A Marriage at Trinity College

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Travelling to Ireland is something special and exciting. When I was a little girl, my mother, who has never visited Ireland, told me that “Ireland is country of water, of green and beautiful appearance”. I understood the meaning of those words ONLY when I visited Ireland in 2002, and again last week.

During my short second stay from October 29 – 1st Nov. 2010 while attending the First Annual Meeting of ArabMED Union in Ireland, the beauty of the city stole me from myself. I have my own memories in Dublin and Blackrock, a town south of Dublin.

Marriage cars stopping at Trinity College in Dublin.As soon as I set my foot in Ireland I felt as if everybody and everything around me was smiling at me, as the Irish people smile from all their heart, sense and feelings. In this beautiful country the people, parks, churches, theaters, museums, science centers, etc. all were smiling at me, I said to myself. I let myself exchange smiles with others and live the days of my short stay in this beautiful and safe country.

On Nov. 30 2010 I went to visit Trinity College. At the entrance I saw a blond girl wearing a formal purple dress. She was accompanied by a man wearing suit and tie. After I entered the inner courtyard of Trinity College, I saw a white car, a Bentley, parked at the entrance to the campus. The car was decorated from both sides with two white flowers. A gray car was parked at besides the white one, also decorated with two white flowers.

After I crossed the inner courtyard of the University before entering the second courtyard, I saw a group of happy people celebrating a wedding. The inner entrance was nearly blocked. I turned around and looked at the people and I saw beautiful couple standing in before the wide-open space of the impressive campanile at the center of Trinity College.

Maria Oliver was the bride and Morris Kearney was her groom. The couple’s marriage caught my attention, with Maria standing among her relatives like a princess. Her white long dress reached down to the floor, the groom was wearing a formal long-tail suit, as all other male attendants.

The couple’s relatives realized my visit, we had a short discussion. I asked Mr. Cathal Keamey, Head of the School of Business Studies and Humanities, who was standing next to the bride, if if was usual for the Irish people to marry at the University of Dublin . He said: “ONLY students who have completed their studies at Trinity College are able to marry here”. A woman was wearing a blue dress and standing next to the groom, told me that Maria had finished studying languages at Trinity college, and that because of this she was privileged to celebrate her marriage at the University.

According to the website of Trinity College, the history of Trinity College can be divided into four epochs, a century or so during which the foundations were laid, a period of colorful expansion extending over the eighteenth century, a consolidation and advancement in the nineteenth century, and a century of strenuous adaptation to a rapidly changing world. Read more.

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