Prosecution of Freedom in France

Will Europe revert to the times of dictatorship and feudalism? Have European governments turned into puppets in the hands of zionism and jewish organizations? Is Europe in a hurry to enact laws which only serve the interests of Israel and zionism and which threaten the interests of European countries and structure of European societies? Why does Europe resort to intimidate nations who have started to open their eyes to the crimes of zionism and Israel? Is it not enough that talking about that part of the history of jews in Europe is a crime punishable by law?

What do European governments want from the European nations? Do they want the people to erase their minds and turn into a flock of sheep which only eat and sleep? Why is the french government defending the crimes of Israel, which crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity according to the constitutions, laws and standards of these same European nations?

Why is France working to cover up all the war crimes in Palestine perpetrated by jewish organization and criminalizing it’s own citizens who see the Israeli crimes as crimes and not flowers, while fabricating charges against those righteous French people who reject the daily crimes against humanity of israel?

Where are the French laws about genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity need only be reviewed to see that all what Israel has perpetrated against the Palestinians is genocide and other crimes against humanity, and is a crime under French laws? Would it not be the honorable thing to do for the French judiciary to dismiss with prejudice the fabricated, derisory charges brought against peace activist by these deluded extremists?

These questions come as a prelude to the fabricated charges launched by the french government under the pressure of zionists against an educated elite of it’s own citizens, who loudly said: “No to Israel’s war crimes, no to legitimizing the Israeli genocide, their crimes against humanity and the occupation”.

In France, all peace activists who participated in BDS actions and even people who have publicly French MP Alima Boumediene-Thiery.proclaimed their call to boycott Israel or Israeli products are now accused of “discrimination against the Israeli nation” and “provocation to racial hatred”. Alima Boumediene-Thiery is a member of the French Senate who participated in BDS action on October 2009, which took place in the Pontoise region north of Paris. She was accused like all the other French BDS activists who were prosecuted, of “incitation to racial hatred” and “discrimination against the Israeli nation”. Each trial costs a minimum of 5000 Euros and this cost may increase. There is no jury in France and many independent judges simply obey the government orders.

MP Boumediene-Thiery is active on various “disturbing” political fronts, such as immigrants, islamophobia, the situation in the prisons and all kind of discriminations and repressive laws. She is also the one who succeeded, when she was a member of the EuroPean Parliament in 2002, in having a vote in favor of the suspension of the commercial agreement between Europe and Israel, wich gives enormous taxes privileges to Israel, which the French governments ignored though it was voted by a majority of the European MPs. She went on missions to Gaza and the West Bank on several occasions and made alarming reports.

The zionist lobbyist Sammy Ghozlan, an extremist writer who writes on the website of European squatters and terrorists who live in the occupied territories in Palestine, filed over 80 complaints against French BDS peace activists and leads a campaign of incitement against Barak Obama and the Richard Goldstone report on Gaza, comparing Obama’s call to freeze building at the squatter colonies in the occupied West Bank with the egyptian “Pharaoh” of the bible who “transformed the Jewish people into slaves”, and describes Goldstone as “scum” and “bastard”. The zionist Ghozlan asked that all the French judges should condemn the BDS activists and activities, and he received full support by the French government.

For further information read below the request sent to me by Oliva Zémor, President of the CAPJPO-EuroPalestine to help the french BDS activists.

French BDS Activists Request Your Help! French MP prosecuted. Repression against BDS activists in France

24-9-2010 – The repression against BDS activists in France is reaching a new scale with the prosecution of a French MP, Alima Boumediene-Thiery (member of the French Senate) who has participated in a BDS action in the Paris region one year ago and who is a supporter of the BDS campaign. Her trial is due to take place in Pontoise (North of Paris) on Thursday October 14. She is accused (like all the other French BDS activists prosecuted) of “incitation to racial hatred” and “discrimination against the Israeli nation”.

The same zionist lobbyist, Sammy Ghozlan is the plaintiff and he is supported by our government that has asked all French judges to condemn the BDS militants. We have exposed this man boasting that he has filed more than 80 complaints as a racist, a fanatic who writes insanities on Israeli settler websites not only against Palestinians but also against Richard Goldstone (“scum” and bastard” according to him) and even against Obama (compared to Pharaon who “transformed the Jewish people into slaves”) because he asked for Israelis to freeze the settlements. For those who can read French you will find interesting and incredible texts he wrote on our website if you click here.

This trial involving a member of parliament who can loose the right to be reelected in Parliament if she is condemned is a test, as you can understand. And many people would be happy to get rid of her because she is very active on many various “disturbing” fronts, such as immigrants, islamophobia, the situation in the prisons, and all kind of discriminations and repressive laws. She is also the one who succeeded, when she was a member of the EuroPean Parliament in 2002, in having a vote in favor of the suspension of the commercial agreement between Europe and Israel (giving enormous taxes privileges to Israel) that our governments ignored though it was voted by a majority of the European MPs. She went for missions in Gaza and the West bank on several occasions and made alarming reports.

In spite of this clearly crucial challenge, we find it very hard right now to mobilize the rest of the BDS movement in France for a real great counter offensive. Most of them keep silent, even many of those who participated in the BDS action with her and who should say “I did it too, sue me!”. We hope this will change and we are calling for protest actions to take place in the whole country before October 14, and for a huge meeting in front of the court the day itself.

We need your help! Would it be possible for you to organize protests in your respective countries, for example in front of the French Tourist Offices and to send us messages and pictures of support for her? We can send you pictures of Alima Boumedien-Thiery and any other details. (Article in French and photo of Alima). Are there any Israeli militants who could come and testify in French courts that the BDS campaign not anti-Semitic?

Another trial to take place against us though involving all member organizations of the BDS France Campaign: I have received summons to appear on 29 October before the court in Paris, for having posted on our website a video showing the BDS action carried out on 4 July 2009 in the Carrefour supermarket in Evry; this is considered as an offense “provoking discrimination, hate or violence towards a group of people belonging to the Israeli nation”. This video, which can also be viewed on: action BDS à Evry II
indicates, at the end of the video, that it was a collective action organized by the BDS France Campaign, having been endorsed by several organizations: Génération Palestine, CCIPPP, NPA, IJAN, the Palestine Committee of Montreuil, CAPJPO-Europalestine, the Villeneuve Collective, and Respaix.

The statements made – which were “criminal”, according to the plaintiff (once again the famous Sammy Ghozlan of the National Bureau of Vigilance against Antisemitism) – were in fact made by persons not members of our association (it was the day after the rampage of our bookstore Resistances by the zionist thugs and we were busy elsewhere) , one of them being the mayor of the village of Al-Masaara in the West Bank, who participated in the action while on a visit in France (his identity is indicated in the video).

It seems clear that the time has come to organize a united and large-scale response to this latest attack. First of all, because the action being targeted is an emblematic action of the BDS campaign in France and is shown to be such: it is indicated in the video that the Carrefour supermarket in question was not selected by chance but because it is in Evry, the home of the headquarters of Carrefour.

And as you may know, this chain of stores:
– puts on sale products with no traceability;
– practices deceit regarding the products’ source (we have proof of that);
– encourages colonization by selling Soda-Club machines produced in the Maale Adunim colony in the Palestinian territories;
– and files complaints against activists (as in Bordeaux and Mulhouse) who stand up for the rule of law.

Secondly, because it is high time to unite to put an end to these attacks, which:
– hijack the law on discrimination in order to favour war criminals;
– are a grave attack on the freedom of expression;
– and scandalously dare to accuse us of “discrimination” when there is no worse discrimination than that imposed for decades upon the Palestinian people!

We therefore ask all organizations taking part in the BDS campaign (to start with those who organized this action):

  • Post the video on their sites. Here are the necessary codes: (you will get them on YouTube)
  • Write to the state prosecutor: Monsieur le Procureur de la République près du Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris : Palais de Justice 14, quai des Orfèvres. 75001 Paris, asking to be also judged for this joint action and for publishing the video on the website of each association or party involved, because we are proud of our actions and take responsibility for them.
  • Organize without delay a wide mobilization to protest against these intolerable measures of repression aimed at those throughout the country who rise up to say NO to the strangulation of a people, NO to the denial of freedom, NO to war crimes, NO to the siege of Gaza.

Not only will this repression not silence us, it will instead generate an increased mobilization, to bring shame on a government attempting to gag those who do not share its distorted conception of human rights and international law. If we are united, we can make our political leaders regret having chosen the camp of the occupier!

8 comments to Prosecution of Freedom in France

  • In the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the tyranny of the Roman Empire, two things stand out, the incorporation of police who were above the law and judges who enforced cold dictatorial policies and had no interest in justice. The entire world is held in the grasp of such as this today. The ruling elites have by plan and purpose taken everything from everybody and reduced the populations that live under this facade of governance to cattle to be manipulated and herded at will. The Zionist mark of ad-Dajjal, the Antichrist, is upon all of this.

    God and His justice and the conscience of each and every human being have not changed. The cruel inhuman and evil oppression that is perpetrated at will throughout the earth is still absolutely wrong and a vile travesty. No where is this more poignant than in Occupied Palestine, where Christ walked and taught the love of God and His commandments and love of neighbor.

    Right and wrong have not changed one bit.

    Free Palestine, free the world!

    Steve in Vista

  • GreenLeaf

    Yes, Europe & America will “Europe revert to the times of dictatorship and feudalism…” It’s happening now.

  • Helen

    how many jews have been tried in isrl for such hate crimes? i mean i hear all the time how the jews hate arabs and want them wiped off the map. is this not the same? or do they not count because this only applies to the christian west, or the muslim world? communism moved from Russia to the USA, and guess what every zionist that controlled russia is now controlling the USA. they are doing the exact same thing here in the west to get to communism. the zionists had tens of millions christians executed, and not a word in the media about it. because they now plan on executing just as many christians and muslims again. it is time to wake up and take out these savage dictators from our govt and start doing to them as they have done to billions of people around the world.

    God bless you Kawthar for your work in bringing truth to a world gone wild.

  • Adriaan Reivers

    those who think that we now lived in a democracy are deluded as all democracies are in fact executive dictatorships set up after WW2 to prevent politicians (e.g the crypto Jew Adolph Hitler)taking over executive power.

  • Concerning the proper and complete definition of democracy, please see a short memoir entitled “Emergence from Illusion” – currently available via free download at:

  • Phil Glidden

    Fight back! How? 1.Burn the Talmud. 2. File suit against ADL and other Jewish groups as agents of a foreign power.3. Distribute literature on the street. 4. Picket synagogs. 5.Simply be active against this invasion of parasites.

  • “Will Europe revert to the times of dictatorship and feudalism?”

    Good question. What are they up to? Look at a map. Where is modern Syria? Almost exactly where ancient Roman Syria was. The eastern Syria or Persian Syria of Roman times is modern day Iraq. Iran is almost exactly where ancient Persia was and is fulfilling what ancient Persia used to do, that is attack Roman Syria in one way or another while Roman Syria would attack back (the Iran-Iraq war and President Saddam Hussein defending Iraq is a modern example). Lebanon and Jordan are creations of British and other meddling and are meant thereby to be annexes to so called “Israel” in some fictional replay of Biblical suzerainty of “Israel” over “Northern Provinces.” The Bible is not fiction, but the rewrite the Zionists and Illuminati make of it is in fact quite fictional. The Emirates are simply creations of the Seven Sister Oil Companies and British Empire building and control dating from the 1890’s, in this case, and are only meant to facilitate their plan. Saudi Arabia is Zionist Bedouin territory with an uncanny resemblance to Roman times in its pagan Bedouin tribalistic character, despite being home to Mecca. That tribalism, of course, is not the fault of Muslims nor is it actually Islamic.

    The Freemasonic/Illuminati plan is to recreate a “Holy Roman Empire” (Henry Kissinger has even said this should happen to Europe) in modern day Europe. The mythical conception of the Holy Roman Empire was very gnostic and included the idea that God had made it eternal and its downfall would presage the end of the world. In fact Kissinger’s argument is that to continue a prosperous world would necessitate re-establishing the Holy Roman Empire. All of this harks back to the mythical age of Saturn from Roman pagan religion. In the ancient Roman conception of things this would have approximate concurrent roots with the perceived ancient beginnings of Persia and Biblical Israel and ancient Greece. Note that ancient Crete and Egypt actually predate any of that, but that is conveniently left out. An attempt, political in the extreme with Satanic religious roots, to erase Christ and have the Sanhedrin rule the Middle East from Occupied Palestine and to re-establish a pagan Roman Empire is what is being played out before our eyes. It is the plan of the Illuminati “nobles” of Eurasia – the old Roman pagan European Houses of the Dragon.

    The price being paid for the insane megalomaniac plans of these “little empire builders” is blood shed and pillage – genocide and the crushing of people and their God given rights.

    Free Palestine and free Europe and you will free world.


  • Paul Bartron

    There are two aspects to democracy. Voting in free elections and trial by jury. France does not have trial by jury. Juries can overthrow bad law by returning a verdict of not guilty. Therefore France is not a proper ‘Democracy’

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