Arab Doctors Lead in New Medicine in EU

The Arab Medical Union in Ireland, a branch of ARABMED in Europe, a UN Member (NGO) will hold their 26th Annual Meeting for the first time in Dublin – Ireland in coordination with Dr. Tammam Kelani, the president of the Arab Medical Union in Vienna. The meeting will be attended by specialized doctors and surgeons from all Europe and the neighboring Arab countries; it will be held for the first time in Dublin from 29 – 31 October 2010 under the auspices of the Minister for Science, Technology, Innovation and Natural Resources of Ireland, Mr. Conor Lenihan.

Ireland will host the ARABMed conference in Dublin at Burlington Hotel. It will feature different scientific programs and allow for lively discussions between doctors in which they could learn from each others and discuss the newest medical issues.

Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, Conor Lenihan TD, Picture Jason Clarke. No Repro Fee. Professor Dr. Faidi Omar Mahmoud MD, President of the Arab Medical Union in Europe.Dr. Ghassan Elagha, President of Arab medical union in IrelandDr. Faidi Omar Mahmoud MD, President of the Arab Medical Union in Europe stated that the gathering doctors will enhance the scientific commitment and long-term cooperation between all doctors in Europe and around in the neighboring countries. He added: “the submissions for presentation at the conference have been made from a wide range of European and Arab universities and hospitals. We are expecting delegates from 13 countries (Germany, France, UK, Spain, Ireland, Turkey, Austria, Iraq, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Jordan and Syria), we are looking forward to a unique, stimulating and scientifically rewarding conference”.

“We are looking forward to a unique, stimulating and scientifically rewarding conference. Our scientific program is rich and we expect it to be interesting and relevant to all participants. We also hope that you are able to meet old and new colleagues in these sessions and create lively discussions in which you can learn from each other.” said Dr. Omar.  He pointed out that the ARABMED Union has held 25 scientific conferences in various European and Arab capitals, which were attended by nearly 2050 European and Arab specialists counting more than 400 Professors and distinguished scholars.

Dr. Ghassan Elagha, President of Arab medical union in Ireland said that the union had completed their preparations for holding the conference. He thanked the Minister for Science Technology, Innovation and Natural Resources of Ireland, Mr. Conor Lenihan, who confirmed his participation in the opening session of the conference. He also thanked the Irish authorities for facilitating the arrival of delegations and participant’s to the conference. He thanked the Ambassador of the Arab League in Ireland, and Dr. Tammam Kelani, President of the Union of Arab Medicals and Pharmacists in Austria, and the representatives from the Arab Countries. Click here to read more about ARABMED conference in Ireland. Click here to read about ARABMED activities.

The Scientifc Committee of the conference: PD. Dr. Ayman Agah, Chairman of Committee, Dr.Tammam Kelani, Dr. Nadim Sradj, Dr. Hesham Dahshan, Dr. med. Sayed Tarmassi, Dr. Mohamed Haysam Sawaf , Dr. Mustafa Abdul Rahman, Dr. Farida Daria Basmaji, Dr. mahmoud Sultan, Dr. Khalil Ekky.

The European media deliberately and for unjustifiable reasons rarely highlights these annual medical conferences aimed by ARABMED to discuss new topics of medicine that would make the treatment service better for European citizens.

In Europe there is a large group of Arab doctors who are equal in their qualifications and in the provision of medical services in clinics and hospitals with their European colleagues. These doctors deserve that their achievements are highlighted during the annual meetings which they hold, and that this information is honestly transferred as news to the general public; these Arab doctors are in all European countries, working silently and even advancing the medical practice, and it is not just or objective that the media is deliberately ignoring their meetings which are held in various parts of Europe, while the same media deliberately and for non-innocent reasons continue hunting in the troubled waters and highlighted marginal issues like the Hijab to the public opinion, just as if it were the ONLY sign and symbol of the presence of Arabs in Europe.

In the EU there are doctors, university professors, engineers, lawyers, journalists and other professionals of Arab or Muslim background who are part of the society, and the Arab or Muslim presence is certainly not limited to what the yellow media and note-takers reports.

5 comments to Arab Doctors Lead in New Medicine in EU

  • The Islamophobia and xenophobic racist treatment of Arabs that the Zionists and their puppets, the neo-cons and the European versions of this, indulge in, is utterly disgusting and most vile. It must be condemned by the world immediately.


  • M

    Hi Kawther,

    I’ve been following your writing from the website. You are a very brave woman. Therefore I will stick my own neck out and make you an offer. How would you like to live in Canada? I know… it’s cold, yada yada yada…

    You would also have to marry me. You would be a citizen of this country.

    Just a thought…

  • mystic

    I see Israel scientists are not attending the Dublin conference. Is that because Israel is being boycotted? I also see a claim that Israeli scientists have devised a test to establish if DNA has been fabricated. This needs to be verified since it would not be the first time that Israel has lied to make profit (such as illegal wars to enhance its security industry)

  • Arabs have rescued the world from the oppression of the Christian church by preserving mathematics and science. In our current time we are faced with false claims that jews are God’s chosen people and this is explained in detail at The world owes a debt of gratitude to arabs for mathematics and for the arch used in architecture. Why shouldn’t arab men and women be expert in medicine also. Before the destruction of Alexandria by Christians there was a great library that held a vast knowledge of medicine among other things.
    Hypatia is probably the greatest women who ever lived and she kept the library at Alexandria until Christians skinned her alive using sea shells as weapons. Thankfully some of the ancient knowledge was preserved.

  • George

    @ Paddy
    The Christian churched has been hijacked by zionists.
    I agree. Countless times religion has been used as an
    excuse to kill people in the most horrible manner possible. How these sick indivuals with too much power
    get away with it who knows.

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