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Below is a CV of an American citizen, Chelli S., who visited my occupied homeland Hebron, From where I was expelled by the Zionist Israeli occupation in 2002. Last week Chelli wrote me an e-mail to share with me some of her memories from my homeland, Tel Rumeida, an ancient archeological site, a historical place listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. I asked Chelli if she would allow me to publish her memories. I also asked her to send me a brief CV and a picture of herself. Two days later, Chelli wrote me back and sent what I asked her for. I share with you all what this woman wrote in her personal CV.

Chelli: I am a woman in my late twenties, a US citizen and a dissident. My government’s Chelli S., an American woman in her late twenties.history is full of blood, it permeates the ground, and as such she cannot be a patriot of this state.

I believe that we can denounce our government, and if we cannot, then we are not free at all. I believe that we can change our government, and if we cannot, we are not free at all.  My government does not allow many dissident voices; its history is full of prison, slander, the murder of these people; and it will not change its ways unless it is made to.  The full funding of the military base of Israel in the Middle East by her government sickens reason.

I love Palestine, as anyone who is invited freely in the warmth of generosity; to the home of someone they’ve never met, to share dinner and kindness, and laughter. I become a generous host because of my time in Palestine.

I volunteered as a human rights worker there, and I hope to again.  I was in the occupied Hebron at the beginning of 2004 and I returned a few times. Visas from Israel are difficult to get if you become known by that state as a friend of Palestine, and I had a difficult time renewing my visas, and returning. In the beginning I spent much time in Tuwani, a beautiful village south of Yatta south of Hebron city. I then worked in Tel Rumeida, Hebron for about 8 months, along with hundreds of other international human rights workers; wet documented the numberless crimes against humanity in that area. All the crimes were against the Palestinian civilians and all were against the International laws and treaties.

Can we just say?  Can we just say?  That is the Israeli occupation of Palestine is immoral and disgusting. That is the Palestinians are flowers being cast upon by militarize of foreign colonialism, namely the US, Britain, and Israel.

The land is a literal paradise in terms of water; fruit; vegetables; sheep; olive trees; fish; terraced hillsides; the weather of the Mediterranean; two, no, three, no, four seas, sun, rivers, streams, mountains. An oasis in the desert, this is Palestine, and the Palestinians, are our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, our friends and beloved.

The memories of Chelli and a short video will follow

11 comments to CV Of An American Woman

  • Poignant thoughts and words for justice. Absolutely yes.


  • The world needs more like you, that are tired of all the killing, EVERYWHERE. Soon I think many will see the error of thier ways.

  • Rabbit

    Most Australians I speak to are ashamed of what has become of our government and it is namely the support and co-operation with the USA and Israel their ongoing atrocities which has done it. Change must come, but I fear it will have to be by force, because the means for peaceful change are being put beyond our reach as fast as the people are awakening.

    • David Huggett

      Rabbit, I am a big fan of your honest remarks in this and other blogs about the appalling hypocrisy of successive Oz governments regarding the terrorist State of Israel, but please don’t talk about resorting to the use of “force” if you mean violence, it is just what the Zionists want, so they can discredit, vilify and defeat you. Our pens are our mightiest weapons, so keep up the good work Rabbit, as you say there are lots of people, even in Oz, who recognise the behaviour of the Israelis for what it is – degenerate – and, so long as the truth keeps coming out, their cruel stupidity will come to an end soon.

  • Glad She's Gone

    Little spoiled Chelli hates her country. Poor baby. Good riddance. America doesn’t need anymore leftist traitors. I don’t see many other people leaving, just a few million trying to get in. America’s too bloody for you? Chelli, do you want to see blood? Try the 20+ million killed under Mao, the 15+ million who died under Stalin, the 1+ million dead under Pol Pot. You will chase Utopia all of your life but never find it. It doesn’t exist in this life. Grow up and quit basdhing your country, or don’t call yourself a citizen of the US. Change your citizenship. The Americans don’t need you.

  • Unfortunately, “Palestinians” are more murderous. Ms Kawther is blinded by her ego to see truth.

    • Job Koski

      you sir oare blinded by your own ego… me proof of all the bloodshed the Palestinians caused BEFORE the Zionist pigs began their terrorist onslaught back in the mid 40’s…..violence begets violence and if some wandering tribe came into my neighborhood using violence, terror, and fear to coax us to leave our homes on our own accord I can assure you we would fight back…..I guess from your viewpoint we would be the terrorists. So many stupid racist folk like you beleiveing in the ‘chosen lie’ is getting very old and its about time to turn the page of time on this worn out beleif.

  • rhennessy

    glad she’s there:
    try 100 million killed under mao, 65 to 80 million who died under stalin, 50+ million murdered by the nazis and try to get your facts straight, then, ask yourself who financed the bolshevik revolution, mao’s “peoples revolution, hitler’s rise to power and even pol-pot’s war against long nul? in all cases, wall street, its overseers in the city of london and montesque norman at the bank of england underwrote lenin et al and hitler and betrayed chiang kai shek and long nul in support of their murderous totalitarian takeovers… and you haven’t even mentioned: guatemala, honduras, indonesia, chile, bolivia, vietnam, laos,
    nicaragua, el salvador or iraq and afghanistan to name just a few of the more recent american killing fields. you are probably just another uneducated american moron with no regard for history or the truth and your ignorance causes me shame. since when is telling the truth about your country somehow “bashing” unless you insist on remaining pitifully and dangerously deluded? have you never heard jefferson say that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism”? or perhaps you’d wish to be more comfortable living under the rule of the various despots you listed above since your blathering advice about citizenship is exactly the same as they all would have offered? americans have always relied on the informed, courageous efforts of the chelli’s who speak truth to power and ignorance, and, america needs them now more than ever before… otherwise, you might get your tortorous wish sooner than you think!!! so wake up from your brainwashed myopia before you discover that we americans don’t just not need you, but we will not tolerate your kind very much longer… :

  • Meenu

    Bravo young lady!I stand with you!

  • She is very right the US will mean death for most of us. Obama and the Elite will carry out there plans of destruction. We will get our revenge when God returns and puts Obama and his Santanic scums in HELL.

  • Chelli

    It’s nice to see again that many of us are of the same heart. Despite our “rulers” efforts to divide us, many of us clearly see the struggle for justice and truth. As the old ones say, “Let’s lose our fear of death and live forever in the history we make.”
    This is our brief moment of history, our brief time to be here… We must grow our courage, both individually and collectively, and give our children something to hope for, and something to fight for: namely freedom from tyranny, oppression, and repression.
    I stand with you all also. We must rise and rise and rise to meet the challenges that face us.

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