A Magic Halloween Festival in Dublin

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On October 30 – 31 2010 – the friendly Irish people who I met during my short tours in Dublin spoke to me about Halloween (or Hallowe’en) celebrations and festivals in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, and in the Ballymun district in Dublin‘s Northside, close to the Dublin Airport. A nice teacher who was leading a group of students raising the Irish flags stopped with me for a while to tell me general information about the Halloween celebration when she learned that I was a journalist and that I am interested in writing a small report. The students (boys and girls under 13 years) were all very happy when I shot some pictures of them.

Halloween.The teacher said that the Halloween festival was part of the Irish tradition and that the schools and the city council of Dublin organized several activities each year during the Halloween. “Since a week ago on October 25 2010 we started the Halloween activities. These activities will end on October 31 2010” she told me. The teacher invited me politely to join the children and their activity if I was interested to shoot more pictures about Halloween.

Other pictures of Halloween activities were in front of the City Council of Dublin, a group of Irish people who were making ghost tours in the city stopped in front of the city council to take some photos, then they went ahead and visited the Temple-Bar /
Fleet Street area. This group was doing pranks, telling ghost stories and frightening tales to the passers by. They stood before me and acted to frighten me and the people in the street.

At Temple-Bar the people told me that the official symbolic celebration of Halloween started at about 5 and lasted until the middle of the night at Ballymun, Dublin 9 in an area on Dublin’s Northside close to Dublin Airport.

The history of Ballymun is infamous for its flats, which became a symbol of poverty, drugs, alienation from the state and of the social problems in Ireland from the 1970s. Today it has been renewed, with a renovated village centre, surrounded by estates of houses and apartments, and with several sub-districts.

The people at Temple-Bar said that Dublin’s biggest Halloween festival is set at the Ballymun district, where there are seven different venues within the festival village  featuring music, dancing and making magic activities.

Everybody talked to me and invited me to attend the Halloween festival Ballymun. The people told me that the celebration started with a fancy dress parade from Balbutcher Road to the Civic Centre Plaza. The attendance would enjoy magical and traditional music in an extraordinary experience of fantasy and entertainment, with freaks and horrors, and that officials from the government would join the people in their celebration at Ballymun. They said: “for sure the major of the city, Lord Mayor Gerry Breen, will attend the celebration and this could be interesting for you as a journalist”.

Who is Lord Mayor of Dublin?

The Lord Mayor of Dublin is the symbolic head of the city government of Dublin, the capital of Ireland. The Lord Mayor is elected to office annually by members of Dublin City Council (previously known as Dublin Corporation) from amongst its members. The current Lord Mayor is Fine Gael Councillor Gerry Breen.
The office of Mayor of Dublin was created in June 1229 by Prince Henry III. Read more about the Lord Mayor of Dublin.

The currently Lord Mayor of Dublin is Gerry Breen> He was elected as Lord Mayor of Dublin on 28th June 2010. Before that he was first elected to Dublin City Council in 1999 and represents the Clontarf Area. Lord Mayor was born and raised in Clontarf. He is married to Maeve, and has three daughters.
He was educated at Belgrove National School, Coláiste Mhuire and UCD where he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

On July 2010, Lord Mayor Gerry Breen suggested twinning the Irish capital with the Gaza Strip out of “sympathy”. He proposed that the City Council explore the idea at its next monthly meeting. Under his authorization both Dublin and Gaza are already twinned with Barcelona.

While I was talking to the Irish people about Halloween I saw a journalist team photographing and the people started putting on the ghost disguises and the other traditional clothes and running in the streets. Everybody was running with big smiles on their faces. The Halloween celebration at the Temple Bar Street has no end, or perhaps its end in the morning light, when everybody is tired. On Monday is a holiday in Ireland and everybody will be able to drink enough at the Halloween festival and to sleep well during the day.

Everything I heard from the Irish about Halloween festival was quite attractive and interesting. However, I had to go back to the hotel and prepare my bags for my return to Vienna early in the morning, where more things were waiting for me, among them reporting about those nice stories to my readers.

At the hotel was another party waiting for me in the evening, at the conclusion of the ARABMED 26 medical conference. Everything was tempting for me on the Sunday evening, so I chose to join the doctors in their final celebration and I wished the Irish people a very nice peaceful and evening of fun, happiness and with a wonderful Halloween celebration.

I wish a nice Halloween everybody!

14 comments to A Magic Halloween Festival in Dublin

  • carl

    Ah my Lord my God ,what have we done ? How far have we fallen into darkness, a spiritual darkness that we know nothing about.Yes, we dress up our children as witches ,demons ,ghosts and etc. and we laugh and give them candy and treats not knowing there is a realm of spiritual wickedness that gets active during such times and many souls get lost for lack of knowledge of the living Word.Yes Kawther…there is a hell and eternal damnation in that lake of fire which is the second death. Those demonic beings are real so lets wake up and start thinking and learning the truth.Oh my very soul praises Jah now and forever and even forever and ever. For as David gave praise in his songs ; I say unto all and giving praise to Jah my Elohim for He brought me back from the grave,He let me live that i should not go down to the pit.

    • Frank

      I am a Catholic and I see nothing wrong with the Irish people celebrating an ancestral religion. The Mexican people, who are also Catholic (Christian), have their Day of the Dead, which is wonderful. What is wrong with celebrating your heritage, Carl?
      You seem to be coming from a fundamentalist Protestant point of view. If we lose our ties to our histories, what do we have left? We all should celebrate our heritage, whatever it may be. Let the wonderful Irish people celebrate their long and colorful history, and that includes the Celtic festival of Halloween.

  • As always, Ms. Salam, you show that beautiful quality of true warmth and friendship towards others that is a wonderful mark of your people. A thousand times thank you!

    Rath Dé ort! (May the grace of God be with you!)


  • Adam

    The whole point Halloween is to bring out you alter ego!! We all know that it used to be a pagan ritual.

    • Frank

      Exactly. The point of Halloween is to explore the darker aspects of the collective unconscious and to face our fears of death and horror. It’s a very liberating thing.
      Happy Halloween, everybody! As well as Autumn Equinox, Day of the Dead, All Souls Day and whatever else you may celebrate at this time of the year!

  • Buffalo Bob

    Yes Children it is alright to send burnt offerings to your creator during the MOST HOLY DAYS OF THE DEVIL Bleed your children and make Blood soaked parchments for your spells for the Riches of the Earth. http://www.wideeyecinema.com $ewish Human Sacrafice and see the truth about SICK TWISTED non Human acts against the most innocent of MANKIND.

  • You are a very remarkable journalist with a unique and fascinating outlook. Your viewpoint as a mirror of cultures which are quite foreign to you (yet less so to me even as an Australian where Irish is a big part of our culture) is quite unusual and yet I feel enriched for having shared it. Thankyou once again Ms Salaam.

  • bob

    The WHOLE POINT of Halloween is a to piss off the medieval-minded Xtians into acting like the self-centered fear-mongering retards that they truly are.

    Mission: Accomplished

  • S

    Certainly anyone can have a dress-up costume party ANY time of year–not a problem. But this particular holiday (holy day) is devoted to Satan and dark demonic forces. Sanctifying it into ANY church simply because it has been a so-called cultural tradition is tantamount to accepting child molestation simply because it has been culturally tolerated and not dealt with by the Catholic Church. What people need to start realizing is that God gave us definite commands to worship no one else but Him, yet we teach our children that the momentary yearly worship of demons is OK. You only need to read the scriptures of the Bible to know that this kind of thing is totally abhorrent to Him. In the end, WHO should decide how God should be worshiped??–Shouldn’t it be He Himself who decides this?–and He has made it perfectly clear HOW He wants this done–and it’s not by giving an inch to his enemy Satan.

    • Frank

      Little children dressing up as superheroes and princesses and asking for candy from their neighbors is ‘worshipping demons’? I recommend that you get a grip.

  • carl

    I do not condemn anyone for we are all condemn already.The wages of sin is death and all (and thats me also) have sinned. I have given you things that i have received and i’m not a false witness of such things. So…go in peace of mind and worship who you will.

    • Frank

      You don’t have to celebrate Halloween if you don’t want to. Simple. But that doesn’t mean that a centuries old tradition is just going to go away.

  • carl

    I’m an old man and poor at that and yes,we dressed our children up for halloween and it was a fun time. We are indeed, in trying times. You Irish people are indeed part of the House of Israel (this is not Jews or the House of Judah) and in these latter days God is dealing with that stiff necked children of the house of Israel.If people don’t care who they are they will be like Esau and become Edom but if they do care like Jacob did then they will become Israel.As it is written Christ was not sent but FOR the lost sheep of the house of Israel. He was not sent for the Jews….the LORD of the household took it from the Jews and will give it to another.The present place called Israel should not be and they there that call themselves Jews are not true Jews but EDOMITES !! Yes you Irish people are one of those tribs of the house of Israel.A House divided cannot stand..hmmm i wonder what He meant by that? HOW did i ever get from halloween to this lost tribe…i’ve got to go.Kawther!!! close down your website for my peace of mind.

    • Frank

      Um…are you one of those British Israelite believers? Christ was sent for everyone, including Jews. Your ethnicity doesn’t mean much when it comes to God. We are all His children.

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