yet a conclusive way to get the problem under control. I wonder why. Europeans and Americans have democracy at least in name, and there should be many avenues to approach the problem, political, legal, by societal pressure. For example, half of the shares of Fraport belong to the city of Frankfurt and to the German Federal State of Hessen. Why is it not possible to interest the politicians of that place in the disgraceful behavior of their company against millions of innocent people for no reason other than immense profit?

Will this be how dark-skinned women are searched at airports soon?

Will this be how dark-skinned women are searched at airports soon?

22 comments to Harassment at Frankfurt Airport

  • Frank Costa

    Pretty simple…how many people really “need” to fly? Can you take a train, bus, or rent-a-car instead? Then do it.

    Everyone stops flying for a month= no more crap.

  • Ian

    I’d heard it said that there were never any shortage of goons and torturers even when they couldn’t find employment; now that they can, I understand more clearly what the author of the comment meant.
    If the ‘people’ who accept these security positions cannot be counted on to take a position of non-cooperation, i.e., passing on the position, even if they cannot find other employment, then those who fly have to boycott the airlines. I know it may seem easier said than done but it would be a starting point. When people wake up and realize the power they have, individually and en masse, they will no longer have to deal with these ultra-minions.
    Thanks for the article.

  • Helen

    Thank you kawther for this article. i dont have to get on a plane till next summer, but hopefully things may change. if not i will change my plans. I did not know about the no planes leaving yemen story. this is something i will pass on to as many people as i can.as you wrote the damage has already been done maybe we can write our news casts and ask them why they did not run that part of the story. after all they are suppose to informing us of news not withholding it from us.

  • Bibi

    These thugs you refer to seems to not have a life save the joy they must feel in the dirty job they do.
    Common sense tells me I should just take my chances quick death with a terrorist, than painful memories of sexual harassment, or slow kill by radiation. All these security measure to keep the world safe is just polluting humans and their environment even more and destroying the humanity of the humans.
    For those still awake, and can see the reality, try to avoid travelling. There are ways to stump the controllers, if only we would sacrifice our set ways for the greater good. Stay home for a spell, if you can. You need a few days to rest and think. No tv or radio to cloud your judgement either! It’s your life. Save it!

  • This reeks of the WWII Nazi “Geheime Staatspolizei! Stop now and show your papers!” All with machine guns at the fore. A friend of mine, his whole family, crossed out of his native Hungary in 1956. Machine gun towers and and dogs trying to catch and kill them, and at night to avoid the police of that Communist Police State. Nazis and Communists and now the Imperial Police of the Obama Zionist Occupied USA and in the European Union Socialist States – the SAME THING.

    The absurd and idiotic attempt to fabricate the “toner bomb” is utterly asinine and the most vile attempt to fabricate a lie to destroy the God given freedoms of people.


  • Yes it’s regrettable, and it’s not just dark-skinned types who must endure these indignities. The British press is full of complaints about the security zealots. Bear in mind however, that 99% of airline violence has come from the Arab/Muslim sector. Do those thugs ever consider the kind of blowback they’re inviting against their own when they resort to such iniquities? Does it ever occur to the Alahu Akbar crowd that, as you demonstrate, with each outrage the Israelis just end up stronger?

    • All of the “airline violence” is based on and is perpetrated by and controlled by the Israeli-American False Flag Black Operations (the biggest was 911) and their Sayanim (accomplices) and not by Arabs nor Muslims. Some of the Sayanim used by the Israelis have been Arabs, but only under the control of the Israeli Mossad and American CIA. The whole Mossad-CIA plan is to create murderous havoc and falsely blame Arabs and Muslims. It is all a murderous Mossad-CIA lie.


      • Hans

        Oh dear Steve….you really do need help! False Flag Black Ops etc I think you have been watching one too many hollywood movies and you really do need to chill out, take some more of your drug of choice (maybe I should be sayimg take LESS of your drugs) and take a big deep breath.
        Now, back to the article “Harressment at Franfurt Airport”. My dear Kawther, I travel extensively internationally and I am white, christian , tall, blonde with blue eyes and guess what? I have been searched on many occasions, i have had many frisk searches, bag searches, I have had my camera and video camera screened, searched as well as my laptop!
        Oh, and I have had to take my shoes off many times as well!
        I think it best you also take a big breath yurself and take some anti paranoia pills because it seems that you like to portray yourself as a constant victim when really we all have to under go this treatment.

        If you dont like it…take a train, take a car, take a surf board or just walk! But stop being such a big cry baby, it demeans you

      • hans, as in hansel und gretel, hans = sayan klown – who says nothing and with whom there is nothing… beliar, nothingness – vanity – zero. poor little nothing hans

        Typical Zionist racist obfuscation and lie. Vain attempt to mask the evil of the totalitarian thug treatment of people by the Zionist losers and their rancid little plans.

  • blonde american

    I welcome this unsought opportunity to express my rage at what happened to me at Frankfort airport. I was making an Alitalia connection to Florence there. I had a five hour wait for this flight. During that time I was very ill in the airport, I felt that I was about to faint and unable to stand for several hours. Finally I went into the customs inspection and was brutally manhandled by a strong, large and mannish woman who shoved her hands into my pockets to grab my prescription eyedrops and then painfully covered my body with her hands all over, shoving me around. I said to the passengers who were entering behind me that I was being sexually molested, which was exactly what it felt like. Next they confiscated my computer while I had to stand and wait for it to be cleared, which I could barely manage. I felt such anger and outrage and was totally helpless. I will never go through Frankfort again as long as I live. Perhaps Germany, or perhaps any airport, ever.

  • death to the NWO

    There are plenty of thugs willing for money to do inhuman work for the state. You would not believe how many people of all walks of life work or are informers or do surveillance work for the secret police . I know by experience that for money your neighbors will inform on you , they only need some scumbag in uniform to tell them some cock and bull story about national security or fictitious “secret of state “.
    They have created a society of zombies where dog eats dog and the only allegiance of people is to the god “money” . That’s what the Zionists always wanted .
    There is no doubt that the EU is a con job , it is not a democracy but it has the potential to become a soviet gulag . It is run by lobby groups just like that other bastion of fascism that goes by the name of America . If you have a chance read the free e-book “ESCAPE FROM AUSTRALIA : a gangstalking primer ” . It can be freely downloaded from


    Some of what is described happens in Trieste in Italy not far from Vienna .

  • Apostate

    A person does not really need to be dark-skinned or even swarthy to hate Zionism. There are Lithuanians, for example, many of them blond, who in 1940 avenged their fellows who were randomly arrested then deported / executed by the Jew-led Soviet NKVD. After the German invasion of 41, pro-German partisans assisted the SS in the hunting down and elimination of Jews, in particular Soviet political commissars. It was very much mass vengeance.

  • An excellent expose’ of the satanic abuse being perpitrated by evil retards in the name of ‘keeping us safe’ from those nasty people who ‘hate the freedoms we enjoy.’

    Lets just hope and pray that there are enough people getting angry.

    It is hard for me to say which people I despise more. those who orchestrate this abuse or those who enjoy being tasked with actualy doing it. I think it is actualy the latter!

  • Apostate

    With outrages like this at a Frankfurt airport (I have passed through there as recently as January 2010, without incident) I think we should all petition the German Government to kick this Zionist organization out of the country. When I was there they had local and federal police (they are quite reasonable gentlemen), the later armed with machine guns and of course the usual scanning devices that all major airports have. Why then allow in a hook-nose thug agency!?

  • i have stopped flying unless most needed or urgent due to my business. i would like journalists like mrs kawther to highlight the [redacted], the same lie was used in the 1st world war too and [redacted]!
    zionist jews declared war against germany in 1933 openly in they own papers, we muslims must educate the misguided christians from they own sources how the zionists manipulates and rules over them. I never knew the 1st world war could have ended in 8 months only due to zionist bankers and agents it was ongoing for 4 years resulting in millions of christian dead , opening the way for these parasites on the human race to take over in europe more deeply. [redacted]!
    whats surprising is the total lack of christian insight into who is killing them and they children and has been for 100,s of years, it certainly was not muslims.

  • as an after thought i like to mention to your readers kawther, that why do the christian nations feel what they are doing is right in promoting the devilish zionists stated in the holy land which is an open threat to mankind?

    the whining of the canadian prime minister harper calls into question his sanity when he declared that ISRAEL WILL BE PROTECTED AT WHATEVER COST! the questions begs as to which country should be his priority for which he was elected for.
    the answer that came to mind was that the christian nations have done so much evil on earth against non white european people that these misguided people are feeling so guilty that the devilish zionist is using this against them psychologically and emotionally hence the guilt of the [redacted] hides his own misdeeds which are plain and open to see for all!
    it also amazes me when is see any kind of evil perpetrated against muslims is ok with the jews and christians in any form, while they harp on about civilization and human rights rubbish to all the world. the cry of freedom for all was used after 2nd world war to subjugate other nations in south america,asia, africa, and the east by western europeans whose head was always the devilish zionist and his machinations at the back in the form of corporate services as of know too!
    the foolish christians must wake up and realise the wrong being done in they name, the “zionists” are not chosen of god since they broke they covenant with god which god foretold moses in his time. every prophet of god condemned the zionists jews including god himself, so why do you align yourself with worshippers of the devil?

  • ross

    Unfortunately if the islamist loons did not act out their sick fantasies around the world over the last 10 years or more – you would npt be feeling the need to write any of this. If your an islamist – then your problem is self-created.

    • Which “islamist loons”? I think that you must mean the Christian and jewish Americans and Europeans degenerates who live out their sick fantasies and torture Muslims for fun and profit in retched places like Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and assorted US Navy ships.

      And, inform yourself better before firing off rants which make you look less than smart, Ross from

  • mr ross you troll, those you call islamists are mostly agents of the sick western world and they masters the zionists . your kind blame muslims for the worlds troubles and yet you lot have murdered over 15 million muslims in the last 10 years alone in the world!
    invaded our countrys for they resources under false lies and notions of freedom,we all the freedom the iraqi,s got at aby ghraib do we not!

    but then you have the gall to blame us for your sickness, we muslims will cure you one day of your sickness and that is a promise, the true believers in judaism,christianity , islam must wake up to these weirdo,s or as crazies they were called and isolate them from positions of power for world peace to reign.

    mr ross belongs to anti- muslim site in the u.s a and works with a woman called acharaya the liar who loves to denigrate the prophet of islam and muslims in general but loves those who oppress humanity called zionists!

  • what is going on is the conditioning of the mostly western people by these zionists to hide they crimes against humanity and criminal behaviour in general. they want us muslims to be the proverbial snake to the westerners, so they paint us a terrorists, trouble makers, or violent people whereas the truth is that they fit this bill like a glove!

    when you kill a snake everyone generally feels happy, so by terrorising muslims and harassing travellers they are making them think that all this is brought on them by muslims behaviour in the world therefore what the zionist killers are doing is ok and people should not unduly worry about any breach of international law or human rights etc—– the muslims have none if they so wish!

    so far we see that the posteriors of the iraqi people have been freed by rape,murder,sexual gratification and general perversion which is worse then under saddam hussein– who also a c.i.a agent!

    the thing is kawther there is a german saying from teh 2nd world war THEY CAME ON AS BEFORE AND WE DESTROYED THEM AS BEFORE, people like you need to change tactics to create awareness among the general population and highlight the crimes of ANY people from ANY faith which affect innocents in the world, we need to build on this more inshallah!

    http://www.Aangirfan.com is good site for detailed information on the weirdo.s in power around the world kawther.

    peace to all believers!

  • ian

    Trouble is, there are no or practically no real terrorists. The vast majority of acts attributed to terrorists are carried out by security personnel, or by persons controlled by them. All the hyper security checks came into force after 9/11. The checks have got stricter and worse since then and will keep going that way. I honestly don’t know what’s in store for us, and fear we won’t know till it’s too late to do anything. Things will get worse slowly slowly till the trap is completely set, then wallop, they’ll hit us with the biggy.

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