Ban Ki-moon Breaks the Silence and Warns EU of Anti-Islam

ٍStrasbourg – France – DPA – AFP – Agencies – the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon warned on Tuesday of a “dangerous trend” of anti-Muslim incitement in Europe, in a speech before the European Parliament in Strasbourg. He said that the darkest chapters in European history began with similar language.

He said that there is a “dangerous trend emerging. It is a new policy of polarization. Some people and politicians are using other fears to target Muslims in pursuit of their personal interests … and accuse immigrants of violating the European values”. He stressed that Europe and the world cannot afford to turn a blind eye to stereotypes and hatred that is ethnically based.

He said that the worst chapters of Europe were written in this language and that today, the main “targets” are the Muslim immigrants … Europe can not bear these thought patterns which close minds and raise the hatred, and the world can not bear Europe doing this.

The UN chief added that Europe’s biggest challenge in the 21st century is the challenge of domestic tolerance, noting that immigrants suffer from unemployment, discrimination, and disproportional inequality of opportunity in education and the job market.

The question of Europe’s identity has been rigorously debated due to the flood of immigrants the continent has been facing in recent years. The fierce debate rages in Germany on the integration of immigrants in the country and the estimated four million people and constitute 5% of the population.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel increased the severity of the debate at the beginning of this week, when she said that the concept of multiculturalism as a model of integration had failed “miserably” in Germany. She added that immigrants should be demanded to learn the German language and assimilate into society.

Horst Seehofer, President of the Christian Social Party in Germany, a senior partner in the ruling coalition, said earlier that Germany should refuse to accept migrants from the “hostile cultures”, such as Turks and Arabs.

A poll published last week in Germany indicated that 58% of the public believed that the practice of Islam should be substantially limited in the country, while more than half of the respondents said they could sympathize with the claim that Arabs arouse unpleasant sentiments.

The debate has also swept France, after the National Assembly approved an amendment the country’s citizenship act which enables France to revoke an immigrant’s citizenship if he is convicted of assaulting a public servant – an act which was previously limited to extreme offenses such as involvement in terror activities.

Ban Ki-moon called the European Union to “show leadership” in his speech, not only with regard to migrants, but also in the face of extreme poverty and the challenges of climate change and promoting the idea of “a world free of nuclear weapons”.

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  • EU intollerance isn’t the problem. Islam is.

    • Hugler

      Islam is not the problem, it is the 1 million sayanim zionist Jews in the West. They target, harass and scandalise Islam to further the interests of the Zionist state.

  • edgerr

    We are not against Islam nor Moslims, but the problem is that they do not fit – nor want to fit in to the respective countries in Europe!! That’s why we want them OUT !!

  • UKBloke

    Muslims will happily leave Europe if the West and especially the Zionists who rule the West, cease to bomb Muslim lands and prop up dictators and unjust rulers. Leave the Muslims to manage their affairs and they will return …

  • Tannaberton Abacrombie

    Muslims cannot be assimilated, they can only take over.
    That is their cause and religion.
    Any denial is humourous.

    • Why are all pro-israel and islamophobic comments being posted from IP addresses which are blacklisted as originators of spam or abuse? Is there a connection between the spam plague and israel?

  • LA Murvin

    Really, Mr. Ki-moon? Why does Europe or anywhere else on the globe need a foreigner telling them how to run their own affairs? They do not. I guess it is time for South Korea to be flooded with millions of Muslims and Africans as well, particularly those with AIDS…..What will Ki-moon have to say when said immigrants start torching South Korea and threatening its own citizens? What a hypocrite!

  • Paul

    The problem is mass immigration legal and illegal..

    You do not like it when mass of Jews migrate into the Middle East and create their own state..
    Europeans like to have European countries remain majority native European..
    its natural.

    Whats so evil or sinister about…wanting to survive.

    There are plenty of Muslim countries for Muslims to immigrate to that are wealthy and even if there were NO wealthy Muslim majority countries to retreat to…European countries are not obligated to commit suicide by having their native stock become minorities.

    Its kind of hypocritical this website to complain about the Israelis/Jews and what they do in Palestine and then think Europe should accept swarms of high breeding Muslims which will over take them eventually.

    By the same token then Muslim Arabs should welcome multiculturalism to the Middle East and assist Jews to settle there and provide welfare to them and encourage them to have 8-12 children a couple and just pay for it from your taxes.

    Sorry not interested.

    Anyway,this does not mean I approve of Israeli policies toward Palestinians..but simply put Europe must / ought to remain European (ethnically, German, Germany, French France, Italian Italy, Greek Greece).

    • I see no hypocrisy in merely quoting Ban Ki-moon. And, I do not “… think Europe should accept swarms of high breeding Muslims …” (and find the language offensive).
      In that vein, I think that western countries should deal with their mental cases at home rather than dumping them on Palestine or treating their radioactive waste at home rather than dumping it into the sea off Somalia. Destroying the livelihoods of people in their homes creates migration of all kinds, and people simply go where they think their chances are best.
      As for the current wave of hatred of everything Islamic seen throughout the western countries, my impression is that it is an organized campaign of incitement which exploits existing problems and legitimate grievances of the peoples in all these countries. The answer the question of “who benefits” is rather simple.

  • zammie

    Ban Ki Moon is the puppet face for the Queen of England believe it or not.
    The Jewish people lived for hundreds of years in peace before the British got involved with Lord Balfour,and subsequently creating the Jewish Commonwealth of Britain in 1948.
    The British created the borders of Iraq with Gertrude Bell,they betrayed the Arabs with T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)Their Thomas Malthus,and Lovelock came up with tthe idea that peoples populations need to be eliminated.The British invented Darwinism,and among a long list of other
    damnable heresies visited on the world,such as Eugenics which was invented at the British Gaulton Institute.Eugenics was the impetus for Nazi Germany killing off Jews and herding them to Israel to live in constant combat.
    The UN is the Queens.
    Ban Ki Moon is a mouthpiece for her.
    In the case of the US the British Commonwealth nations get a 54 to one vote in the UN.
    Pull up the skirt of the Queen.
    Let us all quit fighting.People of one race and religion don’t have the problems multi culturalism imposes on them when they have their own countries.
    Ban Ki Moon is an idiot,and is an illusion.
    Hail Caesar! Queen Gives Marching
    Orders To The UN
    By Joan M. Veon

    Regarding the queens speech to the United Nations, we were told by the British Mission to the United Nations that the queen “Will be taking a global perspective. She will touch on progress made since she was last here and challenges that remain.”

    For a woman who says she is not head of any country-only titular head of state of 16 countries including Australia, Canada and New Zealand and the nominal representative of 54 governments in the British Commonwealth, who is fooling who? Why should the people of the world listen to a little old lady from Britain? The answer is because her hereditary demands it.

    The visit by the queen, which was billed as low key-a five hour visit-was designed to get the global agenda of sustainable development and climate control back on track and to make a statement. Nothing the queen does is low key as every visit, and every word has a meaning and a goal for total control.

    First let’s take a look at the queen herself. According to Who Owns the World by Kevin Cahill, the queen is the legal owner of 6,600 million acres of land that equals one sixth of the earth’s non-ocean surface. She is the only person on earth who owns whole countries and who owns countries that re not her own domestic territory. This land ownership is separate from her role as head of state and is different from other monarchies-like Norway, Belgium, and Denmark, where no such claim is made. The value of her holdings is approximately $33T, more than the estimated value of all of the earth’s natural resources which is estimated to be $25T.

    Secondly, the physical structure of the United Nations and its agenda represents the completion of the dream and aspirations of British aristocrat Cecil Rhodes to return the United States and the rest of the world back under British rule. He felt that “too little of the globe was British territoryand if we had retained America there would be millions more of English living.”

    In Rhode’s 1877 will, it says

    “the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British
    Empire, the consolidation of the whole Empire, the inauguration of a system of colonial
    Representation in the Imperial Parliament which may tend to weld together the disjointed
    Members of the Empire,” which may well ultimately be achieved, by the Roundtable which
    “publicized the idea of and the name ‘British Commonwealth of Nations.'”

    The executors of Rhodes’ six wills had concerns and fears about what kind of structure all of this should take. According to Dr. Carroll Quigley in his The Anglo-American Establishment published in 1981, they concluded that they would have to transform the British Empire into “a Commonwealth of Nations and then place that system within a League of Nations.” The United Nations is the successor to the League of Nations and the Commonwealth is inside the U.N. In other words, we are there. The representatives to the UN should have greeted her, “Hail Caesar”! (VN: That is why the British Tavistock Institute was created to implement this program and develop the tools for mass population manipulation through mind control)

    It should be noted that from 1946-1989 the British Empire gave “independence” to many of their former colonies. How they did this was to allow them to have their own parliament with representative government and their own prime minister. Lest you think they can do as they please, the queen has her own appointed representative called the Director-General that reports to her everything going on in the country and who reads her instructions after the prime minister provides his report at the opening of their parliament.

    As each country obtained independence, they also got a vote at the United Nations. Today the Commonwealth has the potential of 54 votes to America’s one vote. You will find if you look at the number of Commonwealth countries that are members of the other UN agencies like the IMF, World Bank, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, etc., the U.S. is outvoted.

    In three separate interviews with representatives from three Commonwealth nations in 2002, I was told by each of them who looked at me with fear and terror when I challenged them to leave the Commonwealth that they could not. In fact the queen made reference to the Commonwealth,

    Since I addressed you last, the Commonwealth, too, has grown vigorously To become a group of nations representing nearly two billion people. Last November, when I opened the Commonwealth Heads of Government

    Meeting in Trinidad and Tobago, I told the delegates that the Commonwealth
    had the opportunity to lead. Today I offer you the same message.

    Do you now see the meaning of the words and how she used words? The queen also made mention to the Millennium Development Goals. The bottom line, these wonderful socialistic humanitarian goals where the rich countries of the world will give a primary education to every child in the world, reduce poverty and starvation, HIV/Aids, and give $50 to every slum dweller to improve their lives will cost rich between $40-$60B a year according to the United Nations.

    This money is to come from an assessment on every country’s Gross Domestic Product called “ODA” to the tune of .07%. In fact, you could call it a global tax. For as long as I have been covering global meetings, this has been a request by the United Nations, wow it is a request by the queen. Does anyone know who will get these monies? No. However, it just so happens that the following ten countries which are “Highly Indebted Poor Countries” are members of the Commonwealth: Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Guyana, Malawi, Mozambique, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zambia. Do you see what I see? The civilized word is “transfer of wealth.”

    That brings us to the environment, Agenda 21, sustainable development, and climate change. While the first pre-United Nations Conference on population was held in 1927 with the assistance of the League of Nations, it was not until 1972 that the United Nations held its own environmental conference in Stockholm. Eleven years before in 1961, Prince Philip the queen’s husband and Prince Bernard of the Netherlands started the World Wildlife Fund, considered one of the oldest and largest environmental groups in the world. World Wildlife Fund is responsible for the publication of many studies and reports on how to save the environment. These documents have been used to support and implement Agenda 21.

    In 1972 the Club of Rome published Limits to Growth which said the world could not sustain the population and that something would have to be done. Since the dictates of Agenda 21 are based on Limits to Growth assumptions, in a 2006 interview with Maurice Strong who chaired the 1972 and 1992 earth summits, I asked him if in looking back the assumptions and computer models that were used for that report were wrong, given today’s data, and he admitted that they should be revised. The bottom line is that most of the environmentalism and ideas for environmentalism are being birthed in England.

    It was a British scientist, James Lovelock, who formulated the “Gaia Hypothesis” that the earth is a living organism and that it must be protected from you and me. Prince Charles has been involved in environmentalism since 1970 and is responsible for helping to get Agenda 21 to be approved by 25,000 conference participants and delegates at the 1992 UNCED conference through his Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum.

    When you study Agenda 21, it basically is a return of the earth to feudalism. The idea being that you and I cannot protect the earth’s resources so the United Nation’s has to do it moves the $25B value of earth’s natural resources into the balance sheets of The cost to implement climate change is estimated to be between $80-$100B a year. British Petroleum which is largely owned by the queen could make up their current oil spill expenses very quickly if the U.S. government is stupid enough to pass “cap and trade.”

    Lastly, several years ago I raised the question, “Does the Queen of Canada” become the “Queen of America” through the North American Free Trade Agreement? It appears to be so according to my research. Although Cecil Rhodes talked about “world peace”, I believe what the queen is talking about is the WHOLE PIECE.

    The goal we are discussing here has been 133 years in operation with many actors contributing to its establishment. They include many British and American industrialists and bankers such as the Rockefeller’s, Vanderbilt’s, the Whitney’s, the Morgan’s and Schiff’s. It includes those that are members of the Royal Institute for International Affairs and America’s counterpart: the Council on Foreign Relations, it includes the International Chamber of Commerce, the World Economic Forum, and many other global organizations and NGO’s.

    For those who still don’t understand what happened at the United Nations on July 6, 2010 is that the conquering ruler of the world came and delivered a sharp admonition to the representatives that it is time to act. She ended her speech with,

    “In my lifetime, the United Nations has moved from being a high-minded aspiration
    to being a real for the common good. In tomorrow’s world, we must all work together
    as hard as ever if we are truly to be United Nations.”
    People need their own countries where they can concentrate on living without tolerating every possible custom of the world.I love people and enjoy visiting other countries and cultures.Multiculturalism destroys all cultures.
    There is nothing like cohesion based on race and religion.
    The UN is about erasing all of our cultures,and races and borders and building a lopsided British Empire.
    I am not speaking about the common British people as they are not the beneficiaries of British Empire.
    When the UN speaks of Democracy it speaks of the 54 (Commonwealth Nations)to 1 vote the US has.
    The US is just a big a puppet of the Queen as Ban Ki Moons Korea.
    Please investigate the work of Joan Veon (who just passed away)who pulled up the skirt of the Queens front organization….the UN.
    You may wish to look at the role of Fabian socialism which is an invention of the British.So is the UN

  • Bill H

    Why in the world is this Korean telling Europeans that they owe immigrants a place in the European’s ancestral homelands? I seriously doubt many Muslim countries would tolerate millions upon millions of Europeans settling in their lands. Every nation has a right to self preservation as their constituents see fit. Ban Ki Moon, open the borders of South Korea to millions of immigrants or be deemed a hypocrite!

  • mystic

    One comment above needs to be repeated over and over:
    “Islam is not the problem, it is the 1 million sayanim zionist Jews in the West. They target, harass and scandalise Islam to further the interests of the Zionist state”.
    We need to be reminded of the many scores of crimes committed by Zionists dressed up as Arabs to blame them for their crimes: Remember the dancing Israelis dressed up as Arabs wirth explosives in their truck on 9/11 who told the arresting officer “We are not the problem; The Palestinians are”? Remember the Lavon Affair or the USS Liberty,and many other false flags all designed to blame the Arabs? The demonisation of Arabs by Zionists is replicated in the demonisation of Iran. Israel is very good at propaganda and has used Hollywood (Zionist) money for this purpose innumerable times to exploit the eternal victim role of the Jews, but these movies don’t show how Hitler collaborated with the Zionists to force Jews to immigrate to Palestine (or get slaughtered), and they don’t show the holocausts perpetrated by Zionists like the Armenian Holocaust.False-flags and demonisation have all contributd to the anti-Islam movement in Europe engineered by Zionists to allow them to continue their crimes and blame someone else for them.But informed people can see through the smoke and mirrors as clear as a pane of glass.

  • A Mum

    The problem is not islam of the Jews but our Govts who have allowed this mass immigration for their own ends and then have made us bow to Islam and turn away from our own traditions and customs for fear of insulting Muslims; something they would care less about if the tables were turned..

  • IntegrationISNOTassimilation

    Europeans love to dominate, INGEST, ASSIMILATE ( which is cleverly confuses with InTEgration) and ultimately destroy other cultures, philosophies and way of life. Islamic cultures are havé proven since The Crusades, through colonization and Imperialism that they are Highly resistant to The “Assimilation” Borg Mentality. Despite huge obstacles ( historical and unparalleled racism, discrimation and prejudices against turks, blacks, arabs, chinese, etc muslims DO INTEGRATE In Europe but DO not accept The destructive Borg Assimilation Imperative. This unique historical phenomenon The european Borg having problems Big Time assimilating ( destroying) islamic philosophy, identity, cultures and people that is bravely integrating despite huge prejudice obstacles is one of The marvels of Reason and Faith of The 20-21 th Century. Did Indians require The europeans Stoppep being europeans when they swarmed The lands of The Indians ( America )? are The large numbers of europeans who are lving In Africa, Middle-East, Asia etc REQUIRED to abandon their religion, (twisted and selfish) way of thinking, way of dressing. NO. ( The European Borg have been observed to live In very closed communities In Africa, Asia etc while enjoying The marrvelous hosptality of these nations. Persons of islamic philosophy. culture and spirituality living In Europe should denounce and reject The Borg and Fascist ASSIMILITION Imperative of European politicians and further strive for INTEGRATION and good relationship as this extraordinary, resilient, religion, Islam teaches them ( democratic Integration is different from fascist and racist Assimilation) keeps their unique spiritual identity, cultural personality and dignity intact) and In their new countries despite The huge racism and préjudices they face from The indigenous populations.
    Make no mistake : Europeans have learn to treat other people as they like to be treated and are treated In the other different culture. They simply cannot use highly socially and spiritually advanced human beings like muslims as labour force and expect them to be only robots that should copy and emulate their masters. Their historical auto-glorification, lack of respect of non-europeans prevented them from seeing a truth as simple a that.
    Arab, Turks, black, chinese Muslims can see The HUGE difference between Integration and Assimilation. Calling for Integration ( acting and interacting In a respectful way with The indigenous population) is Legitimate, Demanding like The Borgs Assimilation is Fascism and Racism or Ingrained Sense of Racial Supremacy. In this sense muslims when they accept european communautarisms In their countries prove again superior ( more toerant) to europeans.

  • The hypocritical and asinine absurdity of the xenophobic knee jerk rejection of Islam and Muslims is blatantly obvious. European governments let Arab and other Muslims into their countries only for two reasons. 1) A long standing attempt to colonize the lands of these non-European peoples – allowing certain amount of immigration was only a facade to this. 2) A long range plan to make servants out of the non-Europeans is the second reason. In order to keep the indigenous European population in control and away from assimilating with the immigrants, a racist and phobic propaganda and concomitant laws were thrown in everyones’ face to keep a divided population in Europe under the thumb of the elites.

    Take a lesson from my Slavic forebears in the US. When the Steel corporations tried to pit southern Black Americans against the immigrant Slavs it failed miserably. The reason is they banded together (and unionized, in this particular case) and stood united against the Steel barons and held out for each other. That won the day.

    Muslims and non-Muslim Europeans have been pitted against one another for centuries by the elites of both Europe and the Middle East for the sake of the elites’ little power games.

    Time to end that completely.

    Rooted in the nature of God (in Christian Arabic and Catholic Maltese, Allah, same as in the Holy Qur’an) is the truth that both Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

    Anti-Islam is evil. Anti-Christian is evil. Both Anti-Islam and Anti-Christian propaganda and subversion is from Zionism and nothing else. Zionism is evil. Zionism is Anti-God.

    Eloheinu is from Eloah which is the root for Allah. Allah (SWT) is the Biblical true God.

    Baruch Adonai Yahweh Eloheinu Yahweh echad kannawn annawim Muslims Christians
    (The Most Blessed Lord God Himself have mercy upon His faithful Muslims and Christians)

    Steve in Vista

  • Cody

    Islam IS the problem and WE are the problem. There is plenty of blame to go around.

    The reason Muslims are the problem is that they are unwilling to compromise when they immigrate. Unwilling to comprise their beliefs or way of life. They know they will be much more comfortable in a western country than most of their own countries so they come, who would blame them?

    We on the other hand are to blame because we are the definition of compromise. We have compromised our own way of life and beliefs under the auspices of tolerance and political correctness to the point where we have no identity any longer. We have accepted political agendas that have made us legally impotent and unable to even fight for our western way of life that we once knew and appreciated.

  • IH8zionists

    I emigrated from Afghanistan to US when the Russians invaded us.Iraqis are emigrating here because of US invasion and why can’t those racist people accept other cultures near or around them?I could care less if my neighbors are black red yellow or long as they respect me n others I really don’t care who they are.if we stop the wars then there is no need for anyone to be moving around.the illuminati is doing this on purpose to create these tensions n smaller wars which will destroy us all while they win.divide n conquer is their motto.learn to wake up n see the real enemy.Banksters,Politicians, Corporations,Media are the real enemy.

  • mystic

    People accuse Muslims of not integrating or assimilating. Has anyone mentioned the [redacted] garb in the middle of summer, vocalising their bigotry against gays and blacks,their homes in their ghettos are filthy and populated with babies in every room,only speaking to “their kind”–I would say that is also not assimilating. As if on another planet.But they grab Medicaid, welfare and other governmental handouts all the time.And refuse to fight in the IDF in Israel.Why are commenters so intimidated into not mentioning this group of isolationists? They burn the orchards of Palestinians, kick and shoot their kids dead. Lovely group of non-assimilators.

  • There is no problem with Islam,its a primitive superstition it fade away when its follower’s open their eye’s and see the modern world,the Darkages have now past in europe,there is no God its all about mind controll,all religeon should be banned,its to stupid,l mean who in their right mind has an invisible friend?

  • VMA

    Those few racist posters here, who are not Zionist dis-info agents, obviously have no sense of shame, history or irony.

    In the last century, Christian, western civilisation killed 15 million in WWI, 55 million in WWII, while Marxist Russia killed a minimum of 40 million. Add to that 2.8 million (Korean War), 6 million (Vietnam War, incl. Laos), 1 million (Afghan-Russian proxy War for the west), 2 million (Iran-Iraq War, west armed both sides).

    Western, Christian nations invented and used Weapons of Mass Destruction including mustard gas (WWI), nuclear bombs (WWII), Agent Orange, napalm (Vietnam War), cruise missiles, cluster bombs, depleted uranium shells (Gulf War, Iraq War) and white phosphorous, unmanned drones (multiple war theatres).

    I am sure ‘primitive’ Muslims are humbled by these examples of your superior culture, civilisation and ethics.

    I haven’t even mentioned the death statistics as a result of exploitation by European slavery and colonialism. Spanish Catholic Conquistadors exterminated the Aztecs in the name of God and Europeans decimated the native Indian culture and population of the Americas. Meanwhile Protestant Britain starved 2 million (Irish Famine) and 30 million (in India) by exporting taxes paid in food to England. Belgium’s King Leopold killed 10-20 million for profit (Belgian Congo 1884-1910), France killed 1 million in Indo-China and 2 million Algerians in their war of independence.

    Add to that, all the western-inspired military coups that assassinated democratic leaders and installed puppet rulers and dictators, who, when they outlived their usefulness (the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein), were also discarded.

    After the First World War, Christian Great Britain and France dismembered the Ottoman Empire, creating countries with arbitrary borders in the Middle East and installing ‘royal’ rulers sympathetic to their interests who, to this day, can be relied upon to suppress their own people. Despite what former UK PM Gordon Brown said about the British Empire, I don’t ever remember an apology for the misery and murder caused by colonialism. Nor, for that matter do I remember any of these Europeans ever trying to ‘integrate’ in the countries they exploited.

    Nazi, Christian Germany mass murdered Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, homosexuals, communists and mentally handicapped. Christian Europe which did little to stop the murder of Jews then compounded their crimes by supporting the foundation of Israel on land continuously inhabited by Palestinians for over a thousand years. They gave the land to European Jews – who are not even Semites – and took it away from Palestinian Arabs – who are Semites. In the last thousand years, the Jewish experience in European countries is marked by Christian intolerance and persecution, the fear of which gave rise to Zionism. In contrast, Jews and Christians enjoyed religious freedom in Muslim countries.

    It’s clear from the ignorant racist tone of most European commentators here, that they have learned nothing from the crimes of their forefathers. So now, legally prevented from saying anything against Jews, they turn their hatred towards the Muslims. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

    Zionism, the world’s greatest threat to peace, was created with the blessing of Christian European anti-semites as it promised to rid their countries of their ‘Jewish Problem’. The Frankenstein monster of Zionism, now wants its revenge on Christianity by pitting it against Islam. Those who claim to be Christians ought to compare how Islam actually regards Christianity with what Judaism and Jews say about it.

    Despite the Zionist-inspired hate campaign against Islam and the Prophet Mohammed, have you ever wondered why Muslims do not deride Christ or symbols of Christianity? Muslims consider Christians, monotheistic People of the Book, Jesus, a Prophet and revere his Mother, Mary. Jews insult Him, call His Mother a prostitute and spit at priests and churches in Israel on a daily basis. If you disbelieve this, read the books by Israel Shahak (an Israeli) who wrote “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” and “Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel”.

    The Christians in the (temporary) Zionist-Christian alliance behind Islamophobia shouldn’t start to celebrate any time soon. When the Messianic Zionists have dealt with the Muslims, who do you think is next?

    • This quote – “Nazi, Christian Germany…” Is patently not true. The Nazis were not Christians, but in fact persecuted Christians massively from the time of the Enabling Act of 1933 when Adolph Hitler became dictator. It is of note that the Enabling Act is much like the intention of George Bush with his Patriot Act during his reign as would be dictator of the United States. Christian Zionism is not Christian but is just Zionist propaganda.

      This quote – “In the last thousand years, the Jewish experience in European countries is marked by Christian intolerance and persecution, the fear of which gave rise to Zionism. In contrast, Jews and Christians enjoyed religious freedom in Muslim countries.” – In stark contrast to this statement, in actuality, Christians and Muslims tolerated Jews and the intolerance was the Talmudic racism which tried to vilify the Christians especially – and Muslims. European and Middle Eastern rulers regularly gave Jews many political powers and many times with vast financial influence connected. That paved the way for Zionism to have the influence that it used to destroy Tsarist Russia and the Kaiser’s Germany and more recently to corrupt all of American politics. It also paved the way for their influence to cause Britain to issue the Balfour declaration and violate the rights of the Palestinians.


      • VMA

        Steve, I don’t substantively disagree with your criticism. Along with other groups, the Nazis did persecute Christians but Germany under their rule remained Christian unlike in Jewish-led Soviet Russia, where Orthodox Christianity (and Islam) were practically wiped out and replaced by state atheism.

        In their long history, the Jews claim to have been persecuted by virtually all of humanity. In their eyes we are all to blame, and their media constantly reinforces this false guilt trip. You’re right to say, the financial and political benefits the Jews derived from European liberalism in the 19th Century (as well as exaggerated claims of anti-semitism) paved the way for the creation of Zionism.

        But getting back on topic, the idiots giving Kawther a hard time for this article ought to understand (if they aren’t Zionist agents) that the only ones to benefit from an Islam vs. Christianity war, are the Jews. It would be far better to unite to fight a common enemy whose greatest weapon is divide and rule.

        Some Christians are already doing that:


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